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I am the owner of http://anglo-america.blogspot.com/  I was unable to log into blogger because I was getting “unable to connect” error message when i try to log in, so I am unable to update it. This was due to a malware i had on my laptop which is now removed. i can now log into blogger.  i decided to move to wordpress. the old blog will remain online as an archive. This blog will be about the racist and unoriginal entertainment Industry in America where non-whites are marginalized and only get roles as sidekicks, maids, servants, best friends with no life and only exists to help the white protagonists, act in racist stereotypical roles, criminals, terrorists, villains, killed off in horror movies and other types of action movies, and working with the pentagon/ U.S military to create war propaganda movies.

Hollywood also like to employ white actors to play ethnic roles. This is called white washing. back in pre-civil rights days this practice was known as blackface(white actors dress in make up to look black) and yellowface(white actors dress to look east asian). today they no longer use make up they simply hire white actors.  despite public outrage and protests, the racists in Hollywood are still whitewashing ethnic roles in their new and upcoming movies.

The American music industry is filled with no-talent hacks that regularly engage in stealing, copying and sampling other people’s music and passing it off as their own and often get sued when they are caught.

This blog will also show  information about and the History of Religions and Science Documentaries.

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sexy lady

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  2. Very interesting theme for a blog. I’m looking forward to reading this.
    BTW I also had to move my blog from Blogspot because I had technical problems – I didn’t know it was caused by malware on the computer. I’m glad I found WordPress though, it’s much better than Blogger.

  3. Great job exposing that racist white rednekkk fkkktard, Samuel Hendrickson. But sadly, most white Amerikkans think like him..

    • The most bigoted community in America is the black community, and it’s not even close. They kill each other-and others-at a rate that’s almost mind boggling, especially when you juxtapose it against all their demands as a community (13% of the population responsible for 50% of murders). As well, the media constantly supports their entitlements and stokes their racial animosity. Black community leaders want handouts, and they pass that victimhood culture around like a genetic disorder. “Nothing is your fault, it’s all racism, it’s all white people’s fault.” It’s time to grow up

      • why do you all keep posting the lie that 13% of the population responsible for 50% of teh crime when blacks are more likekly to be wrongfully convicted and 53% of those who are exonerated? explain why black Americans are the biggest victims in racist hate crimes?

  4. Love your blog. I just heard an interview that I thought you’d like to share: Shermn Alexie being interviewed by Bill Moyers. Alexie is Native American novelist and poet whose short story “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” was turned into the first all Native American film, Smoke Signals in 1998. His observations about the Native American in the US are amazingly inciteful. http://billmoyers.com/segment/sherman-alexie-on-living-outside-borders/

  5. First, I don’t know what country you come from, but the left does seem to be promoting reverse-racism into the country. I agree that Hollywood is full of creeps, mostly democratic supporters who are full of hatred. Basically, if you are against the democrats for expanding government, or destroying the country with tons of regulations or shoving “social justice” down your throat, then they will label you as a racist. Sick, I know.

  6. What is this site about, though? Living in Anglo-America… it looked like a pro-white 1980s concept of America site, but the “about” section talks about black face in Hollywood and not much else. Hollywood is a topic, but the About section is what this is about and I don’t know, still. How about, “this site is about white topics for white people,” or, “this site lambasts white living in America as antiquated,” or, “whiteness is disappearing in America steadily every year, and being villainized by the media. This site is the answer.” Some ideas about Section appropriate content.

  7. You are a white-hating libtard delusional infant. Your absurd contentions are too numerous to address each one, but just taking the stupidest one below as an example: you have it backwards idiot! Its the white male who is made the buffoon, idiot, amoral asshole in media today. Been that way for years. Next commercial you watch, note that if there is a punchline guy, it will be a white male. If its all just beautiful smart people selling the benefits of (whatever) there likely wont be a white male pictured—-unless he’s gay and part of a biracial gay pride statement.

    *** ”This blog will be about the racist and unoriginal entertainment Industry in America where non-whites are marginalized and only get roles as sidekicks, maids, servants, best friends with no life and only exists to help the white protagonists, act in racist stereotypical roles, criminals,….”

  8. This blog is a trap designed to inject psychological poison. Think twice about ingesting this propaganda. Hollywood and porn are not “owned and operated” by Anglos… rather it is the “Master Race Chosen People of Yahweh” that run those industries. This blog is a pollution.

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