Japan Supreme Court Upholds Government’s Blanket Surveillance of Muslims


unlike those beholden to the failed ideology of multiculturalism, some countries don’t mess around when it comes to terrorism. Japan, for instance, has no qualms whatsoever monitoring mosques, halal restaurants, and all Islamic organizations and community centers.

What’s more, Japan’s Supreme Court upheld the government’s blanket surveillance policy even after being sued. The Independent reports:

The court struck down the second appeal by Japanese Muslim plaintiffs against what they perceive as an unconstitutional invasion of their privacy and freedom of religion.

A 2010 leak of 114 police files revealed nationwide surveillance of Japanese Muslims. The files revealed that Muslim places of worship, halal restaurants and Islam-related organisations across the capital, Tokyo, were being monitored.

A group of 17 Japanese Muslims, mostly from Middle Eastern and North African countries, decided to sue the Japanese government for infringing on their constitutional rights.

[…] The Supreme Court finally dismissed the case after two appeals on 31 May. The plaintiffs were awarded ¥90 million ($880,000) as compensation due to violation of their privacy by the leak.

The presiding judges only focused on the actual leaking of police files which had begun circulating on the Internet. When it comes to profiling and conducting surveillance of the country’s Muslims and Islamic institutions, however, the court upheld the government’s policy as a “necessary and inevitable” safeguard against Islamic terrorism.

It’s fascinating — the left loves to embrace and even emulate other cultures until said culture stands up to Islam.

Woman guilty of stalking campaign against ex-boyfriend and his two new partners



A woman has been convicted of stalking after she created hundreds of hoax crime reports to harass her ex-boyfriend and his new partners.

During her vendetta, Sandra Danevska sent 134 bogus online reports, which saw the Metropolitan Police create 170 dispatch logs.

Her actions led to her former boyfriend being implicated as a suspect for rape, acid attacks and stabbings – and the two women he went on to date being subjected to a traumatic online campaign.

Danevska, 38, of Winslow Road, Hammersmith, was found guilty on Wednesday of three counts of stalking involving serious alarm or distress.

She was also convicted of two counts of perverting the course of justice.

The court heard how Danevska and “victim one” had dated for a number of weeks around 10 years ago, and had another brief relationship in 2013 before he said he wanted to go back to simply being friends.

Danevska then subjected “victim one”, a 45-year-old man, and the two women who he later went out with to repeated stalking and harassment.

She set up bogus social media profiles and fake email addresses in her ex-boyfriend’s name to send threatening and malicious messages to other people, and used various mobile phones to make dozens of silent calls and send text messages to him.

In 2014, Danevska began sending “victim one” almost daily emails from unknown accounts commenting on things he had done during the day, leading him to fear he was being followed.

She created 134 hoax online crime reports using the details of 60 different people to implicate him as a suspect in crimes – which led to police visiting his home 42 times and his workplace 10 times in response.

Among the many bogus allegations were claims that various made-up victims had been stabbed, raped or had acid thrown in their faces.

“Victim two”, a 34-year-old woman, went out with Danevska’s former boyfriend in 2010 and also became the target of her campaign, receiving numerous threatening and malicious text messages and emails.

Danevska set up several social media accounts and email addresses in her name, which again were used to send threatening messages to other people.

“Victim three” had also been a girlfriend of “victim one” – having dated him between October 2012 and October 2013.

Police visited her address several times responding to reports of crime, supposedly created by her.

She also received numerous malicious messages from Danevska sent from various social media accounts, some of which commented on her movements during the day.

A police investigation into the harassment began in 2011, but Danevska had covered her tracks so well that police were unable to identify her as the culprit.

It was only in 2015 that a series of bogus social media profiles were traced to addresses across London.

Danevska was employed as a nanny by the householders at the addresses, and police obtained a warrant to search her home in May 2015.

They seized SIM cards, computer equipment and a diary in which she had noted the movements of “victim one”, and in September 2015, she was charged with the offences.

Danevska will be sentenced on Friday, August 26.

Detective Constable Dean Puzey, of Hammersmith and Fulham CID, said: “This woman’s actions caused her victims unimaginable distress.

“Danevska stalked multiple victims and used social media and the police crime reporting system to make their lives intolerable.

“Her ex-boyfriend, an entirely innocent man, found himself a suspect for rape, stabbings and acid attacks – the impact on his life in particular was horrendous.

“Her actions also caused a massive waste of police time. Throughout Danevska’s campaign, 17 of London’s 32 boroughs responded to bogus reports of crime as a result of her malicious calls; her vendetta was a huge drain on police resources.

“Thankfully cases of multiple stalking are very rare and, despite all her efforts to avoid detection, we have finally been able to bring her to justice.”

Female teacher pleads guilty to 28 counts of sexual abuse against a middle school boy, but won’t go to jail


KNOXVILLE — A former middle school teacher pleaded guilty Thursday to luring a 14-year-old student into a monthslong sexual tryst, but she won’t be going to jail.

In a plea deal brokered between defense attorney Gregory P. Isaacs and Knox County Assistant District Attorney General Rachel Russell, Serena Milan, 28, received a probationary sentence.

Milan received 10 years probation on six felony counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 22 felony counts of exploitation of a minor.

She also must register as a sex offender and remain on the registry for 20 years.

Her victim’s mother, who is suing Milan, Knox County Schools and a former coach at the school, approved the deal, according to statements made in Knox County Criminal Court Thursday.

Milan faced a 29-count indictment filed after an investigation by Knoxville Police Department Investigator Patty Tipton after the boy’s mother learned of the relationship, which spanned five months in 2015. The charges including six counts of statutory rape by an authority figure for specific sex acts as well as several charges of sexual exploitation of a minor related to “sexting” between the pair.

Milan was working as an English “intervention” instructor at Northwest Middle School when, in February 2015, she began coaxing the boy with sexual advances, including graphic text messages and photographs. Court records state the two had sex on at least a half-dozen occasions, including in Milan’s classroom.

On at least one occasion she met up with the boy at West Town Mall and then had sex with him in her car, according to the lawsuit attorney Eddie Daniel filed in Knox County Circuit Court last week on behalf of the boy’s mother.

The lawsuit alleges former Northwest Middle coach Sean Green was a friend of Milan’s and brought the boy to her classroom, knowing Milan planned to have sex with him. Green is also accused in the lawsuit of helping Milan hide the relationship and pressuring the boy’s mother to keep quiet after she discovered her son was being victimized. Green is not charged criminally.

Knox County Schools is accused in the lawsuit of doing little to stop or prevent the victimization of students by teachers and school staffers. The lawsuit stated there have been repeated instances of sexual encounters between teachers and students in the past few years in which the school system was slow to respond.

The lawsuit seeks more than $2 million from the school system, Milan and Green.

Thursday’s plea deal not only spares Milan a jail term as long as she stays out of trouble but also shields the boy from testifying in a public courtroom, a factor cited in court for the agreement.

It’s never been clear when the school system learned of the statutory rape allegations against Milan. She abruptly resigned in July — soon after the boy’s mother discovered the relationship — but said in her resignation letter she could not discuss her reasons for quitting. Milan was indicted in November.

U of T Professor: In Islam homosexuality is a punishable crime, thief’s hand to be cut off


Dr. Shabir Ally, a scholar and theologian who taught courses on Arabic, the Quran, and Islam at the University of Toronto, is the President of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto and the founder of the TV and online show Let the Quran Speak.

In the online show Let the Quran Speak, Dr. Shabir Ally explained the Islamic perspective on homosexuality. The following is excerpt of the interview (posted on YouTube on Apr 12, 2015):

Question: “Are there any penalties in the Islamic Sharia for someone who identifies himself or herself with a homosexual orientation?”

Dr. Shabir Ally: “In some traditional books it is mentioned that scholars pondered this issue and partly did not have anything clear to go on like if we think about the penalty for theft for example, this is clearly stated in the Koran that the hand of the thief should be cut.

If we think about the penalty for adultery, this is clearly mentioned in the Koran as number of lashes orhundred. Of course the stipulations and when and how to apply this and so on this is a separate discussion,but no specific penalty was mentioned for homosexual acts except for what I mentioned previously about that verse of the Koran which could possibly refer to homosexual acts, but there is no specific penalty was mentioned. It was said: punish them both [partners to the homosexual act].”

In another event (video posted on YouTube on December 8, 2012), Dr. Shabir Ally said the following:

But God’s law says that what we’re talking about here [homosexuality] is wrong, and if they do that wrong they have to face it.

So some say: no but we cannot help it. How do you mean you cannot help it? This is the continual call of the Satan (Shaitan شيطان).

Satan tells the child molester you cannot help yourself you have to molest children. You see the short criminal mind? It is shown here the criminal mind.

Some people have some criminal mind they cannot help themselves, they have to go murder the next victim, and the next victim, and the next victim. So this is they cannot help themselves.

What do we say? You should be able to help yourself. Stop yourself. Right? Go to the guidance of Allah, glorified and exalted be He [سبحانه وتعالى], do what is right. Just because you have an inner desire you have to commit crime doesn’t mean that you have to commit crime. You can stop yourself, right?”

Canadian Imams and Islamic literature sold/ distributed for free in Canada provide a context to understanding the position of Islam regarding homosexuality (to read more about What Islam is saying on homosexuality? The Canadian Islamic perspective  click here, here, here, here and here).

HK to ask Guangdong for new water supply deal



The Secretary for Development, Paul Chan, said on Wednesday that the government will ask Guangdong for new terms in a new water supply deal, to allow Hong Kong to pay for exactly how much water it actually uses.

The territory currently pays a fixed fee for water from the Dongjiang river regardless of usage. But Chan said this issue will be raised when a new deal is discussed.

Civic Party lawmaker, Claudia Mo, said she was happy that Chan was considering the suggestion, but believes the city should do more to become more self-sufficient.

“Up to 80 percent of our water supply came from mainland China”, said Mo. “So we need to expand our own water supply means…basically desalination. We’ve been urging the government to have more but then…question is not how…probably its where these days”, Mo added.

“We stop violence at the source. And the source is men” Libby Davies is the CEO of White Ribbon Australia.



Most Liked Comments


Wow. Just amazing. My best mates wife threw a beautiful wedding gift vase at his head last week. But that’s ok because (a), she’s a woman, (b) she had a bad day at work and (c)) she suffers from anxiety and can’t help herself.
The fact this affects him and his children who hear it happening is irrelevant isn’t it – because it wasn’t perpetrated by a man.
The one sided nature of this government funded campaign astounds me.

“Our remit is to stop the violence at the source and the source is men.”
She didn’t even have the courtesy to say “some men”, no, the problem is men, full stop.
Wow, just Wow. Do we need further evidence of what is gong on here?

Violence, intimidation and maltreatment of any kind, towards any individual, is abhorrent, there is no excuse. I look forward to reading articles where all contributing factors are put forward, not just the gender argument.



Because Feminists Know Everything


“Who is Elleke Boehmer?”

That question crossed my mind while I was reading another one of those “masculinity in crisis” essays that are nowadays a dime a dozen (see “The Myth of the Masculinity Crisis,” May 9). This tsunami of hand-wringing about the plight of men has emerged from academic feminism in recent years and, like everything else that emerges from postmodern academia, is usually 180 degrees opposite of truth. Anyway, I had done one of those Google searches — using feminist buzzwords like “sexuality” and “hegemony” — that is guaranteed to turn up interesting results (and by “interesting,” of course, I mean crazy), when I came across a column in the U.K. Guardian by a left-wring writer named Owen Jones:

Being a man is not static: it can change and be redefined.“Masculinity is a performance that has a deep relationship to power,” says Gina Heathcote, a senior lecturer in gender studies at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). “There are a lot of rewards from it, even if you think of it as a continuum of experience.” . . .
An estimated 1.4 million women suffered domestic violence last year in England and Wales; 400,000 were sexually assaulted and as many as 90,000 were raped. Why do men commit these crimes? “Because they can,” says Elleke Boehmer. “It’s still in some senses socially sanctioned. Male violence against women is triggered by feelings of defensiveness, threat and insecurity.” She links some of the phenomenon to men losing their position as breadwinner, or their sense of power. “So you lash out in the way you know best, that has been socially sanctioned in the past.” Deindustrialisation, change of political regime, conflict – “In the end, it leads to women’s bodies bearing the brunt of male violence.” . . .
What it means to be a man has changed in some sections of society but Gina Heathcote is troubled by how “hegemonic masculinities” have not been so influenced. . . .

Upon reading the name Elleke Boehmer, my first thought was that she must be a sociologist or some other sort of “expert” on domestic violence, but in fact she’s an English literature professor at Oxford whose work, according to Wikipedia, “has been seen as foundational to the field of Postcolonial Studies,” whatever the hell that means.

Why did Owen Jones ask Professor Boehmer to comment on domestic violence statistics? Apparently she’s an all-purpose expert:

Elleke Boehmer, a professor of literature at Oxford University whospecialises in gender, says that workforce changes in the UK have brought about an “incredible undermining of masculine self-confidence” and have “induced severe and troubling feelings of insecurity”. . . .
Elleke Boehmer offers a note of caution. The rise of LGBT and feminist movements has “thrown masculinity on to the defence”, she says. Indeed, you can see a “male backlash” against the chipping away of traditional masculine power . . .
Boehmer hopes that she has brought up her two sons as feminists but she realises that there is countervailing pressure in the playground, at school, on the football pitch. This might “militate against the feminism which is, in any case, quite irritating coming from their mother”.

There are obvious contradictions here. First is Professor Boehmer’s ostentatious concern for “masculine self-confidence,” a concern exposed as phony by her assertion that “she has brought up her two sons as feminists,” which would require destroying both their masculinity and their self-confidence. Feminists are united in their implacable hatred of masculinity and, as success is the usual basis of self-confidence, there can be no reason that Professor Boehmer could be in favor of men having self-confidence, because the prevention of male success is necessary to the destruction of patriarchy. Feminism is derived from Marxism, and approaches male/female relations from the perspective of class struggle, a zero-sum game in which whatever economic success or social prestige any man possesses is presumed to be illegitimate — a product of male privilege, derived by the unjust exploitation and oppression women. There is no such thing as a good man, according to feminist ideology, and why would Professor Boehmer suppose her sons should be exempt from the anti-male hatred that the feminist movement encourages?

This raises more questions: If Professor Boehmer is a feminist, why does she have children at all? Feminists hate babies. Feminists are anti-motherhood, so why didn’t Profesor Boehmer get abortions when she became pregnant, especially when she learned she was carrying boys?

Well, feminists “want men to be easily-controlled, neutered lapdogs,” as John Hawkins has observed, and Professor Boehmer probably used her sons as experimental guinea pigs in this feminist project. Professor Boehmer’s boys were likely raised under a regime of psychological tyranny so severe that they will never recover from it.

Professor Boehmer is a Ph.D. who “specializes in gender,” which means that she knows everything, while the rest of us know nothing, so we must sit in silence while the academic expert tells us what to think.

Far be it from me to contribute to the “male backlash” by suggesting that Professor Boehmer is a pretentious academic idiot whose all-purpose expertise in such matters has as much credibility as we might expect from any elite university literature professor, i.e., zero.


Thailand Violence Soars During ‘Peaceful Ramadan’


Southern militants have stepped up their violence during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan and stricter security measures will be enforced, particularly in economic areas, the Region 4 International Security Operations Command (Isoc) said on Monday.

Col Pramote Prom-in, the Region 4 Isoc spokesman, issued the warning during a media conference on Monday at Sirindhorn Camp in tambon Khao Tum of Pattani’s Yarang district.

He said during Ramadan observance Muslim people perform peaceful religious activities and adhere strictly to Islamic principles.

However, over the past 10 days, instead of allowing a period of peace, insurgents had stepped up their violence, apparently in the belief they could gain from it, he said.

The car bomb explosion near Ban Sungai Kolok School and an operations base for a platoon of the Narathiwat Task Foce 33 in the Sungai Kolok Municipality on Sunday morning was one example, Col Pramote said.

Two people were slightly wounded by the explosion but there was extensive damage to some public property.

This was followed by a bomb explosion at a bank of ATM machines in Pattani’s Yarang district on Sunday night and the murder of a religious leader in Yaring district, and an explosion that wounded a ranger in Panare district on Monday.

“Lt Gen Wiwat Pathomphak, the 4th Army commander, ordered an urgent operation to ascertain the motives for these attacks.

“The Sungai Kolok car bomb, in particular, has been linked to a particular group of insurgents. Evidence is being compiled and they will be targeted for arrest,” Col Pramote said.

He said the 4th Army commander had also ordered that security measures be stepped up in areas where  the militants are active, particularly in urban areas of economic importance, to ensure that Muslim people can safely perform their religious activities during this period.

Lt Gen Wiwat also stressed the need for government forces to pay attention to the safety of communities at vulnerable spots, said Col Pramote.

“The 4th Army chief attaches importance to law enforcement, in order to bring these culprits in for legal action,” he added.

Ramadan began in Thailand on June 6 and is to end on the evening of July 5.

Obama Sending Diseased Refugees to Red States



Obama always tells us that refugees are carefully vetted, even those from the Middle East who have no documentation of any kind. The end result shouldn’t be surprising, refugees with communicable diseases:

Seven refugees with active tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed shortly after their resettlement in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

This makes Idaho the seventh state to confirm to Breitbart News that recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB.

The other states in which recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB include: Louisiana (twenty-one), Florida (eleven), Colorado, (ten), Indiana (four), Kentucky (where nine were diagnosed in one county), and North Dakota (where four refugees who resided in the United States for less than five years were diagnosed in one county).

The Congo, Burma, and Bhutan are countries with high rates of active TB and latent TB infection (LTBI).

The rate of LTBI among refugees resettled in other states ranges from 35 percent to 12 percent in these states: Vermont (35 percent), Tennessee (27 percent), Indiana (26 percent), Minnesota (22 percent), Texas (15 percent), and California (12 percent). In addition, one county in North Dakota reports a 29 percent rate of LTBI infection among recently arrived refugees.

The Refugees, in addition to spreading disease, are also skilled at child rape

The refugee program in Idaho has been in the news recently after it was reported that two young refugees from Sudan and one young refugee from Iraq were arrested and charged with sexual assault of a five year old girl at an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho.

4,650 refugees were resettled in Idaho between 2011 and 2015. Of these, 17 percent, or 785 were from Iraq, 15 percent, or 708, were from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12 percent, or 554, were from Bhutan, and 11 percent, or 500, were from Burma.

We are being overrun with diseased and criminal refugees. This is the new normal.