Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) Meets Critical Race Theory (CRT) Interracial Style

Interracial Marriage

All across the United States the wrestle to maintain the system of white supremacy continues. The strategies that have formed to overthrow the system is continually met with with systemic resistance. The refusal to pay reparations to Black American Slave Descendants calls for new strategies to close the increasing wealth gap between black and white American citizens.

The latest strategy is culturally responsive teaching and critical race theory. Both work toward enlightening the younger generation as the older generation perpetuates the white supremacist system. Cultural Responsive Teaching (CRT) is a teaching strategy that calls for teachers to use examples that are without racial bias. For example, you may have seen behavior charts in schools that are color coded with different children for each behavior. Red is anger. Represented by a black kid. Blue is good. Represented by a white kid. A cultural responsive teacher would use a color coded system…

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Altering Your DNA Means YOU are NO LONGER Redeemable

If YOUR DNA is altered, then you are NO LONGER what God made you, and YOU are NO LONGER MADE IN HIS IMAGE! That will render you IRREDEEMABLE and YOU will reside in Hell for all ETERNITY where the is Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth!


not redeemable; incapable of being bought back or paid off. – irremediable; irreparable; hopeless. – beyond redemption; irreclaimable.

Dr. Lee Merritt: If you think you’re fighting a virus, then you’re going to be a victim

Canadian nurse whistleblowers say many people are dying after getting vaccines while hospitals are filled with the fully vaccinated

DNA vaccines be the next tool in the world’s battle against COVID-19

Jerusalem Post – India last month began boasting that it has created – and its regulatory body approved – the world’s first DNA vaccine, ZyCoV-D.

The vaccine, developed by a company called Zydus Cadila, expects to have it available for use as early as next month, giving hope to a country that has suffered more than 447,000 deaths at the hand of the virus.

What is a DNA vaccine and could this new class of vaccination become the next tool in the world’s fight against COVID-19?

A DNA vaccine is a form of a software vaccine, explained Tel Aviv University’s Prof. Jonathan Gershoni.

A software vaccine is one in which scientists vaccinate with the blueprint of the virus – just the DNA or the RNA corresponding to the genes that code for the spike protein – injecting it in a palatable and effective way into the body. The cells then synthesize the viral protein, which leads to the production of antibodies against the viral spike.

This is as opposed to a hardware vaccine, which actually contains hardware, that is physical bits and pieces of the virus protein.

“You can have a hardware vaccine that consists of a killed virus, for example, or an attenuated virus,” Gershoni explained. “Or you can have a subunit vaccine as well, such as the vaccine for Hepatitis B, which is just purified spike protein.

“The immune system identifies the presence of the viral protein… and that stimulates the immune system to respond and make highly specific targeted antibodies that inactivate the virus.”

All of the traditional childhood vaccines that exist today are hardware vaccines.

However, since the late 1980s, scientists began playing with the idea that there could be applications for injecting DNA or RNA directly – first, in trying to develop gene therapy, and more recently, in the development of what Gershoni calls software vaccines.

“We know that the information flow in biology goes like this: the genetic material is stored in a very stable molecule, double-stranded DNA,” Gershoni said. “However, the information that flows from the gene needs to be transcribed to create a disposable and intermediate genetic material in the form of RNA. So, RNA in the traditional sense, is simply a disposable copy of the DNA gene.”

However, it is the RNA and not the DNA that is able to interact with the protein manufacturing machinery, known as ribosomes. The ribosomes are what recognize the RNA and systematically translate the genetic material, which is written in the language of RNA, into the hardware – that is to say, the protein.

“The hardware is the protein and the instruction manuals, the recipes that tell us how to make these proteins, can be either in DNA or RNA,” he said. “DNA or RNA, therefore, fall under the category of software vaccines.”

In the beginning, scientists favored DNA because it is far less finicky than RNA, which breaks down easily. But on the other hand, the RNA is a more direct way of delivering the instruction manual because the ribosomes cannot interact with the DNA. As such, in systems that use DNA as the genetic material being transferred, the next required step, once the DNA has been delivered to the cells, is that those cells have to make RNA copies of the genes. Only then can the RNA copy of the foreign DNA be translated by the ribosomes to produce the target protein that can then stimulate the correct immune response.

“Injecting RNA in some respects is more efficient,” Gershoni said.

Both the Pfizer and the Moderna vaccines, for example, are RNA vaccines.

Despite the claims coming from India, there are other DNA vaccines already on the market. They are just packaged differently.

The AstraZeneca, Sputnik V and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all contain DNA of the spike protein as their active ingredient. These vaccines, Gershoni explained, take the DNA of the coronavirus spike protein and package it inside the DNA of a safe virus called Adenovirus.

These vaccines deliver the gene for the spike protein via the Adenovirus that infects human cells but does not cause any noticeable or harmful disease.

“If we take a virus like that and manipulate its genes and swap some of the genes of the viral vector with the gene for the coronavirus spike, when such viral vectors infect our cells they are manipulated and produce the coronavirus spike protein, which then stimulates the production of antibodies against coronavirus,” Gershoni further explained.

So what is the difference, given that the India vaccine also contains DNA and is a DNA virus?

What differentiates the Indian vaccine is that it contains much less DNA and is not packaged in a viral vector. The Indian DNA stands alone.

“What they have done is taken a small, circular piece of DNA called a plasmid and incorporated into this plasmid a piece of DNA that corresponds to the 1,200 amino acids of the coronavirus spike protein,” Gershoni said.

The plasmid that they are using in ZyCoV-D is a plasmid from the 1990s called pVAX1 a commercially available plasmid DNA whose total size is only about 3,000 letters (nucleotide base pairs).

In this case, the DNA is not wrapped or packaged in anything but directly injected into the arm, something referred to as “naked DNA.”

This is the first plasmid DNA vaccine that has been authorized for human use. Gershoni said that there have been veterinary applications of plasmid DNA used in the past.

It is also different from the other vaccines because it is delivered intradermally, meaning it is injected without a needle via a high-pressure stream of liquid containing the DNA.

The ZyCoV-D regimen is three shots, each 28 days apart. The phase III trial found the vaccine’s efficacy to be less than 70%.

Gershoni said that although some people have expressed concern with DNA vaccines, which must enter the nucleus of the cell to be transcribed and generate the RNA and therefore could theoretically impact a person’s chromosomes, there is no obvious mechanistic reason why this should occur.

He said that an effort was made to streamline the DNA, “make it as compact, clean and mean and with as little extra DNA as possible.

“Whereas people around the world may be concerned and debating whether this DNA vaccine is a good idea,” Gershoni continued, “we have been blessed in Israel with RNA vaccines. So under no circumstances should theoretical arguments about DNA safety be used in Israel. They are simply not relevant.”

52 terrorists heading toward U.S. blocked by Panama, congressman says

Panama has caught 52 people on terrorist watch lists who were en route to the U.S., a Republican congressman said in a new podcast Monday, citing a conversation with Panama’s foreign minister. 

Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas was speaking on the Republican National Committee’s “Real America” podcast when he revealed his conversation with the top Panamanian diplomat, who said there are more than 100,000 migrants in her country headed toward the U.S. right now. 

Panama screens people it encounters who are making the journey, and Mr. Gonzales said he asked whether anyone on terrorist watch lists had been detected. 

“She goes, ‘Funny you ask that Tony because in Panama we do biometrics and we have apprehended 52 people that have been — that are associated with al Qaeda,’” the congressman recalled. 

He said he asked her whether Panama had alerted the Biden administration. 

“She goes, ‘There’s no one home. I’m here talking to you because the administration is just absent,’” the congressman said. 

The issue of terrorists exploiting the southern border amid the current surge of illegal immigrants is one of the most heated debates. 

Customs and Border Protection did announce in April that agents had caught two men from Yemen on terrorist watch lists in the previous two months. 

The CBP announcement was then scrubbed from the agency’s website. In a statement after the deletion, the agency said the news release “was not properly reviewed” and disclosed national security information that had to be erased. 

In the months since lawmakers have demanded to know the actual number of known or suspected terrorists nabbed at the border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has rebuffed those questions in public but has promised to deliver the answer in a classified setting. 

Rodney Scott, who was pushed out by the Biden team as chief of the Border Patrol over the summer, said there is a real terrorist threat at the border. 

“They exist, and they want to come across that border, ” he told Fox News earlier this month.

Why is Oberlin College Hiding its Report About Iran’s ‘Butcher of Oberlin’?

The administration at Oberlin College – President Carmen Twillie Ambar, her chief of staff, David Hertz, and the Dean of the College David Kamitsuka – has offered a united front of stonewalling behind a report on Prof. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati that absolves him of all charges. Oberlin won’t release the report, won’t even tell the media why they are refusing to release it. So far, from the President’s lavish office, there’s been radio silence. “Iran’s ‘Butcher of Oberlin’: Outrage at college for whitewashing prof,” by Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, October 19, 2021:

“The Post sent press queries to Wargo [head of Oberlin’s media relations], Ambar’s chief of staff David Hertz and David Kamitsuka, dean of Oberlin’s College of Arts and Sciences asking for a copy of the investigation report and its sources, as well as whether the college will permit an independent inquiry into the allegations against Mahallati.

The Post has learned that Kamitsuka has gone to great lengths to insulate Mahallati from the devastating allegation of crimes against humanity [made] against the former Iranian regime envoy, and has refused to respond to the Post query.

Why is Dean Kamitsuka so determined to shield Mahallati from claims that he lied at the U.N.? What’s wrong with providing a copy of the investigation report, together with the sources relied upon to compile it, to the media? Who was And why should Oberlin administrators object to an “independent inquiry” by outsiders into the alleged cover-up by Mahallati? The complete exculpation of Mahallati by internal – i.e,, Oberlin — investigators, is suspect. Those involved seemed most interested in avoiding the embarrassing conclusion that for decades Oberlin has had on its tenured faculty someone who lied about the crimes of the Islamic Republic. But that is not the only charge against Mahallati that should embarrass Oberlin..

In an October 2020 email, Mahallati denied to the Post the allegations that he aided Iran’s regime in its crimes against humanity. However, the Post has reached out to Mahallati a number of times since February to answer queries about his UN speeches opposing Israel’s existence, promoting genocidal antisemitism, encouraging violent jihad against the Jewish state, and denigrating the Baha’i faith. He has refused to answer.

It turns out that Mahallati did more than deny that the Iranian government had engaged in mass executions of political dissidents in 1988. He also gave speeches at the General Assembly, denying Israel’s right to exist, encouraging a violent Jihad against the Jewish state, and “promoting genocidal antisemitism.” Every word he spoke at the General Assembly would have been recorded and can easily be located and reproduced. What will Oberlin do if his hair-raising words of “genocidal antisemitism” come out in the campus media? Or worse still, in the New York Times? What if “60 Minutes” were to look into how the case of Mohammad Jafar Mahallati was handled by Oberlin? Will President Anbar and Dean Kamitsuka change their tune in time, and call for an “independent investigation” into the man who used to be known on campus, because of his interfaith racketeering, as the “Professor of Peace”?

It was not only Jews who were the object of Mahallati’s hatred and contempt..He also attacked the Baha’i, a sect whose members have suffered terribly under the Islamic Republic. Hundreds have been executed or murdered, thousands have been arrested, detained and interrogated, and tens of thousands more have been deprived of jobs, pensions, and educational opportunities. The Bahá’í community’s holy places, cemeteries, and properties have been confiscated, vandalized, or destroyed, and many Bahá’ís have had their homes and other property seized or damaged. And what did the “Professor of Peace” Mahallati say about the Baha’I at the U.N.? He denounced them, denied that they had been persecuted, described them as guilty of immoral behavior, as murderers and terrorists. This can all be found in the U.N. records. Did the Oberlin investigators consult those records or, as with the records of Mahallati’s antisemitic speeches at the U.N., choose to ignore them, or perhaps were so negligent Oberlin never contacted Baha’i faculty or students regarding either the allegations against Mahallati or the subsequent investigation.

The Oberlin Review noted that “the Chair of the Geology Department, Amanda Schmidt, was the Baha’i affiliate with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life when the accusations were initially made.”

Schmidt reacted by saying that “I was not reached out to by anyone in the administration to follow up on or provide support for the Baha’i students on campus [or] Baha’i faculty and staff members related to these accusations.”

Why not? What did they not want to find out?

Mahallati delivered slashing attacks against the persecuted Baha’i community while he served at the UN.

Melissa Landa, a graduate of Oberlin and founding director of Alliance for Israel, said that “either Oberlin College did not do its homework on Mahallati when it hired him, or it didn’t care about his criminal history. Finding against him in their internal investigation would have meant admitting to one of the two. That wasn’t going to happen.

On a campus that specializes in anti-Israel forms of antisemitism, from the silence of its Hillel director and the abdication of its administration to the relentless attacks of JVP [Jewish Voice for Peace] and SFP [Students for a Free Palestine], Oberlin College was never going to object to Mahallati’s praise for violence against innocent Israelis.”

The US Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights confirmed in an email to Landa in October that it is evaluating her complaint against Oberlin College, alleging the college created an environment hostile for Jewish students and tolerated Mahallati’s glorification of terrorism and pro-BDS activities….

Even worse, he claimed that Mahallati’s ‘record at Oberlin includes no instances of the antisemitic or anti-Israel behavior of which he has been accused.’ That’s a lot like giving war criminals a pass because they didn’t commit any recent war crimes while in hiding,” they wrote.

Mahallati, who sports the title of “Professor of Peace” at Oberlin [because he’s such a relentless proponent of interfaith understanding], defended [at the U.N.] the Islamic Republic’s attacks on US military personnel in 1988. According to a New York Times article, Iran’s regime attacked the American guided-missile cruiser Wainwright, resulting in the death of two US crew members: Capt. Stephen C. Leslie of New Bern, North Carolina, and Capt. Kenneth W. Hill of Thomasville, North Carolina….

It’s not just Iranians in exile, or Jews, or Baha’is, or the parents of present or prospective Oberlin students, but many others, too, who now want to know why President Ambar insists on shielding Professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati from a serious investigation. Why? Come out of your office, President Ambar, without a media advisor at your side, and explain to all of us why.

Chechen Leader Sends Militants to Attack Critics Abroad…

Turkish authorities have arrested four Russian citizens, one Ukrainian citizen, and one Uzbek national on charges of “military and political espionage” linked to alleged plans to attack Chechen opposition activists residing in Turkey.

The Turkish Prosecutor-General’s Office said on October 20 that the men arrested in the cities of Antalya and Istanbul on October 8 are Abdula Abdulayev, Ravshan Akhmedov, Beslan Rasayev, and Aslanbek Abdulmuslimov of Russia; Ihor Yefrim of Ukraine; and Amir Yusupov of Uzbekistan.

The men are also suspected of buying weapons to use against Turkish-based critics of the Kremlin-backed leader of Russia’s North Caucasus region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

If convicted, the men face up to 20 years in prison.

Russian officials have yet to comment on the situation.

There have been several attacks outside Russia against Kadyrov’s critics in recent years.

In January, a court in Sweden sentenced two Russian citizens from Chechnya to lengthy prison terms for their roles in the attempted killing last year of Tumso Abdurakhmanov, an exiled Chechen blogger and outspoken critic of Kadyrov.

A year before that, Imran Aliyev, another Chechen blogger known for his criticism of Kadyrov, was found stabbed to death in a hotel room in the northern French city of Lille.

Austria arrested two Chechen asylum seekers as part of an investigation into the killing in a Vienna suburb of another Kadyrov critic, Mamikhan Umarov, in July 2020.

Human rights groups have accused Kadyrov of widespread rights and other abuses in the region, allegations he denies.

Critics say Kadyrov is ultimately responsible for the violence and intimidation of his political opponents by Chechen authorities, including kidnappings, forced disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings.

Defenders claim Kadyrov has brought relative calm to the volatile region following two wars between Moscow and separatists after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union.

What Happens When White Women Become The Face Of Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage

While universal beauty exists and we can surely find attractive women in every race and ethnicity the standard of beauty is usually determined by wealth. The richest people of society will always be the most attractive. Money adds a certain level of beauty to ones framework. Since the origins of American life the white woman has been elevated as the most attractive and desirable woman. When you look at Japanese animation the attractive cartoon girls have European features. Miss America pageants were the gold standard of defining beauty. There was even a “Rule 7,” abandoned in 1940, that stated that Miss America contestants had to be “of good health and of the white race.” Fox News known for its white supremacy pushes this narrative the farthest.

Many of these women have aged out, but the model has not changed: Everyone knows the Fox News news white woman carbon copy…

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‘Like watching a horror thriller’: Moving tentacled object, metallic fragments found in COVID jabs

(LifeSiteNews) — An internist who looked at several COVID jabs under a microscope is sounding the alarm after her discovery of strange, unidentified objects in the shots, including metallic fragments, “graphene-like” structures in each jab, and a tentacled, moving organism-like creature in the Moderna jab.

Dr. Carrie Madej, who said she has examined the magnified contents of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson shots, found it “very upsetting” to see things in each jab that the manufacturers have not been forthright about — so upsetting that she said she cried after she verified with a second batch of shots what she had seen in the first.

She explained on the Stew Peters show that she was first asked by a local Georgia lab to examine under a microscope the contents of a “fresh” Moderna vial, which she verified was unaltered before being placed onto a glass slide under a compound microscope. “Nothing was added to the solution, nothing was diluted,” she said.

“First it looked just translucent. And then as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared. I had never seen anything like this. There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant blue, and royal purple, yellow, and sometimes green,” she said.

She later shared that when she asked nanotech engineers what the emerging brilliant colors might come from, the engineers said the “only thing they knew that could do that” was a white light, over time, causing a reaction on “a super-conducting material.” In this case, Madej noted, white light came from the microscope itself.

She pointed out that an example of a super-conducting substance would be “an injectable computing system.”

Madej went on, “These fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a little cube structure on them, I’m not sure what that was. And also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I’m used to seeing.They were exotic. They were very opaque.”

In time, Madej said, “all the particulates, all these colors started moving to the edge” of the cover slide. “There was self-assembling going on, things were growing. They looked synthetic.”

Madej noticed something else quite strange: “There was one particular object or organism, I’m not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it. It was able to lift itself up off of the glass slide. It appeared to be self-aware, or to be able to grow or move in space.”

She found it disturbing but said she thought, “Maybe that was a fluke in a way, maybe that was just that one vial.”

Some time later, the same lab obtained more vials from a different batch of Moderna shots, as well as a J&J vial. Madej was concerned to see the same things she had observed in the first vial.

“Another one of those tentacle-like structures appeared,” she said. “This was now completely under the cover slip, so there was no movement because it wasn’t on the edge, but I just couldn’t believe I saw another one. Same thing.” Madej also saw the “same colors” appear over time, as well as the fibers.

In the J&J vial, Madej said, there was “definitely a substance that looked like graphene. They all had graphene-like structures in there. Whether or not they were, I don’t have the capability of testing them in order to know at this lab, but that’s what they appeared to be.”

The vial’s contents also had “fatty substances, a sticky glue-like substance that would be considered a hydrogel in those, both of them.” 

The J&J vial “also had colors appear.” “Their colors were different, like a fluorescent pastel kind of color. Again, a lot of synthetic structures in there as well.” Madej also noticed many “spherical ring structures” in the J&J contents.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before. They’re not supposed to be in these injections. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child? I started crying when I saw these the second time under a microscope, because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time,” Madej said.

Madej again appeared on the Stew Peters show on October 20 to discuss her findings from a Pfizer jab vial as well as another J&J vial. “What I’m seeing in all of these manufacturers are synthetic substances, graphene-like, also these nano-carbon tubes,” Madej said.

“In this particular J&J” vial, Madej saw “round spheres, which were not air bubbles.” She continued, “There’s many of these rings, and as time went on they would get thinner and thinner and expand out and then finally extrude out some gelatinous material — I’m not sure what it was, but different kinds of things were inside these spheres. So they’re almost like a delivery structure, that’s what they were doing.”

On one of these rings, Madej saw what “looked like a translucent organism that went around, and back and forth.” Madej first “thought it was another water parasite,” but after continuing to observe its movements, “thought perhaps it was moving in a more robotic way.”

Madej saw the “same kind of synthetic things” in the Pfizer jab, as well as “something that looks similar to teslaphoresis. That’s when these little graphite-like black, metallic particles start to coalesce into strings, like a spider web. They do that through any external force — it could be light, it could be a magnetic force, it could be an impulse, like a frequency. Anyhow, all these little particles would then coalesce and form their own neural network, or their own fibers, or wires.”

After listening to Madej’s findings and seeing the photo and video documentation she provided, Peters commented, “It’s like I’m watching a seriously bad B-movie, a horror thriller.”

Are the Moderna jab’s tentacled creatures ‘immortal’ hydra experiments?

Madej believes the tentacled entity she found in the Moderna jabs has a connection with the organism hydra vulgaris. “It is one of the model organisms that the transhumanists like to study and look at. They feel that this is an amazing organism for humanity,” said Madej, in part because “it’s immortal in the lab setting” and “continuously produces its own stem cells.”

“It never stops. You can chop it up into little bits, put it in a petri dish and it forms itself again and again,” she continued. “They’re thinking, wouldn’t this be great if we could put this inside of a human body’s genome, and then if your hand was chopped off by a trauma, you could grow a new hand.”

The other reason the transhumanists are interested in the hydra, said Madej, is that it “has its own neural network,” that looks like a human nerve, and when [gathered together] “can form a mesh network, they actually can communicate between each other, almost like if you had your own intranet inside your body.” She noted that then “something outward could affect it, like an impulse, a frequency, something from 5G, a light, a magnet. What if something influenced that communication network?”

On October 21, Karen Kingston pointed out on the Stew Peters show that the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which owns a 50% stake in Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine and it helped develop under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, “has been sponsoring research on hydra for more than two decades.”

In fact, the NIH has an entire subsection of its website dedicated to the Hydra 2.0 Genome Project.

Kingston also pointed to a study that found that Hydra has “about the same number of genes as humans, sharing many of the same ones,” and that they also found in the Hydra genes “linked with Huntington’s disease” and with plaque formation seen in Alzheimer’s disease. She compared the symptoms associated with these diseases with those being experienced by some who have received the COVID jabs, such as body tremors, in those who have “lost control of their neurological system.”

She believes people are being injected through the COVID shots with “transgenic hydra,” which she describes as an organism with DNA from another organism incorporated into it.

Another doctor’s ‘delivery structure’ findings in Johnson & Johnson jab 

Madej is not the first to observe metallic unidentified objects, graphene-like substances, self-assembling particles, and organism-like entities in the COVID jabs.

Dr. Jane Botha reported on the Stew Peters show on October 4 that when she put a drop from a J&J shot vial under the microscope and left the droplet uncovered, she saw “very symmetrical black discs” that “seem to be joined together,” by what Peters noted appeared to be metal connectors.

Botha did not know what to make of what she was seeing, but noted that they reflected light when observed under a dark field, and that they appeared to be “self-assembling.” She saw the same discs four different times, using four different droplets from the same vial.

When the sample dried, said Botha, she could no longer see the disc structures, but “black lines started to form.”

Botha was especially disturbed by what she found because when she viewed the jab fluid through a different microscope technique, more amorphous-looking “black structures” appeared to be “exactly the same structure” that she observed in the blood of her jabbed patients who were experiencing symptoms after the COVID shots. These symptoms included blood clots, shortness of breath, nerve pain, severe thrombosis, severe embolisms, and cognitive difficulties, including memory loss and depression.

Pharmaceutical researcher Dr. Jane Ruby shared on the Stew Peters show on October 6 that people have done “reverse searches” and have “put a lot of different science together to show that this is a technology that’s called micro-bubbles,” which she says is a delivery system used for the human body.

Ruby said Dr. Botha “is hypothesizing” that the reason she could no longer see the discs, but only black lines once the J&J jab sample dried up, is that “maybe they were programmed to break open” and “spill over their contents, their payload.”

This hypothesis would correspond with Dr. Madej’s observation in the J&J jab sample of “rings” that “as time went on they would get thinner and thinner and expand out and then finally extrude out some gelatinous material,” which she described as “almost like a delivery structure.”

The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research has published an “overview” of “the concept of microbubble as a drug delivery system,” describing microbubbles as a “small spherical type of bubble” “capable of penetrating even into the smallest blood capillaries & releasing drugs or genes, incorporated on their surface, under the action of ultrasound.”

Repeated findings of graphene oxide-like substances in jabs

Others have observed substances in the COVID jabs that they believe to be graphene oxide, which has been shown in various experiments to have toxic effects.

The first such finding to come to prominence was the observation by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, published in the Spanish blog La Quinta Columna, that the contents of what was labeled as a Pfizer jab, as viewed under an electron microscope, “present[ed] a high similarity with images of graphene oxide from the literature obtained by the same TEM technique, with similar magnifications.”

They added that in both images “an intricate matrix or mesh of folded translucent flexible sheets can be observed.” The researchers concluded although the “microscopy does not provide conclusive evidence,” it “provides strong evidence for the probable presence of graphene derivatives.”

Graphene oxide, one of the many derivatives of graphene, is praised for qualities that lend themselves well to biomedical applications such as biosensors, drug delivery, and the transfer of genetic material. For example, the Science Advisory Board describes the design by researchers from the National Center for Neuroscience and Technology in China  of a “hydrogel containing an RNA vaccine” that used graphene oxide, favored at least in part for its “high drug-loading efficiency” due to its “large surface area.”

In fact, a whole study has been dedicated to the “potential of graphene-based materials to combat COVID-19,” which states, “Graphene and graphene-related materials (GRMs) exhibit extraordinary physicochemical, electrical, optical, antiviral, antimicrobial, and other fascinating properties that warrant them as potential candidates for designing and development of high-performance components and devices required for COVID-19 pandemic and other futuristic calamities.”

Dr. Robert Young, a Ph.D. and naturopathic practitioner, has also examined each available COVID jab with microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy, finding objects in the Pfizer sample that bear similarity to images of graphene oxide. The microscope images and chemical/elemental content he found through x-ray spectroscopy lead him to believe the Pfizer jab contains graphene oxide.

Dr. Ruby has noted that various studies have found toxic effects of graphene oxide, including its tendency to lead to blood clotting.

A 2016 study titled “Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms has noted that “due to their nanosize, GFNs can reach deeper organs by passing through the normal physiological barriers,” such as “the blood-brain barrier and blood-placental barrier.”

The study found that “Graphene Oxide (GO) can result in acute inflammation response and chronic injury by interfering with the normal physiological functions of important organs.” “Many experiments have shown that GFNs have toxic side effects in many biological applications,” it concluded.

The Food and Drug Administration of Taiwan (TFDA)’s own official publication has also noted graphene oxide’s toxic effects.

It should be noted that the Graphene Flagship, funded by the European Union, has described one of the major developments of graphene usage as its contribution to 5G “transmitter and receivers”: “Ultra high capacity transmitter and receivers using graphene offer a unique solution to future 5G communications,” reads\ the 2018 development on the graphene timeline.

Graphene’s contribution to 5G “data transmitters and receivers” has also been discussed by the Estonian Public Broadcasting science news portal Novaator.

Loudoun County schools covered up rape, prosecuted a concerned father to protect transgender agenda

The Daily Wire has published an intense investigative piece that exposes a deep rot in Virginia’s public school system — one that should force parents all over the country to question whether public school officials, both elected and unelected, care about their students at all.

The story highlights the arrest of a Virginia father who tried to protest pro-transgender policies the Loudoun County School Board was trying to implement at a June 22 meeting. Scott Smith was trying to tell the board that this ninth-grade daughter had been raped in the girl’s restroom by a boy wearing a skirt. Another woman at the meeting, a leftist community activist, told Smith she didn’t believe his daughter. He fired back, a police officer stepped in and grabbed Smith’s arm, Smith yanked it away, and then he was arrested.

More alarming than Smith’s arrest and subsequent prosecution, however, were the county’s attempts to hide what had happened to his daughter.

At that same school board meeting, the county’s superintendent claimed concerns about transgender policies were unreasonable because the school system had no record of a sexual assault ever taking place in a school bathroom.

This might be true, since school officials persistently tried to downplay the assault of Smith’s daughter. They tried to avoid getting law enforcement involved, telling Smith they would handle it “in-house,” apparently in order to prevent controversy over their transgender policy. They also downplayed the assault when communicating with other parents, describing the incident as “something out of the ordinary.” And finally, they transferred the assailant to a different school, where he went on to sexually assault another student just a few months later.

The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak writes:Two girls, allegedly sexually assaulted in school, four months apart, by the same person. And so far, the only person to be convicted of a crime is the victim’s father.

A school policy passed following what appear to be false statements from the superintendent — a policy whose passage would have been politically impossible had Smith’s story seen the light of day.

This is truly outrageous. Loudoun County failed Smith, his daughter, and every single other parent who sends their children to its schools. School officials covered up what happened to Smith’s daughter so they could force through an unpopular and dangerous policy in the name of inclusion. When Smith tried to protest, they arrested him.

And as Rosiak notes, the local leftist prosecutor, known generally for being soft on criminals, nonetheless went out of her way to throw the book at Smith for daring to speak out about the transgender rapist who victimized his daughter.

How could Loudoun County parents possibly justify sending their children back to such schools as the ones these people run?