Report: Cuban Doctors Brought To Mexico Work In Slavery Conditions

A REPORT by the NGO Prisoners Defenders assured on Thursday that the members of the Cuban medical missions, which include 650 health professionals sent to Mexico, work in conditions of “slavery” and that 80% of their salaries are stolen by the authorities of the regime.

Dita Charanzová, vice-president of the European Parliament for Latin America, and Javier Nart, first vice-president of the European Parliament Delegation for Central America (DCAM), participated in the presentation of the report through a delayed video broadcast.

“The situation of Cuban doctors is shocking, it is time for the people to know the truth, to know the other side of the Cuban international missions. Disregarding the human rights situation cannot be the price to pay for health aid or other services,” said Charanzová.

She also assured that “there is evidence” that the reality of the Cuban regime’s intentions in sending health personnel to other countries goes beyond showing solidarity.

She also said that “it is proven” that 80% of the money charged by Cuba for these missions “goes to the regime and not to the pockets of Cuban doctors”.

TRANS activists resort to terrorism in second “swatting” incident targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene, who introduced legislation to halt transgender mutilations of children

For the second time in two days, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been targeted by transgender activists who oppose her efforts to protect children from being chemically and surgically mutilated in the name of “gender-affirming care.”

Police in Rome, Ga., where Rep. Greene lives were called out to her house in the middle of the night with a false report about “a male possibly shooting his family members and then himself,” according to a report from the Rome Police Department.

This second “swatting” incident, as they are calling it, was set up by a trans activist who used a virtual private network (VPN) to disguise his identity. He also used a fake, computer-generated voice to place the call.

“If anyone tried to stop me from shooting myself, I will shoot them,” the caller falsely told police, adding that a man “came out as transgender and claimed they shot the family.”

The caller gave police the fictitious identity of “Wayne Greene,” using Rep. Greene’s actual last name, and promised police officers that “they would be waiting for us” upon arrival.

When police showed up to Rep. Greene’s home, she answered the door and they realized that, once again, it was another false swatting incident.

The trans cult is coming unhinged at all the pushback against its child mutilation agenda

Two days prior, a similar incident occurred, allegedly by the same culprits, who claimed that a man had been shot multiple times in a bathtub at Greene’s residence. Like the second incident, this first one occurred in the middle of the night for maximum annoyance.


Such foolishness is a monumental waste of law enforcement’s time and resources, which appears to be part of the plan.

Whoever is behind this is trying to disrupt Rep. Greene’s life, as well as disrupt the normal operations of local police officers with phony crime reports.

All of this is happening because Rep. Greene dared to propose legislation to protect children from transgender mutilation at places like Boston Children’s Hospital, which proudly dissects underage children’s bodies so they can become their “true selves.”

According to the suspect in both swatting incidents, he is “upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘transgender youth’s rights,’” according to the police report.

Police also say that the suspect is deliberately trying to “SWAT” her residence, SWAT referring to an actual SWAT team raid based on false reports of criminal activity.

The left-wing media is, of course, defending the suspect and accusing Rep. Greene of inciting this kind of activity against herself by trying to make it a felony in the United States to alter the sexual organs and makeup of a child’s body.

“Our number one concern is the safety of Congresswoman Greene and her family,” reads a statement from Rep. Greene’s office about the two incidents, referring to them as “violent crimes.”

In an interview with Steve Bannon, Rep. Greene blasted the corporate-controlled media for contributing to these types of incidents with all of its incendiary reporting against those like herself who are trying to protect children from having their lives destroyed by the trans cultists.

“Those media companies, they’re responsible for trying to get me killed by those horrific headlines,” Rep. Greene said.

“The disgusting left, MSNBCs and the NBCs, putting headlines up there that I’m targeting trans kids, that is the biggest lie, and I should sue them for saying such things.”

Rep. Greene is among a growing cohort of politicians that aims to stop the transgender mutilation of children through federal legislation.

The latest news about the push to trans-ify America’s youth can be found at

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More Hispanic Voters Are Registered as Republicans than as Democrats in Blue Miami-Dade

Democrats continue to have an edge in Miami-Dade, leading Republicans by 146,975 voters, but Republicans actually have the edge in Miami-Dade among Hispanic voters, specifically — a traditional target demographic of Democrats.

Miami-Dade is a traditionally blue county in the Sunshine State, home to many Hispanic voters who have roots fleeing communist regimes.

Although Florida went to former President Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Miami-Dade went the other way, voting reliably blue in the last presidential election. Miami-Dade voters cast 617,864 ballots for then-candidate Biden and 532,833 for then-President Donald Trump. 

However, Florida as a whole has experienced a major shift in the last few years. Democrats long held a voter advantage in the Sunshine State. That is, until 2021, after nearly two years of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions across the country. Florida quickly became “America’s liberty outpost” as the DeSantis administration and the Republican legislature fought against government overreach and prioritized personal liberty over fear. 

Now, registered Republican voters in Florida outnumber Democrats by well over 200,000 voters.

Pedophiles Are Proliferating in Our Schools

In the social hierarchy of prison inmates, mob bosses, bank robbers, and cop killers tend to get respect. But “short eyes,” those convicts who have committed crimes against children, especially sexual abuse, are hated, harassed, and abused. In schools, however, this group of detestable perverts rates a “meh.”

The numbers are stunning. A report prepared for the U.S. Department of Education in 2004 revealed that nearly 9.6% of students are victims of sexual abuse by school personnel, and these are just the reported cases.

Stop Educator Sexual Abuse Misconduct & Exploitation (SESAME), a nonprofit that works to stop childhood sexual abuse by teachers and other school employees, discloses that in 2015, about 3.5 million 8th-11th grade students, or nearly 7% of those surveyed divulged that they had experienced “physical sexual contact from an adult” (most often a teacher or coach). The type of physical contact ranged from “unwanted touching of their body, all the way up to sexual intercourse.” Even worse, the statistic increases to about 4.5 million children (10%) when other types of sexual misconduct are taken into consideration, such as being shown pornography or being subjected to sexually explicit language or exhibitionism. SESAME also explains that one child sex offender can have as many as 73 victims in their lifetime.

One might assume that these disgusting perverts would be rounded up, fired, and incarcerated, but all too often, that doesn’t happen. Most recently, Eric Burgess, a high school English teacher in Rosemead, CA was found to have repeatedly groomed students for sex, and had sexual relationships with female students over a 20-year period. Infuriatingly, he was allowed to resign without admitting to any wrongdoing and continued to receive his salary for another six months. The settlement agreement bars Burgess from working in the school district, but he can be employed elsewhere, and district officials agreed to provide a “content neutral” reference if he applies for a teaching job in another district.

On a personal level, I taught middle school with “Roy” in the 1990s. One day, this 8th-grade English teacher allegedly touched a female student inappropriately. There were witnesses, but the student involved would not press charges so he was sent off to the district office for a while – the so-called “rubber room” or “teacher jail.” Since firing him was not a viable option, the powers-that-be then decided to transfer him to another school, where he was accused of fondling another student. So he was sent back to the district office, where he whittled away his paid time ogling porn. Busted, he was transferred to yet another school, where he got caught sharing his smut with some of his female students. He was then returned to the district office, where the last I heard, he was waiting for his next assignment, courtesy of his union lawyer.

Perhaps the poster boy for perversity is Mark Berndt. This Los Angeles Unified School District teacher was arrested in 2012 for feeding semen-laced cookies to his second graders. Perhaps not as well-known is that his obscene antics began in 1983, when he was accused of (and admitted to) dropping his pants during a class trip, which he blamed on the fact that he wore “baggy shorts.” In the 1990s many students came forward and said that Berndt would masturbate in class. Then in 2010, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department came into possession of some of Berndt’s photos, which showed children gagged and bound, “sometimes with live cockroaches on their faces or about to eat a cookie covered in a clear white liquid.” The school district couldn’t get rid of him without going through a lengthy appeals process costing over $300,000. When his crimes were fully exposed, Berndt gamed the system by accepting a $40,000 bribe and retiring – but only after racking up another year of credit toward his pension, before finally starting a lengthy prison sentence. The various lawsuits against the Los Angeles Unified School District over Berndt alone cost the district some $200 million. When added to four other sexual abuse cases in LA, the cost to the district: $300 million.

A big part of the problem in Los Angeles and elsewhere lies with the teacher union-mandated labyrinthine collective bargaining agreements that must be followed before a dismissal is finalized. The expensive process is so laborious that many administrators don’t even bother trying to navigate it. Additionally, because about 95% of educator sexual misconduct cases are handled internally and not turned over to law enforcement, it is very easy for a teacher to go to a new school district or state without any legal baggage.

State laws – or lack thereof – are another big part of the problem. In 2016, USA Today journalists gathered piles of information and determined that America’s system for checking teachers’ backgrounds is a loosely-connected patchwork of state laws and procedures, inconsistent practices by school districts and state officials, and wide variations in who’s accountable for what and how accountable they are. They ranked the states, and while 15 got an A or a B, 22 states received a D or F. In fact, Rhode Island has had no law which prohibited teachers and other school employees from having sex with their students until June, when it passed Senate Bill 2219. The legislation outlaws any act of “sexual penetration or contact perpetrated by an individual with a position of authority upon a person over the age of 14 and under the age of 18.” (Those under 14 years old were already protected.)

There is not much help coming from D.C. on this issue. The federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act includes some helpful language aimed at protecting students from sexual abuse and misconduct. Specifically, a provision requires states to adopt laws and policies that prohibit school employers from assisting or “aiding and abetting” employees or contractors in obtaining a new job if they are known or believed, with probable cause, “to have engaged in sexual misconduct with a student or minor.” But since the provision does not define “assisting” or “aiding and abetting,” and it bars the Education Department from prescribing the manner and form such laws, regulations or policies take, it is useless.

What we really need is a national database for teachers and other education workers who have been convicted of committing sex crimes against children. The U.S. Department of Justice already has established a database for sex offenders. It is imperative that we have a similarly organized collection of information especially for educators, where school administrators are legally bound to report any and every instance of pedophilia. This would put an end to child molesters going to another school or state and getting a new job with a clean record. Until this happens, our children will be at the mercy of agenda-driven union bosses, inept state legislators and corrupt/apathetic school administrators whose main interest is not to make any waves by simply passing the trash.

SESAME president Terri Miller, sums it up perfectly: “School systems have customarily tried to handle these situations by sweeping it under the rug, by letting child predators quietly resign and go on to another district, sometimes with glowing recommendations. We see that as deliberate and calculated child endangerment.”

We must change course immediately.

Larry Sand, a former classroom teacher, is the president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network – a non-partisan, non-political group dedicated to providing teachers and the general public with reliable and balanced information about professional affiliations and positions on educational issues.

A new system to flag racist incidents and acts of hate is named after Emmett Till

Interracial Marriage

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – JANUARY 19: A mural featuring a portrait of civil rights icon Emmett Till Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Maryland has seen a slew of racist incidents over the last year — including targeted bomb threats at three Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs) and vandals writing messages of hate on the doors of a church. Now, the state has launched an alert system to flag racist incidents and acts of hate.

The Emmett Till Alerts system, named in honor of the 14-year-old who was abducted, tortured and killed in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a white woman, will act as a warning system if credible threats are made.

“When the FBI director said often that the greatest domestic terrorism threat is white supremacists, we have to take hate crimes and terrorist threats seriously,” said Carl Snowden of the Caucus of African American Leaders of Anne Arundel…

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Violent Sex Offender Begins Identifying as Transgender, Requests More Lenient Sentence

A Canadian mixed martial arts fighter convicted of multiple sexual assaults has begun identifying as a woman and is now blaming his sexist past on “gender dysphoria.” Jody Matthew Burke, 46, who has been classified as a “dangerous offender,” has now adopted the name Amber and has asked to be referred to by female pronouns in court, something the Crown and Defense have respected since last Wednesday. He is also requesting an alteration to his sex offender status which would grant him a more lenient sentence for his most recent conviction.

Burke was convicted of sexual assault on three separate occasions and was placed on Canada’s federal sex offender registry for violent sex crimes committed in 2005 and 2014 in Ontario and British Columbia, respectively.

He met his most recent victim in a halfway house in Montreal, Quebec, while serving a three-year sentence he was handed in 2014 for the sexual assault of a woman in British Columbia.

Chaplain fired over blog posts sharing religious beliefs sues fire department

A former volunteer chaplain of the Austin Fire Department in Texas claims he was fired after he objected to men competing in women’s sports on his blog, an action that allegedly offended some LGBT members of the department. 

Attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal organization specializing in religious freedom and free speech cases, filed a lawsuit on Dr. Andrew Fox’s behalf Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. 

Fox, a minister ordained by the Assemblies of God, volunteered as the city’s lead chaplain for eight years, providing supportive services to firefighters and their families who had experienced tragedies.

The ordained minister maintains a personal blog. Last June, he voiced his belief that men should not compete on women’s sports teams due to biological differences between the sexes, according to the lawsuit. 

“No one ever accused him of discriminating against anyone or treating anyone improperly,” the complaint reads. “To the contrary, the City lauded him for his integrity and service. Dr. Fox consistently shared his religious and philosophical reflections online for years without any problem.”

UK: Trans “Sexual Deviant” Arrested Following Pedophile Hunter Sting

A trans-identified male who describes himself as a “sexual deviant” stands accused of child sexual abuse and of disseminating child sexual exploitation material. Jonathan Lea, 44, who also uses the name Emma Bella-Puttana, was arrested following a filmed pedophile sting by an anti-predator group and is currently in police custody.

A collective of volunteers affiliated with the Online Child Abuse Activist Group (OCAAG) confronted Lea on August 18. The grassroots organization End Game streamed the video of the interaction with Lea to their Facebook page, where it currently has nearly 40,000 views. During the confrontation, Lea confirmed his identity and names, both his male name and his “transgender” name.

UK: Trans TikToker Revealed as Registered Sex Offender

A UK-based transgender TikToker has been revealed as a violent criminal who was sentenced to 9 years in prison after being convicted of a vicious rape attempt on a vulnerable woman.

Jason Croker, of Oldbury Close, Redditch, was required to register as a sex offender for life after what was described as a “wicked” attempt to sexually abuse a woman.

In February of 2015, a Warwick County Court heard how Jason Croker, then 38, brutally attacked a woman in the back of his van in May of 2013 before strangling her and leaving her unconscious in a remote area. Croker had known the woman for several years as a friend.

Croker had lured her on the premise of being in need of help with moving his belongings. Instead, he drove her to a secluded field in the countryside and demanded sex from her using graphic language. When she refused, he physically attacked her.

During the hearing, Prosecutor Harpreet Sandu noted that her resistance “unfortunately did not prevent Mr. Croker from trying to get what he wanted and trying to take advantage of his friend whose generosity he had preyed upon … He got back into the driver’s side. She was effectively trapped. He tried to force her clothes off. He pinned her down and undid his trousers while continuing to hold her down.”

Croker also threatened the woman with rape if she didn’t comply, but the victim continued to struggle, hitting Croker in the head in an attempt to get away. Prosecutor Sandu noted that her efforts were in vain, and Croker eventually overpowered her and began to grope her sexually.

Croker then choked the victim, causing her to lose consciousness. He dumped her in the field and fled. Upon regaining consciousness, the woman managed to hobble to a nearby street and flag down a car for help. The woman was admitted to a local hospital “with injuries consistent with what she said had happened,” according to Prosecutor Sandu.

Judge Richard Griffith-Jones, when sentencing Croker, said: “This was wicked and deceitful selfishness. You made up your mind you were going to gratify yourself sexually with this poor woman.” The Judge also added that Croker had used “considerable violence” on the victim, and that “she could have died.”

The verdict from the jury hearing the case was unanimous, and Croker was sentenced to 9 years, of which he served just under 5 in prison.

Disturbingly, since being released, Croker has apparently begun identifying as a woman named Jayde Palmer and accumulating followers and friendships on social media amongst people unaware of his past. Croker was well-known in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas for going live on TikTok every night, often from his boat, and had accrued considerable gifts and donations from his presence along with over 10,000 followers.

The information on Croker’s criminal background began circulating this past week after it was brought to light by other TikTokers who said their intention was to warn women in the local community — especially those who had unknowingly befriended Croker.

America is increasingly governed by pedos, perverts and deviants, new report reveals

The left-wing Obama sycophants running Joe Biden’s regime have made it a point to shove their cultural rot down our throats by empowering some of the most perverted, aberrant individuals in our country.

Early on, Biden named ‘Rachel’ Levine, a ‘transgender woman’ (biological male) pediatrician who supports gender surgery for children, to a high-ranking post at the Department of Health and Human Services, later promoting ‘her’ to the rank of admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps so his toadies could claim a historical ‘first’ and check another box.

Now we learn that a recent high-level hire at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy “defended a controversial gay prostitution website with a track record of allowing children to be promoted for sexual services on the platform,” according to The National Pulse.

The revelations stem from a recently unearthed op-ed and follow the publication’s exposé of appointee Samuel Brinton’s past as a drag queen, LGBTQ+ activist who has given “lectures” on kink at colleges and universities and has taken part in interviews regarding fetish roleplaying.

In a September 2015 column for the gay outlet Advocate, Biden’s latest top nuclear hire delves into a deep defense of the website, which was closed down in August of that year for illegal prostitution following a raid. “Rentboy” is a term for young men who have sex with older men in exchange for a fee, mostly under very dubious circumstances.


The National Pulse notes further:

Brinton, who now serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, defended “” in a September 2nd, 2015 op-ed in Advocate magazine: “The Real Ramifications of the Rentboy Raid.”

The article followed Department of Homeland Security officials raiding Rentboy’s Manhattan offices and arresting chief executive Jeffrey Hurant and six employees on charges of promoting prostitution. The following year, the CEO of the site, which connected male prostitutes and escorts with potential clients, was indicted on a charge of promoting prostitution to which he ultimately pleaded guilty.

The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York’s indictment also revealed the site’s negligence regarding underage sex work, particularly across Asia.

The indictment went into some detail about how employees described the process to verify ages as a “gray area,” as they “did not always remove advertisements when the advertisers failed to provide identification.”

“In one case, after an escort agency failed to provide photo identification for an escort, a RENTBOY.COM employee advised the escort agency that he had deleted photographs with the face of the subject escort, but left the advertisement online and left photographs that showed only the escort’s body,” the federal indictment noted.

“In another case, after a different escort agency refused to provide identification for several escorts who appeared underage, the same RENTBOY.COM employee ‘suggested to [him] to crop the faces of those super young escorts,’” the indictment further stated, going on to note that the company failed to report those cases to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Regarding Asian posts, Rentboy “failed to comply with its own standards requiring age verification,” even ignoring “employees [who] complained to RENTBOY.COM management about the quantity of underage escort advertisements.”

But despite these deeply disturbing revelations, Brinton nevertheless defended the site, writing that “…sex work disproportionately affects the LGBT community.”

“Transgender people engage in sex work at a rate 10 times that of cisgender (nontrans) women. And many LGBT youth engage in sex work just to survive. A 2013 Center for American Progress report suggests that LGBT youth are more than three times as likely to have engaged in survival sex,” he wrote.

The vast majority of Americans are not a part of the LGBTQ community, but nevertheless, the Biden regime wants to groom the country through attempts to normalize disgusting, illegal, inappropriate sexual behavior.

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Most mass shooters are registered Democrats, not NRA members

It is very ironic that the politicians blame guns as the culprit of mass shootings when it’s almost always registered Democrats pulling the trigger. The Democrat politicians not only point the finger at the automatic or semi-automatic guns, but indirectly blame their own registered voters for the crimes, then try to illegally and unconstitutionally confiscate guns from Republicans and conservatives. The whole gun-grabbing campaign is hinged on emotional highs just after registered Democrats shoot up a school, movie theatre or college campus. What a farce.

Mass shooters are almost always Democrats and Leftists, not NRA members or Republicans

Navy shipyard shooter Aaron Alexis – Liberal
Arizona Gabby Giffords shooter Jared Loughner – Liberal
The DC snipers back in 2003 – Liberals
Chattanooga TN Marine Recruiting center shooter – Democrat
Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) – Leftist

Ft.Hood shooter Nidal Hasan – Democrat
Adam Lanza – Liberal
Columbine High School shooters – From very liberal families
Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho – Liberal nut-job
Virginia Tech decapitater – Liberal
Colorado Theater shooter James Holmes – Liberal
Live on air Roanoke VA TV station shooter Vester Lee Flanagan – Liberal

More extremist Leftists responsible for shootings, hangings, arson, rape and other violent acts against Americans:

KKK- started by Democrats
Eradication of Jews 1940s (holocaust) – Hitler was a member of the National Socialist Party
Planned Parenthood – Leftist organization, created for the sole purpose of eradicating blacks, its founder was Margaret Sanger who called all Black people “weeds”
Slavery – Democrats were proponents


Antifa and BLM riots over the past few years – all Democrats and Liberals committing violent acts during “protests,” including murder, rape, arson, theft, vandalism and more

Lee Harvy Oswald (JFK)  – Marxist (hard core lefty)
John Hinkley (Reagan) – Democrat
John Wilkes Booth (Lincoln)  – Democrat
Lynette ‘squeaky’ Fromme (Gerd Ford attempt) – Liberal
Sirhan Sirhan (RFK) – Liberal
Bill Ayers – US domestic terrorist – Liberal
Bernadine Dohrn – US domestic terrorist – Liberal
Occupy Wall Street – Extreme Leftist movement – over 8,000 arrests, 3 murders, 2 arson, 10 reported rapes

*Above list of violent Democrats and Leftists comes from Thank you for your research.

Blame the anti-psychotic drugs and the registered Democrat shooters for the mass shootings, not the innocent, responsible conservatives who have rights

Not only are most mass shootings done by registered Democrats and extremist liberals, but the mass media hides those facts from the public, while pushing their gun-grabbing narrative down everyone’s throats. On top of that, most mass shooters are young men taking psychotropic (anti-psychotic, anti-depression, anti-anxiety) SSRI prescription drugs that warp the mind and cause homicidal and suicidal “episodes” that might not ever occur without them.

It gets worse. Come to find out, after the shootings, it’s not uncommon that police and swat teams were told to “stand down” during the shootings, while innocent people, including children, are being shot to death and bleeding out. Many of those people could be and would have been saved, had the swat teams shot and/or apprehended the murderer(s) early on.

Plus, paramedics could have stopped the bleeding of the injured in time to save their lives, minimizing the carnage, but the gun-grabbing Democrats seem to always have their hands in the making, faking and exacerbating of the terror of mass shootings in America. It’s all about gun confiscation because the Democrats want a full-blown tyrannical government. That’s also why they attack the NRA and its members after mass shootings. Smoke and mirrors, folks.

The real blame needs to come out and America needs to realize that nearly all mass shootings are committed by registered Democrats and extremist Liberals who are taking anti-psychotic drugs and often times use registered guns. How ironic, huh? Let’s be honest here, and take a close look at prescription drug control instead of trying to confiscate guns every time there’s a shooting.

Tune your scamdemic frequency to for news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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UK cracks down while US doubles down on ‘gender affirming’ care

American lawmakers need to follow the lead of another country and put the brakes on “gender affirming” procedures for children.

Health officials in the United Kingdom are acknowledging the damage being done by pushing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones onto children at exactly the same time as the Biden administration is demanding that education and health professionals endorse these “affirmative” treatments or face penalties.

The contrast between the direction of gender-related policies in the United States and the U.K. could not be starker. The U.K. is shuttering its sole “gender clinic,” Tavistock, following a comprehensive review, while the U.S. is opening scores of new gender clinics, following the refusal of the American Academy of Pediatrics to conduct a review of the evidence.

The U.K., along with other European countries, started widespread use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children identifying as transgender almost a decade before clinics opened in the U.S. for the same purpose.

With that extra decade of experience, European health officials have accumulated more evidence of the long-term damage being done and have started to reverse course.

The U.K. review led by Dr. Hilary Cass, the former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, noted that gender clinic “staff have told us that they feel under pressure to adopt an unquestioning affirmative approach … ” in which children’s claims about gender dysphoria are not carefully examined and underlying mental health issues are not properly addressed before prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

The review also expressed concern about the gross over-representation of girls and children on the autism spectrum being recommended for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. If the rise in prescribing these drugs were simply a matter of children feeling freer to express their true selves, rather than the result of social contagion and recruitment among vulnerable groups, then those treated would better reflect the broader population.

It is increasingly clear that we are witnessing a dangerous craze among children with mental health challenges rather than the liberation of the sexually oppressed.

When these kinds of dangerous crazes manifested themselves in the past in the form of eating disorders or cutting, responsible adults and health officials recognized the problem and coordinated their responses to address the underlying depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

No one thought to “affirm” these children for expressing their true malnourished or scarred selves. But that is precisely what school and health officials in the U.S. are doing right now as they mistreat children with gender dysphoria.

The pressure to “affirm” expressions of gender identity and prescribe drugs rather than address underlying mental health issues is resulting in a dramatic increase in youth suicide in the US.

I was able to examine a natural policy experiment that resulted from some states having an extra barrier to children accessing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones by requiring parental consent while other states allowed exceptions.

There was no difference in youth suicide rates between these different kinds of states prior to 2010, when clinics began to open across the U.S. to prescribe puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. After 2010, however, the youth suicide rate spiked in states that lacked the parental consent barrier, resulting in a 14% increase in suicide rates in those states relative to states that required parental consent.

The U.S. needs to follow the example being set by the U.K. and other European countries by reversing the rush to put large numbers of girls and children with autism on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

If the Biden administration is determined to step on the accelerator, governors and state legislatures can pump the brakes by raising the minimum ages for who can receive these treatments and imposing stricter liability on practitioners who place children’s life, health, and fertility at risk.

State policymakers and school officials can also push the brakes on “social transition” in which children change their names and pronouns, which is often the gateway to the “medical transition” of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and eventually surgeries.

State laws should ban schools from using names or pronouns for children that differ from those listed on their birth records without the written permission of the parents. Such a ban would prevent school staff from facilitating social transition in secret from parents and without their consent.

We need all of the responsible adults — parents, school staff, doctors, and policymakers — working together to recognize and address the underlying mental health issues children are experiencing.

When education and health professionals rush children onto life-altering medication, and either deceive or coerce parents to get on board, we see the kinds of disasters that forced the U.K. to shutter its national gender clinic.

Let’s hope the U.S. can learn this lesson without having to produce another decade of damage.

Fed-up Ron DeSantis sends police to remove WOKE Soros-backed state prosecutor from office

 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who continues to be mentioned as a long-term successor to former President Donald Trump, has taken action against a far-left state attorney whose campaign was financed by progressive billionaire George Soros.

In an announcement on Thursday, DeSantis said he sent state law enforcement officers to remove State Attorney Andrew Warren of the 13th Judicial Circuit from office for his “militant agenda” and refusal to enforce duly-passed laws he disagrees with.

“State Attorneys have a duty to prosecute crimes as defined in Florida law, not to pick and choose which laws to enforce based on his personal agenda,” DeSantis noted in a statement. “It is my duty to hold Florida’s elected officials to the highest standards for the people of Florida. I have the utmost trust that Judge Susan Lopez will lead the office through this transition and faithfully uphold the rule of law.”

According to his order: “As of the signing of this Executive Order, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by other law enforcement agencies as necessary, is requested to: (i) assist in the immediate transition of Andrew Warren from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida, with access only to retrieve his personal belongings; and (ii) ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida by Andrew Warren or any of his staff.”

Warren was removed following an assessment of state attorneys by DeSantis’ office, which found that in June the DA vowed not to charge abortion patients or their physicians who illegally perform abortions after the state’s 15-week ban.

“We had the individual here from Hillsborough County say and signed letters that there are certain laws he just won’t enforce and won’t prosecute,” DeSantis told Fox News exclusively following a press conference announcing the suspension.

“States attorneys that put their ideology over the rule of law are not satisfying their oath of office,” said DeSantis, himself a Harvard-education lawyer and Yale graduate who served as a judge advocate in the U.S. Navy and an assistant U.S. Attorney.

In a tweet last month, Warren wrote: “The 15-week ban is unconstitutional on its face. Tallahassee knew it when it passed the bill hoping judges will ignore the privacy right in FL Constitution.”

“I put my hand on the Bible and swore to defend the US & Florida Constitutions. Florida’s Constitution has a privacy right that clearly covers abortion. While Tallahassee tries to circumvent the law, I will uphold the law and protect our freedom,” he added.

However, during a press conference Thursday, the governor also said that Warren has refused on a number of occasions to enforce laws by the legislature that crack down on child sex-change operations as well as other abortion restrictions.

As part of his suspension order, DeSantis tapped Hillsborough County Court Judge Lopez to replace Warren.

DeSantis defended his action, telling Fox News: “I do think that some of these prosecutors that have a very militant agenda in terms of ideology have been able to get away with a lot in other states. … We’ve had prosecutors around this country that think they can pick and choose which laws to enforce.”

The state attorney “may have thought, because they get away with it in Los Angeles, they get away with it in Baltimore, that he could do this stuff in Florida,” DeSantis added. “Not on my watch … We’re going to take action, decisive action, to protect the people of the state.”

John Money: The Pro-Pedophile Pervert Who Invented “Gender”

“Gender identity” is a hot-topic today and has become a focal point of not just social discourse, but legal policy and procedure. But few people know the concept’s disturbing origins.

Dr. John Money, a sexologist and psychologist from New Zealand who practiced at Johns Hopkins, is considered the first to coin the terms “gender identity” and “gender role,” describing the “internal experience of sexuality” and the “social expectations of male and female behavior” respectively. These concepts are prominently featured in trans activism today, and are used to bolster claims of “gender fluidity.”

But Money’s history is a dark and controversial one, the details of which are often neglected when discussing his contribution to the popularization of “gender vs. sex” discourses.

Like many sexologists, Money believed pedophilia was a harmless sexuality which, when practiced “properly,” led to the child suffering no harm. In fact, Money’s theories on pedophilia were so sympathetic that, to this day, his work is prominently featured on the website of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)– one of the longest-established pederast rights groups.
In the 1990s, Money allowed himself to be featured in interviews with Paidika, a pedophile psychology journal named after the Greek adjective for “boyish,” and has been used by pedophile rights activists to refer to the younger partner in a pederastic relationship.

In a 1991 interview for the journal, Money is quoted as saying:

“If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.”

Money also noted that he “never” reported any pedophiles to police, even those who were actively abusing children due to his belief that adult-child sex was normal and “often beneficial.”

But Money’s views on pedophilia hardly touch the darkest and most depraved facets of his history, those being reserved for the case of David (born Bruce) Reimer.

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1965, Reimer was the victim of a botched medical circumcision when he was 6 months old. The procedure sought to address a urination problem Reimer was experiencing, but instead left his penis mutilated beyond repair.

Reimer’s parents took him to Baltimore to see Money in 1967, concerned about his future sexual and romantic prospects. At the time, Money was known for his research with intersex people, and was considered a pioneer of gender reassignment. Money recommended Reimer be subjected to a genital reconstruction to create a vulva, and suggested to his parents that raising him as a girl would be in his best interests. He was convinced that “gender” could be socially learned, and Reimer provided an ideal subject through which to test his theories due to having a twin brother, Brian, that could be used as a male control.

Throughout his early childhood, Reimer was never told he was born a male, and he was subjected to hormone therapy early on in order to lead him through a female puberty. Reimer was regularly seen by Money, who tracked his progress in an effort to demonstrate his theory that gender was malleable.

During check-ups, Money would subject the twin boys to disturbing experiments. They were forced to replicate sexual intercourse with each other, touch and inspect each other’s genitals, and watch pornography. Money would show the twins photos from smut magazines and “explicit” sexual photos of kids. He would then prod them about their sexual arousal, and question their attractions. The children were also expected to comply in front of audiences of as many as 6 other adults, and some reports state Money also took photos and videos of the children engaged in rehearsed sexual activity. At the time, both of the twins were just 6 years old.

Later testimony from one of the twins stated that Money had “two sides” to his personality — one when their parents were around, and one when they were alone. When alone with the children, Money was abusive and got irate with them for refusing to perform for him. In a later statement, they both recall fearing he would “whup” them if they did not do as he asked and strip their clothes.

As David Reimer aged, he became increasingly resistant to seeing Money, and begged his parents not to force him to go to Baltimore for check-ups. Despite feminizing hormones and surgery, Reimer identified as a male and refused to believe he was a girl though he had never been told he was born a boy — a catastrophic rebuttal of Money’s theories on gender.

By the age of 14, Reimer was experiencing suicidal ideations and refused any further contact with Money. He demanded the truth from his parents, which they eventually told him in 1980.

Despite that, Money proceeded to declare his experiments a success, and his “findings” were used in later studies to justify genital surgeries imposed on some intersex children with ambiguous genitalia.

Both Reimer and his brother would take their own lives, with Brian committing suicide via drug overdose in 2002 after a life-long battle with schizophrenia, and David shooting himself in the head in 2004 at the age of 38. Their parents stated that they attributed their son’s deaths to the trauma imparted upon them from Money’s methods.

Despite the disturbing origins, Money’s legacy lives on in the concept of “gender” as a unique and quantifiable element apart from sex. It also lives on in the existence of gender identity clinics, the first of which was established by Money at Johns Hopkins in 1965.

While proponents of trans ideology sometimes misappropriate Money’s abusive experiments on Reimer as “proof” that a person cannot be forced to live as a “gender” they are not — they gloss over the critical reality that Reimer’s experience demonstrates a person cannot be something they are not, full stop.

No amount of female hormones, clothes, surgery, or sexualization made David Reimer act or think any differently than his very male self promulgated. Even a synthetic, half-cocked feminized puberty did not change David Reimer. Reimer was introduced to the bells and whistles of another “gender identity” from the earliest moments of his life as an infant and was still a male — a total refutation of gender activist demands that “trans kids” be provided chemical interventions as early as possible for more “successful” transition outcomes.

In fact, the results of a 30 year-long study conducted in Sweden also confirm this fact. Performed by six distinguished researchers from the Karolinska Institute, the study found that “transwomen” demonstrated male patterns of criminal behaviour which persisted even after a full medical and surgical transition. It also found that surgical gender interventions did not make any difference in the suicide rates of transgender patients.

These results have largely been disregarded by trans activists, who continue to insist that a man who injects himself with estrogen and wears dresses is no longer a man, and does not “think” or “act” like a man. It is here — in the face of a total lack of evidence — where trans activism then takes on its religious qualities, and begins deferring to magical gendered brains and souls, the solution to which seems to be a therapist and an exorcist, respectively.

John Money was a pervert. He was a child abuser. He was a pedophile sympathizer, if not a pedophile himself. And if a movement finds its origins in a man like John Money, it is time for that movement to do some (gendered) soul searching.

Nolte: American College Enrollment Plummets

According to a report published at far-left NBC News, American college enrollment has plummeted over the last ten years.

“There are 4 million fewer students in college now than there were 10 years ago,” the report tells us. And this cannot be blamed on the China Flu or an overheated job market:

But while the pandemic certainly made things worse, the downturn took hold well before it started. Demographics alone cannot explain the scale of this drop. And statistics belie the argument that recent high school graduates are getting jobs instead of going to college: Workforce participation for 16- to 24-year-olds is lower than it was before Covid hit, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, reports.

Focus groups and public opinion surveys point to other, less easily solved reasons for the sharp downward trend. These include widespread and fast-growing skepticism about the value of a degree, impatience with the time it takes to get one, and costs that have finally exceeded many people’s ability or willingness to pay.

Over just four years, between 2016 and 2020, the percentage of high school graduates enrolling in college dropped from 70 percent to 63 percent. That’s a seven-point drop nationally. In certain states, it decreased even more. In Tennessee, it dropped 11 points to 53 percent. Indiana dropped 12 points to 53 percent. West Virginia dropped 10 points to just 46 percent.

So what is it that’s turning millions of Americans off college? Obviously, the insane cost of a degree is dissuading people from higher education. According to this report,  “Fewer than 1 in 3 adults now say a degree is worth the cost.” What’s more, more “than 4 in 10 bachelor’s degree holders under 45 don’t agree that the benefits of their educations exceeded the costs[.]” So what you have are parents and older siblings warning the younger generation off the idea of incurring the equivalent of a mortgage just to go to college.

Then there’s this: “From 2015 to 2019, Americans’ faith in higher education dropped more than their confidence in any other institution measured by the Gallup polling organization.” The NBC report calls this an “extraordinary erosion of trust, considering that this list includes the presidency, Congress, big business and the criminal justice system.”

I’m not anti-college. Personally, I think it’s important for doctors, rocket scientists, and brain surgeons to attend a university. Higher education can also be a great life experience. But when you’re looking at an average of $120K for a four-year degree, you’d better be sure about what you want to do.

Universities are also gaining a reputation for being intolerant, fascist, left-wing brainwashing operations that no longer teach critical thinking. This is undoubtedly turning a lot of people off. When I was young, high school students saw college as a time to be free and experiment. If you wanted regimentation and being told what to think, you joined the military — where you at least got paid a salary. Who wants to pay $120,000 to be bossed around by woketards with no real world experience?

The federal government should never have gotten involved in the student loan business. That’s the whole problem here. That’s why costs have skyrocketed. These easy loans have allowed universities to expand and explode costs, which have come at the expense of the students.

When you’re 18 and have your whole life ahead of you, the idea of taking on that much debt hardly seems real. But once it’s real, it’s very real and beyond crippling, especially if you’re stuck with a degree in African Dance or Womyn’s Studies.



Latinos bring negative stereotypes about black Americans to the U.S. when they immigrate and identify more with whites than blacks, according to a study of the changing political dynamics in the South.

The research also found that living in the same neighborhoods with black Americans seems to reinforce, rather than reduce, the negative stereotypes Latino immigrants have of blacks, said Paula D. McClain, a Duke University political science professor who is the study’s lead author.

McClain said the findings are significant because the South has the largest population of blacks in the U.S. and has been defined more than other regions along a black-white divide. How Latino immigrants relate to blacks and whites — and how those groups relate to Latinos — has implications for the social and political dynamic of the region, she said.

“Given the increasing number of Latino immigrants in the South and the possibility that over time their numbers might rival or even surpass black Americans in the region, if large portions of Latino immigrants maintain negative attitudes of black Americans, where will this leave blacks?” the researchers wrote. “Will blacks find that they must not only make demands on whites for continued progress, but also mount a fight on another front against Latinos?”

In an interview, McClain added: “We’re actually pretty depressed about a lot of our findings.”

The findings will be published in the August issue of the Journal of Politics, which is already available online ( The study was funded by the Ford Foundation.

The study’s co-authors are Niambi M. Carter, Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto and Monique L. Lyle of Duke; Jeffrey D. Grynaviski of the University of Chicago; Shayla C. Nunnally of the University of Connecticut; Thomas J. Scotto of West Virginia University; J. Alan Kendrick of St. Augustine’s College; and Gerald F. Lackey and Kendra Davenport Cotton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The findings are based on a 2003 survey, conducted in English and Spanish, of 500 Durham, N.C., residents, including 160 whites, 151 blacks and 167 Latinos. Durham was chosen for the pilot study because North Carolina has the fastest-growing Latino population in the country, and because Durham’s black population includes residents at all socioeconomic levels.

The goal was to understand how Latino immigration — a population largely new to the South in the past decade — affects group dynamics in the South, which has historically been defined by the relationship between blacks and whites. The survey focused on a range of social and political activities and attitudes, including stereotypes each group holds about the other two.

Researchers found that 58.9 percent of Latino immigrants — most Latinos in Durham are from Mexico — feel that few or almost no blacks are hard-working. About one-third, or 32.5 percent, of Latino immigrants reported they feel few or almost no blacks are easy to get along with. More than half of the Latino immigrants, or 56.9 percent, feel that few or almost no blacks could be trusted.

Within the Latino immigrant population, researchers found, more-educated Latinos have significantly fewer negative stereotypes, and men have significantly more negative stereotypes.

“One might think that the cause of the Latinos’ negative opinions about blacks is the transmission of prejudice from Southern whites, but our data do not support this notion,” the researchers wrote.

White residents in Durham actually have a more positive view of blacks, leading researchers to conclude that Latinos’ negative views were not adopted from whites.

In the survey, only 9.3 percent of whites surveyed indicate that few blacks are hard-working; only 8.4 percent believe few or almost no blacks are easy to get along with; and only 9.6 percent feel that few or almost no blacks can be trusted.

The researchers also noted that if whites were the primary influence on Latinos’ stereotypes, Latinos would become more prejudiced the longer they are in the U.S.; the findings do not support that notion. The researchers also investigated whether Latinos might be reciprocating the prejudice they sense from blacks; again, the survey did not support this theory.

The survey showed that blacks view Latinos much more favorably than Latinos view blacks. About 72 percent of blacks feel most or almost all Latinos are hard-working, and 42.8 percent say most or almost all Latinos are easy to get along with. About one-third, or 32.6 percent, of blacks feel few or no Latinos could be trusted.


The researchers concluded that Latino immigrants may bring their feelings about the racial hierarchies in their own countries with them to the U.S. The researchers noted that previous studies on race and Latin America, especially Mexico, identify blacks as “representing the bottom rungs of society.”

The study also looked at the racial group with whom Latino immigrants most identify. More than 78 percent feel they have the most in common with whites, and 52.8 percent said they have the least in common with blacks.

Whites do not feel the same connection to Latino immigrants. Nearly half of whites — 47.5 percent — reported they have the least in common with Latinos. Just 22.2 percent of whites see themselves as having the most in common with Latinos, while 45.9 percent say they have the most in common with blacks.

Among blacks, respondents are split — 49.6 percent say blacks have the most in common with Latinos, while 45.5 percent say they have the most in common with whites.

The study did find that several factors do reduce stereotypes. For instance, when Latinos have a sense of “linked fate” with other Latinos — or the sense that what happens to other Latinos affects them — they tend to have fewer stereotypes against blacks.

“The finding that these negative attitudes are modulated by a sense of linked fate suggests possibilities for the formation of connections to black Americans in the absence of the presence of an extant American Latino community,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also noted that education and some types of social interaction with blacks can reduce negative stereotypes among Latinos. However, one type of social interaction — living in the same neighborhood — “pushes them farther away from blacks and closer to whites,” the study said.

“These new Latino immigrants may behave in ways similar to the Chinese in Mississippi in the mid-19th century, and the Cubans in Miami in the mid-20th century — identification with whites, distancing themselves from blacks, and feeling no responsibility to rectify the continuing inequalities of black Americans,” the researchers wrote.


McClain noted that more research needs to be done to fully understand these findings. Her research team plans to expand the study to determine whether the Durham findings mirror Latino-black relations in other Southern cities. In addition to re-surveying Durham residents, her group plans to study Memphis, Tenn.; Greensboro, N.C.; Greenville, S.C.; and Dalton, Ga. She recently received a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation to survey three of the cities and will seek funding from other sources to fund the remaining two cities.

While the topic requires additional research, McClain said the initial findings indicate that community leaders in cities with burgeoning Latino immigrant populations must begin thinking through how the different groups get along.

“Black and Latino leaders need to recognize that there is a tremendous potential for conflict and that Latino immigrant attitudes toward black Americans may be a part of that,” she said. “There is also a potential for a backlash against Latino immigrants from black Americans.”

Exclusive: Pedo Academic Who Published Paper on Masturbating to Child Porn Under Police Investigation

Police have launched an investigation into a British PhD candidate who has published a “research” paper centring around him masturbating to child porn, Breitbart News can reveal.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has said that an investigation has been launched after University of Manchester student Karl Andersson published a PhD research paper on his personal experiences of masturbating to the “Shotacon” subgenre of Japanese manga comic books that focus on often highly sexualised portrayals of prepubescent or pubescent boys.

Anderson claimed that in order to “understand how [people] experience sexual pleasure when reading shota” he conducted a three-month “experiment” of masturbating to paedophilic comic books, taking notes during every “session”.

“I would not be allowed to have any other sexual relief during this ‘fieldwork’ in my own sexuality: no regular porn, no sex with another person, no fantasies or memories — it had to be shota every time.”

In his paper, published by the peer-reviewed academic journal Qualitative Research, Andersson admitted that “the age of the characters and the explicitness of the sex, as well as in the readers’ views on whether or how sexual desire for fictional boys is connected to sexual attraction to actual children.”

Yet despite acknowledging the illicit nature of the material, he said that he found interviewing others inadequate for his study, writing: “I realized that my body was equipped with a research tool of its own that could give me, quite literally, a first-hand understanding of shota.”

Describing one such masturbation “session”, Anderson wrote in his notebook in September of last year: “Started reading on the toilet: Boy who is staying with relatives happens to see his same-age friend masturbate… The boy who has admitted to everything has nothing to lose, so he throws himself over Tokio-kun and starts sniffing his cock and licking his smooth balls, and while waiting for the shot I came!”

Possession of drawn child pornography is a crime in the United Kingdom, and it seems likely the materials indulged in by Andersson would meet this definition, given the paper’s own description of “very young boy characters [who] would greedily jump over the first cock that presented itself” in the material — content of which Andersson wrote: “That worked for me”.

Speaking to Breitbart London, a spokesman for the Greater Manchester Police revealed that the force has launched an investigation to determine if the “research” project had violated any laws.

“GMP received a report in relation to this matter in August 2022 and have since launched an investigation. We are working closely with the University of Manchester who are assisting us with our enquiries to establish what, if any offences have been committed.”

The spokesman told Breitbart London that as of the time of this publication: “No arrests have been made”.

Miss Transgender Peru Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges in Belgium

A two-time Miss Transgender Peru winner has been arrested in Belgium after reportedly trafficking people into the sex trade, making some of them veritable slaves in Europe’s most famous legal red light districts.

Celeste Rivasplata, 34, is a widely known social media influencer in Peru for having won two national Miss Transgender titles in 2019 and 2021, as well as Miss International Peru that same year. But Rivasplata, a biological male who identifies as a woman, is now facing human trafficking charges after police became aware he was running an international sexual exploitation ring with one dozen victims.

According to La Meuse, Rivasplata would solicit vulnerable trans-identified young people from Peru, offering them a better life in Belgium.

While the exact ages of the victims is unknown, Rivasplata’s father would collect fees from them in Peru prior to their departure to Belgium. Once they arrived, Rivasplata would strip them of their passports and tell them their debt could only be paid through prostitution. The victims were also threatened that their families back in Peru would be harmed if they did not comply.

Rivasplata rented apartments and hotel rooms in 6 cities in Belgium where prostitution had some legal protections, as well as in Utrecht, Netherlands, where he housed the victims, leaving them with nothing more than food. He then placed ads featuring the victims on the internet, including on red light district escorting websites, and handled the bookings. Clients were charged €150 to €300 for “passes” that then gave them access to their chosen victim.

The money Rivasplata collected was apparently laundered using an international wire transfer agency back to Peru, with some administrators being paid a bribe to not log Rivasplata’s identification with every transaction.

Rivasplata was arrested on July 7 after police became aware of the operation and connected him to the trafficking victims through digital means. He was jailed in a women’s holding cell in Berkendael prior to being released without conditions after a €7,000 bail was paid on Wednesday.

In local news reports on Rivasplata’s charges, he was referred to using feminine pronouns.

In 2019, Rivasplata was featured on multiple Peruvian television programs after the country introduced gender self-identification laws. In one interview, Rivasplata stated that previous Peruvian policies not allowing him to change his legal markers were unfair because he “felt like a woman” and wanted to be perceived and treated as one.

Uninformed Consent – Official Full Documentary Release 

Watch the official public release of Matador Films new “Uninformed Consent” documentary, presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada.

An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

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The film explores how the narrative is being used to strip us of our human rights while weaving in the impact of mandates in a deeply powerful story of one man’s tragic loss.

Hear the truth from doctors and scientists not afraid to stand up against Big Pharma and the elite class who profit from mandates.

Written & Directed by Todd Harris, Matador Films.

“This film reveals that we have been massively deceived by our own governments, public health, and mainstream media.” – Ted Kuntz – President – Vaccine Choice Canada

“Can’t wait for this movie to come out. Crude propaganda “crisis of the uninjected” followed by censorship, reprisal and totalitarian brute force on the people. I say bring it on!” – Dr. Peter McCullough – Internist & Cardiologist – Professor of Medicine

“Todd is a brilliant filmmaker who has a unique way of exposing the devastation to families from the mandates.” – Odessa Orlewicz – Partner –

“Uninformed Consent is the most scientific and factual TRUTH to come out of Canada in the last 3 years. If you are a parent, this should be on the TOP of your viewing list. It is TRULY an eye-opener. Everyone needs to see this film!” – Amanda Forbes – Children’s Health Defense

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Judge who approved FBI raid of Trump’s home represented Jeffrey Epstein accomplices

At least one news outlet noted it is ‘unusual’ that Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, left the U.S. attorney’s office that was prosecuting Epstein years ago to go on to defend Epstein’s accused co-conspirators.

 The federal magistrate judge who authorized the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s residence had left his job as an assistant U.S. attorney years before to represent accomplices in Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 sex trafficking case.

Trump attorney Christina Bobb confirmed to POLITICO on Tuesday that Judge Bruce Reinhart “signed off on the warrant” green-lighting the FBI’s Monday raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, which many commentators have decried as a “weaponization” of the Department of Justice for political purposes.

The Miami Herald reported in 2019 that Reinhart had resigned his post as assistant U.S. attorney in the very South Florida office that was prosecuting Epstein, only to legally defend accused accomplices of Epstein days after his “defection.” 

The news outlet called the move “one of many highly unusual turns” in the 2008 case that culminated in a non-prosecution agreement under which Epstein and four named co-conspirators were granted immunity from all federal charges. 

At the time, Alexander Acosta, then U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, was sharply criticized for what was described as the “sweetheart deal” he granted to Epstein and his aids, which set aside a 53-page sex trafficking indictment of Epstein describing his sexual abuse of at least 34 minors.

Acosta later told interviewers he had granted the plea deal because he was told Epstein “belonged to intelligence,” and he was advised to “leave it alone,” The Daily Beast reported.

Judge Reinhart, whose contact page was removed from the Southern District of Florida’s website on Tuesday, had represented several of the co-conspirators who were granted immunity, including Sarah Kellen. According to court and police records, Kellen allegedly “scheduled underage girls to visit Epstein three and four times a day,” the Herald reported.

During the trial of Epstein’s madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, in 2021, U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan called Kellen “a knowing participant in the criminal conspiracy” as well as “a criminally responsible participant.”

On June 29, Insider noted, “It’s not clear why prosecutors have not brought criminal charges against Kellen.”

Reinhart told the Herald he had also defended Epstein’s pilots, including Nadia Marcinkova, whom Epstein had reportedly referred to as his “Yugoslavian sex slave.”