Upcoming Racist Movie: “Cloud Atlas”(Boycott racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess)

Just watched the 5 minutes and 41 seconds confusing  trailer     racist actor Jim Sturgess is made to look east Asian which is Yellowface. This Jim Sturgess was one of the actors in the whitewashed 21 movie which is based on a story of Asians playing at a casino in Las Vegas. Jim portrayed the lead who is Asian in the orginal story. It seems like Jim enjoy playing the role of Asians in movies, expect to see this racist  asshole in future Hollywood racist, yellowface and whitewashing movies.  All the East Asian female characters are all clones or look a likes or have the same face. one of them become a love interest with the racist Jim Sturgess in yellow face.

Racist piece of shit Jim Sturgess in yellowface

JESUS? The Empty Cross -The hidden truth about the origin of the Jesus story.


earphones needed to watch the volume is low



Who really wrote the New Testament? Why do the gospels conflict on basic elements of the Jesus tale? Why does the Jesus tale have so much in common with previous savior gods we know are mythical? Who created the mythical Jesus, and who decided to turn Jesus into an “Historical Figure?” Based on the most contemporary research, “The Empty Cross: Why Jesus Didn’t Exist” answers all these questions and more.

No Historical Evidence

Just a sampling of the many historical errors and incredibilities contained in the New Testament.

The Real Jesus

Reveals both the true origin of Christianity and how the Jesus Tale was derived from earlier myths.

Many Gods in Israel

Despite what the Bible and religious authorities prefer us to believe, the people of Israel originally worshipped a pantheon of gods. The evolution to monotheism (singling out one of these gods, Yahweh, for sole worship) is traced from its inception.

Timeline To a Historical Jesus

How the emerging “Christ Schools” were affected by the Diaspora and a conflict between two Jewish sects over which of them would produce the Messiah, leading to the creation of a mythical Jesus. . . and, finally, revealing the secret of who decided to change Jesus into an historical figure!


CrossTalk: Ameri-Killing

Why can’t America get over its love affair with guns? Is the US gun lobby to blame? Or is the US such a dangerous place that people feel the need to carry a gun? Why are only very few advocating a total ban of guns? And if this is not possible, why not have greater gun control? CrossTalking with David Kopel, Donna Schuele and Mark Levine.

Blacks treated like trash in Islamic Yemen

Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed.”

Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad, p.375

Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.”The an then addressed him, “O Son of ‘Abdul Muttalib.”…

Reactions to “The Nightingale”: Asian American Actors Criticize Lack Of Asian Actors



The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 07/19/2012 11:37 am Updated: 07/19/2012 1:28 pm


A new workshop production of “The Nightingale” by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater at the historic La Jolla Playhouse in California is striking nerves in the Asian American community.

The show, which was adapted from a short story by Hans Christian Anderson and is set in ancient China, has amassed critics vocal about the lack of actual Asian actors present on stage. The lead role of a Chinese monarch is being played by a white actor, and the rest of the cast is multiethnic.

Most of the grievances have been aired on the theater company’s Facebook page. “Would you cast non African American people in the roles of ‘The Color Purple’ or an August Wilson play or ‘Topdog/Underdog’???” wrote one commenter. “I am eagerly anticipating your multiracial, non-traditionally cast production of Glengarry Glen Ross! Should be outstanding!” wrote another.

After receiving enough complaints to warrant a discussion, the theater’s artistic director, Christopher Ashley, has scheduled a panel discussion — set for July 22 — to discuss the issues at stake, which will feature members of the Asian American Performers Action Coalition (AAPAC) and a New York-based casting director, among others.

Though Ashley expressed an understanding of the criticisms, he also defended the show’s use of a multi-ethnic cast, telling the Los Angeles Times that the show is meant to combine “elements of Eastern and Western cultures,” and this version of the cast is by no means final. He said he is open to a version of the show with all Asian actors.

In a statement posted on the company’s Facebook page, Ashley said he welcomed the feedback, since the show is a part of the playhouse’s developmental workshop series, Page to Stage.

“We are still in the process of discovering this piece in the Page To Stage environment and fully acknowledge that some of our choices may change as the project develops,” he said. “We truly value this feedback and look forward to continued discussions.”

This is certainly not the first instance where Asian American actors felt underrepresented by the theater community at large. In the past year AAPAC has made themselves much more visible, with a high-profile panel discussion at Fordham University in February and other scheduled appearances.

In the most recent AAPAC report, “Ethnic Representation on New York City Stages,” AAPAC stated that Asian-Americans received only 3 percent of all available roles in the non-profit sector overall, and only 1.5 percent of all available roles on Broadway in the past five years.

Christine Toy Johnson, an actor and member of AAPAC who will appear at the July 22 La Jolla panel, told the Huffington Post in February that she struggled to be perceived as simply an “American” actor.

“It’s a bit shocking, but every [Asian-American person] I know has had to deal with some sort of perception based on image,” she said.

And now, it seems, they even struggle to play characters with their own ethnic background.



Racist Israel to drive Africans from “Holy Land”

Israel the so called “only democracy in the region” is no different from their Arab neighbors that marginalize and discriminate against Blacks and Asians.


Israel has initiated the first stage of a controversial “emergency plan” aimed at interning and deporting an estimated 60,000 African immigrants. Officials believe the presence of the Africans poses a threat to the “Jewish character” of the state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who believes immigrants are swamping his country, has claimed the African migrants “are seen by many Israelis as a law and order issue and even a threat to the long-term viability of the Jewish state.”

The Prime Minister promised that in order to stop the hiring of illegal Africans the legislation would be strictly enforced.

Israeli authorities are ready to grant 1,000 euros to any African who agrees to freely leave within five days. Some immigrants have agreed, while others are going to be repatriated by force.

Over a hundred African men, women, and children, mostly South Sudanese, have been reportedly detained in the Red Sea port of Eilat.
Senior immigration official Yossi Edelstein reported on Israel Radio “We have arrested about 140 infiltrators up until last night, the main portion of who are South Sudanese.”

The handcuffed detainees were brought to the Saharonim detention facility in the Negev Desert.

According to Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai, the first to be deported are going to be 1.500 refugees from South Sudan, who fled the civil war that split their country.

“The next stage is the removal from Israel of all the infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan, whose number comes close to 50,000 people,” the Interior Minister said.

Still, the deportation is legally questionable and the Interior Ministry admits it.

“At the moment, we are permitted only to deport from Israel the citizens of South Sudan and the Ivory Coast,” Interior Minister Eli Yishai said.

This raises concerns about those African that are going to be detained and put into camps pending deportation.

But for Minister Eli Yishai who also heads of the Shas religious party saying “no” to alien deportation plans means “shelving the declaration of independence, and the end of the Zionist dream.”

The Israeli parliament is also fueling anti-African rhetoric. Parliamentarians in the Knesset do not hesitate to label Africans “cancer” and the “AIDS to Israeli people”.

It must be said that the majority of the 7.8 million Israelis supports government migrantion policies. The latest opinion poll showed 52 per cent of Israelis agree that Africans pose a threat to Israel.

A few Israelis tend to shift blame for the economic and demographic crisis on illegal immigrants, mostly coming to Israel via the poorly guarded border with Egypt in the Sinai Desert.

There have been a number of anti-immigrant demonstrations in Israel in recent months. The latest was held in Tel Aviv this month. Some participants of the rally accused the African immigrants of coming to their country “to steal and rape”, proposing to “burn them out” and “put poison in their food”, says Ynet News.

A senior police commander David Gez has acknowledged that despite claims of raging crime in sections of south Tel Aviv where Africans live the actual crime level among the migrants is drastically lower than among Israelis.

Nevertheless, the majority of the Israeli are against illegal aliens and there have been a number of hate crimes against Africans. Last Thursday someone set fire on to an Eritrean migrant’s home in Jerusalem, injuring three men. Israeli police said it appeared to be a racist attack. One Eritrean suffered serious burns, and a pregnant woman and her husband were treated for smoke inhalation.

Those Israelis who actually communicate with the illegal Sudanese immigrants are ashamed of the attacks.

David Blum, director of the Isrotel Hotel in Eilat is reported as saying that “Most of them are educated people who fled from a bloody war in their homeland. They speak a number of languages, most of them are Christian, and they did their job in the best way possible with dignity.”

Israeli scientist Dr. Shalva Weil warns of another “threat” to the state of Israel. Dr. Weil is an anthropologist and expert on Ethiopian Jewry of Hebrew University claims that in the past 15 years there has been a sharp rise in the number of African tribes “rediscovering” their Jewish heritage.

“It’s important that in Israel people understand that millions of people throughout Africa consider themselves Jewish,” the professor said. “As far as they are concerned, they are the sons of the lost tribes, and are certain that the Promised Land awaits them.”

South Sudanese migrants receive instruction at the Immigration population Authority office in Eilat as they prepare to return to South Sudan, in southern Israeli city of Eilat June 12, 2012, where thousands of migrants reside. (AFP Photo/Menahem Kahana)
South Sudanese migrants receive instruction at the Immigration population Authority office in Eilat as they prepare to return to South Sudan, in southern Israeli city of Eilat June 12, 2012, where thousands of migrants reside. (AFP Photo/Menahem Kahana)
A South Sudanese boy is lifted as he waves goodbye to his friend on board a bus before its departure to Ben Gurion airport from Tel Aviv′s central bus station June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
A South Sudanese boy is lifted as he waves goodbye to his friend on board a bus before its departure to Ben Gurion airport from Tel Aviv’s central bus station June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
A South Sudanese boy presses his hand against the window of a bus before its departure to Ben Gurion airport from Tel Aviv′s central bus station June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
A South Sudanese boy presses his hand against the window of a bus before its departure to Ben Gurion airport from Tel Aviv’s central bus station June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
A South Sudanese man pushes a trolley with his luggage as he arrives at Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)
A South Sudanese man pushes a trolley with his luggage as he arrives at Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv June 17, 2012. (Reuters/Baz Ratner)


Racist Casting in the Musical “The Nightingale” set in Qing Dynasty China

in this  racist casting, there are no Chinese actors in this musical set in Imperial Qing Dynasty China:

The cast includes Serra Mesa resident Nikki Castillo (How the Grinch Stole Christmas!) as “Nightingale,” Obie Award winner Eisa Davis (Passing StrangeAngela’s Mixtape) as “Fisherwoman,” Matthew Patrick Davis(Playhouse’s Limelight, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) as “Lieutenant Eunuch,” Kimiko Glenn (Spring Awakeningnational tour) as “Princess Ssu-Ming,” acclaimed local actor Steve Gunderson (Playhouse’s Memphis) as “Chief Eunuch,” Jonathan Hammond (Broadway’s Ragtime) as the “Emperor,” Corbin Reid (Broadway’s Sister Act) as “Feiyan,” Aaron Serotsky (Off-Broadway’s The Blue Flower) as “Minister of State,” Bobby Steggert (Broadway revival of 110 in the Shade) as “Young Emperor,” Tony Award nominee and Playhouse Gala honoree Charlayne Woodard (Playhouse’s The Night Watcher, A Midsummer Night’s Dream) as “Empress Dowager,” as well as ensemble members Chelsea Diggs-Smith (Lamb’s Players Theatre’s Guys and Dolls) and UCSD M.F.A. student Zach Martens (Playhouse’s The Car Plays: San Diego).

link to the casting list


racist piece of shit Moises Kaufman  should be boycotted only a racist piece of shit like him in the racist white entertainment industry would hire a white man and a white boy to portray a Chinese emperor and his son who is a prince respectively.

Radio Hosts’ Racially Charged Remarks Against Asian-American Candidate Stir National Controversy



A congressional race in upstate New York is drawing some national attention after conservative talk show hosts made racially tinged remarks about an Asian-American candidate.

House contenders Nate Shinagawa, a Democrat, and incumbent Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) are steering clear of wading into the ballooning controversy, which was touched off last week by WYSL hosts Bill Nojay and Bob Savage and has sparked outrage far outside of New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Bill Nojay Show,” Nojay told listeners that they should be “impressed” that he can pronounce Shinagawa’s last name. Show guest and local GOP activist Paul Gullo then interrupted him, predicting Shinagawa will lose against Reed “just because of his name.” Nojay batted down Gullo’s quip as “not a nice thing to say.”

“Xenophobic, xenophobic,” Savage added in a mock foreign accent.

A minute later, “Sukiyaki,” a popular Japanese song from the 1960s, played in the background while Nojay explained why he thought Shinagawa cannot defeat Reed.

“It’s unfortunate that they are focused on Nate’s name and how he looks while voters in this district want an honest discussion about how we can work together to build up the region’s economy and get people back to work,” Shinagawa spokeswoman Jenn Medeiros said in a statement on Tuesday. “Their comments don’t merit any further response.”

On Monday, the Asian American Action Fund called for Reed to disavow what it deemed the “racially incendiary remarks.” In a news release, the national group’s executive director, Gautum Dutta, said it is “truly stunning” that Nojay and Savage do not understand why their comments were offensive.

In a statement to The Huffington Post, Reed did not directly address the radio hosts’ comments but said there is “no room in our society or our campaign for any form of racism,” adding that a candidate’s ideas and beliefs should be the only topics of conversation.

Nojay attributed the overnight outcry to an “intimidation campaign against conservative talk show hosts” conducted by “far left-wing activists organizations” like Media Matters for America.

“I’m calling it the way I see it,” Nojay said Monday on his show. “That’s what we do here on the show.”

Nojay also responded to listener complaints following his on-air statement on Friday that Shinagawa is from the “People’s Republic,” an apparent reference to China. Some locals use the term when talking about Shinagawa’s hometown of Ithaca, N.Y., Nojay said.

Savage, who is also WYSL’s president and CEO, was unapologetic in a statement posted Monday on the radio show’s website. Savage’s statement was accompanied by several recordings of angry messages that he said had been left on the station’s voicemail system by Shinagawa supporters.

“WYSL categorically denies having broadcast anything racist, hateful or discriminatory regarding Mr. Shinagawa or his candidacy,” Savage wrote. “It didn’t happen. Period.”

In a statement provided to The Huffington Post on Tuesday, Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.), chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, pointed to the back-and-forth as “another example of far right conservative race baiting.”

“There’s simply no place — anytime, anywhere — for this kind of ignorance in the ongoing public debate about how best to move each and every American community forward,” the California Democrat said. “Candidates from all across the political spectrum should decry this kind of racism and I hope Tom Reed will take that opportunity.”

The WYSL episode has resonated back home, too.

Hornell, N.Y., Mayor Shawn Hogan, a Democrat, told the Canisteo Valley News that Nojay’s and Savage’s remarks were a “definite slap at Nate Shinagawa’s Asian heritage.”

One of the show’s affiliates, WLEA, cut the contentious segment from its Friday broadcast. WLEA producer Brian O’Neil said in an email that he regularly edits Nojay’s show for two reasons: It often runs longer than the hour allotted for it by his station and Nojay is known to light up the switchboard — and not in a good way.

“In this particular case, it was obvious that there was going to be serious repercussions if we had allowed the Sukyaki song to air, as well as the Japanese dialect in saying ‘Xenophobe,’ so we edited that portion of the show,” O’Neil said. “As soon as Nojay mentioned Shinagawa, we went to a commercial break.”

Texas A&M Conservatives Promote Their Club With Racist Ad

in America, conservatism is code for white supremacy

At Texas A&M University, student organizations may submit ads to run as computer screensavers in campus libraries. On June 14, a staffer at the Evans Library noticed this ad from the Texas Aggie Conservatives running on the library’s computers. Finding it distasteful and out of step with the values of the university, she reported it to the Dean of Libraries and the Vice President for Diversity.

After its exposure in mid-June, Vice President of Information Technology Pierce Cantrell announced he would shut down the student organization PSA service immediately because appropriate guidelines were not being enforced. On July 5th, a full three weeks later, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Sarah Bednarz was informed that the ad had not yet been taken down and that Cantrell planned to take it down in mid-July. “This seems to me too little and too late,” Bednarz wrote in an e-mail. “All summer thousands of current students, new students, and their parents have seen this PSA which is not consistent with Aggie values. Can it not come off ASAP? I had assumed that would be the case.” Cantrell soon announced in an email to student organizations that all PSA ads would be taken down on Monday, July 9th.

Not a moment too soon and many too late. The ad is hateful, vile and above all, racist.

What’s so wrong about this ad?

1. President Obama is depicted as a boy who needs a “time out.” As most Americans know, “boy” has been used constantly throughout American history to deride and classify African-American men as inferior people. It is an image which works to justify control (i.e., giving a “time out”) over African-Americans through dehumanization.2. President Obama is depicted in baggy, hip-hop clothing. The associations inherent in this portrayal are obvious: the president is a black “street kid” who must be shown his place. While in real life, this clothing is not necessarily indicative of one lifestyle or another, the context of the image and the accompanying text solidifies its racism.

3. The ad demeans the president. Following and well before the 2008 election, Republicans and self-described conservatives have incessantly called President Obama a terrorist sympathizer, a Manchurian president, and compared him to history’s worst mass murderers. Their hate speech against the president and his causes prompted the Department of Homeland Security to release a report on the dangers posed by violent right-wing extremists. President Obama receives 30 death threats a day, a 400% increase over President Bush. This hateful rhetoric, employed so transparently in this ad, is a genuine national security threat and a scourge to a healthy American political system.

With this ad, the Texas Aggie Conservatives have shown their hateful colors. But it isn’t the first time. Last year, the Aggie Conservatives launched a petition to convince the university to defund the Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transexual Center because the club offers seminars on responsible sex. The petition letter states, “I find the programing of this center morally objectionable.” This ad also isn’t the club’s first instance of openly violent rhetoric against the president. On their website, the Aggie Conservatives proudly display a picture of club members wearing “Beat The Hell Outta Obama” t-shirts.

In late 2011, the UT College Republicans started the unfortunate trend of racism from Texas’s right-wing college organizations. Then-president Lauren Pierce tweeted her sympathies with those who want to kill President Obama. Soon after, her presidential successor Cassie Wright tweeted the following: “My president is black. He smokes a lot of crack. Holla. #2012 #Obama”. The Aggie Conservatives’ ad is somewhat more subtle than this shameful bile from their fellow collegiate conservatives, but is no less detrimental because of it. Indeed, the implied racial inferiority dripping from the ad is a perfect display of how deeply embedded racism is in right-wing American politics.

The Texas Aggie Conservatives are an embarrassment to their university. Their actions show how utterly unserious they are about fostering genuine political dialogue. The club could have easily chosen sensible ads like “Join us if you don’t want Obama to win a second term!” or “Let’s work together to elect a new president!” Instead, the club chose to promote hate and racism.

Last week, Aggie students made national news for a “Maroon Wall” they formed to protect a fallen soldier’s funeral from the bigoted Westboro Baptist Church. Unfortunately, the Texas Aggie Conservatives have proven themselves to embody the same type of political hate that Aggies were nationally applauded last week for fighting against. The university must follow through on its delayed promise to take down the ad, and in doing so choose the Maroon Wall over the Texas Aggie Conservatives.