Upper house election may put Constitution reform in reach



The July 10 House of Councillors election could put at least two-thirds of the upper house in the hands of lawmakers amenable to amending the Japanese Constitution, opening the door to a national referendum on the issue, according to a Kyodo News survey.

The ruling bloc of the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito are likely to win at least 70 of the 121 seats up for grabs in the election, comfortably exceeding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s stated target of 61, a majority of the contested seats.

The nationwide telephone poll conducted Wednesday and Thursday—in which a total of 34,240 households nationwide were surveyed and 27,597 eligible voters responded—suggests that with the addition of Initiatives from Osaka and independents thought likely to support reform, Abe could amass sufficient support for his long-standing goal of amending the war-renouncing Constitution.

Based on the survey, the LDP could win close to 60 seats on its own. By combining at least 57 of the contested seats with the noncontested seats it already holds, the party could achieve a simple majority in the upper house for the first time in 27 years.

But with more than half of the survey’s respondents still undecided with two weeks of campaigning left to go, the election outcome is far from certain.

An attempt to kick-start a constitutional amendment would need the approval of at least 162 of the upper house’s 242 lawmakers.

The LDP, Komeito, Initiatives from Osaka and Party for the Japanese Kokoro together hold 84 seats in the half of the house that will not be contested in this election, so they would need to win 78 of the contested seats to reach the two-thirds mark.

As a further buffer, at least four independents in noncontested seats are thought likely to support reform.

On the antireform side, the main opposition Democratic Party is expected to falter, winning between 25 and 30 seats, while the Japanese Communist Party is likely to gain ground, building on the three of the contested seats it already holds.

The Social Democratic Party is likely to win just one of the contested seats, down from the two it currently holds.

Voters will cast two ballots on July 10—one to elect candidates in constituencies that will account for 73 of the 121 contested seats, and one to fill the other 48 seats with party list candidates under the proportional representation system.

Some 58.0 percent of respondents said they have not decided who will get their constituency vote, and 53.4 percent said they are still undecided about their proportional representation vote.

In all 32 of the electoral districts that elect just one seat, the Democratic Party, JCP, SDP and People’s Life Party have thrown their weight behind a single candidate to go head-to-head with the LDP candidate.

The survey puts the LDP ahead in 22 of these constituencies and suggests Democratic Party incumbents in some of them may struggle to retain their seats.

Komeito has put up a record seven candidates in constituencies. The survey suggests five of them are within the margin of victory and another is not far off.

Initiatives from Osaka is likely to win five seats through a combination of constituencies and proportional representation.

Among 18- and 19-year-old respondents, who are newly eligible to vote, some 54.2 percent said they are somewhat or completely uninterested in the election, while 45.1 percent said they are very or somewhat interested, the lowest proportion across age groups.

Across all age groups, 67.6 percent expressed interest in the race, down from 72.8 percent in Kyodo’s survey ahead of the last upper house election in 2013, while 32.1 percent expressed a lack of interest.

Respondents’ level of interest was broadly correlated with their age, with respondents in their 60s most likely to be at least somewhat interested.


Liberal MP to celebrate Canada Day at a controversial Quebec mosque


Alexandra Mendes, Liberal MP for Brossard-Saint-Lambert, will hold the 2016 Canada Day celebrations at a controversial mosque despite criticism expressed by some Canadians, reported The Huffington Post Quebec.

Mendes invited the population of Brossard-Saint-Lambert to the Islamic Community Centre of South Shore Brossard (ICC) on July 1, 2016, for a Canada Day party under the banner of “diversity and inclusion”.

In a message posted on her Facebook page, Mendes admitted receiving calls and messages expressing dissatisfaction with her choice of venue. “When did we ever celebrate this festival in a church, a synagogue, a Hindu temple? All this sounds like a provocation” wrote Blais Ginette de Lévis, to which Mendes replied: “There is no question of changing the place of the celebrations. This activity has absolutely no religious element! It is organized in the courtyard of the ICC, with children’s entertainment, popcorn, birthday cakes, ice cream, all during Ramadan! Holding Canada Day celebrations at the ICC was for me a prerequisite for accepting and co-organizing the event.”

In 2011, Justin Trudeau, then leader of the Liberal Party, came under fire for visiting ICC which had previously given $11,000 to the International Relief Fund For the Afflicted And Needy (IRFAN-Canada), an organization that was declared a terrorist entity by the Canadian government. IRFAN-Canada lost its charitable status in 2011 and has been on the list of terrorist entities since 2014 due to its links with Hamas.

At that time, Stephen Blaney, the previous Conservative government’s Public Safety Minister, said that “Between 2005 and 2009, IRFAN-Canada transferred approximately $14.6 million worth of resources to various organizations associated with Hamas, a listed terrorist entity under the Criminal Code” and called Trudeau’s visit an “appalling lack of judgment”.

The imam of the Islamic Community Centre of Brossard, Foudil Selmoune, made headlines in recent years for his comments on the Islamic sharia law, when he said that there are “conditions ” to cut off the hands of thieves and that Islamic laws allow the stoning of women. “We don’t cut hands off just anyone,” he said. “We cut the hands of people who have money and who steal.”

In response to the controversy, Mendes posted the following on her Facebook page:

On 20 June 2016 – the International Day of Refugees – while more than 60 million human beings roam the world in search of a land of welcome, I have received several calls and messages from citizens who wondered about the place that I chose to keep the celebrations of the festival of Canada.

First I’d like to thank all those people who have taken the trouble to express their dissatisfaction with me directly. This is for me a sign that our democracy is doing well. But I hope that these same people – and all the others who have not yet expressed – allow me to present my reasons for agreeing to Co-Chair Canada Day with the Islamic Community Center of the South Shore (ICC).

It all started with a very serious conversation on the feelings of exclusion and anger felt by the Muslim community in our constituency. These feelings were the result of comments, gestures and attitudes that several people were receiving more and more often, and against whom there was really no response other than silence.

Secular Leaders of ICC came to meet me to talk about their dismay; no press release on their part, no statement condemning all forms of terrorism, nothing seemed to be used to it, the Arab-Muslim community was treated with mistrust and fear. We have discussed this at length, we wanted to find a way to demonstrate to our fellow citizens that the people of Muslim faith are also people who live and face the same realities of everyday life: they have children and parents, jobs and debts, dreams and disappointments… And like any human being, these individuals have also needs to feel useful to society as a whole.

After this conversation, the leaders of ICC asked me to co-organize Canada Day with them. What is more, they wanted to open their doors so large that they have made a request to Citizenship Canada in order to organize a citizenship ceremony on July 1. This request was accepted and new citizens – of various origins – will take an oath on this date, just before you come to celebrate their new citizenship with us.

This activity has absolutely no religious component! It is organised in the outdoor courtyard of ICC, with inflatable structures, various entertainment for children, birthday cake, ice cream, all in the middle of Ramadan! It was indeed for me, a sine qua non for agreeing to co-organize the Canada day at ICC.

Our Prime Minister, the right honourable Justin Trudeau, the said with a conviction that I share 100 %: “Canada is not strong in spite of its diversity, it is stronger because of it!

We are a host country. We have always been and we need to remain in the future. Thanks to all that Canada has been successful for 149 years, we have become to millions of people across the world a model of the countries that they would also like to build.

The incredible outpouring of support that has enabled us to welcome with open arms over 27,000 Syrian refugees since November 2015, is also the spirit that I’d like which animates us all, in Brossard–Saint-Lambert, when we celebrate Canada Day at the Islamic Community Center . I hope to see you there!”

White Islamic convert says he can’t be racist because he’s Muslim

White Islamic convert says he can’t be racist because he’s Muslim

A convert to Islam who made monkey chants at an Asian policeman march claimed he couldn’t be racist because he is Muslim.

Sallahudin Albritani, born Desmond McHale, was arrested during an anti-austerity demonstration in Trafalgar Square that turned violent after he hurled insults and threw missiles at police.

Albritani, 26, did not turn up to the trial and was convicted in his absence of three charges, including two counts of using threatening words or behaviour to cause distress or alarm and one count of racially aggravated harassment and distress through words.

These insults were used during the Million Mass March on November 5 last year as police and demonstrators clashed in central London.

Marching against government austerity cuts was only supposed to last three hours through Trafalgar Square, Westminster and Whitehall, but by 10pm the protest had descended into violence.

As riot police tried to disperse the crowd Albritani launched his racist attack on the officer.

Giving evidence at the trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court PC Pardeep Gosal told the court he was racially assaulted by the defendant as officers were attacked with fireworks, flares and bottles.

William Marshall, prosecuting, said: ‘You can see from the video he was making monkey chants and movements to mimic a monkey and w***** signs. He can also he heard shouting ‘f****** Paki c***’.


‘The March was only supposed to last three hours but when the crowd would not disperse they became violent.’

The arresting officer also told the court that Albritani claimed he could not be racist because he is a Muslim.

PC William Burn said: ‘We were aware the march was due to end at 9pm, some time at 10pm is was still there and we were then deployed to the north of Trafalgar Square.

‘My unit was asked to try and disperse a crowd down Charing Cross road when a call came through that a male had been making monkey gestures to to an Asian officer.

‘My unit went in to retrieve him and arrest him for racially aggregated public order offences.

‘He was very aggressive, throwing all sorts of objects. During the march officers were getting punched and kicked, fireworks, bottles and flares were thrown. They were coming right up against us. It was a very aggressive crowd.

‘When he was cautioned he replied “I’m Muslim, how can I buy racist?”‘

It is thought Albritani, who gave his last address as being in Eastbourne, East Sussex, but was born in Kingston, west London, has up to 16 aliases and converted to Islam in his 20s.

He was found guilty by magistrates of all three charges and a bench warrant for his arrest was issued as he did not appear at court.

Albritani will be sentenced after being arrested and brought back before the court.

Uttar Pradesh: 10-year-old boy injured after girl forces him to have sex

Uttar Pradesh: 10-yr-old boy injured after girl forces him to have sex

In a case reported from a Kanpur village, a 10-year-old boy was hospitalised after a minor girl tried to force him into having sex with her.

The incident took place in Kulhauli village of Bidhnu area when the 16-year-old girl sweet-talked the boy from her neighbourhood into his house and tried to have sex with him.

In the attempt, the boy sustained serious injuries in his private parts and started to bleed.


While the boy is undergoing treatment at the Hallet hospital in Kanpur, police said they were at their wits end to come to terms with the incident and decide under which sections of the IPC lodge a case.

Both the victim and the aggressor are minors, in this case and as a result lodging complaint has becoming difficult, SSP Kanpur Shalabh Mathur confirmed.

Legal experts said a case can be lodged under the section 8 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

Idaho Landlord Evicts Muslim Families after their children sexually assaulted 5 year old girl


The Muslim Iraqi and Sudanese migrant families whose male children stripped a white, five-year-old Idaho girl naked, sexually assaulted her, and urinated in her mouth while filming their attack have been evicted from their apartment complex, according to the Idaho Statesman.



The landlord mentioned the defiling of the innocent child and filming it to enjoy watching her suffer again and again as one of the “complexities of living in a culturally diverse society.”

“With the police investigation now largely complete, acting in our capacity as property managers, we have served the legally required notifications to terminate the tenancy of those households who the police have identified as responsible for the criminal acts,” the landlord wrote to the tenants of the apartments where the barbaric crime took place. “[The] events of recent days have focused our collective attention on the complexities of living in a culturally diverse society. When management was first notified in broad terms of the truly horrific events of earlier this month, we immediately offered our full support and cooperation to local law enforcement.”

The Iraqi and Sudanese sexual predators, said to be aged seven, 10, and 14, have reportedly been confined to a detention center. Nearly every news outlet covering the story has sneered at local residents aghast at the rape for mistakenly attributing the child rape to Syrian refugees, instead of Iraqi and Sudanese refugees. Why this nitpick is important when migrants savaged an innocent little American girl is never explained. Nor is it explained why Americans should even begin to tolerate, let alone subsidize migrants who come with a child rape risk in their communities.

Muslim men typically attack and rape women in a manner that would please Hollywood horror movies glorifying torture and human suffering. Many Muslims enjoy destroying — not “just” harming, but physically and psychologically destroying — a non-Muslim human being. The Idaho victim endured a torment similar to an Australian nurse who made the mistake of falling asleep in a car in a Western country where Muslims were permitted to reside.

I was pulled out of the car and thrown to the ground. There were six of them and they all started kicking me. They were speaking Arabic… Three of them raped me on the footpath. They spread-eagled me. A fourth guy sodomized me. He put me in a doggy position and put a knife to my throat.

He started to cut me. He was cutting through the scalene [neck] muscle. I knew I was going to die… I was in incredible pain. I could hardly breathe. I was swallowing blood.

Then I heard shouting in Arabic. One of the guys who had not raped me knocked the knife from the guy’s hand. He said in English, ‘This is f***ed.’ The guy who had the knife, this mongrel, big, bearded, he wrenched my jaw open, pulled my head back, and stuck his hands down my throat. I had no top teeth left. They had been kicked out.

They started urinating in my mouth. They were all laughing. One of my eyes was closed with blood. Then they just took turns kicking me. They spat on me and left.

Interestingly, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has repeatedly claimed that any restrictions on Muslim migration is “not our values,” despite sending his own children to a Catholic school that excludes Muslims.

Canada: Imam commends preacher calling for annihilation of Jews, “enemies of humanity”



Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, commends a young Jordanian child preacher who called on the Muslim nation to launch jihad to liberate Palestine and prayed to Allah to annihilate the Jews the “enemies of humanity.”

The child preacher Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayifi takes over the pulpit of mosques in Jordan and recites standard antisemitic and Jihadi texts, criticizing Arab rulers for not liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The following are excerpts from Al-Sayifi’s sermons as documented by MemriTV:

[The Jews] sometimes claim that they are searching for their temple. They are plundering a land that is not theirs. Worse still, the extremest Zionists are now openly speaking about dividing rh Al-Aqsa Mosque in terms of space and times of prayer.

Jerusalem is crying for help: Oh Arabs! Oh Muslim!”… We expect the Arabs and Muslims to adopt a more powerful stand in defence of Jerusalem and to devise a strategic plan to resist Zionist policies. We must preserve the resources of the Islamic nation, its ideology, its ulema [scholars]…

[Those who do not like] to climb mountains will forever live in pits, but the Arabs and Islamic peoples like to climb mountains and refuse to live in pits. I’m telling you, brothers, Palestine will not be liberated through negotiations but through jihad and struggle. Jerusalem lives on in the hearts of every Jordanian man and woman, and in the hearts of every Muslim man and woman.

[The Jews] are the enemies of all humanity, so Allah sentenced them to [inaudible].They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like those who spread corruption. Where are the ulema [scholars] of the nation? Where are the armies? Where are its young people? Where are its men? Where are the Muslims?

Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and those who help them and those who stand by them! Oh Allah,

liberate our land. Oh Allah, free our prisoners. Oh Allah, protect the mujahideen [Muslims who wage war against infidels in the name of Islam] and the [Muslim] fighters.

And I, Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi, would like to congratulate and salute you. Peace be upon you, and may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.”

To watch the video click here.

In a Facebook posting on June 25, 2016, Mazin AbdulAdhim depicted the Jordanian child preacher a “courageous voice of the Ummah [Muslim nation]” and a “giant of a man” who was “speaking the truth.” He accused the “cowards and the ignorant” in the Muslim nation of being “frightened of what the tyrants might say” and just “want to keep the corrupt situation unchanged.”

The following is Mazin AbdulAdhim’s posting:

This is a young and amazingly courageous voice of the Ummah [Muslim nation]– a man in the body of a youth, and a leader standing with the courage that so many grown men among the Ummah lack – speaking the truth, without fear or repercussions or reprisal, without allowing the cowards to silence him.

Wallahi [by Allah] this shakes my heart. The Ummah needs more men with this sort of courage to stand up and speak the truth.

Look at the cowards stand up against this courageous brother, trying to silence him, and for what? They are frightened of what the tyrants might say; they want to keep the corrupt situation unchanged. They tell this courageous voice that what he is saying “is not allowed” and “this is taking us backwards.” Not allowed by whom exactly? Does Allah (swt) not allow him to speak the truth? Is speaking the truth “going backwards”??

By Allah, the only ones who take this Ummah backwards are the cowards and the ignorant among us who neither have the spine to speak the truth nor the comprehension to understand the Deen [religion] properly. They make excuses for the corruption around us, and only have the “courage” to attack those without influence; but when they deal with the wealthy or the politically connected, they are like a submissive pet who sits when told to sit.

The cowards and the ignorant are the ones who should be thrown off the pulpit as they throw this courageous young brother; they are the ones who should be thrown out of the Masjid[mosque] as they tried to throw him out. And the courageous and sincere men of the Ummah should be defended and raised to stand before us and speak the truth where they belong.

Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed (ra) said: فلا نامت أعين الجبناء “The eyes of the cowards cannot sleep,” which is referring to the fact that cowards act tough, but cannot sleep out of fear of what might happen to them, and the courageous are the ones who are not afraid of reprisal or the repercussions of standing up for the truth.

May Allah (swt) bring forth all the courageous speakers like this giant of a man in the video. And may Allah (swt) silence the cowards and those addicted to the corruption that infests the Muslim lands.”

Mazin AbdulAdhim calls on Muslims to wake up from the illusion that the Western governments represent them, to disavow democracy, to follow the true teachings of Islam, and to work together for re-establishing the Islamic State – the Caliphate.

In a Facebook posting dealing with the aftermath of the massacre of 50 people at Orlando gay club carried by American Muslim (June 12, 2016), AbdulAdhim wrote among other things the following:

It’s amazing that Muslims think that any amount of explaining will make the growing anti-Islam sentiment go away…

It’s amazing that Muslims still have not grasped the fact that Capitalism – including its media – views Islam as a threat and a competitor to its interests in the Muslim lands, and an alternative system that could quickly end Capitalism’s global influence.

It’s amazing that Muslims still demand justice from a system that has killed literally millions of their own people, and continuously kills more every single day.

It’s amazing that Muslims expect justice from governments that have never provided justice to 3rd world nations, rather they only fund tyrants and prop up and protect murderous, despot regimes.

It’s amazing that Muslims still have not absorbed the fact that this is not our system, these are not our laws, and these are not our governments. This system does not represent us, and it will not protect us if those behind it decide that we are no longer worth protecting.

It’s amazing that Muslims continuously ignore the fact that our Creator gave us our own system and obligated it upon us, and He will never allow us to solve these countless problems we face today until we return to His system that He ordained for us in His final message

We are the ones who have turned away from the systems revealed by Allah (swt), and look at this most miserable life we live, constantly apologizing, lacking in dignity, and never having proper representation of the proper implementation of Islam.

And we are the ones who have caused the spread of corruption throughout the land and the sea, since we abandoned our positions in implementing Islam on the political level, andleft those positions for the worst of humanity to occupy.

Stop apologizing, stop making excuses, and stop expecting things to get better within this system. There is only one solution, and you all know what it is…

We will not have protection until we return to this protective shield that Allah (swt) gave us. Until then, enjoy begging the media for mercy – and you will find none.

Few months ago AbdulAdhim slammed the Western media for its “biased” coverage of ISIS attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

The media in the world today belongs to the colonialist West. Only their people’s lives have a value to it, only their property have a value to them, and only their lands should be protected and immune to attack,”wrote Mazin AbdulAdhim on his Facebook page on March 23, 2016.

He added, “Muslims can be bombed daily, and thousands can die daily, and a thousand airports can be turned to rubble, and it wouldn’t matter to the global media, because the colonialists own every major media outlet globally, and Muslims are nothing more than rebellious slaves – and an opponent and an enemy – to the colonialists, and neither a friend nor an ally.”

Let’s not act like this attack in Brussels is any worse than the tens of attacks on civilian targets perpetrated by the colonialist West every month,” Mazin AbdulAdhim concluded.

Mazin AbdulAdhim vehemently opposes the Caliphate founded by ISIS in Iraq and Syria and does not accept the authority of its self proclaim Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Rather he advocates for a new Caliphate that will implement the Islamic Law word for word, extend its authority over all the Muslim lands and unite all Muslims in the world under the flag of Islam.

In a video clip on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr (July 17, 2015) at the end of the month of Ramadan, Imam Abdul Adhim explained that the Muslim Ummah (nation) is one body, and all its woes in the different parts of split up Muslim lands are originated only from the lack of a home for Islam and the absence of an Islamic regime that is able to represent the Ummah, as all Muslim regimes today are “traitors” or serving the interest of the “enemy” (the picture of US President Barack Obama was shown in the background).

The only solution, said Imam Abdul Adhim, is to call for the implementation of the teachings of Islam as a whole, to teach the Ummah about the Islamic ruling system, the economic system, the social system, theforeign policy etc. and categorically rejecting the idea of secularizing Islam. Abdul Adhim’s role model is Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, who brought about a political change by first founding a group of supporters, then changed the beliefs of the society and later changed the political loyalties in society and of the army.

The Canadian Imam emphasized that this call is not addressing the Muslim Ummah only, but also is intended to spur the Muslim armies to take a concrete action against the “colonial puppet” regimes and support the call for establishing the Caliphate. “We need an Imam, we need a Khaleefah [Caliph] to unite us,” concluded Imam Abdul Adhim stressing once again that it is the responsibility of both the Ummah and the armies to make it happen.

Imam Abdul Adhim expresses his deep commitment to the ideology of Hizb ut-Tahrir. The following are excerpts of his recorded speeches in recent years:

Pledging allegiance only to the Islamic Caliphate

“So this is the problem that without a Khilafah [Caliphate, Islamic State] Islam cannot be implemented and individually are obligated to give a baya [allegiance] to a Khalifah [Caliph, head of the Islamic State]…

“So it is required for us to give a baya [allegiance] to a Khalifah [Caliph, head of the Islamic State], but since there is no Khilafah [Caliphate] you can’t have a Khalifah [Caliph] therefore it is fard [obligatory] upon us to re-establish the Khilafah [Caliphate] so we can give a baya [allegiance] to a Khalifah [Caliph]…

“And that’s why it is a call not only to the brothers here, not only to the brothers who are watching online, everybody who has any capacity of spreading this word all the way to the armies of the Muslims, our brothers and sisters. This word has to reach them. They have to understand that this is the only way forward. It’s the only way to achieve the nasr [support] of Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla [Owner of Greatness and Reverence] is to support this dean [religion] and this call to Khilafah [Caliphate].”

Rejecting democracy

“And that’s what I want to do. I want to present to you the alternative view, the view that says that voting in a secular democratic system, in a system that will not implement Islam, that does not implement Islam, to vote for anybody to become a legislator in such a system it is something that Islam forbids and I want to present the evidence for this…

“What our identity is? We are Muslims, strewn about all across the planet without anybody who represents us. We are Muslims who are actually belong to the Khilafah [Caliphate]. The Khilafah [Caliphate] represents us and it was destroyed in 1924. We are responsible for working to re-establish it. So this is the first thing. We must work to establish the Khilafah [Caliphate].”

Supporting cutting off thieves’ hands

“The punishments: cutting a hand of a thief and whipping the fornicator and so on. What do you do in these situations? How does it work? This is the last resort after you’ve established this system… You’ve showed them that if you do it the punishment is so severe it will stop them from doing it.”

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s leaflet in Toronto calls for the establishment of the Caliphate

CIJnews obtained a leaflet distributed in Toronto by activists affiliated with Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamic global organization which “to revive the Islamic Ummah [nation]… to liberate it from the thoughts, systems and laws of Kufr [heresy]… [and] also aims to restore the Islamic Khilafah [Islamic] State so that the ruling by what Allah (swt) revealed returns.”

The following is the transcript of the leaflet that was handed to participants of al-Quds Day in Toronto on July 26, 2014:

Gaza Is Bleeding! Where are the Muslim armies?

“Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a ruthless assault launched by the criminal Zionist entity on Gaza. The terrorist state fired upon the civilian population of Gaza with all kinds of devastating weaponry, with women and children being the primary victims of this brutality. This savagery has also resulted in the destruction of homes, turning them into mass graves for their residents while the few survivors are met with missiles as they try to escape from the rubble. Not even mosques, hospitals or facilities for the disabled were spared from this criminal assault. This has resulted in over 140,000 residents being displaced, over 800 martyred, including at least 155 children.

“And what has been the response of the surrounding Muslim regimes?

“Absolutely pathetic! The best of them opens the border crossings for the wounded, in a sense saying: ‘if you are nearly dead then you are welcome, but if you are alive then go back to the slaughter!’ Others have promised monetary aid. Can the people of Gaza use the currency notes to deflect the bombs falling on their heads?!

“The only way to stop the slaughter is for tanks to be deployed against tanks, aircrafts against aircrafts and warships against warships: the people of Gaza need armies to defend them. Just as paper currencies will do little to safeguard the fragile bodies of our children, neither will boycotting the Zionist entity stop the slaughter. The Zionist entity is a strategic asset in the hands of the colonial powers. If it were to go bankrupt, the colonial powers would bail it out just as they bailed out the banks!

“The real solution is, therefore, to work to remove the regimes, which are the obstacles preventing the Muslim armies from performing their fard (obligation) of protecting their brothers, sisters, parents and children in the land of lsra wal Mi’raj. Allah (swt) revealed:

“And if they seek help of you for the Deen, then you must help” TMQ 8:21

“And indeed Allah (swt) will hold these armies accountable on the Day of Judgment as they could have stopped this bloodshed if they wanted!

“Consequently, we must work to replace the current regimes with a sincere leadership that will unleash the collective resources of the Ummah to liberate Palestine and end the brutal occupation. The Arab countries surrounding Palestine have sufficient force to liberate the usurped land, and end the oppression of the people – with over 2 million soldiers, spending over $100 billion on arms annually. Egypt alone has over 200 F-16 fighter planes and 450,000 soldiers.

“O Muslims! The only shield that Allah (swt) prescribed for us is the imam. Muslim narrated from Abu Hurayrah (ra) that the Prophet (saw) said:

“Indeed, the Imam is a shield, you are protected by him and fight from behind him.”

“Until this shield is in place, we will unfortunately continue to witness the slaughter and oppression of our brothers and sisters in the blessed land of Bait ul Maqdis and elsewhere. We must therefore work with all our strength to remove these treacherous regimes and replace them with the Khilafah Rashida.


“TALK 1 “Gaza: When will the suffering stop?”

“TALK 2 “How do we recognize the Khilafah Rashida Saturday August 9th 2:30PM to 4:30PM Bank of Montreal Room, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

“Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada www.hizb-ut-tahrir.org info@hizb-ut-tahrir.ca

To download the leaflet click here.

Sarah Nadav: ” I am adding a “sexual misconduct clause” into all of my investment agreements”.



Let’s talk about an uncomfortable truth, sexual harassment and assault is common in the tech industry. The only reason we don’t hear more about it is because the men who perpetrate it the most are also the ones who hold the “keys to the kingdom”- as investors or powerful industry figures, women don’t want to ruin their careers by speaking out.
So I have come to a conclusion. I am adding a “sexual misconduct clause” into all of my investment agreements. If an investor or employee of the investor/accelerator/incubator makes a sexual advance towards me or anyone in my company (Civilize), then they are stripped of all of their shares in Civilize (even the ones that have vested) and there will be a public notice to shareholders as to the reason why.”
so what does Sarah Nadav looks like

why are they always fat and unnattractive?