Swirling Stories: LSU Grad Kinnedy Smith killed by BF Connor Regan

In the months before she died, Kinnedy Smith’s family and friends urged her to leave her abusive boyfriend — advice she adamantly rejected.

Smith was “beautifully stubborn,” according to her friend Chelsea Rim. “She wanted to be the person that fixed him, that loved him no matter what. She wanted to be his safe harbor.”

Despite loved ones’ fears that the violence could escalate, Smith stayed with Connor Regan at the apartment they shared on Jefferson Highway. It’s where her body was found last Saturday morning.

She had been stabbed. He has been arrested.



Black Lives Matter Foundation Aims to ‘Disrupt’ Family Structure, Excludes Fathers from Vision of Community

As citizens around the U.S. protest police brutality and racial inequalities, their rallying cry has been the slogan “Black Lives Matter” — a declaration of God-given value for Americans who feel marginalized. Yet that slogan was born of a political organization — now rolling in donations from massive corporations hoping to establish their social justice bona fides — whose larger agenda has gone largely unexamined.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Global Network Foundation is a largely decentralized international organization — listing regional chapters instead of particular leaders. It was founded by three women, one of whom identifies as “queer”: Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza. On its “What We Believe” page, BLM describes itself as a movement “to fight for freedom, liberation, and justice,” but its definition of those terms includes radical changes to basic societal norms.

For instance, the org’s “What We Believe” page asserts that these goals can only be achieved through the disruption of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement,” the site declares, “by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.” The word “fathers” is deliberately excluded, replaced by the gender-neutral “parents” despite already naming “mothers” as pillars of the family.

The statement goes on to denigrate male influence on the family as oppressive. “We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered,” the group says, calling single mothers’ “double shifts” of working and parenting a “patriarchal practice.”

On a page describing the group’s “herstory,” BLM writes that part of the reason for its emphasis on intersectional sexual politics is that black liberation movements have historically overemphasized the voice and role of straight men:

Black liberation movements in this country have created room, space, and leadership mostly for Black heterosexual, cisgender men — leaving women, queer and transgender people, and others either out of the movement or in the background to move the work forward with little or no recognition. As a network, we have always recognized the need to center the leadership of women and queer and trans people.

As such, the “What We Believe” statement explicitly endorses LGBTQ subversion of biological sex. “We foster a queer‐affirming network,” the creed states. “When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).”

In contrast, some black leaders who promote racial unity assert that black communities continue to struggle because of so-called progressive social policies that have incentivized single-mother families.

Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Coalition of African-American Pastors, told Breitbart News recently one of the primary reasons racial tensions still exist is because of policies that have torn apart the fabric of black families.

“We’ve seen decades of policies that helped destroy the black family and the black community,” Owens explained.



Swirling Tales: Black woman discovers that the white man she was dating sent vile racist messages about her to his friends, calling her the N word and saying his grandpa would have ‘owned’ her

A young black woman from Arizona says she was shocked to discover that the white man she had been dating for several months was writing racist messages about her to his friends.

Tatum Patrice, 21, was spending time with the man recently and playing music off his phone when she discovered the group chat he kept with friends.

Scrolling through their messages, she discovered that he talked about wanting to call her the N word, said his grandfather would have ‘owned’ her, and proclaimed ‘f*** black women’ — all to the encouragement of his friends.


Tatum shared the disturbing racist messages on Twitter on May 27 after taking several screengrabs.

She explained: ‘So I’ve been talking to this white guy for a few months now. I gave my all to this man [for real]… come to find out, he’s been racist this whole time. THIS is how he talks about me to his friends.

‘I can’t make this s*** up. I — I have no words…’ she wrote.

The man, addressed as Graeme by one of the other members of the group text, wrote: ‘Sorry not sorry, but I have this black girl over again…and everytime she says something stupid as f*** I want to call her the N word lol. Is that bad? Or is she just acting her part?

‘This stays between all of us,’ he added. ‘I really want to call this girl the n word and have her leave…is that wrong? I swear wtf.’

A friend named Colton eggs him on, writing: ‘You call her that lmao if she’s acting the part she can’t get mad when you say it.’



Scraggle Daggle ‘killed her boyfriend and cut up body with machete’

A Texas woman has been apprehended in Louisiana on suspicion that she fatally shot her boyfriend in the head as he slept and then dismembered his body with a machete.

Investigators with the Baytown Police Department in Texas say Cierra Sutton, 30, gunned down 32-year-old Steven Coleman after an argument in their home at the Briarwood Village Apartments in suburban Houston on August 16.

According to court documents, the girlfriend then butchered Coleman’s body using a machete and tossed the remains in several different dumpsters around town to cover up the crime.

Woman ‘killed her boyfriend and cut up body with machete’

Swirler Cries After Mr. Clean Refuse To Get a Job and Divorcing Her!


a youtuber comment


1. Milk man lost his job because he refused to change to nightshift because he played xbox at night. Clearly the mind of a child.

2. She says whenever people talk bad about her to him he never defends her also talks bad about her. Mind you she married and had a kid with such a man. She even admits he always has done this.

3. Milk man became resentful and jealous when she had an opportunity to make more money

4. So many red flags and yet still married him… In essence she wanted mixed kids to vicariously live through and wanted a milk man