Liberals paid $10.5 million for climate change studies that were never written

The Liberal government gave away $10.5 million taxpayer dollars to climate change researchers who never delivered on their promised studies.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, a total of seven studies were funded by the federal government, but no reports were ever produced.

“In 2017 and 2018 seven projects were funded for which researchers did not provide reports. Hence, their status is unknown,” read the Evaluation of the Aquatic Climate Change Adaptation Services Program.

“Under the current funding requirements there are no consequences if funded researchers do not submit reports, or reports are delayed.”

The climate change research program is costing Canadian taxpayers $3.5 million annually for studies on aquatic life and environment.


Liberals paid $10.5 million for climate change studies that were never written

Exodus 36; Exodus 37; Exodus 38

Exodus 36


1 And Beseleel wrought, and Eliab and every one wise in understanding, to whom was given wisdom and knowledge, to understand to do all the works according to the holy offices, according to all things which the Lord appointed. 2 And Moses called Beseleel and Eliab, and all that had wisdom, to whom God gave knowledge in heart, and all who were freely willing to come forward to the works, to perform them. 3 And they received from Moses all the offerings, which the children of Israel brought for all the works of the sanctuary to do them; and they continued to receive the gifts brought, from those who brought them in the morning. 4 And there came all the wise men who wrought the works of the sanctuary, each according to his own work, which they wrought. 5 And one said to Moses, The people bring an abundance in proportion to all the works which the Lord has appointed to do. 6 And Moses commanded, and proclaimed in the camp, saying, Let neither man nor woman any longer labour for the offerings of the sanctuary; and the people were restrained from bringing any more. 7 And they had materials sufficient for making the furniture, and they left some besides. 8 And every wise one among those that wrought made the robes of the holy places, which belong to Aaron the priest, as the Lord commanded Moses. 9 And he made the ephod of gold, and blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined. 10 And the plates were divided, the threads of gold, so as to interweave with the blue and purple, and with the spun scarlet, and the fine linen twined, they made it a woven work; 11 shoulder-pieces joined from both sides, a work woven by mutual twisting of the parts into one another. 12 They made it of the same material according to the making of it, of gold, and blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined, as the Lord commanded Moses; 13 and they made the two emerald stones clasped together and set in gold, graven and cut after the cutting of a seal with the names of the children of Israel; 14 and he put them on the shoulder-pieces of the ephod, stones of memorial of the children of Israel, as the Lord appointed Moses. 15 And they made the oracle, a work woven with embroidery, according to the work of the ephod, of gold, and blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined. 16 They made the oracle square double, the length of a span, and the breadth of a span, —double. 17 And there was interwoven with it a woven work of four rows of stones, a series of stones, the first row, a sardius and topaz and emerald; 18 and the second row, a carbuncle and sapphire and jasper; 19 and the third row, a ligure and agate and amethyst; 20 and the fourth row a chrysolite and beryl and onyx set round about with gold, and fastened with gold. 21 And the stones were twelve according to the names of the children of Israel, graven according to their names like seals, each according to his own name for the twelve tribes. 22 And they made on the oracle turned wreaths, wreathen work, of pure gold, 23 and they made two golden circlets and two golden rings. 24 And they put the two golden rings on both the corners of the oracle; 25 and they put the golden wreaths on the rings on both sides of the oracle, and the two wreaths into the two couplings. 26 And they put them on the two circlets, and they put them on the shoulders of the ephod opposite in front. 27 And they made two golden rings, and put them on the two projections on the top of the oracle, and on the top of the hinder part of the ephod within. 28 And they made two golden rings, and put them on both the shoulders of the ephod under it, in front by the coupling above the connexion of the ephod. 29 And he fastened the oracle by the rings that were on it to the rings of the ephod, which were fastened with of blue, joined together with the woven work of the ephod; that the oracle should not be loosed from the ephod, as the Lord commanded Moses. 30 And they made the tunic under the ephod, woven work, all of blue. 31 And the opening of the tunic in the midst woven closely together, the opening having a fringe round about, that it might not be rent. 32 And they made on the border of the tunic below pomegranates as of a flowering pomegranate tree, of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined. 33 And they made golden bells, and put the bells on the border of the tunic round about between the pomegranates: 34 a golden bell and a pomegranate on the border of the tunic round about, for the ministration, as the Lord commanded Moses. 35 And they made vestments of fine linen, a woven work, for Aaron and his sons, 36 and the tires of fine linen, and the mitre of fine linen, and the drawers of fine linen twined; 37 and their girdles of fine linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet spun, the work of an embroiderer, according as the Lord commanded Moses. 38 And they made the golden plate, a dedicated thing of the sanctuary, of pure gold; 39 and he wrote upon it graven letters of a seal, Holiness to the Lord. 40 And they put it on the border of blue, so that it should be on the mitre above, as the Lord commanded Moses.



exodus 37

1 And they made ten curtains for the tabernacle; 2 of eight and twenty cubits the length of one curtain: the same was to all, and the breadth of one curtain was of four cubits. 3 And they made the veil of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined, the woven work with cherubs. 4 And they put it on four posts of incorruptible overlaid with gold; and their chapiters were gold, and their four sockets were silver. 5 And they made the veil of the door of the tabernacle of witness of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined, woven work with cherubs, 6 and their posts five, and the rings; and they gilded their chapiters and their clasps with gold, and they had five sockets of brass. 7 And they made the court toward the south; the curtains of the court of fine linen twined, a hundred every way, 8 and their posts twenty, and their sockets twenty; 9 and on the north side a hundred every way, and on the south side a hundred every way, and their posts twenty and their sockets twenty. 10 And on the west side curtains of fifty cubits, their posts ten and their sockets ten. 11 And on the east side curtains of fifty cubits of fifteen cubits behind, 12 and their pillars three, and their sockets three. 13 And at the second back on this side and on that by the gate of the court, curtains of fifteen cubits, their pillars three and their sockets three; 14 all the curtains of the tabernacle of fine linen twined. 15 And the sockets of their pillars of brass, and their hooks of silver, and their chapiters overlaid with silver, and all the posts of the court overlaid with silver: 16 and the veil of the gate of the court, the work of an embroiderer of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen twined; the length of twenty cubits, and the height and the breadth of five cubits, made equal to the curtains of the court; 17 and their pillars four, and their sockets four of brass, and their hooks of silver, and their chapiters overlaid with silver. 18 And all the pins of the court round about of brass, and they overlaid with silver. 19 And this was the construction of the tabernacle of witness, accordingly as it was appointed to Moses; so that the public service should belong to the Levites, through Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest. 20 And Beseleel the son of Urias of the tribe of Juda, did as the Lord commanded Moses. 21 And Eliab the son of Achisamach of the tribe of Dan , who was chief artificer in the woven works and needle-works and embroideries, in weaving with the scarlet and fine linen.



Exodus 38


1 And Beseleel made the ark, 2 and overlaid it with pure gold within and without; 3 and he cast for it four golden rings, two on the one side, and two on the other, 4 wide for the staves, so that men should bear the ark with them. 5 And he made the propitiatory over the ark of pure gold, 6 and the two cherubs of gold; 7 one cherub on the one end of the propitiatory, and another cherub on the other end of the propitiatory, 8 overshadowing the propitiatory with their wings. 9 And he made the set table of pure gold, 10 and cast for it four rings: two on the one side and two on the other side, broad, so that should lift it with the staves in them. 11 And he made the staves of the ark and of the table, and gilded them with gold. 12 And he made the furniture of the table, both the dishes, and the censers, and the cups, and the bowls with which he should offer drink-offerings, of gold. 13 And he made the candlestick which gives light, of gold; 14 the stem solid, and the branches from both its sides; 15 and blossoms proceeding from its branches, three on this side, and three on the other, made equal to each other. 16 And their lamps, which are on the ends, knops from them; and sockets proceeding from them, that the lamps might be upon them; and the seventh socket, on the top of the candlestick, on the summit above, entirely of solid gold. 17 And on the candlestick seven golden lamps, and its snuffers gold, and its funnels gold. 18 He overlaid the posts , and cast for each post golden rings, and gilded the bars with gold; and he gilded the posts of the veil with gold, and made the hooks of gold. 19 He made also the rings of the tabernacle of gold; and the rings of the court, and the rings for drawing out the veil above of brass. 20 He cast the silver chapiters of the tabernacle, and the brazen chapiters of the door of the tabernacle, and the gate of the court; and he made silver hooks for the posts, he overlaid them with silver on the posts. 21 He made the pins of the tabernacle and the pins of the court of brass. 22 He made the brazen altar of the brazen censers, which belonged to the men engaged in sedition with the gathering of Core. 23 He made all the vessels of the altar and its grate, and its base, and its bowls, and the brazen flesh-hooks. 24 He made an appendage for the altar of network under the grate, beneath it as far as the middle of it; and he fastened to it four brazen rings on the four parts of the appendage of the altar, wide for the bars, so as to bear the altar with them. 25 He made the holy anointing oil and the composition of the incense, the pure work of the perfumer. 26 He made the brazen laver, and the brazen base of it of the mirrors of the women that fasted, who fasted by the doors of the tabernacle of witness, in the day in which he set it up. 27 And he made the laver, that at it Moses and Aaron and his sons might wash their hands and their feet: when they went into the tabernacle of witness, or whensoever they should advance to the altar to do service, they washed at it, as the Lord commanded Moses.



WHITE Wife Interviews BLACK Husband On Racism

WHITE Wife Interviews BLACK Husband On Racism

Interracial Marriage

In light of the George Floyd murder and subsequent black lives matter protests, we thought it timely to discuss our experiences with racism and thoughts on where we go from here. The last few weeks have undoubtedly been emotionally heightened, not just with the coronavirus pandemic, but with the increased visibility of the black lives matter (BLM) movement and the differing opinions about issues such as white privilege and tackling systematic racism.

What’s been happening in the world has affected us both very deeply and has weighed on our hearts heavily. As an interracial couple, we’ve experienced much criticism and racism about being together, which hasn’t affected our love or the way we view each other at all, but has meant we have not had the privilege of being able to abstain from the conversation. It affects us whether we like it or not. To put it into perspective, interracial…

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Liberals and NDP shut down committee motion for further WE Charity disclosure

Liberal and NDP MPs voted down a motion for federal cabinet members to disclose whether they were aware of ties between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and WE before awarding the charity a $912 million student grant program.

The motion was brought forward during Wednesday’s House of Commons Ethics Committee by the Conservatives but failed to reach the required votes needed to be implemented.

During a debate on the motion, Liberal committee members called it “poorly drafted” before shutting it down with the NDP’s support.

“I think that Canadians deserve answers. This is a simple process, a simple procedure that simply asks those that were tasked with making a decision regarding close to a billion dollars, it simply asks for the information to be given to Canadians,” said committee member and Conservative MP Damien Kurek.


Liberals and NDP shut down committee motion for further WE Charity disclosure

Apartment building in Windsor defaced with anti-Israel graffiti

On July 29, 2020 Honest Reporting Canada reported:

This was just brought to our attention by an Honest Reporting Canada subscriber and University of Windsor law student. Anti-#Israel activists deface an apartment building in #Windsor where a number of #Jewish students live with anti-Israel graffiti.

The graffiti reads: “Free Palestine, Fuck Israel.”


Apartment building in Windsor defaced with anti-Israel graffiti

BREAKING: Ethics commissioner expands investigation into Trudeau’s finance minister

The ethics commissioner confirmed Wednesday evening that he will be expanding the scope of his investigation into Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s possible ethics violations.

MP Michael Barrett tweeted a letter from the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner addressed to him, Pierre Poilievre, and Michael Cooper.

The letter confirms that Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion is examining whether Morneau is in contravention of section 23 of the Conflict of Interest Act. Dion will also be looking further into whether “monetary penalities are warranted” regarding failure to disclose a gift or to declare a recusal.

Islamic Racism: Illinois imam resigns over sexist, racist social media posts

(RNS) — An imam at a suburban Chicago-area mosque has resigned after circulation of social media posts in which he used derogatory language toward Muslim women and a racial slur.

The Muslim Association of Bolingbrook announced Imam Ibraheem Lunat’s resignation on Friday (July 24) after a young woman in the mosque community published a petition, since deleted, that describes several Instagram videos and photos posted by Lunat.

Lunat was hired less than a year ago to serve as the primary imam at Masjid Al-Jumu’ah, the newest of the organization’s three mosques. His role mainly involved leading congregational prayers and helping with a Quran recitation program for youth, mosque leaders told Religion News Service.

“Hijabi season is now gone and hoe-jabi season is finally upon us,” Lunat said in one video highlighted by the petition, posted in 2019 by the Instagram meme page Lunat ran. The word hijabi is used to refer to Muslim women who wear the headscarf.

The clip comprised a “checklist” of tips for Muslim women, such as using perfume “to let all the boys in town know you’re back and ready for business — huzzah, open sesame,” and wearing a “skintight” abaya, or overcoat, “to make that booty pop” and attract attention from “n——.” Other posts included captions about “bagging your first cougar,” “smash(ing) a single mom” and an explicit joke about pedophile priests.


Illinois imam resigns over sexist, racist social media posts

WE Charity co-founders testify before finance committee over ethics scandal

WE Charity co-founders Marc and Krieg Kielburger testified before the Standing Committee on Finance on Tuesday afternoon regarding the $900 million Canada student service grant scandal.

During an introductory statement, Craig Kielburger claimed that their handling of the program “got pulled into politics.”

“We handed the built systems, technology, even the call center, to the public service hoping to save the program. We declined any reimbursement for our costs,” said Kielburger.

“We would have never picked up the phone when the civil service called, asking us to help young Canadians get through the pandemic, if we had known — the consequences – that young people would not get the help they need now.”

According to Kielburger, the financial fallout of the scandal has been devastating and has “resulted in serious challenges that risk the entire organization and 25 years of work.”

WE Charity co-founders testify before finance committee over ethics scandal