‘Transgender-Affirming Care’ Leads to Murder of 3 Kids in Church School

Female mass shooters are extremely rare.

Audrey Hale’s massacre of children and teachers at the Covenant church school in Nashville, Tennessee, makes her one of only three female mass rampage killers in America.

But Audrey had wanted to be a man. Audrey Elizabeth Hale changed her name to Aiden, cut her hair short, covered it with a red cap, put on camo pants and began killing children.

“Unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood,” a maddened Lady Macbeth rants. Audrey had unsexed herself to carry out the kind of rampage that traditionally only a man would have been ready to conduct. The multiple weapons, the manifesto, and the facility plans reflect the kind of attacks that young male mass shooters have carried out in the past. Audrey could never change her ‘sex’, but like Lady Macbeth she could commit traditionally male crimes by using cruelty to ‘unsex’ herself. Much like men who pretend to be women become insulting caricatures, all high heels, lipstick and shrill giggles, Audrey’s Lady Macbeth became a horrifying caricature of a man, brutal, violent and insane.

The majority of Audrey’s six victims were women and little girls. That is likely no coincidence.

Hating her own sex, Audrey set out to destroy women and girls as she had destroyed her own femininity. Transgender serial killers like Douglas/Donna Perry, Jeffrey Gorton and Hadden Clark have often targeted women and girls, but Audrey was not a man who wanted to be a woman. She was a woman who had been taught to hate being a woman with the same ultimate results written in blood on the carpeted floors of a church school until it was ended by real men.

Women and little girls died in Nashville because a woman had been taught to hate being a girl.

It’s unclear what medications Audrey might have taken, but the use of testosterone by women to suppress their biology for transgender purposes has been found in studies to cause aggression. (Expect these studies to disappear, be condemned or withdrawn after the Nashville shooting on account of being politically inconvenient.)

One of the transgender uses of testosterone by women is to eliminate their menstrual cycles. A disturbing result in one study found that women “whose menstrual bleeding continued despite hormone treatment were more likely to feel and express anger in an uncontrolled way.” The pursuit of a masculine identity is not about a journey toward, but an escape from femininity.

Unable to become Aiden and no longer the Audrey she remembered, the latest casualty of the transgender movement may have lashed out at the women and girls who reminded her of what she was and was not.

We don’t know all the details of Audrey’s descent into madness, but suicidal ideation among people who suffer from transgender ideation can be over 80% and as many as half reportedly attempt suicide. Audrey’s messages show that she was trying to kill herself. That’s what many mass shooters set out to do. It’s impossible to detach Audrey’s crimes from the suicide rates caused by transgender ideation. And the role of “gender-affirming care” in propping them up.

Rather than treating the underlying mental problems and root causes, the rise of “gender affirming care” has focused on enabling the destructive delusions of those like Audrey.

The transgender pandemic has spread among teenage girls through social media, through identity politics virtue signaling and aggressive advertising campaigns from plastic surgeons. Audrey, with her artistic interests, would have fit the profile for the sort of teenage girl who might have felt depressed and socially isolated while turning to online communities as an outlet. Changing her gender would have initially seemed like a solution to her problems, but like any form of self-medication, would have just created new problems without resolving the old ones.

The transgender movement is just another leftist cause that radicalizes new members. New recruits are quickly indoctrinated to believe that their family members are the enemy and that the larger society wants to ‘genocide’ them. On April 1st, a “Trans Day of Vengeance” will be held outside the Supreme Court to stop what it calls “trans genocide”. The Trans Resistance Network in Massachusetts issued a statement arguing that Audrey felt she had no “had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others” and that life for “transgender people is very difficult” due to “anti-trans legislation” and “right wing personalities”.

Had Audrey participated in transgender activism, she would have very quickly been taught to see most normal people as the enemy. Did this hatred running through the transgender movement play a role in Audrey’s killing spree at a church school in Nashville?

It’s unknown what “gender-affirming care” Audrey was getting, but all of society has become one great “gender-affirming care” machine that celebrates transgenderism and punishes deviation. It is impossible to be within range of society and not receive messages affirming destructive psychological problems of the kind that Audrey has decided to express by trying and failing to become a man. Audrey was in some way a victim of “gender-affirming care”. So were the dead.

School shootings often lie at the intersection of mental illness, including depression, among young people, combined with heavy doses of medication that influence the brain, and toxic internet subcultures that encourage extremism and violence. Audrey was likely affected by all three. And yet, unlike most school shooters, the internet subculture that likely drove her further into dysfunction and violence is one that is supported by corporations and governments.

Biden recently claimed that Florida’s efforts to protect children from “gender-affirming care” were “close to sinful”. At the Covenant School, Biden’s sin ended in death.

Churchome employee allegedly sold home to meet church’s compulsory tithing policy: lawsuit

Churchome, the Washington state megachurch led by Judah Smith and his wife Chelsea, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit for allegedly imposing a tithing policy on employees, in violation of state law, that requires them to give back no less than 10% of their gross earnings to the church or face disciplinary action, including termination.

One employee allegedly claimed that he was so committed to abiding by the policy he chose to sell his house during a financially difficult period so that he could afford to keep up with Churchome’s policy.

The lawsuit, a 44-page complaint filed last Tuesday in the King County Superior Court of Washington, was filed on behalf of Churchome employee Rachel Kellogg and at least 100 other employees affected by the policy during the last three years.

It names Judah Smith, Churchome’s lead communicator, his wife Chelsea, the church’s lead theologian, and Chief Executive Officer David Kroll as defendants.

“Defendants have engaged in a systemic scheme of wage and hour abuse against their employees, including the requirement that all employees rebate ten percent of their gross earned wages back to Defendants in the form of tithes on a monthly basis or face actual or threatened pressure, discipline, or termination,” Kellogg’s complaint says.

Churchome did not immediately respond to questions about the lawsuit from The Christian Post Monday. Kellogg’s attorneys, Toby J. Marshall and Jasmin Rezaie‐Tirabadi of the Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC, contend in the complaint that the conduct of the Smiths and Kroll violate Washington’s Wage Rebate Act and the state’s Consumer Protection Act.

“Plaintiff and Class members are current and former Churchome employees who have been victimized by Defendants’ unlawful compensation practices, unfair or deceptive acts or practices, and unfair methods of competition,” the complaint insists. “This lawsuit is brought as a class action under Washington law to recover unlawfully rebated wages, which must be returned to Plaintiff and those similarly situated.”

The complaint also alleges that the defendants enacted the tithing policy “in pursuit of financial gain or livelihood” for themselves as well as their “marital community.”


Study: ‘Transgender’ Youth at Highest Risk for Violent Radicalization

A 2022 study found that youth who identify as transgender are at the highest risk of “violent radicalization.”

The study, titled “Meaning in Life, Future Orientation and Support for Violent Radicalization Among Canadian College Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” explored the extent to which different demographics were open to violent radicalization.

The abstract explains, “The COVID-19 pandemic has increased levels of uncertainty and social polarization in our societies, compromising young people’s capacity to envision a positive future and maintain a meaningful sense of purpose in life.”

It also goes on to say: 

Within a positive youth development framework, the present study investigates the associations of a positive future orientation, presence of and search for meaning in life, and support for violent radicalization (VR) in a diverse sample of Canadian college students.

The study authors also explained the concept of violent radicalization, saying that it is “a complex and multidimensional phenomenon defined as a process whereby an individual or a group increases support for violence as a legitimate means to reach a specific (e.g., political, social, and religious) goal.”

The study also pointed out that “population-wide attitudes toward legitimizing some forms of violence may increase social polarization and fuel the emergence of extremist groups, thus providing a narrative to channel despair and rage in vulnerable individuals.”

The research included 3,100 participants between the ages of 16 and 25 years old from 18 different colleges in Quebec, Canada. Those who identified as transgender or “gender-diverse” accounted for 2.5 percent of the participants, 79 respondents. 

It found that “transgender and gender diverse students reported higher support for VR compared to students who identified as women.” In fact, youth who identified as transgender or gender-diverse were at the highest risk for violent radicalization. The study reads:

Transgender and gender-diverse youth emerge as the group at the highest risk of support for VR. This is in line with results of a recent survey conducted during the pandemic that highlighted high levels of support for VR as well as psychological distress among gender minorities

Meanwhile, a 2011 study in Sweden found that “​​female-to-males had higher crime rates than female controls … [and] did not differ from male controls. This indicates … that sex reassignment is coupled to increased crime rate in female-to-males. The same was true regarding violent crime.”

The studies garnered new attention after a woman who identified as transgender killed six people, including three young children, at Covenant Christian Academy, a K-6 school in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“We have a manifesto, we have some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this date, the actual incident,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters. “We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.” The manifesto has not been released.

The shooting occurred on the first day of “transgender week of visibility.”

The state of Tennessee also recently approved legislation defending children from medical interventions that seek to change a patient’s gender, including puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex change operations. 

In one protest in the wake of the legislation, which occurred just south of Nashville in Murfreesboro, Breitbart News captured video of protesters, with one holding a sign reading, “TRANS GIRLS NEED GUNS.”


Nima Gholan Ali Pour on Sweden’s Crisis of Unchecked Immigration

Nima Gholam Ali Pour, an Iranian-born member of the Sweden Democrats (SD) party who represents the municipality of Malmö in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag), is co-founder of the Perspective on Israel organization and author of two Swedish books on the subject of immigration: Why Multiculturalism is Oppression and Allah Does Not Decide in Sweden. Pour spoke to a March 17th Middle East Forum Webinar (video) in an interview with Benjamin Baird, director of MEF Action, the Forum’s grassroots advocacy initiative, about the Swedish government’s failed immigration policy and the Sweden Democrats’ proposal to change it. The following is a summary of his comments:

The Sweden to which Gholam Ali Pour and his family immigrated in 1987 after fleeing political persecution in Iran differs markedly from today’s nation. Whereas previously the native Swedish population had a “positive attitude” towards the migrants, the current critical attitude is due to the prevalence of culturally and ethnically segregated areas, populated by immigrants, that are violent and crime-ridden. Frequent muggings, gang violence, shootings, and even exploding bombs are a result of failed liberal migration policies that have injured many innocent bystanders.

Politicians exacerbated the problem by encouraging multiculturalism while ignoring the escalating social and cultural problems, many of which are connected to unemployment. A notable byproduct of the policy failures that now dominate public life in Sweden is the spread of Islamization. Promoted by the “leftist establishment” narrative that “Islam is part of the Swedish cultural heritage,” multiculturalists ignore the fact that there was no mosque in Sweden prior to 1976. Challenging these falsehoods earns you the left’s denunciation and being labeled a “racist or [an] Islamophobe.”


Palermo Stone


The Palermo Stone (2400s BC) is a piece of black rock in a museum in Palermo, Sicily. On it is carved in hieroglyphics the oldest known history in the world. It lists the early kings of Egypt and what took place in each year of their rule. Not counting the mythological part, it covers the first four and a half dynasties of Egypt,  roughly the years -3100 to at least -2471.


  • we have only about 10% of it;
  • not all of what we have is readable;
  • historical events are not tied to astronomical ones, so the actual calendar year is a matter of guesswork;
  • Ancient Egyptians’s idea of what counts as an important historical event is not the same as that of Western historians.

It goes on and on about what the king did for this or that god at this or that temple, but says little about the…

View original post 437 more words

The Legally and Morally Flawed Case Against Trump

Although we don’t yet know entirely how it will be structured, enough of the Manhattan District Attorney’s case against Trump has found its way into the public domain so that we know the general parameters. The centerpiece of the case is a misdemeanor charge under Section 175 for supposedly falsifying his business records. The theory is that Trump paid his former lawyer $130,000.00 in a series of reimbursements to Cohen and labeled them as legal expenses to conceal that the money was really to pay Adult Film Actress, Stormy Daniels for a nondisclosure agreement and that somehow this scheme violated federal election laws.

From a legal perspective, this bizarre wielding of State prosecutorial power in pursuit of what is essentially an alleged federal crime is seriously flawed.

For starters, it is not a crime to be a philanderer, if in fact Trump did have an affair with Ms. Daniels. She has claimed publicly that there was no affair – but who knows. It is not a crime for Trump to pay so-called “hush money” either. I hate it when people call it that. It is a legal contract called a “nondisclosure agreement” and it is not in the least uncommon. Particularly for a celebrity who is a married man with many business interests. There are myriad reasons – unrelated to his Presidential Campaign – for Trump to pay the money to Ms. Daniels.

The case is legally flawed for a second major reason. Specifically the Manhattan DA has a major Statute of Limitations problem.

It’s worth noting that the Federal Elections Commission and the Department of Justice have already looked at all this and took no action back when it was fresh. Nevertheless DA Bragg is essentially trying to stuff a federal campaign finance crime into a state law business records charge. The business records case under Section 175 is a misdemeanor and the statute of limitations is two years. If DA Bragg manages to shoehorn an alleged violation of the federal campaign finance laws into the Section 175 charge – despite being a state DA and not a US Attorney – then the business records case becomes a felony and has a five-year statute of limitations. My iPhone tells me this is 2023 – nearly seven years after any such Section 175 business record crime would have occurred. So, the statute of limitations has clearly run. Nevertheless, I wait on pins and needles to see what whackado legal theory DA Bragg pulls out of his…..hat to claim the statute of limitations has somehow not expired.

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the potential indictment is on moral grounds. The whole thing is immoral and rotten to the core. This is a political weaponization of the criminal justice system. This expected indictment comes as the 2024 presidential election season is kicking into high gear. Donald Trump is leading in some polls as he seeks the Republican Nomination for President of the United States. If this indictment were truly grounded in good-faith, it could have been prosecuted back when it allegedly occurred. There’s no legitimate reason to bring it now. Only politics.

At its core, the justice system relies on trust. We must have faith and trust that the prosecutors we elect to serve our communities will wield the awesome power of their office fairly, objectively and without regard to his or her personal political biases. The public needs to have faith that prosecutors are using their power to objectively pursue legitimate crimes.

This indictment would represent a perversion of the justice process and will undermine public confidence. This blatant hyper-partisan abuse of power will undermine public confidence and poison the well for legitimate cases that truly do need to be prosecuted. New York is in the midst of a crime crisis the likes of which are unprecedented. One would hope DA Bragg would aggressively pursue and prosecute murderers, rapists, and robbers with the zeal with which he is pursuing the former President of the United States for a seven-year-old alleged bookkeeping crime.

Nobody who’s paying attention needs me to tell them that Trump is not in friendly territory. The DA and nearly all politicians in New York are democrats and Trump is the bane of every democrat’s existence. One hopes Trump will find a fair-minded and impartial judge who won’t be afraid to do the right thing and dismiss any legally defective indictment, but I am not holding my breath. I can’t even begin to ponder how Donald Trump would find a fair jury in New York.

Hollow Sanctimony Over Hawara

One Sunday, two brothers, Hillel and Yagel Yaniv, young men with a bright future ahead of them were murdered while stuck in traffic in the Muslim village of Hawara in Israel. The locals celebrated their crime by singing, handing out candy and shooting off fireworks in the air.

“Every day, yes! – every single day – at least 20 Jewish cars get stoned while driving through Hawara,” Shmuel Sackett, the head of a tree-planting foundationwrote.

1,600 Israeli Jewish families have to travel the road that goes through the village. Stoning cars, he clarified, means “throwing bricks and dropping cinder blocks from rooftops.”

“Imagine a young mother with 3 children in her car, driving home from the supermarket. As she is driving, a brick comes crashing through her windshield. The shock of what happened is enough to give her a heart attack! The children start screaming, there is broken glass everywhere, but she cannot stop for help… because she’s in the middle of Hawara with a mob just waiting to finish the job.”

That evening, some Jewish residents showed up to protest in Hawara. And some did more than protest. They set the junk cars in a nearby lot on fire. A few threw stones and smashed things. The terrorists claim that one of their own was killed in the rioting, but that is suspect.

The outrage that ensued was everything that had been entirely absent from the terrorist killings of 14 Israelis this year, including an American, Elan Ganeles, who was killed the next day.

Biden’s State Department spokesman Ned Price blasted what he falsely called, “the wide scale and indiscriminate violence by settlers against Palestinians civilians” and demanded that Israel “ensure full accountability and prosecute those responsible for the attacks in addition to compensation for the property.”

This comes as the Biden administration has not only failed to demand accountability from the Palestinian Authority, but continues to fund the terrorists killing Jews.

Nobody expected anything else from the Biden administration or the media. An optimist might have expected more from American Jews.

The Sabbath of that week was the one known as ‘Zachor’ or ‘Remember’ during which the biblical verses from (Deuteronomy 25:17-19) commemorating an attack on the freed Jewish slaves leaving Egypt are read. “Remember what Amalek did to you on the way, when you went out of Egypt, how he happened upon you on the way and cut off all the stragglers at your rear.”

In Judaism, those verses are so important that everyone must come to the synagogue to hear them. Long before the Holocaust, ‘Never Again’ was engraved with burning letters in the Bible. That reading was followed by the story of King Shaul who was removed from ruling over Israel because he had taken pity on the Amalekite king. The Prophet Samuel, an old man, takes up the sword and does what the king failed to do and executes him, stating bluntly,  “As your sword bereaved women, so will your mother be bereaved among women.” (Samuel 1 15:33)

In one of the larger and wealthier Modern Orthodox synagogues in the Los Angeles area, the rabbi’s sermon was not on the subject of these politically incorrect readings even though they represent a unique religious obligation for which many of the congregants had come to the synagogue. Nor did the murder of Elan Ganeles, who had been part of the same Modern Orthodox movement, among the fourteen Jews murdered by terrorists just that year, come up.

Instead, like the rabbis of a number of other Modern Orthodox congregations, he denounced “vigilantes” and the way they had disgraced the Jewish people by taking the law into their own hands, and spoke at length of how terrible it was for Jews to fight back in such a manner.

Over the Purim week, I’ve heard stories of similar condemnations of ‘vigilantism’ delivered in mellifluous tones from the pulpits of prosperous synagogues resting in suburban enclaves.

That Sabbath was the gateway to the Jewish holiday of Purim which relates how the Jews gathered en masse and wreaked havoc on those who had plotted to exterminate them.

“And the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword and with slaying and destruction,” Megilat Esther, the Scroll of Esther, relates. That’s more than a junk car lot fire.

The Los Angeles Jewish community recently panicked over shootings which wounded two men. Its synagogues are protected by extensive armed security. How would American Jews react if such shootings were an everyday occurrence, not an aberration? What might they be willing to do if they watched those around them be battered, shot and killed week after week?

“After the brutal murder, candies and sweets were handed out, cake was distributed, and people were singing. When did all this stop?” Sackett wrote of what happened in the Muslim village after the riot. “Since that day, not one rock has been thrown at Jewish cars.”

The ethical question of when people may take the law into their hands is a difficult one. Violence should never be an easy answer, but when things get bad enough, it can be inescapable. And those who live privileged lives of comfort and security could at least try to envision what life is like for those under the gun.

American Jews, even those in the Modern Orthodox community, remain crippled by liberal niceties, by the conviction that violence is something only the ‘bad guys’ commit.

“How can such a thing happen? How could it come to this, that Jewish young men should ransack and burn homes and cars?” Rabbi Moshe Hauer, the Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union, deplored.

After constant terrorism, it’s more of a wonder that so few go out and do such things.

But on a Purim long ago, Jewish young men did far worse in Shushan. And King Shaul was deposed by the word of G-d not because he went too far, but didn’t go far enough.

Mindlessly deploring violence, regardless of the circumstances, is not a Jewish value.

The Torah warns against needless violence, but it also commands it if the situation calls for it. Some Modern Orthodox Jews have so absorbed liberal pieties that they are shocked and horrified by violence and have lost touch with Jewish values. They agonized over the video of some of the rioters praying ‘Maariv’ as if there were an innate contradiction with reciting ‘Aleinu’: derived from the prayer recited by Joshua when entering to conquer the land of Israel.

It’s understandable for people who live comfortable lives to deplore violence and ugliness, but there’s something deeply troubling when there’s more moral outrage directed at Jews burning junk cars in the village of their killers than at the killers. That isn’t morality speaking, it’s shame.

Modern Orthodox Jews who fall into the trap of holding Israeli Jews to one standard and their Arab Muslim attackers to a much lower one are duplicating the infamous Israel double standard. Under such double standards, survival becomes all but impossible. If the targets of terrorism are chained down by liberal pieties with everything expected of them and nothing of their enemies, that’s not morality, it’s a suicide pact. And there’s nothing Jewish about a suicide pact. either.

The ugly reality is that violence works. Building a society that transcends violence requires the cooperation of both sides. Without such cooperation, civilization doesn’t exist, neither does law and order. Israeli law, or that of any country, is completely inadequate to such a problem. The Israeli military or security service going in to occasionally arrest a few terrorists is a band-aid.

In a tribal society, tribal violence is a natural resort. Last fall, the Druze, a Muslim minority group in Israel, threatened to storm an Arab Muslim city after terrorists kidnapped one of their own from the hospital and tried to hold him hostage. Druze men brandished rifles and warned that if the body wasn’t returned to the family, they would take it. The Hawara rioters played by those rules. Unless a new Israeli government can cut a better deal than tribal violence, that may be the reality. Governments exist, among other things, to protect people from violence. If they show that they are unwilling and unable to systemically do so, they leave their people no other choice.

And American Jews would do better to understand than to sanctimoniously condescend.

Jews, even pro-Israel Jews, all too often embody Robert Frost’s line, “a liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.” Those who condemned the protesters, while offering hardly a thought for their killers, boasted that they “been accused of being blindly pro-Israel” in the past, but now they had disproven it. There is nothing shameful about being “blindly pro-America”, “pro-Israel” or “pro-civilization” when faced with a struggle to the death. It’s a liberal fallacy to think that objectivity is the way to confront the moral issues that arise when trying to survive.

American liberal Jews have all too easily forgotten what life and death struggles look like. They panic when they see Jews fighting back and condemn even the mildest reactions with far more outrage than they do the terrorists who are murdering them. That perhaps is why ‘Zachor’ or ‘Remember’ had to be a divine mandate. Most peoples would not need to be ordered to remember to strike back, but Jews are uncomfortable with such things and easily forget.

A voice from heaven had thundered, “Remember!” while a thousand smaller voices still command, “Forget”.

Mercedes Carrera Pretrial Postponed Again

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — The criminal trial of Mercedes Carrera and her husband on multiple child sexual abuse charges was postponed again last Tuesday according to court documents.

Judge Katrina West has now scheduled a new pretrial date for April 11, with the actual trial due to begin April 17.

A pretrial hearing for the case had been held last year in July, when an Oct. 3 date was agreed upon for the beginning of the jury trial. That date was repeatedly vacated and postponed, most recently until Feb. 27. However, that date was also vacated and a new pretrial was scheduled, rolling back the clock for the beginning of the jury trial.

Carrera and her husband, Jason Whitney, were arrested after a police raid of their Rancho Cucamonga home on Feb. 1, 2019.

By the new pretrial date, they will have been in the county jail awaiting trial for over four years, held initially without bail and later, after they had liquidated their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration, with bail set at $2 million for each.

Carrera’s lawyer, Geoff Newman — a private “conflict board attorney” appointed by the public defender’s office — has not made any comments to the press about these most recent delays.

For more of XBIZ’s coverage of the Mercedes Carrera case, click here.


Public Library Director Fired After Staff Allegedly Tried to Shut Down Kirk Cameron Reading Event

A public library director in Tennessee has reportedly been fired following allegations that he and some library staff tried to shut down a children’s reading event last month featuring conservative actor Kirk Cameron.

The Sumner County Library Board voted 4 to 3 on Wednesday to terminate Hendersonville Public Library director Allan Morales, according to a report from News Channel 5 Nashville.

Morales lost his job after last month’s children’s library event that featured Kirk Cameron, swimmer Riley Gaines, and Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson. It was Missy Robertson who accused the librarian of organizing a campaign against the event, though she didn’t use his name.

“He started a campaign in the community to shut [the event] down without officially canceling it because then he knew that it wouldn’t be good for their library,” Robertson reportedly said on a recent episode of BlazeTV’s “Unashamed with Phil & Jase Robertson.”

She alleged that while she and others were trying to shoot promotional videos, some library staffers began behaving disruptively to prevent the team from recording footage.

“They’re slamming books together. They’re kicking cabinets. They’re hollering out loud,” said Robertson.

In a Facebook post, Kirk Cameron referenced “unkind pushback” from “one disgruntled librarian.”

“Despite the rain and the unkind pushback (from one disgruntled librarian), an OVERFLOW crowd of families, mayors, county commissioners, and celebs welcomed and joined us at the library in Hendersonville, TN. for singing the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, praying and teaching faith in God and moral values to our kids,” Cameron wrote.

Kirk Cameron has been holding children’s reading events at public libraries around the country to promote patriotism, faith, and other values at a time when kids are being subjected to left-wing indoctrination, including drag queen story hours.

“I’m joining forces with grandparents, with parents, with patriots, concerned Americans, to prayerfully and purposefully take back the hearts and minds of our children. The Republic depends upon it,” the former Growing Pains star said in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Daily” with host Alex Marlow.


The Trump Arrest is the Last Gasp of 7 Years of Fake Lawfare

Having exhausted most of the federal resources in pursuing charges they couldn’t prove, process crimes that weren’t criminal and cases that had no crimes attached to them, the ball has partly passed to the states.

(Although Jack Smith’s Special Counsel investigation is the last great hope of the Mueller fanboys.)

Clumsy amateurish efforts have advanced in New York and Georgia that make little effort to disguise the fact that they exist purely to bolster the political status of the local officials involved.

The impending arrest comes from Alvin Bragg, a prosecutor so “progressive” that even Soros’ people emailed me to disassociate themselves from him the last time I wrote about him. (It’s pretty bad when even Soros doesn’t want his name linked to yours.) Bragg ran on a platform of not arresting criminals and he’s delivered.

Bragg was so bad that the city’s black female commissioner sent out an email warning that, “the new charging policies of the Manhattan District Attorney effectively decriminalizes much of the conduct that New Yorkers are asking the police to address,”

Stories like these regularly pop up.

A man accused of raping his teenage relative secured a sweetheart plea deal from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — and then went on to allegedly sexually terrorize five people in the Bronx just a month later, The Post has learned.

Bragg is pretty good at not charging criminals, but he’s no good at charging them.

The good news of the 7th year of this kind of lawfare is that it’s devolved down to the D-team. Bragg will get his booking photo and nothing else because he has no case.

As Jonathan Turley notes, “Although it may be politically popular, the case is legally pathetic. Bragg is struggling to twist state laws to effectively prosecute a federal case long ago rejected by the Justice Department against Trump over his payment of “hush money” to former stripper Stormy Daniels. In 2018 (yes, that is how long this theory has been around), I wrote how difficult such a federal case would be under existing election laws. Now, six years later, the same theory may be shoehorned into a state claim.”

Bragg, as terrible as he is, originally acknowledged that the case was a non-starter. He’s using it to boost his popularity. And while the sight of Trump being arrested will outrage and infuriate many, as it should, it’s really a sign of just how much the TDS lawfare has run out of steam.

They know that they have no case, but the media will desperately squeeze some more juice out of the dried orange by emphasizing the reactions of Trump supporters and warnings of violence.

Turley again.

A Section 175 charge would normally be a misdemeanor. The only way to convert it into a Class E felony requires a showing that the “intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.” That other crime would appear to be the federal election violations which the Justice Department previously declined to charge.

The linkage to a federal offense is critical for another reason: Bragg’s office ran out of time to prosecute this as a misdemeanor years ago; the statute of limitations is two years. Even if he shows this is a viable felony charge, the longer five-year limitation could be hard to establish.

Motivated federal prosecutors who can indict a ham sandwich didn’t want to touch this. Their NYC counterparts are not up to this game. They’re going to lose but they’ll get as much publicity as they can out of it.

France: Muslim with ‘record of Islamist radicalization’ disrupts church service, breaks crucifix into pieces

“Paris: a man on file S arrested after disrupting a religious service,” translated from “Paris : un homme fiché S arrêté après avoir perturbé un office religieux,” by Aude Blacher, France 3, March 17, 2023 (thanks to Medforth):

A man was arrested on Thursday after disrupting a religious service. The man, who is registered under an S-file, is suspected of causing damage to property at a church in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris.

A man, who has a record of Islamist radicalization, was arrested Thursday morning, in the Saint-Hippolyte church located on avenue de Choisy in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Agitated, he “disturbed the religious service,” according to a police source.

He is also suspected of having stolen a Plexiglas crucifix, two meters high, located inside the church the day before. This crucifix supported a wooden Christ dating from the 17th century.

This religious piece, which is said to have come loose during the theft, was found “broken into several pieces” on a nearby street corner, according to the same police source. The parish would not comment on these events. The suspect was taken to the psychiatric infirmary of the Paris police headquarters, his condition not being considered compatible with his police custody.

Eight churches vandalized since January
Last Friday, a man had already been arrested after uttering threats and insults in three Parisian churches, in Saint-Vincent-de Paul in the 10th arrondissement, in Saint-Nicolas-des Champs in the 3rd arrondissement then in Saint-François -Xavier in the 7th arrondissement. Since January, eight churches have suffered damage in the capital.

Faced with these acts, the town hall should soon meet the diocese of Paris. In the Council of Paris, the Changer Paris group has just asked for the implementation of measures to strengthen the security of religious buildings.

In particular, the group would like the police to ensure reinforced surveillance in front of places of worship and the installation of equipment to secure them.

The Scandalous Rise & Fall of Jerry Falwell Jr. | Documentary

Jerry Falwell Jr. was born into money and power as the son of TV evangelist and leader of the Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell Sr. Jerry Falwell Jr. preached fundamentalist views as the president of the largest evangelical university in the world, and built a billion-dollar empire. He demanded high standards from his employees and students, while breaking every rule in the book behind the scenes as he and his wife lived a secret double life. This documentary details the rise and fall of one of the most prominent Evangelical leaders in the United States.

George Soros Exposed as Major Force Behind Trump’s Prosecution and Imminent Arrest

President Donald Trump reacted to the news of his imminent arrest in New York by pointing out that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office’s “leader is funded by George Soros.”

Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg, whom Donald Trump is referring to in his post, was elected in November 2021 with indirect backing from left-wing billionaire George Soros, who gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, which spent it to elect Bragg.

The Color of Change PAC is a radical activist group that describes itself as “the nation’s largest online racial justice organization.”

Fox News reported that Soros has “funneled $40 million dollars into district attorney campaigns nationwide,” including Bragg’s.

Former New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton spoke out against the “$1 million donation that Hungarian-born philanthropist Soros gave to the Color of Change political action committee, which supported Bragg,” the New York Post reported.

“If you look at every city in America that has violent crime increases and disorder increases…what is the one common denominator?” Bratton said. “District attorneys, almost all of whom are funded phenomenally by George Soros.”

The New York Post reported that “Soros also donated $1 million to Alvin Bragg’s successful DA campaign in Manhattan, funneling the cash through the Color of Change political action committee.”

The Gothamist reported: “Color of Change PAC, a group that since 2016 has successfully backed reform-minded prosecutors across the country from Philadelphia to Michigan to Atlanta, announced they’d be pitching in $1 million dollars through their political action committee to put towards mailers, canvassing, and phone-banking on Bragg’s behalf.”

The National Police Association accused Soros of funding “ultra-leftist prosecutors like Alvin Bragg (New York City), Kim Foxx (Chicago), Larry Krasner (Philadelphia), and George Gascon (Los Angeles),” and blamed the campaign for fueling violent crime.

Color of Change endorsed Bragg, bragging:

Update: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg won the November 2021 general election with over 83% of the vote. He assumed office on January 1, 2022, and his current term ends on January 1, 2026.

Alvin Bragg (D) is an experienced attorney and a former chief deputy attorney general of New York. For over twenty years, Bragg has committed himself to defending the rights of New Yorkers without status or power. He is running to become the next Manhattan District Attorney to bring his professional and lived experiences to the forefront of criminal justice reform. If elected, Bragg would become the first Black District Attorney to lead the Manhattan DA’s office.

As a lifelong Harlem resident and the only Black man in this race, Alvin Bragg has had direct encounters with the criminal legal system that have shaped his understanding of injustices and informed his policy positions.

Growing up in Harlem, Bragg experienced and witnessed violence firsthand. As a teenage boy, Bragg was repeatedly stopped and frisked by the NYPD, including 3 times at gunpoint. He’s seen loved ones arrested and has opened his own home to support a close family member post-incarceration.

Now, Bragg has an opportunity to become

 infamous in U.S. history for charging former President Donald Trump.

The Soros connection was brought up by popular tweeter Catturd, who provoked a response from Twitter owner Elon Musk.

The Pedophile Behind Prison Abolition

When Angela Davis, a domestic terrorist, wrote, “Racialized Punishment and Prison Abolition”, she began by extensively citing an ex-Marxist French philosopher. “Michel Foucault’s ‘Discipline and Punish’ is arguably the most influential text in contemporary studies of the prison system,” she argued while crediting herself with an analysis of the “racial implications” of his ideas.

There is a straight line that runs from Foucault and Davis to the “prison abolition” movement that in its mildest form encompasses police defunding and reducing penalties for offenses and diverting criminals away from prison, and to proposals like Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s BREATHE Act that would create a “roadmap for prison abolition,” with the “full decarceration of federal detention facilities within 10 years”.

Terms like “carceral” or “decarceration”, now commonly used by leftists agitating for the elimination of prisons, police and the criminal justice system, owe much to Foucault.

Foucault’s Prison Information Group had originally been set up to aid Communist terrorists behind bars in Europe, but quickly linked together the idea that criminals were revolutionaries and criminal justice needed to be abolished. Angela Davis, who faced her own criminal charges over Marxist terrorism, took Foucault’s ideas and racialized them. And now they’re broken out.

While black nationalists are more likely to cite Davis and other black nationalists, she and leftist intellectuals very clearly credited Foucault and his Marxist analyses of criminal justice. Neither group tends to mention that aside from leftist extremism, Foucault was also a pedophile.

Many political activists have hidden or not so hidden private lives, but Foucault’s pedophilia was a fundamental element of his opposition to prisons and the criminal justice system.

Two years after Foucault wrote  ‘Discipline and Punish’, the book described by many defunders as the founding text for the prison abolition movement, he signed a petition calling for legalizing sex with 13-year-olds. This was not a one-time event. Foucault had signed another petition “calling for the freedom of three men accused of sex with boys and girls between age twelve and fifteen” as part of his vocal activism on behalf of legalizing the act of molesting children.

Foucault’s interest in prison abolition for pedophiles was not strictly objective. A decade earlier, he had been sexually abusing eight-year-olds in Tunisia.

“They were eight, nine, ten years old, he was throwing money at them and would say ‘let’s meet at 10pm at the usual place’” a former comrade related. “He would make love there on the gravestones with young boys. The question of consent wasn’t even raised.”

All sorts of writers and thinkers were privately guilty of assorted offenses, but it’s impossible to distinguish Foucault’s pedophilia, his sympathy for pedophiles and his opposition to locking them up from his more popular views on prisons and the criminal justice system.

In “The History of Sexuality”, he wrote censoriously of a 19th century village for persecuting a farm laborer who had groomed little girls to sexually pleasure him.

“The pettiness of it all,” he bemoaned. “This everyday occurrence in the life of village sexuality, these inconsequential bucolic pleasures, could become from a certain time the object not only of collective intolerance, but of a judicial action.” Foucault wrote sympathetically of “these timeless gestures, these barely furtive pleasures between simple-minded adults and alert children.”

An understandable position for a man who had paid starving little boys to do even worse. So was Fouculat’s insistence that believing “a child is incapable of explaining what happened and was incapable of giving his consent are two abuses that are intolerable, quite unacceptable.”

The Marxist influenced philosopher who later died of AIDS was certainly not the only 70s European intellectual to justify child abuse, but he did so in the same analytical terms that are at the core of police defunding and prison abolition arguments, and although long dead his sticky intellectual fingerprints are all over its modern rebirth in the western world.

A CBC softball interview with Ruth Wilson Gilmore, a black nationalist leftist activist calling for eliminating prisons, has her saying, “We in the contemporary abolition movement are fond of citing Foucault”. Gilmore often mentions the ex-Marxist child rapist as an inspiration.

A New England Journal of Medicine paper promoting “restorative justice” or having criminals apologize to their victims instead of being locked up, quotes Foucault. An Indiana Public Media story promoting prison abolition includes Foucault’s ‘Discipline and Punish’ as one of the top items on its reading list. Foucault runs through the abolition and defunding movement. And there is no escaping the fact that his seemingly dispassionate analyses of the prison system, grounded in pseudo-Marxism, were really expressions of sympathy for leftist terrorists.

And for pedophiles like him.

Despite widespread knowledge about Foucault’s crimes against children, no one in the movement influenced by his ideas has ever bothered to disavow them or even answer whether they believe that child rapists should be an exception to their proposed “prison abolition”.

‘Abolitionists’ go through every logical fallacy in the book. They redirect, argue that the question is a distraction, that child abusers are a minority of criminals, that most of them never get caught and that the phenomenon will disappear once the root causes are addressed. They claim, as The Intercept does, that imprisoning pedophiles is racist because, “while whites constitute the majority arrested for child pornography possession, black people get longer federal sentences.”

Mostly they act as if their movement hasn’t addressed the question and doesn’t need to.

But Foucault, the godfather of prison abolition, had already addressed the question. The movement, which quotes him so often, refuses to admit to his answers because it would destroy whatever support it has even among those who favor releasing most criminals.

Prison abolition was the brainchild of a child rapist who wanted to legalize pedophilia. He opposed prison because he belonged there and because the inmates would have never let him live if they knew what he was. Had Foucalt ever been imprisoned for his crimes, he would have been beaten to death by even the most hardened criminals: as imprisoned pedophiles often are.

The Left has much to say about America’s original sins and how they define the present, it has far less to say about its own original sins and how they define its movement. Prison abolition, police defunding and similar criticisms of the justice system are built on a child rapist’s conviction that raping children should not be a crime and that no one should be locked up for it.

America’s Crisis is the Universities

“The source of our current ills – the  lawlessness in our streets, the destruction of our borders, the racist ‘equity’ policies of the Democrat Party, the “woke” derelictions of our military leaders, can all be traced to the indoctrination of our educated classes in hatreds spawned by cultural Marxism.”
David Horowitz, ‘De-Fund the Universities!’

The Duke of Wellington reportedly stated that the battle of Waterloo was won on the fields of Eton College. George Orwell countered that, “Probably the battle of Waterloo was won on the playing-fields of Eton, but the opening battles of all subsequent wars have been lost there.”

America’s battles against foreign and domestic enemies have been lost in our ‘Etons’, our schools and universities which have turned their graduates against the country and its values.

The source of our social and political crises is the destruction of our educational institutions through a successful fifty-year effort by radical activists to purge conservatives and patriots from American academic faculties. This was followed by a massive reconstruction of the academic curriculum and the transformation of universities into one-party indoctrination and recruitment centers for the anti-American left.

We at the David Horowitz Freedom Center were among the first to confront the problem and take the battle to campuses across the country, but as the last conservative faculty are purged and conservative students are silenced, the old remedies of adversarial dialogue and debate are no longer available. Conservative speakers are violently assaulted on campuses and events are shut down. College administrators are finding ways to force out even tenured conservative faculty while mandatory anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-Asian and anti-patriotic “diversity” measures keep the doors firmly closed to conservatives and patriots.

It’s time to recognize that this is an existential threat to America and to take action against it. That’s why we’re calling for the defunding of universities.

A Survey of the Problem

Universities have become efficient indoctrination centers that couldn’t be any more destructive if they were being run by China and Russia.

Harvard University survey of the 2022 graduates showed that only 4% were Republicans while the majority were Democrats. The 7% of students that were conservative when they entered college declined to 4% when they graduated. 55% support the Green New Deal, 54% want to eliminate border security, and 33% back the terrorist-sponsored boycott of Israel.

This indoctrination is the work of a university where 82% of the faculty are leftists, 16% are moderates and only 1.4% are conservatives. Harvard is America’s Eton: shaping the leaders of the country, and those leaders are being indoctrinated to destroy the nation. .

Biden’s proposal to cancel student loan debt would be a disproportionately Democrat bailout with Harvard students owing over $1 billion and Yale students (where only 5% would admit to voting for Trump) at $760 million. Not only shouldn’t we be spending billions on bailouts for this corrupt leftist system, we should, as David Horowitz wrote, defund it altogether.

A report by Open the Books found that eight Ivy League schools received $4.3 billion in federal funding every year in the previous decade. In 2021-2022, the government spent $234 billion on grants, loans and other subsidies for college students. Biden’s illegal student loan bailout alone could cost over $400 billion. State spending on public colleges topped $100 billion. In the midst of massive inflation, unsustainable amounts of money are being spent on colleges. Students are going deeply into debt and that debt is eventually passed on to the American People.

What have taxpayers gotten for the billions lavished on these elite indoctrination centers?

Crime Wave

Studies estimate the annual costs of crime in the trillions. A single murder costs $17 million. Around 5,000 more people were murdered in 2020 due to the devastating impact of Black Lives Matter’s de-fund the police campaign, the decriminalization of crimes and pandemic prison releases. Aside from the horrific suffering, that’s $85 billion in costs created by policies that came out of academia.

8 in 10 college students supported the BLM race riots which caused billions in damages. Support for the race riots increased with each level of education. High school graduates were the least likely to support the riots while postgraduate degree holders were the most likely to. Nearly every university administration endorsed the riots and the racist hatred behind them.

BLM activists were more likely to have college degrees and campuses served as organizing hubs for the racist movement. But the crime wave destroying our communities is even more deeply rooted in campuses than that. From Michel Foucault to Angela Davis to Mariame Kaba, eliminating police, prisons and the criminal justice system were the inventions of academics and were incubated at college campuses, including Kaba at Barnard University and Davis at UC Santa Cruz which has received millions to promote the idea, and at Harvard, which teaches a course on it.

Restorative Justice, which proposes to replace crime and punishment with forgiveness for the perpetrator, originated in part from Goshen College in Indiana which now offers both a major and a minor in letting criminals go unpunished. Police defunding has been often directly credited to Alex Vitale: a sociology professor at Brooklyn College. The misery, the robberies, rapes and murders that have engulfed entire cities, were hatched out of academic theories at colleges that, like UC Santa Cruz and Brooklyn College, are taxpayer funded.

But this legalization of crime would not have been possible without the academic hate of “Critical Race Theory” that has poisoned race relations and pitted Americans against each other.


In 2007, 75% of white people and 55% of black people believed race relations were good. Today only 43% of white people and 33% of black still do. Rather than bringing us together, universities tore us apart with racist descriptions of America as a “white supremacist” society created and still defined by white racists which poisoned generations of their graduates.

Pew survey found that black people with college degrees “are more likely than those with less education to say being black has hurt their ability to get ahead.” White people with college degrees were more likely to believe in the racist myth of “white skin privilege,” – a term invented by the terrorist Weather Underground in the 1960s whose leaders subsequently became influential college teachers. College graduates in other surveys were more likely to attribute problems to systemic racism – which is outlawed under the 1964 Civil Rights Act – than to individual choices, and to support discriminatory equity policies such as affirmative action.

With critical race theory courses being taught in every leading law school, including Harvard, Columbia and Yale, and ‘whiteness studies’ courses in colleges across the country, billions in taxpayers money are being spent to employ and train a generation of racists.

Some of the country’s most notorious bigots enjoy comfortable academic perches including Ibram X. Kendi: the inventor of the bogus term “anti-racism,” which he defines as agreeing with the anti-American racist left. Kendi heads the $10 million Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, Robin DiAngelo, the author of ‘White Fragility’, is an associate professor at the University of Washington, and Cornel West, was until recently positioned at Harvard where he helped to popularize the slogan “Treason to Whiteness Is Loyalty To Humanity” of the academic journal, ‘Race Traitor’ in the racist field of ‘whiteness studies’.

And it’s paying off.

A 2022 survey of college students found that 78% believe “systemic racism is a big problem in our society – even though it is illegal and there is no tsunami of lawsuits, which would be the case if this claim had any truth in it. 50% believe “America is inextricably linked to white supremacy”. Why would anyone support such a country, or believe such intellectual garbage?

Because they’ve been relentlessly indoctrinated to hate their country.


College campuses have come to resemble Communist China with constant indoctrination and harsh penalties for political dissent.

At MIT, 68% of students were afraid to disagree with a professor about a controversial topic and 40% of faculty members were keeping quiet to avoid getting into trouble. A majority of students at the University of Wisconsin have stayed quiet in class and 37%, mostly conservative, felt pressured to agree with an instructor’s position.

These numbers hold true in national surveys where majorities of students are keeping quiet.

Universities have become a political monoculture and the indoctrination is going one way.

Over half the college of college departments in one survey did not have a single registered Republican faculty member. Only 61 Republican professors were found in 65 departments with Democrats outnumbering Republicans ten to one. It was estimated that, “Republicans make up 4% of historians, 3% of sociologists, and a mere 2% of literature professors.”

Mandatory diversity statements and racial quotas are used to keep a new generation of conservative professors from even being able to get inside to become tenure-track faculty. That systemic discrimination ought to be illegal, instead it’s being funded by conservative taxpayers.

Dominated by leftist faculty, universities are indoctrinating students with their ideology.

55% of liberal students, 37% of independent students, and 32% of conservative students in one survey said that their classes left them with a negative view of America. 57% of the liberal students, 35% of the independents and 12% of the conservative students were not proud to be Americans. 61% of the liberals, 38% of the independents and 16% of the conservatives came away with a negative view of capitalism. Is that American education or Marxist education?

College has become a standard rite of passage and the radical indoctrination on campuses is warping not only a select group, but the country as a whole. Generations are emerging who are not merely liberal, but support criminals and racists, and the destruction of America.

With no pride in their own country, college students are more likely to support dismantling it.

Open Borders and Illegal Invaders

As many as half a million illegal aliens attend colleges in the United States. Beyond the huge numbers of illegals benefiting from taxpayer funds, open borders are a university project.

After President Trump’s victory, the American Association of University Professors called for colleges to become “sanctuary campuses”. Columbia University’s Provost declared that the college would not “allow immigration officials on our campuses without a warrant.” Chancellor Timothy P. White asserted that Cal State “will not enter into agreements with state or local law enforcement agencies, Homeland Security or any other federal department for the enforcement of federal immigration law.”

Over 600 college presidents signed a letter in support of the DACA illegal alien program.

The 2022 Open Borders Conference was sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin. A previous conference featured an Academics Against Borders panel.

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández, a prominent supporter of eliminating ICE, uses his platform as a civil rights professor at Ohio State to wage war on the nation’s borders. And he’s not alone. Faculty at Northwestern and Johns Hopkins have pressured their institutions to end contracts with ICE. Appearances by ICE officials have been shut down by protests.

Books and articles like “The Case for Getting Rid of Borders—Completely” and “Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration” flow from George Mason University professors.

Some universities actively urge students to engage in anti-border activism while others even transport them down to the border and provide college credit for anti-border activism.

All of that open borders activism has trickled down to the student body.

In a poll asking whether the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should be abolished, 44% of students wanted to eliminate it and only 30% wanted to keep it.

A majority of white high school graduates supported expanding the border wall to stem the invasion. 63% of white college students opposed such a move. So did 72% of post-grads.

Universities have indoctrinated students to believe that America should not exist. A nation that should not exist, also should not have borders. Or the right to defend itself against enemies.

Disloyalty and Treason

A Quinnipiac survey asked if America were invaded, would they stay and fight or leave the country. Those who had college degrees were more likely to leave than those without. And young people were the most likely to leave and the least likely to stay and fight. They’re also the likeliest to have positive views of China and other enemy nations.

College students at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and many others, who are taught that America is racist and evil, are turning against their country and siding with our enemies. Surveys have found that high school students are more likely to be patriotic than college students.

New York Times poll showed that only 26% of Democrat voters with a bachelor’s degree agreed that America is the greatest country in the world. Only 12% of Democrats 18-29 believed that America was the greatest nation. And why would they when they’re taught otherwise?

Universities aren’t just critical of the country, they harbor the worst enemies of America, Israel, Europe and other free nations. That’s why campuses are where American and Israeli flags are burned, and conservative and Jewish students are harassed on a regular basis.

From Edward Said’s Orientalism to Hatem Bazian, the co-founder of Students for Justice in Palestine, university campuses have become terror hubs. It’s not unusual to find PFLP terrorist flags waved during Israeli Apartheid Week or to see college paper editorials like Amherst College’s ‘In Defense of Hamas’. On American campuses, 32% of Jewish college students reported experiencing antisemitism, 50% hid their identity and 65% felt unsafe. And no wonder when college students will openly pledge money to Hamas to bomb Israeli schools.

Exploiting this treasonous atmosphere, the People’s Republic of China has riddled campuses with its Confucius Institutes that act at the direction of the Chinese Communist Party, and foreign donors have used campuses to direct money to politicians, including Joe Biden, through the Penn Biden Center. With $12 billion in foreign money going to universities, much of it untraced, the potential for corruption is endless. Millions have flowed from terror sponsors including Qatar, Pakistan and even Iran. And it’s no coincidence that they are funding educational systems that undermine patriotism and promote the cause of America’s enemies.

Universities are being funded to indoctrinate students with hatred for America and for Jews. And they’re ‘double-dipping’ by taking money from America’s enemies and from American taxpayers.

The Corruption of Institutions

We are surrounded by national institutions that have been corrupted from their original purposes by the indoctrination that their leaders and employees received at universities. Big Tech censorship, military wokeness, the end of objective reporting and the radicalization of corporations are the consequences of a university education that puts wokeness above all else.

Media bias begins in the communications courses and journalism schools that teach that objectivity is a fallacy. Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism urges going “beyond objectivity” and “explores how the idea of objectivity has evolved” with “the values of younger journalists and modern newsrooms to better serve today’s diverse audiences.”

Military wokeness began with the takeover of service branch academies by non-military faculty from outside universities. It’s been embedded at the top by brass like Gen. Mark Milley, who has a master’s degree in international relations from Columbia University, and refers to Trump supporters as “Nazis” and is concerned about right-wing “domestic terrorists” and “white rage.”

Big Tech companies used to uphold libertarian values until they were flooded by a new generation of graduates who demanded that they go woke. Corporate wokeness across industries is being driven by younger workers, a phenomenon captured from the New York Times, “The 37-Year-Olds Are Afraid of the 23-Year-Olds Who Work for Them” to the Daily Mail, “Gen Z workers are Terrifying Millennial Bosses with Woke Demands”

Campus politics, safe spaces, entitlement and political intimidation moved over to the workplace and transformed Corporate America. Instead of graduates encountering the “real world”, the real world accommodated them so that, whether we want to or not, we all live on college campuses.

The college experience is transforming all of our lives even if we never set foot on a campus.

The Democrats, corporations, judges and entertainers all take their cues from the academic Left and dramatically upend our lives based on the latest theory coming out of academia. Universities have successfully radicalized the leaders, the executives, and the generals who actually run our society and put their values ahead of voters and shareholders.

A leftist minority that has used its disproportionate presence at universities as a ‘lever’ to fundamentally shift our country out of its place. Everyone successfully indoctrinated by that system has entered the workforce ready to execute its most extreme ideas from sexualizing children to eliminating prisons. Our leaders no longer represent our values, only leftist values.

The cost of that power grab has been the destruction of institutional trust. Every institution taken over by the Left has lost its trust rating. Last year, Gallup marked record low confidence in all institutions. Average confidence is now at 27% which is lower than it has been in over 40 years.

While the media and public schools have been rated poorly for some time, in the last few years there has been a sharp decline in trust for the military and banks due to their growing wokeness. Universities have led to a profound divide in our culture in which we no longer agree on basic moral and legal issues like the value of human life, the right to free speech, how elections are run and whether entire races share collective guilt.

These deep ruptures have led to two Americas and are leading both sides toward civil war.

Why De-Funding Matters

Universities were once a vital link in the chain of knowledge and there are a handful of principled institutions that may continue to serve that role, but the majority no longer want to.

The only hope of saving academic institutions of higher learning is to force them to restore academic values and scholarly inquiries as the basic and inviolable principles and practices of their classrooms. And to withhold all funding from all sources to their ideological programs, fields, and faculties. Some states are forcing universities to cease demanding diversity statements and that’s a start, but they should all be defunded until academics replace ideology.

The ‘self-defunding’ of the ideology-ridden humanities is already underway with a sharp decline in students majoring in them, from 20% to 7% at Harvard in only a decade, a decline of half at Vassar, Tufts and many other leading colleges, but as long as universities have infinite taxpayer money and endless endowments, the leftists who have hijacked them will continue to pour their poisons into the nation’s bloodstream.

In order to restore their funding, university faculties have to become ideologically and politically diverse. They have to restore standards that are not shaped by racist equity agendas, but by the requirements of scholarly inquiry and disinterested knowledge.

The massive pile of institutional and student debt, and the runaway growth of administrators, has made universities financially unsustainable for both students and institutions. Defunding them is the only way to deliver a ‘shock to the system’ that can save higher learning in America, and America itself.