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Dr. Charles Jacobs

There is no Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses, but there should be. Slavery, in its most barbaric form, still exists in the Arab world and there is no Exodus in sight either. A shocking article for Passover.


Israel Apartheid Week has come and gone this year on many American campuses. It was, of course, a hoax: However much one says that Arabs in Israel suffer, and whoever is to blame for that alleged suffering, there is no apartheid in Israel.

Meanwhile, however, in Sudan and Mauritania, racist Arab societies enslave blacks. Today. Most of the slaves are African Muslims. Yet there is no Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses. Why not?

One might think American student activists would be upset about Mauritania, the West African country with the largest population of black slaves in the world – estimates range from 100,000 to more than a half-million. In Mauritania, slaves are used for labor, sex and breeding. The wholly owned property of their masters, they are passed down through generations, given as wedding gifts or exchanged for camels, trucks, guns or money.

Surely, life is not so good in a Palestinian Arab refugee camp– no matter who is to blame, but it’s undeniably a whole lot worse for Mauritanian slaves. According to a Human Rights Watch/Africa report, routine punishments for slaves in Mauritania – for the slightest fault – include beatings, denial of food and prolonged exposure to the sun, with hands and feet tied together. More serious infringement of the master’s rule (in American slave-owning parlance, “getting uppity”) can lead to prolonged tortures known as “the camel treatment,” in which the slave’s body is slowly torn apart; the“insect treatment,” in which tiny desert insects are inserted and sealed into the ear canal until the slave is driven mad; and“burning coals,” a torture not fit to describe in a family newspaper.


Perhaps the reason for silence on campuses about these things is that the story of black slaves and their Arab masters remains unknown there. It would, of course, be a sensitive topic: slavery has existed in Mauritania since the 12th century, when Arab tribes from the Arabian Peninsula invaded and conquered North Africa. Raiders then stormed African villages to the south, pillaging, enslaving and converting the indigenous peoples to Islam.

While the Koran forbids the enslavement of fellow Muslims, just as in the West, in North Africa racism trumped religious doctrine. The descendants of those Arab invaders are today’s slave owners. The descendants of those captured as slaves in jihad raids are in human bondage today. These are, then, black Muslim slaves – who, for racist reasons, aren’t allowed to touch the Koran with their black hands, who can’t marry without their owners’ permission, and whose children belong to the master.


Not all blacks in Mauritania are slaves. But all are oppressed by Arab colonialism. Arab Berbers (or “White Africans”) constitute less than a third of Mauritania’s population of 3.5 million people, but they control the government and military, as well as the education and the court systems.

I interviewed Saidou Wane, a Mauritanian immigrant who lives in Cincinnati and speaks regularly on behalf of the Movement for Justice and Equality in Mauritania (MJEM). Saidou reports that the Mauritanian regime is constantly working to cleanse the country of any non-Arab influence. The state recognizes only Arabic as an official language, refuses to acknowledge the local African languages (Wolof, Fulani, Soninke), and allows only French and Arabic in school curricula. In other cases, this would easily be termed “cultural cleansing.”

Indeed, it might be even worse than apartheid: The government has expropriated land owned by black Africans through expulsion and dispossession. An ethnic cleansing campaign that began in 1989 led to the expulsion of an estimated 100,000 blacks from Mauritania. The government and army were purged of black officers. Amnesty International reported that thousands of blacks were killed, and many tortured, while hundreds of African villages in the south were demolished.

Mauritania holds the distinction of being the last nation on earth to legally abolish slavery, which it did, with no mechanisms of enforcement, in 1981. Slavery was not criminalized until 2007, but to date there has been only one single conviction.

Why hasn’t any of this been addressed by Western governments? For one, the Mauritanian regime, once a supporter of Saddam Hussein, has ingratiated itself with the United States and Europe through promises to help fight al-Qaeda. And then in December 2012, in a move that defined it as the morally bankrupt institution it is, the United Nations (U.N.) Human Rights Council elected Mauritania as its vice president and rapporteur.

What about the silence of Western progressives? I call it the “human-rights complex:” The cases that the rights groups focus upon are not determined by the nature, extent or degree of suffering by the victims, but rather by the identity of those thought to be the oppressors. Think about it: Most human-rights advocates in the West are decent, middle-class whites who are defensive about past Western sins – slavery, colonialism, racism. Their activism is a matter of personal identity. They act to be exonerated, to be seen as innocents, guiltless, not like the “bad white” exploiters. They march under the banner of “Not in My Name.”

Anti-Israel propagandists have inverted reality in the minds of many of these people: Jews have been transformed from last century’s stateless, Asiatic, non-Europeans, to whites with power who behave badly toward innocent, impoverished, indigenous, darker-skinned people. This is precisely the taint that many “rights activists” wish to avoid:“people who look like us, behaving badly.”

Israel Apartheid Week – and the absence of Arab Apartheid Week – have nothing to do with external realities, or actual suffering but are the psychodramatic results of miseducated, manipulated, guilt-ridden, American middle-class youth. The biggest victims here, of course, are those oppressed by non-Westerners (women, gays, Christians, blacks, and other minorities in the Muslim realm) who cannot break through the fog of political correctness to reach the good but blinded souls of American students on campus.

In 2012, CNN reporters interviewed Moulkheir Yarba, who escaped her master after he raped her, fathered her child and then left the baby to die in the Sahara Desert – to teach her to “work faster.”

If Moulkheir could understand how America, a nation of abolitionists, has so enchained itself with political correctness, and become so blinded to her plight, she would weep. As should we.


Sudanese Christian Woman Held Without Charge – Amnesty International

the latest in North Sudan’s war on non-muslims. The organization of Islamic censors(OIC) and the Arab league look the other way




Khartoum — Salwa Fahmi Suleiman Gireis, a Sudanese Christian woman and NGO worker, has been detained without charges for over month by the Sudanese security services (NSS) following her arrest from her home in Khartoum last month, Amnesty International (AI) said in a statement.

According to Amnesty, the 64-year-old accountant was working for an Evangelical Christian organisation prior to her arrest on the morning of 12 February when four men, who identified themselves as members of the NSS, entered the house and arrested her without providing a reason.

Later the same day, the men returned and confiscated her passport, as well as the house’s electronic equipment, including laptops, a desktop computer, tablets and a router.

“Following Salwa Fahmi Suleiman Gireis’ arrest, plainclothed men visited the family farm and put cupboards containing bibles under seal. They reportedly killed the pigs that were being raised there and stole a motorcycle,” AI said in its statement, adding that the NSS has also summoned a relative of Gireis for questioning.

AI said it feared Gireis may be “detained in conditions amounting to ill-treatment”.

While her family has been allowed to visit her once and bring medicine for her high blood pressure, she has not been charged and has been denied access to a lawyer.

“Amnesty International considers Salwa Fahmi a prisoner of conscience, held solely for her peaceful work with a religious organisation,” the human rights organisation said.

It urged Sudanese authorities to release Gireis immediately and unconditionally and to cease ongoing harassment and intimidation of her family members.


Since early 2013, Sudanese authorities have stepped up measures to obstruct the activities of Christian organisations in the country.

Following the detention of a recent convert to Christianity and several Coptic Church representatives in December 2012, authorities have reportedly destroyed several churches in and around the Khartoum area.

A number of foreigners accused of proselytising were also deported, while authorities conducted raids on a number of religious institutions, confiscating books to check on their content.


Several church-affiliated institutions such as orphanages or schools were shut down as part of the crackdown, the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, told Reuters in February.

In Islam-dominated Sudan, Christians must keep a low profile and remain at risk of persecution and intimidation.

One Juba-based archbishop told Reuters that Christians in the north are “compromised” and cannot even celebrate Christmas without fear of retribution.

In April 2012, a violent crowd ransacked the compound of a Presbyterian church in Khartoum, burning Bibles and looting the buildings.

In a separate incident last June, bulldozers sent by officials from the ministry of planning and housing destroyed two church buildings belonging to the St John Episcopal Church in Khartoum, claiming worshippers lacked a permit to occupy the land.

These latest developments, says Amnesty, take place in a context local land disputes and agitation by local Islamists against Christians, many of whom originate from what is now South Sudan, or from the conflict-affected areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile.

According to Reuters, Christians concede that some churches were built without official approval, but say obtaining the required permits is almost impossible.

The situation was further complicated after the South seceded from the north in July 2011,when South Sudanese residing in the north became foreign citizens, requiring them to obtain new building permits for existing churches.

Most southerners have moved south since their country gained independence, but some 350,000 are estimated to remain in Khartoum. Some Christians also live in the Nuba Mountains, a region bordering South Sudan.



Nanaimo Daily News under fire for printing ‘racist’ letter




A Vancouver Island newspaper is under fire for printing a “racist” letter that takes aim at First Nations people.

A noon hour rally in front of the Nanaimo Daily News office requested a retraction and front-page apology about the readers’ diatribe and “hateful messages” that were printed by editorial staff.

“The Nanaimo Daily News has repeatedly printed racist letters against Indigenous peoples,” a Facebook invitation for the rally reads.


“The latest letter printed has been met with an outcry from the public against their continued willingness to unapologetically print racist views against Indigenous peoples.”

The letter by Don Olsen published Wednesday is headlined ‘Educate First Nations to be modern citizens’ and says indigenous people have a history only notable “for underachievement.”

Olsen says First Nations have “never had a written language,” “had no science or scientific discoveries” and only “Only figured out a drum and a rattle for musical instruments.”

The letter says First Nations aren’t responsible enough to look after themselves and “efficiently spend the billions the tax payers give them,” ending that Canada should “do away with this traditional use and cultural nonsense.”

“Instead of finding their identity and source of pride in some folks who occupied the land 15,000 years ago. Let them stand or fall on their own account. Just like the rest of us have to do.”

The contentious letter has since been yanked from the website.

Assembly of First Nations Chief Shawn Atleo is among the many people critical of the letter, calling it “outrageous.”

“The outside example of the deep disconnect, misunderstanding and ignorance of First Nations people from coast to coast to coast – the kind of thinking that has created the advent of the Indian Act, that led to the establishment of residential schools, the removal of children from families and homes,” Atleo told CTV News.

In an online post, Thrifty Foods said it would remove its online ads from the publication.

The Nanaimo Daily News issued an apology on its website Thursday, acknowledging the letter “caused considerable consternation among some of our readers.”

“While we would defend Mr. Olsen’s right to hold and express his opinion, the sentiments expressed were entirely his own and in no way reflect the views of the newspaper,” said Division Manager Hugh Nicholson.

“The letter should not have run.”

rich lady Sarah Thompson the Cheapskate who is married to wealth and power

link to the rest from youth and work



What’s up with politicians (and wannabe politicians) asking young people to work for free? Three years back I caught Nick Kouvalis (Rob Ford’s campaign manager) bragging about committing wage theft and then in January I caught Liberal MPP Laura Albanese (ex-Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour) advertising for an illegal, unpaid internship. Today I stumbled upon a Craiglist advertisement from the Women’s Post looking for an unpaid intern (screenshot above). Unbelievably, the ad states “yes, we know unpaid  internships suck”, yet it goes on to state that the interns will only receive transit costs and a letter of reference.


The Women’s Post is owned by Sarah Thomson (Toronto’s favourite dreadlocked hippie) and her husband Greg Thomson. Sarah is also the former mayoral candidate, the former Liberal candidate in Trinity-Spadina, and a freshly-minted transit advocate. Greg is a member of plutocrat Thomson family (they own Thomson Reuters, The Globe and Mail, and The Woodbridge Company).

Campus Racism: Racist Hate Group To Conduct Nighttime Patrols On Towson University

Towson University a public funded university supports racism and allowing a hate group to operate on campus. this is a lawsuit waiting to happen


A racist hate group at Towson University has announced plans to conduct its own nighttime police patrols on campus.

Founded last year, the White Student Union has stirred significant controversy already. The organization has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In addition, its founder, Matthew Heimbach (who goes by the title “Commander Heimbach”), and fellow organizer Scott Terry interrupted a minority outreach panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference this month in order to defend slavery, noting that slaveholders provided blacks with food and shelter. Terry later told ThinkProgress that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa” and he’d be “fine” living in a society where blacks are permanently subservient to whites.

The Towerlight has more on the vigilante plan:

The controversial White Student Union has resurfaced on Towson’s campus with plans to conduct random nighttime patrols, which members say are for students’ protection.

Some members of the group, equipped with flashlights, will conduct on-campus safety walks, and female members will carry pepper spray in an attempt to protect students from various crimes like sexual assaults and robberies, WSU President Matthew Heimbach said. […]

Heimbach said female members have also been enrolling in self-defense classes, and members have been going to local gun ranges as a group, but not in a “military way,” Heimbach said.

He said group members would carry no weapons on the nighttime walks.

One need look no further than the White Student Union’s blog to see why their vigilante operations could turn problematic. In a blog post last month entitled “Black Crime Wave Continues!“, the group writes:

The frequent robberies, sexual assaults, and acts of vandalism at Towson University are not often reported in the local media. For those who are not Towson students it seems hard to fathom that every single day black predators prey upon the majority white Towson University student body. White Southern men have long been called to defend their communities when law enforcement and the State seem unwilling to protect our people.

As a result, the post reads, “The WSU executive board has unanimously approved to make it mandatory for all female WSU members to begin taking some form of unarmed self defense training over the next month.”

Though no Towson faculty would sign on as a sponsor for the WSU, the administration allows the group to use university resources. As the group bragged in September 2012, it is “excited to report that it has taken one step closer toward becoming recognized by Towson University,” pointing to its profile on a university website.

Insight: Little optimism for breakthrough in Thailand’s forgotten jihad

Muslims waging a war on the native Bhuddists who lived in the region for centuries.




(Reuters) – Rusnee Maeloh slept through the 30-minute gunfight that killed her husband, but her neighbors in the notoriously violent Bacho district of southern Thailand heard distant explosions and feared the worst.

Mahrosu Jantarawadee, 31, was Rusnee’s childhood sweetheart, the father of their two children, and part of a secretive Islamic insurgency fighting a brutal nine-year war with the Thai government that has killed more than 5,300 people.

Mahrosu died with 15 other militants while attacking a nearby military base in Bacho district on February 13. Acting on a tip-off, Thai marines repelled the attack with rifle fire and anti-personnel mines. “He died a martyr,” said Rusnee, 25, dabbing her eyes with a black headscarf.

Just over two weeks later, the Thai government agreed on peace talks in neighboring Malaysia with the insurgent group Barisan Revolusi Nasional (National Revolutionary Front, or BRN). Although the first round is set for Thursday, there has been no halt in the fighting and people in the region see no early end to one of Southeast Asia’s bloodiest conflicts.

In a rare interview, an operative for BRN-Coordinate, a faction blamed for most of the southern violence, told Reuters the talks were “meaningless” and “tens of thousands” of Malay-Muslims would fight on.

An older generation of insurgent leaders has struggled to control young jihadis like Mahrosu, said the operative, nicknamed Abdulloh. This raises doubts over the BRN’s ability to meet the Thai government’s key initial demand at the talks: stop the escalating bloodshed.

Thailand is dominated by Thai-speaking Buddhists, but its three southernmost provinces are home to mostly Malay-speaking Muslims. They have chafed under the rule of faraway Bangkok since Thailand annexed the Islamic sultanate of Patani a century ago. The latest and most serious violence erupted in the early 2000s.

“This round of talks will not result in any formal deals,” said Paradorn Pattanathabutr, secretary-general of the National Security Council (NSC), Thailand’s lead agency in the process. “We will ask them to reduce violence towards certain groups and soft targets.”

More insurgents were killed during the Bacho raid than in any other single clash since April 2004. But even this rare defeat revealed their growing military sophistication, the depth of local support they enjoy, and their links to Malaysia – long an insurgent safe haven and source of bomb-making materials and other supplies, say security analysts.



2008 video



“Olympus Has Fallen” and racial nativism




March 22, 2013

Today is the release date of Olympus Has Fallen, an action movie that unfortunately reflects the Hollywood (and American) stereotype of white nativism: the assumption that American automatically means white.

“In this country, American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.” – Toni Morrison


Pros (sort of):

  • Not everyone in the movie is white.  Actors of color include Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman (third billing) as the Speaker of the House
  • Women play important roles in the White House.  Angela Bassett plays the director of the Secret Service and Melissa Leo plays the “Secretary of Defense who cracks when tortured.” (Maybe not so flattering, since reviewers describe her as “hysterical.”)
  • The director is Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), one of the few big directors of color in Hollywood.
  • The name of the Vice President in the film is “Charlie Rodriguez.”

Cons (critiques?):

  • The First Lady gets fridged so she can be character development for not one but two male characters.
  • Asian American actor Rick Yune plays the film’s “sociopathic monster,” Kang, a “North Korean posing as a South Korean ministerial aide.”  Phil Yu writes: “the plot hangs on the fact that the inscrutable villains disguise themselves as Good Asian Allies — but surprise! Of course, evil all along.”
  • Both Rick Yune and Gerard Butler have terrible accents in this.  Yune is trying to make his American accent sound foreign while Butler is trying his best to sound American and is just kind of growl-mumbling.
  • There are no substantive or patriotic Asian American characters in the film, just the sneaky villains who posed like nice Asians but turned out to be evil.

This is the second “yellow peril” film released within a year to feature white, non-American actors as Big ol’ American Heroes (TM) while casting [Asian] American actors cast as the evil, foreign invaders.


For example, Red Dawn(2012)  features white Australian Chris Hemmsworth as the leader of the American resistance movement.   He faces off against Will Yun Lee, an Asian American actor who plays a villainous North Korean invader.

There’s some sick irony when Hemmsworth declares to the resistance fighters he is leading–including Isabel Lucas, another white Australian actor–that Will Yun Lee’s character and the other Asian American-played North Koreans just don’t appreciate America the way they do:  ”To them, [America] is just a place, but to us, this is our home,” barks Hemmsworth the Australian, describing the bad guys played by the American actors.

In the film Olympus has Fallen, white Scottish actor Gerard Butler plays the heroic ex-Secret Service agent who must save the day from Asian American actor Rick Yune’s duplicitous foreign terrorist.

By following this casting trope, Olympus has Fallen replicates the white nativist “perpetual foreigner” stereotype that “white” is default “American” while “Asian” (and by extension, Asian American) is forever foreign.

Hollywood is unconstrained in whether or not the American hero needs to be played by an American (a refreshing attitude) with the unspoken caveat that these American heroes must be white.   This is why white British actor Andrew Garfield can be cast as Spider-man from Queens, New York while black American actor Donald Glovercould not even score an audition.   This is why, when Warner Bros. decided to “Americanize” Akira, they made a long list of prospective lead actors– some from the US but many from the UK–all of them were considered appropriate for the Americanization and all of them were white. “Americanizing” the franchise did not mean casting American (including African American, Native American, Japanese American etc.) actors.

Rick Yune was born in Washington D.C.  How many Americans can boast about being born in our nation’s capital?  Yet, he is playing a terrorist invader trying to destroy Washington D.C., rather than the American patriot trying to save it.  The privilege of playing that American hero goes to a white actor– because Hollywood’s institutional culture posits that any white actor is still more “American patriot” than an Asian American actor.





Are Chinese Drivers Stickers Parody Or Racist Stereotype?

paying to be subjected to racism, hate crimes and stereotype at a time when Hollywood is busy inciting anti-Asian sentiments in their latest movie releases.



“C” stickers which apparently stand for “Chinese Driver” have been spotted on Vancouver vehicles. They’re a close replica of the official signs issued by the Insurance Corporation of B.C. to designate novice drivers.

So is the “C’ sign a warning for others to be cautious of this driver? Is it a symbol of nationalist or ethnic pride, like when people put a country’s sticker or flag on their car bumper? Or is it simply a parody to poke fun at the racist stereotype of bad Asian drivers?

The blogosphere has featured intense debates of late. Many Caucasian commenters call the sticker racist and offensive, while many Asian commenters said they put the sticker on their car because of ethnic pride, and they thought it was funny.

Then I checked some more blog forums, and somebody wrote: “IF I SEE THIS SIGN IN SOMEONES WINDOW, A ROCK IS GOING THROUGH IT. THIS IS A WARNING.”

There were lots of non-Asians threatening to damage cars that were identified as having Chinese drivers, as well as making racist statements. I found more overtly racist signs advertised at a Sears website, stating “Caution Chinese Driver,” and another sign with slanted eyes and bucked teeth. Anti-Asian stereotypes were alive and well, more than a century after the 1907 race riots that attacked Vancouver Chinatown and Japantown.

But I wondered if new immigrant Chinese drivers had no idea of anti-Chinese racist history or stereotypes in B.C., and were being corrected by their politically correct and culturally sensitive non-Asian citizens?


The C stickers are available in car accessory stores in Richmond, Vancouver and Burnaby for $3.99 for plastic stickers or $8.99 for magnets. According to my Chinese friends, lots of Chinese people were putting them on their cars, and most of them were indeed immigrants, according to stories in the Chinese language media, and even blogs in China.

Technically, these C stickers are only “offensive” because people “think” they’re offensive.

New immigrant Chinese want to be proud to be Chinese; they don’t see it as an issue. They did not live through the decades of systemic racism and negative stereotypes, of everything “Chinese” being considered inferior.

They may not know about the decades-old stereotyping of Chinese drivers as near-sighted bad drivers. As a fifth-generation Canadian, I had always bristled at such a shameful concept that I could never identify with. In fact, growing up, I had also bristled at the sight of new immigrant Chinese drivers with little red decorative thingys hanging from their rear-view mirrors.

Community and cultural standards shift with the zeitgeist of the times. They are all social constructs.

Remember when the “Baby On Board” signs originally came out? Soon people were displaying parody signs such as “Doggie On Board,” “Princess on Board,” “Baby, I’m Bored” and even “Mother-In-Law in Trunk” (even if a bit disrespectful).

“C” can also stand for Canadian, Celtic or Caucasian Drivers. What if we have “I” for Italian or Irish Drivers, or “S” for Scottish or Spanish Drivers or “A” for Alberta Drivers, then more people are in on the joke, because not everybody in a specific ethnic group is a bad driver right?

Here’s an idea that could satisfy all the people who decry this “Chinese Driver” sticker as racist. Perhaps we could use this as an opportunity to make “Chinese Driver” a positive term, similar to the GLBT community turning the negative connotations behind “gay” and “dyke” into a positive term. Then it will take the sting and negative associations away from “Chinese Driver.”

If everybody started putting a “C” driver sticker on their car to demonstrate that Chinese drivers are good safe drivers and they are proud of their heritage, then that is what the consciousness will shift to.

It is time to put away the racist, negative stereotypes of Chinese drivers in Canada. We are homogeneous, and you can’t really tell if the Asian-looking person in the car is a multi-generationalhead tax descendant, or a new immigrant from Taiwan, China, South Africa or England. Or maybe they are a half or three-quarter Asian from California.

The only thing people are not yet talking about is whether ICBC will sue for trademark infringement, and improper use of their logo and designs and intent for public safety.

Maybe the ICBC can start issuing stickers with the letter “C” for people who have been ticketed for cellphone use while driving, or a “S” for driver who has too many speeding tickets, or a “U” for “distracted” drivers who have been ticketed for driving with undue care and attention.

Yellowface and the Adult Film Industry’s Asian American Problem

What happens when a prominent adult film producer creates a homage to one of the few television shows with an Asian American character–and decides to depict that character in blatant yellowface? Guest blogger N’jaila Rheetakes on the subject of yellowface in the adult film industry.

[Age Content/NSFW Disclaimer: While the following article contains no images with nudity, it does discuss a recent high profile incident of yellowfacing in the pornography industry.]

Yellow Face isn’t okay, not on stage, not on Halloween and not in film–and yes, that includes not in porn. So if you are going to have any hand in creating a porn “parody” of smash hit show that has a fan favorite character who is Korean American, hiring a white actor taping his eyes back and smearing what looks like Cheeto dust on his face is just not going to sit well with people.


more at link

Protesters arrested for protesting against Islamic misogyny and hate

sharia law in action





It was only two weeks ago when theSupreme Court of Canada declared the criticism of homosexuality to be a hate crime. It seems that in Toronto Islam is also under the same high protection. Today, at a protest somebody was arrested for mocking Islam.

As I wrote earlier, a protest event was scheduled for March 20 at the offices of the Liberal Party of Ontario. It was caused by the fact that the Minister of Labour of our ruling party, Yasir Naqvi, endorsed an Islamic book, which (in accordance with the Koran) recommended wife beating as a tool for solving family problems. Despite the public outrage, the Liberals chose to ignore the issue and turn a blind eye on Muslim misogyny.


The protest attracted a tiny group of participants carrying signs like:

“Beat wife only for honour & discipline, Holy Koran 4:34”

“Those that deny Islam will be killed, Holy Koran 33:16”

“Expose jihad with free speech or die”

However, what they lacked in numbers, they made up for with their creativity. Eric Brazau, who was one of the organizers, was dressed like an imam and accompanied by a woman in a full Muslim niqab.


Using a microphone, he gave a mock Muslim sermon, assisted by the veiled woman. He was “praising” Canada as a place, where you can beat your wife with impunity. Reading from sheets of paper, he also counted all the benefits you would get here if you are a religious fanatic. It was a satirical performance, which still focused the attention on the flaws of Islam.


In the beginning the people didn’t pay much attention. Then two police women stopped by and a police van for transporting people under arrest parked in the side street.


Many of the people who were passing by found the event amusing – laughing and stopping to take pictures. Then some Muslims started to argue with the protestors, although everything was kept peaceful.

At certain point the police decided that the mockery of Islam is getting dangerous and sprang into action. Even more officers arrived and Eric Brazau, along with the other organizer, Ron Banerjee, were led to the police vehicles in the side street.


After the customary processing, Brazau was handcuffed and led away in the van. After some questioning, Banerjee was released.


Although the police measures against a peaceful protest were outrageous, they didn’t surprise me. Now every special interest group is beyond reproach regardless of how despicable their positions or actions are.

But truth is truth, no matter what the Supreme Court of Canada says. Islam is a barbaric religion, because it openly promotes violence against women and deprives them from their rights. Of course, the police can arrest me for saying that, but that is not going to make Islam more likable or acceptable.

And we also have a double standard applied here. There is a similar type of protest going on in front of the Israeli Consulate every Friday. A tiny group of lefties, Muslims and self-hating Jews stands there handing out flyers and holding signs. They are also peaceful, but the materials they give away are virulently anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish. And yet I have never seen police talking to them; none of them has ever been arrested.

It looks like the critics of Islam are lesser people who can be on the receiving end of the police wrath for no apparent reason.

Welcome to the new Toronto, where the Canadian values mean nothing and their defence becomes a dangerous business.


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