You Will Not Believe How Time Magazine Exposed Feminists

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What makes a feminist angry? Haha..nothing but the bitter truth. This is what happened in 2015 when Time magazine showed us how to piss off feminists by showing them the bitter truth.

In a survey by Time magazine titled “Which word should be banned in 2015?” – the word ‘Feminist’ won by a landslide victory –

Word to be banned in 2015

This was enough to piss off feminists who poured in all kinds of slurs on Time magazine and forced them to withdraw the word from the poll and publish an apology


Apology from Time magazine

TIME apologizes for the execution of this poll; the word ‘feminist’ should not have been included in a list of words to ban. While we meant to invite debate about some ways the word was used this year, that nuance was lost, and we regret that its inclusion has become a distraction from…

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Salaheddin Islamic Center, Scarborough Gives No Response to Recent Incriminating Articles.

Thousands protest against Serbian president

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Serbians protested against President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party in downtown Belgrade on Saturday.


Thousands of people chanted “Vucic thief” as they marched peacefully through the city center in the fourth such protest in as many weeks. They demanded media freedoms, an end to attacks on journalists and opposition politicians.

Backers of the Alliance for Serbia, an opposition grouping of 30 parties and organizations, say Vucic is an autocrat and his party is corrupt, something its leaders vehemently deny.

Feminist Cunt Amy Siskind Tries to Get a Professor Fired for Disagreeing with Her

Feminist Amy Siskind tried to get progressive radio show host David Pakman fired from his adjunct professorship at Boston College after he dared to disagree with her social justice politics on Twitter.

In a tweet last week, Siskind argued that she would not support any white male candidates in the Democratic primary. “I will not support white male candidates in the Dem primary. Unless you slept thru midterms, women were our most successful candidate,” Siskind wrote. “Biggest Dem vote getters in history: Obama ‘08, Hillary ‘16. White male is not where our party is at, and is our LEAST safe option in 2020.”

Lithuania sees rise in public election committees

VILNIUS, Dec. 28 (Xinhua) — 97 public election committees have registered by the end of deadline on Friday afternoon to compete in the upcoming municipal elections in Lithuania this March.

A total of 97 public election committees and 18 political parties have handed their applications to compete in the municipal elections, according to Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission (VRK).

According to Laura Matjosaityte, head of VRK, the number of public election committees is what makes the upcoming municipal elections in Lithuania exceptional. Four years ago, 58 public election committees were registered in the municipal elections.

Matjosaityte said she thought the rise in number of public election committees might reflect the voters’ disappointment with traditional political parties.

“This shows that the interest in these temporary formations, if I may put it this way, is higher,” Matjosaityte told Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT.

“Probably, disappointment with political parties also could be felt in the public amid political parties’ problems,” added Matjosaityte, referring to the recent corruption scandal that had struck Lithuania’s Liberal Movement, the country’s largest liberal party.

Public election committees, which made their debut during the 2015 municipal elections, is a legal form for groups of the country’s citizens to run for election to the municipal councils without joining or establishing a political party.

According to preliminary data from the VRK, in total, around 12,300 people have registered to run for the seats at the municipal councils. Almost 6,700 of them are the members of the public electoral committees.

Also around 360 people have registered to run for the mayors in direct mayoral elections, a part of the municipal elections.

The final number of candidates would probably rise, since part of the candidates have handed their applications in the last hours of registration, noted Matjosaityte.

The elections to the municipal councils in Lithuania will be held on March 3.

Lithuania will also have presidential elections and elections to the European Parliament in May.

M103 Alive and Well in Toronto


word articleBeth Tikvah Synagogue in Toronto was planning on renting their space to the organization ‘Canadians for the Rule of Law’ for a conference entitled ‘The New Taboo: Respect for the Rule of Law in Canada’ to discuss topics of radicalism within the Canadian community. Their topics are to cover  1/ the radical left; 2/ radical Islamists; and 3/ the radical right within the following framework:


This conference was to take place March 17, 2019 in Beth Tikvah Synagogue.

The conference would feature speakers from the Jewish community, as well as anti hate activists such as Donald Carr, who sits on the board of CFTRL, David Matas, legal council for B’nai Brith…

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Belarus’ government promises best conditions for children’s development

MINSK, 27 December (BelTA) – Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko extended Christmas and New Year greetings to the students of the Cherven boarding school for children and young people with special needs on 26 December as part of the Belarusian nationwide campaign Our Children, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian government.
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Ugandan Christians live in fear of minority Muslims on quest for conversions

MBALE, Uganda — Sleeping on a hospital bed at Budaka Health Center in eastern Uganda, 12-year-old Emmanuel Nyaiti writhed in pain as he explained how Muslim extremists attacked him for refusing to convert to Islam.

” ‘Islam is a good religion,’ they said. ‘Please convert. We’ll not kill you, and you will go to paradise,” the boy recalled.

Emmanuel is one among millions of Christians in this East African nation who face unprecedented levels of persecution from Islamist extremists.

Christians in eastern Uganda are among those in their faith who face the most serious dangers in the world, according to World Watch Monitor, a group that tracks persecutions of Christians. The charity counted at least two incidents of Muslims killing Christians as well as vandalism of at least two churches.

Emmanuel was walking home from his grandmother’s house when four men ambushed him and spirited him to a cassava plantation, where they tortured him and attempted to strangle him. One was named Ali and another was Abdul, he said. They wound up leaving him for dead.

“Ali convinced me to convert and become a Muslim, but I declined. They started pushing me on the ground threatening to kill me if I don’t accept Islam,” he said. “One of the attackers hit me with a sharp object on my neck, and I became unconscious. I remember them saying they have killed me.”


Concentrated largely in the country’s east, Muslims comprise about 14 percent of Uganda’s primarily Christian population of 42 million. But the numbers — and the clout that comes with them — are in dispute.

More than 1.6 million Anglicans and almost 800,000 Catholics converted to Islam, Pentecostal Christianity or traditional African beliefs, according to the 2014 Ugandan census, the most recent survey, which did not break down which faiths receive which converts.

Muslims say their community is growing fast.

“Muslims are 25 percent of the total population and not 13.7 percent,” Hajj Mutumba, a spokesman of the UgandaMuslim Supreme Council, told local media. “We have two to four wives, and we are producing about six children in a space of two to three years.”

In eastern Uganda, Islamist extremists have intensified their campaign to convert more people to Islam.

Anti-Christian feelings

Many of those extremists belong to the Alliance of Democratic Forces, a Congo-based group of Muslim Ugandans who have fought an insurgency against their country’s central government in Kampala, noted World Watch Monitor. The alliance has helped stoke anti-Christian feelings in the region while calling for Islam-based Shariah law to be practiced in Uganda.

“Ugandan Muslims were not intolerant in the past,” the World Watch Monitor survey said. “But those who sympathize with ADF are preaching the idea of having an Islamic state in Uganda (and in a part of the DRC), and this is taking away the culture of tolerance.”

In June, a group of Muslims attacked Christian preachers in eastern Uganda during a “crusade,” where Christians publicly profess their faith and invite others to join.

Muslims in the town accused the Christians of mocking Islam by publicly saying Jesus was the son of God.

“They became very angry and began throwing rocks at Christians, chanting ‘Allah akbar,’ ” said pastor Moses Saku. “Many Christians were injured during the incident.”

Such altercations have become increasingly common, the pastor said.

“I witnessed an incident here where a Christian woman was brutally attacked with a machete by her Muslim husband for refusing to convert to Islam,” said Mr. Saku. “We continue to condemn the incident and urge our Muslim brothers to respect other religions and uphold freedom of worship.”

Muslims dismissed the allegations and said they warned their Christians neighbors not to make provocative statements that offend them. “We have now declared a jihad against them,” said Abubakar Yusuf, 55, a Muslim teacher. “We are not going to allow anybody to despise Islamic teachings at their church or crusade. We will seek revenge.”

Mr. Saku and millions of other Christians across Uganda are now demanding government protection.

“We cannot continue to live in fear of preaching the Gospel and telling people the truth that Jesus is the son of God,” he said. “As Christians, we need protection from the government because our Muslim brothers are very angry when they hear the truth. But we have never abused Muslims or Allah during our preaching.”

Police said they were investigating the details and circumstances behind attacks on the churches, crusades and people using provocative statements against others.

Mr. Saku said police need to make some arrests to scare Muslims who are attacking Christians. “They need to arrest these people,” he said. “We cannot live like refugees in our own country where we cannot worship and preach the Gospel freely.”

The Czech Republic is Europe’s biggest exporter of toys

In the UK and France, it’s Father Christmas (Santa Claus) or Père Noël who brings toys to children for Christmas. In Germany, it’s the Christkind (Christ Child) who delivers the gifts.

But across Europe, it’s really the Czech Republic who delivers most of the toys for children come Christmastime.

According to a new report issued by Unicredit Bank, the Czech Republic exported more than two billion euro (50 billion crowns) worth of toys in this year. That makes it Europe’s leading toy distributor, despite the smaller size of the country compared to some of its neighbors.

“Toys are one of the most popular Christmas gifts in Czech households,” said UniCredit spokesperson Petr Plocek.

“However, Czech manufacturers do not just deliver gifts under local Christmas trees; thanks to the export of model sets, dolls, and miniatures, we are a European toy supermarket.”

Perhaps ironically, however, it isn’t local Czech brands that are doing the most exporting from the country.

The Czech Republic has risen to the position of Europe’s leading toy manufacturer largely thanks to brands like Denmark’s LEGO, which has shifted a large portion of their production to the Czech Republic in recent years.

LEGO and similar plastic toys account for two-thirds of the Czech Republic’s toy output, though the country is also a leading producer of miniature sets and dolls.

While the Czech Republic produces the most toys in Europe, however, they don’t spend nearly as much on toys as their neighbors; the average Czech household spends 11% less on toys than the EU average.

Though major international toy brands like LEGO, Playmobil, and Ravensburger have production facilities in the Czech Republic, toy parts are typically manufactured elsewhere before being assembled, packaged, and distributed from the Czech Republic.

Some of the larger Czech toy manufacturers include ABAfactory, Abrex, Dino Toys, and Merkur, among many others.

Transnistrian leader calls on Moldova to revisit approaches to solve Transnistrian issue

CHISINAU, December 25. /TASS/. Leader of unrecognized Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky has called on Moldova to revisit its strategy for solving the Transnistrian issue. The Transnistrian leader’s press service reported that he made the corresponding statement on Tuesday at a meeting with Moldovan President Igor Dodon in Bender.

“The head of the Transnistrian state marked three outstanding issues on today’s agenda – telecommunication, the suspension of politically motivated criminal cases and the issue of the law on Transnistria’s status adopted by the Moldovan parliament in 2005,” according to the report, which was released after the meeting. The authorities of the unrecognized republic “would like to hear the opinion of the Moldovan administration on the specified law,” says the report.

In 2005, Moldova’s parliament adopted the law which determines Transnistria’s future states within single Moldova, without consultations with Tiraspol. Transnistria responded to it in 2006 with a referendum, at which 97% of participants spoke in favor of independence from Moldova and rapprochement with Russia. The completely different positions of the sides complicated the negotiations on the political formula of future relations between Chisinau and Tiraspol.