Jay Z and Timbaland Win Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘Big Pimpin’’ Sample

they won on a technicality.

A federal judge has ruled that Jay Z and his producer, Timbaland, will not face a copyright infringement claim over the hit single “Big Pimpin’,” ending a complex eight-year lawsuit that involved the sampling of a decades-old Egyptian song.

A week into a trial in United States District Court in Los Angeles, Judge Christina A. Snyder announced on Wednesday that the plaintiff in the case, Osama Ahmed Fahmy — whose uncle, Baligh Hamdi, composed the original song, “Khosara Khosara” — did not have standing to pursue his infringement claim.

REPULSIVE: Anita Sarkeesian Has a Convicted Pedophile as Her Twitch Moderator



I had a very interesting time last night, and I’m going to talk about it in a lot more detail during the next post. But I have a fucked up story that I need to print out first, and it concerns everyone’s favorite fraud, Anita Sarkeesian. During the #BIGMILO stream last night, it came out that Ms. Sarkeesian has a convicted pedophile as a moderator on her Twitch channel. Yes, this is reality. We have loads of screens and archives, so buckle up.

First, let’s let Encyclopedia Dramatica give you a little background on this sick bastard…

Valis77 (aka ValisHD) — IRL name Promise Delon Redmond as he’s known to terrified children across the state of Kansas due to being a registered sex offender — is among the legion of sexual deviants clogging the Tubes. Even moderating known SJW toilet Anita Sarkeesian’s Twitch channel. Fancying himself an e-celebrity, Valis delights his thousands of subscribers with his poorly-made Let’s Play videos.

Being of simple Midwestern stock, Valis is easily amused, therefore rather than being satisfied with quality content leading to a modest upload count, he sees the upload count as an end unto itself. With that in mind, our hero gleefully inflates his own upload count with horrendous side productions, thinly veiled as contextually relevant by the appending “Let’s” to the beginning of the title, seemingly almost as an afterthought.

They also have some photos, including his police record:



You may ask yourself, as I did, “What on earth is Anita doing having a convicted pedo as a Twitch moderator?” I know these people are sanctimonious and brazen with most of their lies and bullshit, but this is not a good look to most normal people. Then I think about the SJWs recent move to normalize pedophilia and it all starts to make sense. These sick fucks just do not care anymore. They’re going to do what they can to make this sort of depravity accepted by the mainstream. Still, you would think that advertisers and sponsors would shy away from backing people who knowingly put pedos into positions of power. What about the gaming press? Or the gaming industry, for that matter?


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Japan’s ‘konbini’ – open and stocked round the clock



Stocking anything from shirts to face masks, 24-7 convenience stores have become an indispensable part of Japanese daily life, with the sector now worth more than Sri Lanka’s economy. Their secret? Constant renewal.

A staggering 1.5 billion people pass through “konbini” stores—a Japanese abbreviation of the English word convenience—every month, with some 55,000 outlets throughout the country, including more than 7,000 in Tokyo alone.

Competition is fierce, with two of its biggest players, FamilyMart and Uny Group, announcing days ago a merger to battle market leader 7-Eleven for a bigger slice of an industry that marketing newspaper Nikkei MJ values at some 10 trillion yen ($84 billion).

That is comfortably more than the economic output of some entire nations, including Sri Lanka, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

“In our 40 years of experience, we understand that our purpose must be to offer something new all the time,” explains Minoru Matsumoto, a spokesman for 7-Eleven, Japan’s largest chain with 18,000 stores.

“Every time we extend what’s on offer, we are creating new customers rather than taking away customers from somewhere else.”

Despite being so ubiquitous, the sector has yet to show any sign of reaching saturation point, with the number of shops—which are run on a franchise system—rising five percent from the previous year in 2014.

According to the Japan Franchise Association (JFA), the average Japanese person visits a konbini store 11 times a month and the average outlet serves around 1,000 customers a day.

While such stores are common across Asia, experts say the key to their success in Japan is their finely tuned supply chains that can monitor stock down to a single toothbrush, allowing them to sell an unparalleled array of goods.

As well as the usual drinks and snacks, visitors in konbini are confronted with a smorgasbord of useful items such as hygiene products, batteries, umbrellas, face masks, memory cards and phone chargers.

Complex logistics software keeps track of things like demographics, weather and the school holidays to predict what each store will need more of at a given times.

“If there’s a school feast day in the vicinity of a konbini… we will know we need to have more onigiri (stuffed rice balls),” said Matsumoto.

And in a work-oriented culture like Japan, where employees spend some of the longest hours in the world in the office, they also offer a home away from home.

Konbinis act as a sort of 24-hour administration centre, where customers can obtain official certificates, photocopy and fax documents, pay bills, withdraw cash and book tickets.

You can get your mail and internet delivery items sent to the store—and even buy a fresh shirt in the event of any unsightly workplace accidents.

Konbini stores continually adapt “to catch new customers, like the growing number of working mothers and old people,” said Tomomi Nagai, a senior analyst for Toray Corporate Business Research.

In a recent report, she estimated 70 percent of items they offer are renewed or repackaged each year.

Smaller mom and pop stores have been struggling to survive in the face of such flexibility, and even the big corporate giants are having to adapt.

Chains like McDonalds and Starbucks have found themselves having to review their own menus and prices to retain customers, after some konbini stores began offering fries and coffee.

“We apply a strategy of domination,” said Matsumoto. “Even if we have a 7-Eleven on a crossroad, a second is entirely justified as we might be missing out on customers on the other side of the road.”

At the same time, the konbini chains themselves are all in fierce competition with each other.

“We felt it necessary to create a larger distribution group to stay in the competition,” FamilyMart and Uny group said in a statement announcing their merger plans Thursday.

One of the secrets behind konbinis’ success is the way the stores are restocked—a streamlined, round-the-clock effort.

Most shops have no backroom storage. Instead, computers keep a track of every item sold, allowing logistic centers to dispatch exactly the right number of replacements.

A delivery truck might bring something as precise as a single toothbrush or pack of toilet roll.

This hyper-efficient system allows store owners to squeeze in more items, cut down on the need for staff and means they can fit into a larger number of smaller, cheaper properties.

© 2015 AFP

Why US fears Putin success in Syria


The US and its allies would like to see Russia’s military operations in Syria go horribly wrong as Russia’s success heralds a crushing defeat for Western regime-change machinations. It would also signal the balance of power shifting away from US hegemony.

Last week, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter darkly predicted that Russia would suffer blowback from its intervention in Syria with acts of terrorism being committed on “Russian soil.”

Within days for Carter’s pointed warning, Russian authorities arrested a jihadist cell in Moscow plotting terror attacks. This week, the Russian embassy in Damascus came under fire from two mortar shells – an attack which Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov quickly condemned as an act of terrorism.

It might be assumed that Washington has taken some nefarious satisfaction over what appears to be a harbinger of the terror blowback Carter warned of.

From the outset of Russia’s aerial bombing campaign against terror groups in Syria, beginning on September 30, Washington and its Western allies have sought all possible ways of discrediting and derailing the intervention. US President Obama poured scorn saying “it was doomed to fail,” while Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron labeled the Russian move as “a grave mistake” on the part of Putin.

This week, European Union foreign ministers amplified American claims that Russian air strikes are targeting “moderate rebels” and called on Moscow to halt its operations unless they are specifically against Islamic State and other “UN-designated terror networks.” The credibility of American and European claims about Russian air strikes is, of course, highly questionable.

But the point here is that it is becoming glaringly obvious that Washington and its allies want to make as much trouble for Russia’s military intervention in Syria. Why is the West going out of its way to thwart Russia’s intervention?

As has been widely documented, the notion of “moderate rebels” in Syria is something of a fiction peddled by Western governments and their media to provide cover for Western support to foreign mercenaries fighting illegally in Syria to topple the sovereign government. Russia’s Sergey Lavrov last week dismissed the supposed moderate ‘Free Syrian Army’ – much lionized by the West – as a “phantom”. This view was confirmed this week by Britain’s former ambassador to Syria Peter Ford, who said “virtually all the opposition armed groups in Syrian are Islamist radicals, either ISIS [Islamic State] or interchangeable with ISIS.”

One reason why the West is gagging to see a Russian failure in Syria is simply because Putin’s intervention is being so effective in destroying the terror networks, whether they be associated with Islamic State or the plethora of Al-Qaeda-affiliated mercenaries. The latter include brigades from the so-called Free Syrian Army which share weapons and fighters with the Al-Qaeda franchises of Al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Shams and Jaish al-Fatah, among others.

If we assess the four-year conflict in Syria as being the result of a Western-backed covert war for regime change, then it follows that the foreign mercenary groups fighting in Syria are Western assets. We know this because the former head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency, Lt General Michael Flynn has candidly disclosed that the Obama administration made a willful decision to sponsor the extremist groups for the purpose of regime change.

So Russia’s effective anti-terror operations – as opposed to the year-long ineffectual US-led so-called anti-terror coalition – are causing angst among Washington and its allies precisely because Moscow is helping to destroy Western regime-change assets. Don’t forget that billions of dollars have been “invested” by Washington, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to overthrow the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, partly in order to undermine his allies in Russia and Iran.

Another reason for Western vexation over Russia’s intervention in Syria is that it is exposing the fraudulence and criminality of the Western powers and their regional client regimes. Russia is conducting operations that are lawful under international law with the full consent of the Syrian government – unlike the US-led coalition which is bombing the country illegally. Vladimir Putin has cogently delineated the all-important legal difference. From the Western viewpoint, this exposure of their depredations is intolerable. That is partly why Washington and its European minions are desperate to discredit Moscow in Syria. But they are failing.

Even the Western media has had to report on the rising popular support for Russia across the Middle East. The Washington Post this week headlined: ‘Amid Russian air strikes, a Putin craze takes hold in Mideast’. The paper reported how the Arab Street – from Syria to Egypt, Iraq to Lebanon – is celebrating Vladimir Putin as a hero because of Russia’s decisive anti-terror operations.

“Posters of Putin are popping up on cars and billboards elsewhere in parts of Syria and Iraq, praising the Russian military intervention in Syria as one that will redress the balance of power in the region,” says the Post. The paper goes on: “The Russian leader is winning accolades from many in Iraq and Syria, who see Russian airstrikes in Syria as a turning point after more than a year of largely ineffectual efforts by the US-led coalition to dislodge Islamic State militants who have occupied significant parts of the two countries.”

Three days after Russia began its anti-terror campaign in Syria, Obama made a curious offer to Putin. On October 3, CNN reported the American president saying that the US was willing to cooperate with Russia “but only if that plan includes removing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.” If Russia did not go along with this scheme to unseat Assad, then Obama“warned Russia’s air campaign would only lead to further bloodshed and bog down Moscow.” Russia, he said, would become“stuck in a quagmire.”

Putin has since stated unequivocally that Assad is the legitimate president of Syria and that Russia’s intervention is aimed at supporting his sovereign government. In other words, Obama’s offer of a regime change “pact” was repudiated.

Ominously, this week the New York Times reported that militants in Syria “are receiving for the first time bountiful supplies of powerful American-made anti-tank missiles.” The paper notes: “With the enhanced insurgent firepower and with Russia steadily raising the number of airstrikes against the [Assad] government’s opponents, the Syrian conflict is edging closer to an all-out proxy war between the United States and Russia.”

Washington wants, and needs, Russia to fail in Syria. Given the stakes of America’s dirty war, not just in Syria but across the region, Russia’s success would be too much to bear for Washington’s hegemonic ambitions.

Their Own View of How the World Works



In his new book SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police, Vox Day summarizes the habits of progressive “social justice warriors”:

1. SJWs always lie.
2. SJWs always double down.
3. SJWs always project.

Vox Day’s Third Law of SJWs, the role of psychological projection in social justice discourse, is interesting to observe in practice, as accusations made against #GamerGate must always reflect some wrong of which progressives are themselves guilty. If you don’t understand #GamerGate, Breitbart.com’s Allum Bokhari has described it as “an online uprising of gamers against poor journalistic standards, political correctness, and moral crusaders in the world of video games.”

This epic battle, which began by exposing unethical conflicts of interest among certain journalists and game developers, quickly metastasized into a much wider critique of how progressive activists were attempting to politicize this multibillion-dollar industry. There is “an army of sociopathic feminist programmers and campaigners” who have been “lying, bullying and manipulating their way around the internet for profit and attention,” as Milo Yiannopoulos said. #GamerGate is about calling bulls–t on this agenda and exposing the shady people pushing it.

Over and over, amid the confusing welter of arguments surrounding #GamerGate, SJWs made accusations of bad faith (mala fides) the central weapon in their rhetorical arsenal. If you did not like Zoe Quinn, if you would rather play Call of Duty than Depression Quest, if you thought Nathan Grayson was an unethical fraud, Sarah Nyberg was a dishonest totalitarian pervert and Anita Sarkeesian was a pretentious academic opportunist — well, if you held any of these opinions common to #GamerGate, then you were obviously a racist, transphobic, misogynist proponent of “rape culture.”

You thought Lara Croft Tomb Raider was just a fun pastime? Stop objectifying her with your male gaze, you heteronormative bigot!

This finger-pointing accusatory style — the SJW as Grand Inquisitor — is easy to mock, but SJWs take themselves quite seriously and therefore assume that their critics must be bad people. The anti-#GamerGate discourse thus takes a predictable rhetorical form, a circular argument loaded with the prejudice of confirmation bias, which if expressed as a formal syllogism would look like this:

Premise A: #GamerGate is bad;
Premise B: [Whatever];
Conclusion: #GamerGate is bad.

Facts and logic are ultimately irrelevant to the SJW, who never wishes todebate critics, but instead seeks to silence them. In other words, if you do not share the ideological enthusiasms of these “social justice” crusaders — if you are not willing to parrot their politicized jargon and applaud their opinions — then you must be excluded from the ranks of those who are qualified to speak at their conferences, publish on their Web sites and be employed in the videogame industry. If your response to this attempt to monopolize control of gaming culture is to organize your own conferences and Web sites to influence the videogame industry, your efforts will result in you being blacklisted as part of a “hate group.” You will be accused of participating in or condoning illegal “harassment” and it will be assumed (rather than proven) that you are guilty of various intolerable Thought Crimes, e.g., homophobia.

It’s about who controls the narrative, as Andrew Breitbart would say. Protecting the Official Progressive Narrative from external criticism requires that only True Believers be allowed to speak from the institutional platforms through which progressives endeavor to exercise hegemonic control over the culture. At some point in the past few years, videogames were identified as a medium of cultural communication that was not exhibiting lockstep conformity to progressive ideology, and from this realization emerged an effort to subject the gaming industry to a relentless political attack. The object was to ensure that the videogame industry was controlled by progressives in the same way that journalism, Hollywood and academia are controlled by progressives, as part of a complete system of cultural totalitarianism that prohibits dissent by marginalizing (or even criminalizing) opposition.


Why do you think Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn were invited to testify to the United Nations last month? We may suspect they want to have Disagreeing With Feminists classified as a human rights violation. But remember, SJWs always project and, despite having a near-monopoly on the kind of media influence that can make someone like Zoe Quinn — a mentally ill ex-stripper with a notorious habit of lying about everything — appear to be a credible authority, feminists expect us to believe that they are victims of oppression. The actual balance of power is the exact opposite of what SJWs claim. They are the ones engaged in harassment, but they call their harassment “activism,” and when the targets of SJW harassment (e.g., male videogame programmers) attempt to defend themselves, the defense is called “harassment.” The liberal media have gone out of their way to depict the #GamerGate controversy in this prejudicial one-sided manner, which begins by assuming that (a) feminists are always right about everything, and also (b) anyone who criticizes feminism is a misogynist, so that (c) the question of what constitutes misogyny is always decided by feminists, and therefore (d) feminists authorize themselves with the power to instantly discredit anyone who dares talk back to them by labeling the critic as a misogynist.

Strange as it may seem, some males have bought into this mentality, and hasten to parrot whatever the feminists say, a form of behavior calledvirtue signalling, “indicating that you are kind, decent and virtuous.” The online spectacle of clever young men jumping up and down and shouting “misogyny” at other men has become sadly tedious.

There is something pathetic about the male SJW’s eagerness to prove thathe is not one of those awful heteropatriarchal oppressors. And so, at a social-justice Tumblr blog, we encounter “Ral”:

A 22-year-old geek studying computer science, with a passing interest in philosophy and social justice. Political leanings are strongly to the left, with some anarchist sympathies. Lifelong gamer and vehemently opposed to GamerGate. Has had lifelong experience with Aspergers syndrome. Straight, white, cishet and male, yet always seeking to listen to the experiences of other demographics.

It is nowadays fashionable for awkward young men with poor social skills to claim a diagnosis of Asperger’s, in the same way it is fashionable for awkward young women with poor social skills to claim a diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorder. Having a psychiatric diagnosis to explain your problems is the difference between being a victim and being merely a loser. By a similar trick of rhetorical prestidigitation during the 1980s, liberals transformed winos, hobos and panhandlers into “the homeless,” so that any drug-addled lowlife moocher bumming spare change on the street corner was considered a Victim of Society, a symbol of America’s moral failure. Given the way this issue was promoted as an indictment of the Reagan administration’s economic policies, and considering the known political leanings of those who promoted it, anyone could see that the liberal solution to The Homeless Crisis was:

  1. More federal spending;
  2. Vote Democrat!

This is really the answer to every problem, according to American liberals. As long as Democrats get elected and federal spending increases, we are on the Road to Liberal Utopia. Now that we have ObamaCare to guarantee treatment for the mentally ill, and a generous policy of disability payments to these suffering victims, it is possible that every awkward young person could collect a government check for doing what they would be doing anyway, i.e., living in Mom’s basement and playing Xbox all day. Federal disability payments have skyrocketed in recent years, and America is said to be experiencing an “epidemic” of mental illness, proving that when you subsidize something, you get more of it. Taxpayer-subsidized craziness has become a growth industry, throwing federal money at every kook and weirdo who can get his personal problems diagnosed as a “disorder” or a “syndrome.”


Now that nutjobs and neurotics are Victims of Society, publicly proclaiming your psychiatric diagnosis is just about the only way for a heterosexual white male to exempt himself from the category of Privileged Oppressor. Thus we return to the 22-year-old geek “Ral” and his Tumblr exercise in “virtual signalling”:

It’s important to remember that the real reason why antifeminists and anti-SJW bloggers are so quick to paint every act of media criticism that doesn’t fall in line with their own view of how the world works as “censorship” or “subjective nonsense” is that villainizing cultural criticism protects their own worldview. . . .
I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that nearly everyone I’ve ever seen react so harshly to feminist criticism also holds extremely regressive ideas . . .
Denying the wage gap exists despite the fact that every peer-reviewed study that has ever been done on it confirms that there is still a gap even if you account for everything that they can measure . . .
Related to the above, denying the slightest possibility thatunconscious gender bias is an issue despite consistent evidence supporting its existence, and that said biases stem from backlash against deviation from expected social roles.
Denying the existence of rape culture . . .

You can read the rest of his indictment of the “extremely regressive ideas” that he attributes to others, and the point here is not to argue about any of these specific accusations, but rather to ask: What is the basis of moral authority by which this person deems himself fit to condemn the “worldview” of anyone who does not share his own left-wing anarchist political biases? What has “Ral” accomplished — what record of achievement does he have, what duties has he responsibly exercised — that he can expect anyone to defer to his judgment of these matters? How easy it is for a college student to sit as his laptop and type in a sequence of phrases — “wage gap . . . gender bias . . . rape culture” — as if these rhetorical flourishes prove him to be a virtuous person.

Talk is cheap, boy.

Responsible adults cannot surrender moral authority to 22-year-old anarchists, nor can we permit a dishonest ex-stripper like Zoe Quinn to make herself an official arbiter of online civility, simply by calling herself a “feminist” and portraying herself as a victim of misogyny.

My suspicion is that all male SJWs actually hate women, and that their advocacy of feminism is a psychological defense mechanism against subconscious guilt over their rage toward their domineering mothers. The male SJW is always Mama’s Precious Boy, a creepy introverted weirdo, aNorman Bates type whose professed enthusiasm for “social justice” is an attempt to get women to provide him a substitute for the unconditional maternal affection he craves. One can find many case studies in abnormal psychology of such warped males, emotionally crippled by deep-seated feelings of inadequacy. Their sex lives are always profoundly abnormal, typified by furtive voyeurism, habitual masturbation, and frustrated rage at their predictable impotence in whatever intimate interactions they may actually have with women (which are usually few or non-existent, due to the social awkwardness of the male introvert’s personality). “Ral” is probably a dangerous sexual deviant with a massive cache of violent BDSM porn that appeals to his own bizarre fantasies. Police investigating the disappearance of hookers could probably find them tied up and gagged in an SJW’s basement rape dungeon, if they haven’t already been tortured to death, their bodies dismembered and buried in his backyard.

That’s only a hunch, of course. I’m just a blogger, not the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico, but really: Go look at the cartoon superhero character “Ral” uses as his avatar, the grandiose conception of himself as a powerful figure. This is a common online behavior of introverted narcissistic misfits, displaying a heroic self-image to emotionally compensates for their lack of real-life success.

These SJWs are all sick freaks, I’m telling you. A guy whose ambition in life is to earn the approval of Zoe Quinn? Yeah. He’s profiling as the “unsub” in an episode of Criminal Minds.

Gov’t, ruling bloc likely to forgo holding extra Diet session in fall



The government and ruling coalition are considering not convening an extraordinary Diet session this fall mainly due to the prime minister’s packed diplomatic schedule, coalition lawmakers say.

But the final decision is still subject to change given opposition camp demands to hold an extra parliament session in order to debate critical issues, particularly the recently concluded Pacific trade deal.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s tight diplomatic schedule, given his multiple overseas trips starting from mid-November, and the apparent lack of urgency in holding a session are the reasons given for not scheduling the extra sitting, lawmakers said.

“Convening an extraordinary session of the parliament is quite difficult,” one of the senior coalition lawmakers said. Another lawmaker said, “There are no bills to be passed urgently.”

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a press conference that the government will make a decision in consultation with ruling parties, taking into account Abe’s diplomatic schedule and the process of compiling the fiscal 2016 budget by the end of this year.

The government and ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, the Komeito party, feel the fall session may be unnecessary because Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal bills are unlikely to be submitted to parliament by year-end, the lawmakers said.

The opposition camp has stated it wants to deliberate on the trade pact, which was broadly agreed upon last week after years of negotiations between the United States, Japan and the 10 other participant countries.

The Abe administration possibly plans to open the House of Representatives Budget Committee in early November, even while in recess, to seek the support of the opposition parties on the TPP deal.

The government, however, is expected to face strong protests from the opposition bloc, which demands the session be convened, citing Article 53 of the Constitution.

Article 53 states that the cabinet “must determine” when a quarter or more of the total members of either the lower or upper house demand to convene an extraordinary parliament session.


Today’s American Cult: Word of Life in Chadwicks upstate New York

American church cults in action!


Lucas Leonard never had a prayer.

Though bewildered neighbors often wondered what happened inside the cult-like Word of Life Church, its bizarre “religious” rituals continued until last week — when Leonard was fatally beaten.

“We all had known for years and we just left it alone,” said Scott Martin, a retired local cop. “It’s a cult, I don’t care what they say, it’s a cult.”

Other residents of tiny, rural, upstate Chadwicks recount tales of strange behavior at the large red schoolhouse building where its roughly 50 congregants would meet.

“They used to build fires on the roofs, and there was chanting and weird rituals,” said Fred Aiken, whose backyard has a view of the building on the quiet village street.

Dogs howled all night inside the shuttered church, but were never seen outside.

“Everyone wants to know what was going on in there,” Aiken told the Daily News.

Aiken never saw members come or go, adding that the church attached surveillance cameras to keep unwanted visitors away.

Lucas Leonard, 19, was savagely beaten along with kid brother Christopher, 17, during a church “counseling session,” authorities said.

The siblings were ordered to confess their sins and ask for forgiveness during an hours-long assault, authorities said.

Lucas Leonard, mortally wounded as his parents and other church members pummeled his genitals, abdomen, back and thighs, died after he was brought to a local hospital.

Dad and mom Bruce Leonard, 65, and Deborah Leonard, 59, were charged along with four fellow parishioners.

Aiken said the investigation into the mysterious beating of the brothers should finally shed some light on the creepy group.

The quiet, middle-class town of less than 2,000 people is one in a cluster of small villages in the scenic Mohawk Valley in central New York.

Most residents are friendly and religious, but locals say the Word of Life members kept to themselves. And two Chadwicks religious leaders eyed the church with suspicion.

The Rev. Abe Esper, 64, pastor of the neighboring St. Patrick’s-St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, questioned whether they were actually a religion.

“Their God is vengeful and wrathful,” said Esper, who also witnessed some strange sights at the schoolhouse. “Just look at what they did

One day, Esper dialed the cops when his unfriendly neighbors started playing the drums loudly.

“When the music was playing so loud, I went over and pounded on the door. No one came to the door, so I called the cops,” Esper said. “It’s a little strange, never the same room has the lights on, there’s no doorbell.”

Renée Henck, 19, an Elmira College sophomore from a neighboring town, worked as a lifeguard at the Paris Town Park pool with Leonard and knew his family.

“They really were such a nice family, and it’s so painful to see them in a bad situation,” Henck said.

We didn’t really know if it was a church,” she continued. “It has been a running joke. We’d say, ‘Is it really a cult?’”

Henck recalled the doomed Leonard as a friendly and artistic young man with aspirations of medical school.

“I hear people say he must have been mean or cruel to be in a group like that,” she said. “He was never like that.”

Man sues Brown University, accuser in sex-assault allegation


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Brown University students met last October at a party where they flirted and kissed. Their intimacy escalated later in his dormitory room. But what he viewed as consensual groping and fondling, the woman claimed were unwanted sexual advances that spiraled into an assault.

She filed a sexual-misconduct complaint with the Ivy League school, and that led to his suspension for 2-1/2 years. Now, as a plaintiff named John Doe, he is suing the school in U.S. District Court. He accuses Brown of violating his due process rights and discriminating against him based on his gender, in violation of Title IX.

In another lawsuit brought by the same lawyer in the same court, a John Doe, of Texas is suing a Jane Doe, of California, accusing her of defaming and slandering him by filing a false sexual-misconduct report that led to his 2-1/2-year suspension from an “elite” liberal-arts university in Rhode Island and his being labeled as responsible for a sexual offense. That lawsuit does not name Brown but details the same chronology.

The man is being represented in both actions by Manhattan lawyer Andrew T. Miltenberg, who has launched lawsuits challenging schools’ handling of sexual-assault allegations on similar grounds throughout the nation. The action against Brown is among 90 cases challenging the manner in which colleges and universities adjudicate alleged sexual assaults, according to the websitewww.boysmeneducation.com. All of the cases involve complaints by men.

Miltenberg would not confirm that the same man is the plaintiff in both the suit against Brown and the suit against the female student. He declined to comment other than to say, “We feel that the complaint relates a very compelling set of facts against Brown.” Brown officials declined comment beyond what was contained in court filings.

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. It has typically been used to safeguard female students’ rights, as in the landmark 1992 sex-discrimination case at Brown in which several female athletes sued after funding for their gymnastics team was cut. As a result, the university was forced to restore financing to the women’s gymnastics and volleyball teams and promote other women’s sports to varsity.

In John Doe’s case, Miltenberg is flipping that use of Title IX, arguing that the schools’ investigative and disciplinary processes reveal “gender bias against males in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct.”

Such arguments have met with varied success in courts elsewhere. A federal judge in New York dismissed a case brought against Columbia University, finding that that male student had offered only “conclusory statements” and failed to provide any clear evidence that he was suspended due to an anti-male bias. A judge in Massachusetts dismissed a a case challenging the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s policies on the grounds that the Title IX allegations were not sufficiently detailed and specific. In Oregon, however, a court ordered Reed College to turn over nearly seven years’ worth of disciplinary records to lawyers as cases there proceed. The Massachusetts and New York cases are being appealed.

According to the lawsuit against Brown, John Doe was enrolled in the Class of 2017 and earned straight A’s his freshman year. He hoped to pursue a career in neuroscience.

On Oct., 11, 2014, Doe, then a sophomore, met Jane Doe at a party at Barbour Hall, a dormitory. They began kissing as the party came to an end. Jane Doe texted a friend shortly after that she might be about to “hook up,” the suit says.

They continued kissing and touching in his room at Marcy House, it says. Jane Doe told him that she didn’t want to go any further, but they continued touching and lay down together after a pause. She guided his hand over her body before stating again that she didn’t want to go any further. She left, kissing him and telling him she would see him at her birthday party the next night, the suit says.

A week later, the director of student life, Yolanda Castillo, informed John Doe that a no-contact order had been issued relating to Oct. 11; he was not to leave his room. The next day he learned Jane Doe had made a “serious allegation of sexual misconduct” against him. Then-Vice President of Student Affairs Margaret Klawunn ordered his immediate removal from campus. He faced conduct charges of sexual misconduct and illegal possession of alcohol, the suit says.

Campus police did not issue a report on the incident, the suit says. John Doe was not criminally charged.

He asserts that the woman’s inconsistent accounts contained “stunning” departures from his recollection, including that he pushed and bruised her, didn’t allow her to leave and continued touching her genitals after she told him to stop. She claimed to university officials that she was lying when she led him to believe that she was enjoying the intimacy, the suit says.

He alleges that the Student Conduct Board, comprised of university staff and a student, found him responsible for misconduct and suspended him for 2-1/2 years after an unfair hearing in which board members failed to challenge or question her account and refused to let him present certain evidence and testimony. Brown erroneously put the burden on him to prove his innocence, it says. “The hearing was a mere formality to conclude John Doe’s predetermined guilt.” The provost upheld the suspension on appeal.

In addition to asserting that Brown showed gender bias, John Doe accuses the school of negligence and of breaching his rights as an accused student.

Brown is asking the court to dismiss the suit, citing the dismissal of the Columbia case. “Plaintiff wrongly believes that sensationalistic and unsubstantiated pleading is somehow an acceptable substitute for well-pled and substantiated allegations,” the school said. It faults John Doe for failing to make a legitimate Title IX claim.

In the other suit, John Doe accuses Jane Doe of knowingly making false statements to campus police that severely damaged his educational and career prospects. He alleges that Jane became furious at him when he didn’t speak to her at a party on Oct. 12, 2014, the day after they were intimate, and that she repeatedly made defamatory statements to fellow students that they then repeated during the flawed investigation and adjudication process before the Student Conduct Board. As a result, his reputation at the university was damaged, precluding him from being admitted at a school of equal caliber, thus derailing his education and future career in medicine. Despite his exceptional academic record, he said he has been rejected at seven schools. He is seeking unspecified damages and legal fees.

Marxist Lesbian Feminist Mother Forces Son to Write Essay About Misogyny


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Heather McNamara has a Tumblr blog and describes herself thus: “Literature enthusiast, feminist, marxist, queer theorist, lesbian, egomaniac, mom.” At her personal Web site, she adds that she is “a lesbian mom partnered with the lovely supergenius Zinnia Jones. . . . I’m finishing my degree in English with a focus on technical writing with a minor in writing and rhetoric at University of Central Florida.” (You can click here to see “the lovely supergenius Zinnia Jones.”) The other dayHeather McNamara posted this on her Tumblr blog:

A few years ago, my son asked me if he could play GTA on his xbox. I told him that when he was old enough to write an essay on misogyny and its effects on society then he could play. A few days ago, he came to me and told me he’d been watching episodes of Feminist Frequency and felt that he was ready to write that essay. His stepmother, @zjemptv? and I came up with a list of questions. His answers, transcribed below (spelling errors corrected):

1. What is misogyny?
Misogyny is for men to think they’re better than women and they abuse women to show their dominance but that just make them look like jerks. If this is put into games too much, women would think it’s horrible and start hating the game. For example in Mass Effect you could slap the mean news lady. That equals to misogyny.
2. Give 3 examples of misogyny in video games that you’ve seen played on YouTube
In GTAV you do anything but if you shoot only women that counts to misogyny. Another example in video games is like wrestling. Some games allow you to beat women up in wrestling games. In any game that has misogyny some history events sometimes have women abuses in some games you can rape in those games that have misogyny.
3. Why might these examples of casual misogyny in video games be correlated to real life interpersonal violence toward women?
It’s probably a bad thing to rape women either in real life or in games. If a child is doing that in games it could teach them wrong. Imagine a dimension where misogyny switched places! It could be opposite but by the way rape nd abuse is all the way totally wrong.

So, should I let him?😉

Inflicting this kind of feminist brainwashing on a boy can only be understood as an act of deliberate sadistic cruelty.

Feminist Tumblr: ‘Broken People’




She describes herself on Tumblr as an “economics student” and “vegan bi sexworker” who is “neurodivergent,” which may or may not be a synonym for crazy. She lists her diagnoses as GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and MDD (major depressive disaorder), although elsewhere she also lists BPD (borderline personality disorder). She is a one-woman DSM, basically — a living catalog of psychiatric symptoms. Here, let’s consult Wikipedia:

There is a neurodiversity movement, which is an international civil rights movement that has the autism rights movement as its most influential submovement. This movement frames autism, bipolarity and other neurotypes as a natural human variation rather than a pathology or disorder, and its advocates reject the idea that neurological differences need to be (or can be) cured, as they believe them to be authentic forms of human diversity, self-expression, and being.

In order words, these people aren’t crazy, they’re just “diverse,” and it isoppressive — a violation of their civil rights — to expect these kooks to behave like normal people. They are certified Special Snowflakes™ and how dare you judge them? Society must accept these “authentic forms of human diversity,” and if their “self-expression” takes the form of becoming tattoo-covered bisexual prostitutes posting nude selfies all over their Tumblr blog, only a hateful and intolerant bigot would criticize this “neurodivergent” behavior.

Normal (“neurotypical”) people can never criticize the neurodivergent Special Snowflake™ but she is always free to criticize us:


Women Are Doing Something That Isn’t Catered
To My Sexual Arousal and I Am Afraid:
A Tale for the Modern Heterosexual Male

What was she referencing by this? We don’t know. However, notice that she attributes fear to “the Modern Heterosexual Male.” The neurodivergent are qualified to diagnose the shortcomings of others. She has anxiety and depression, and this qualifies her to assert that normal men are afflicted by fear of women. Feminist Tumblr is full of women like this, who proudly list their mental illnesses in their profiles — thus to establish their credibility as victims of society — and who then proceed to identify the various failures of normal people.

“If you want to understand feminism, begin by studying abnormal psychology,” as I explain on page 18 of Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature. Feminism is an asylum, and the lunatics are running it. One of the pioneers of feminist theory,Kate Millett, “had serious mental health issues,” according to her sister, and was “a brutal sadist, a violent bully.” Another feminist pioneer,Shulamith Firestone, was a paranoid schizophrenic who spend decades living on public assistance. Crazy women like Jaclyn Friedman, who declares her “right to be wild” and go “down and dirty with strangers,”continue to be celebrated as feminism’s heroic leaders.

Once you recognize the influence of mental illness in shaping feminist ideology, you find yourself nodding in agreement with Professor Glenn Reynolds: “I’m beginning to think that most lefty movements are just about broken people trying to manipulate the rest of us so they can feel good about their broken selves.”

Indeed, the “broken people” are everywhere now, piling up like debris scattered by a storm or a flood. Decades of societal breakdown — accompanied by a cultural decadence that celebrates divorce, bastardy, prostitution and every imaginable perversion as expressions of “diversity” — have produced a generation of young people who lack the ability to form healthy, normal relationships. The “broken people” demand that society be further re-structured to accommodate their depravity and helplessness. School children must be taught how to negotiate sexual consent, because there are no longer any moral customs to regulate sexual behavior, nor are any of these feral youth capable of romantic sentiment, having been raised in a godless carnival of cruelty devoid of anything that might plausibly be called love.

A man found unconscious in a Nevada whorehouse turns out to be a former professional athlete once married to a member of a family of perverted celebrities. The only reason anyone ever heard of Lamar Odom is because he played basketball and married a Kardashian, yet his apparent drug overdose in a brothel is national news.

The only way to prevent yourself and your children from being swept downstream in this flood of wickedness is to avoid any contact with the “broken people,” including the weirdos in Hollywood and the feminist freaks who spew evil madness on the Internet.