Tyre Nichols


Tyre Nichols (1993-2023) was an unarmed Black man killed by police in the US on January 7th 2023. This time the Routine Traffic Stop was beyond the pale even for White people. Instead of putting the killer cops on paid leave and demonizing the victim, as is customary in the US, the officers were fired and arrested for murder. Presumably because all five of the officers were Black.

The Memphis police pulled over Nichols supposedly for drunk driving. They pull him out of his car and throw him to the ground. They act like he is resisting arrest and yet he is not. He is trying his best to follow their contradictory orders – the New York Times counted 71 orders in 13 minutes. Then somehow he runs off. Later when they catch up with him they beat him to within an inch of his life with fists, kicks…

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Systemic Racism in East Palestine

Two years ago, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg announced that he was making the fight against “systemic racism” into the core of his job. The failed South Bend mayor came out of the gate claiming that highways were racist. Last year, he went to Birmingham to announce the launch of a $1 billion plan to tear down racist highways and implement transportation equity.

Taxpayer money would be directed to “economically disadvantaged communities, especially those with projects that are focused on equity and environmental justice.”

East Palestine was not one of them.

On Feb 3, a train filled with hazardous materials derailed in East Palestine. That same day, an interview with Buttigieg about “infrastructure, safety and equity” appeared in Forbes Magazine.

Buttigieg did not mention the disaster in East Palestine, instead he talked about how “communities of color” were being “destroyed” by infrastructure investment and how under Biden, they’d have the opportunity to “reconnect across highways or railways that divide them.”

In East Palestine, the thousands of residents, unfortunate enough to be born the wrong color, were terrified of drinking the water or taking showers. Rashes were breaking out in children. Those who could afford to, fled the area across the racist highways Buttigieg had yet to destroy.

Buttigieg would not offer any comment on what happened for another ten days.

The disaster that would be compared to Chernobyl around the world did not change Buttigieg’s schedule or his priorities. At the National Association of Counties, Buttigieg complained that there were too many white construction workers working on projects in black neighborhoods. That same day he finally got around to tweeting a press release, “I continue to be concerned about the impacts of the Feb 3 train derailment.” Afterward he tweeted about his NACO event.

In his great search for systemic racism, Buttigieg had finally found some by practicing it.

Last year, the EPA’s Michael Regan, hailed as the first black administrator to hold the role, visited Alabama on the anniversary of the Selma march and claimed that black residents faced water discrimination.

“It’s very sobering to see that in 2022, in the United States of America, there are people who are subjected to situations that I don’t think any of us would want to be subjected to,” Regan fulminated. “These individuals deserve what every American deserves, which is clean water and a safe environment.”

Buttigieg retweeted a video of Regan ranting to the camera and contended that, “it’s a shocking and moving example of what environmental injustice looks like.”

The actual shocking example of environmental injustice was painted by Regan and Buttigieg.

Two weeks after the disaster, Regan finally visited and unconvincingly assured residents of East Palestine that their water was safe to drink and the air safe to breathe. He claimed that he couldn’t have come earlier so as not to “take away resources from the state highway patrol”.

Notably absent from Buttigieg and Regan’s response was any of the passion that they had brought to transportation and water issues that they could blame on systemic racism.

“We know that systemic racism, lack of interest in low-income communities, lack of political representation, have contributed to the disproportionate impact of black and brown in low-income communities being exposed to a lack of access to good quality drinking water,” Regan had falsely claimed before.

The residents of East Palestine are 95% white and so their water must be safe to drink.

White privilege means poisoned water and air, but white people are immune to toxic chemicals.

Had East Palestine been 95% black, we know how the story would have played out. Experts would have been brought on the air to explain that hazardous materials are more likely to travel through black areas. Fake history, like that of Buttigieg’s lie about highways being used to keep black people from visiting New York City beaches, would have been trotted out to claim that this was a systemically racist policy bordering on genocide which had poisoned generations.

East Palestine might have benefited from such attention if its people had not been white.

Buttigieg’s racist infrastructure obsession is a recapitulation of the Douglass Plan that he produced during his presidential campaign in a failed effort to win over black voters.

Under ‘Infrastructure’, his Douglass plan claimed that infrastructure problems “disproportionately affect communities of color” and that “Flint is not alone. A 2017 Reuters study indicated that almost 4,000 communities had levels of lead in water or homes twice as high as Flint’s.”

One of those places was Buttigieg’s own South Bend.

One South Bend neighborhood had lead levels that were six times higher than Flint’s. But South Bend is 58% white while Flint is 56% black. The near racial mirror images are exactly what systemic racism looks like.

“If we can get clean water to a base in Afghanistan, we should be able to get clean water to Flint, Michigan,” Buttigieg had sneered. Or maybe even South Bend and East Palestine.

Meanwhile, East Palestine residents are told to drink tainted water and stop asking questions.

“I trust what the science is saying,” Regan pontificated.

According to the Douglass Plan, the focus would be on dealing with environmental threats in “communities of color”. East Palestine isn’t a community of color and so it’s been left out.

What is the purpose of infrastructure?

According to Buttigieg’s introduction to his department’s unconstitutional equity plan, “transportation has always been inseparable from America’s struggle for racial and economic justice.” From a critical race theory standpoint, the only meaningful way to look at transportation or anything else is through race. And such a perspective systematizes the very racism that it claims to be fighting. Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation, like all agencies in the Biden administration, made racism into the centerpiece of everything. And children were poisoned.

But it was okay because the children came into this world the wrong color.

The pursuit of equity put some people ahead of others. Everything revolved around the search for systemic racism even as a toxic train barreled down on East Palestine.

On Feb 21, nearly three weeks after the disaster, Buttigieg condescended to suggest that, “I am very interested in getting to know the residents of East Palestine, hearing from them about how they’ve been impacted and communicating with them about the steps that we’re taking.”

“But yes, when the time is right, I do plan to visit East Palestine. I don’t have a date for you right now.”

Buttigieg was too busy announcing that the University of Alabama would be getting $8 million to buy electric buses, billions more would be spent on electric car chargers for Tesla owners and that $435 million would be spent on the “next generation of diverse transportation researchers”.

There are a lot of priorities and the people of East Palestine are incredibly privileged already. Like Buttigieg, they’re white, unlike him they’re not members of a sexual minority, which means that they are even more privileged than he is. So why are they complaining? They ought to be grateful that somewhere the “next generation of diverse transportation researchers” is envisioning which racist highways need to be demolished and replaced with bike lanes.

One day, ‘Mayor Pete’ will hop on his bike, ride for a block, then have his staffers load it in the back of a black government SUV,  and fly in for a photo op in East Palestine. Like a klansman visiting a black church, it won’t change the systemic racism that is at the heart of his DOT.

The people of East Palestine deserved a Department of Transportation and an EPA that were run without regard to race, instead they got a systemically racist DOT and EPA that left them behind, watched while they and their children were poisoned, and shrugged at the spectacle.

And all Americans, regardless of race, deserve a DOT free of systemic racism.

The only remaining systemically racist parts of America are those that believe in systemic racism. Critical race theory needs to be forced out of not just our schools, but all of our institutions. The polluted water and air of East Palestine are a warning of what happens if we continue to allow a corrupt racist bureaucracy to run our government and endanger our lives.

Arab Islamic Racism: Tunisia: Sub-Saharan students live in fear after Kais Saied’s racist speech

After Tunisia’s President Kais Saied made an “anti-migrant” and “racist” speech regarding migrants from African states, students from sub-Saharan African states living in Tunisia fear for their lives amid rising anti-black sentiments.

On Wednesday, the Association of African Students and Interns in Tunisia (AESAT), the largest official student association of sub-Saharan Africans in Tunisia, urged its members not to go out except for emergencies and always carry their credential papers.

“The average Internet user does not distinguish between documented African students and undocumented migrants; this translates on the ground into intimidation and aggression,” read the French press release published by AESAT on Wednesday.

The North African country was scandaled Tuesday after Saied declared migrants’ presence in Tunisia was “a criminal project” seeking to erase “Tunisia’s Arab and Islamic identity.”

Saied stressed that the state will step up security operations against “illegal” migrants living in Tunisia.

Over the past few days, several students from Sub-Saharan countries were arrested despite their legal situation, according to AESAT.

“Although they were eventually released, one of them spent six days in detention, half of which were without food. Therefore, it is not surprising that students do not dare to file a complaint during attacks for fear of being victims of these unjustified arrests,” AESAT noted in the press release.

Racism is not new in Tunisian society. Last year, a BBC Arabic survey found that 80% of people in Tunisia believe that racial discrimination is a prevailing feature of life in the country.

However, Tunisian activists say Saied’s racist comments will greenlight hate crimes against migrants and legitimise racist behaviours against black people in the country.

Over social media, several black Tunisians voiced fears of being targeted in public if mistaken for Sub-Saharan migrants.

“I was with my family, who came from other regions in Tunisia, in the cemetery to bury my uncle, and we are all dark-skinned. I was surprised when a police patrol stopped and asked me when they recognised me what all those black people doing there and if they are causing any trouble,” wrote a Facebook user, who said he is still shocked that his family experienced racist profiling in their own country.

The black community in Tunsia represents between 10 and 15 per cent of the total population, with most residing in the country’s south.

The community remain almost wholly absent from public life and employment, including government positions and other senior roles.


Angela Davis Descended from Slave Owners

And no, it’s not what you think.

Communist domestic terrorist Angela Davis should be in prison, but since the Left took over America, she’s instead a prominent academic and black nationalist figure. And she’s never stopped calling America racist.

But her own ancestry is as mixed as the history she’s exploited in her long life. And I don’t just mean racially mixed.

Davis’ mother’s father was a white Alabama lawyer named John Austin Darden.

Looking at a photo of Darden, Davis says that the family resemblance is undeniable. “He has my mother’s lips. It’s so funny, I can see her in him,” she notes.

The “Finding Your Roots” team follows the paper trail back to Davis’ fourth great-grandfather, Stephen Darden, who was born in colonial Virginia and served in the Revolutionary War (and played the drums).

Davis then grapples with learning Stephen Darden became a slave owner after moving to Georgia.

“I always imagined my ancestors as the people who were enslaved. My mind and my heart are swirling with all of these contradictory emotions,” she says.

Later in the episode, Davis learns the identity of her paternal grandfather. Gates explains that her father, Benjamin Frank Davis, grew up in a small town in Alabama with his mother Mollie Spencer.

Spencer was once married to a man named Edward Davis — but Edward Davis was not Frank Davis’ father.

The couple separated long before Frank Davis and many of his siblings were born. Frank Davis’ sister told Davis stories of his white father.

Turns out Mollie Spencer lived near a white man named Murphy Jones. With the help of DNA evidence, the “Finding Your Roots” team discovers that Murphy Jones was, in fact, Frank Davis’s biological father.

So the symbol of black nationalism has two white grandfathers. She’s descended from dead white men, one of whom was a slaveowner. And her descent goes back to the Mayflower.

‘At the end of the episode, Davis also learns she’s descended from William Brewster, one of the 101 people who came to the colonies aboard the Mayflower.

“No. I can’t believe this. No, my ancestors did not come here on the Mayflower,” Davis says, laughing.

Davis, who fought against structural racism in the U.S., says she “never” expected to learn that she was descended from one of the nation’s white settlers. “That’s a little too much to deal with right now,” she says.

That’s the whole point. Reparations in a country this mixed are absurd. Which part of Angela should pay reparations to the other part? America’s racial legacy is a complicated mix and has been for a while.

Like a lot of leftists, Angela Davis came from a middle-class background. And, like a lot of black radicals, a racially mixed one.

To some, Angela Davis’s rather bookish upbringing seems an improbable background for the fierce revolutionary cause she espouses. Notoriety, people point out, was something thrust upon her in 1970, when she was dismissed from her post on the faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles. But to Miss Davis, her radical beliefs are a natural outgrowth of her past–for the most part, one of scholarly pursuits and the evolution of an ideology that animated her later activism.

Angela Yvonne Davis was born Jan. 26, 1944, into a teaching family, although her father, B. Frank Davis, left teaching shortly after her birth to open a service station business.

Her childhood in Birmingham, Ala., often described as contented and serene, was a period of piano and dancing lessons, membership in the Girl Scouts, diligent work in school, a wholesome family life and economic security. In a letter introduced at her trial, she confessed to some misgivings about her background. “My mother was overly protective of her sons and daughters,” Miss Davis wrote. “I could never forgive her for forcing my brothers, us too, to take dancing lessons.”

Behold the oppression.

The Soviet-backed symbol of black supremacy and revolution was a descendant of slave owners whose ancestors came here on the Mayflower who grew up having to take dancing lessons in a middle-class home before getting a position at UCLA. This is the Left’s radicalism in a nutshell even when it dresses up in blackface.

Puerto Rico, With a -50% Labor Force Participation Rate, Needs Immigrants

The libertarians, are ‘libertarianing’ again.

The immigration fiasco on the southern border is not the only ongoing U.S. crisis involving an exodus of Spanish speakers. Since 2006, Puerto Rico has endured an economic and fiscal collapse that has seen nearly a million people emigrate to the mainland United States, which is now the home to more Puerto Ricans than the island itself.

The libertarian argument is that since Puerto Ricans don’t want to live in Puerto Rico, we need to find people desperate enough to go there. Why we need to do this is something only understood by the Cato folks.

After Puerto Rico’s official default in 2017—and the ensuing saga that led to a de facto bailout in 2021— the economic devastation has been such that the island now faces a shortage of construction workers, despite its desperate need to rebuild much of its infrastructure after a recent spree of natural disasters. For their part, Puerto Rican businesses have also reported a significant shortage of skilled workers.

We need to find immigrants to do the jobs that Puerto Ricans won’t?

Puerto Rico’s labor force participation rate is below 50%. In 2021 it was around 40%. Maybe some of those missing percentiles can actually get jobs and rebuild their own infrastructure?

Or we can import more migrants to do the jobs that Puerto Ricans won’t do. And when they won’t do them and move to America, we’ll have to important more immigrants to do the jobs that the immigrants won’t do.

Surely, at some point even the libertarians have to recognize that open borders for labor markets is madness.

Since migration into Puerto Rico depends on U.S. federal immigration laws, the island’s authorities can do little to attract foreign workers.

Since Puerto Rico can’t even attract Puerto Ricans… why should it attract anyone?

The measure that can best fix Puerto Rico’s labor shortage also would go a long way toward easing the troubles along the Mexican border.

I don’t see that opening the border to mass migration by sending them to Puerto Rico helps anything.

As Jason L. Riley argued recently in The Wall Street Journal, allowing states to issue work visas would leave immigration decisions in the hands of local leaders who tend to have “a better sense of their economic situations” and are more accountable to voters than central government bureaucrats. By giving the states more autonomy over their specific immigration needs, more legal routes would be open for immigrants to enter the country according to the realities of local labor markets.

This is classic libertarian insanity that operates purely in the realm of market theory while completely ignoring what’s going on in the real world. It’s every bit as detached from reality as any leftist dogma.

State work visas, an idea first floated in 2014 by Cato Institute scholars, are once again relevant in several states that are experiencing post-pandemic labor shortages.

As the Cato Institute’s David Bier writes, a decentralized immigration system such as Canada’s “would allow state or local authorities to address challenges facing their area without those issues becoming national crises.”

Given control of immigration, blue states like California would act to completely shift demographics by flooding in mass migrants. As they’ve already done in their own way. And those migrants would not stay inside those states. Unless we dismantle or fundamentally reimagine the United States, millions flooding in to a blue state wouldn’t stay there. And a Democrat state administration that seized power could completely overturn state demographics in 2-4 years making it impossible for anyone else to ever win elections there again.

Libertarians keep pushing the myth of worker shortages bolstered by the promise of filling them with mass migration. They never ask why we have a massive population, a weak economy and worker shortages. It’s almost as if everything in life can’t be explained by markets.

mgtow loser Sandman Mgtow exposed himself as a racist

sandman who for the last 7 or more years constantly make videos complaining about women. he was caught plagiarizing from websites like girlsaskguys. he never took abreak from youtube

recently how posted a meme about white women cheating on their white boyfriends with black men

it is archived the internet is forever


Caught Lying: BDS Group ‘Apologizes’ for Labeling Holocaust Photo as Massacre of Palestinians

MK Amichai Chikli (Likud) shared on Twitter a photo of dead corpses at a Nazi concentration camp posted by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), which claimed to depict an Israeli massacre of Palestinians.

“The racist BDS Movement breaks a Guiness record, uses a picture from the German concentration camp of Nordhausen to lie about a fictional massacre during Israel’s War of Independence. Holocaust distortion, appropriation and denial, further victimizing Jewish people. Pure evil,” Chikli tweeted.

“Rows of bodies of dead inmates fill the yard of Lager Nordhausen, a Gestapo concentration camp. This photo shows less than half of the bodies of the several hundred inmates who died of starvation or were shot by Gestapo men,” Chikli added.