Do Elite Women Think Male Shaming Is Feminism?

The Male Factor (TMF)

Now Sonam Kapoor has said that elitist women think male bashing is true feminism. The hidden meaning that we understand from this statement is the elitist women think male bashing is their empowerment –

Male bashing is equality

She said, and I quote “”Elitist women have always had wrong ideas about feminism. They think male-bashing… hating men…makes you a true feminist. I don’t have to make a video to voice my opinions. My actions have always spoken louder than my words.”

We understand that when Deepika Padukone makes a video “My Choice” or Madhuri Dixit says bearded men are dirty in her view while she dated only bearded men in her life or she says “ let’s teach our boys not to make women cry, or Nandita Das says “all men are potential rapists” we actually know what is playing in the back of their mind. They want to show others that they are…

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