Dhimmi Canadian government issues Women’s Day image of hijabi: “#MyFeminism is about equality for everyone”

“#MyFeminism is about equality for everyone.”

No, this is not a parody. It’s real. The badge of inequality — the hijab — is being promoted by the Canadian government as a manifestation of equality. Nothing could be more absurd. All over the Islamic world and among Muslims in the West, all too many women are forced to wear the hijab, so as to ward off the possibility that men might be tempted by their appearance. The hijab is a sign of the Islamic belief that it is the woman’s responsibility to prevent that temptation, and her fault if men are tempted anyway. That’s equality? The hijab is an intrinsically misogynistic garment that should be repudiated by any genuine feminists. Instead, it is being celebrated by mad Justin Trudeau’s government. Madness.



Uganda: Sheikh faces death sentence for leaving Islam after revealing he has been a Christian for a decade

Hussein, a 68-year-old Sheikh (Muslim leader) from Uganda, is facing a fatwa (death sentence) after publicly acknowledging that he has become a Christian. He had kept his faith a secret for ten years

There is no diversity and tolerance in Islamic law, so while Westerners promote a multiculturalist view that all cultures are equal, the facts prove otherwise. Those who expose these truths and the abuses associated with Sharia are tarred as “Islamophobic.” Hussein went from Muslim leader to an apostate worthy of death in Islam, even worse than someone who was born a Christian. Hussein was “granted a scholarship for further studies in Saudi Arabia. There he had exposure to radical Islam, which never sat well with him,” as it should not with anyone. But when he became a Christian, he incurred Islam’s death sentence for apostasy, and will live the rest of his life as a hunted man.


“Sheikh From Uganda Faces Fatwa After Being A Secret Christian For Ten Years,” Open Doors, March 12, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Hussein grew up in a Muslim home and started attending Islamic classes from the age of seven. After he finished school in 1977 he was granted a scholarship for further studies in Saudi Arabia. There he had exposure to radical Islam, which never sat well with him.

While there, he also came across reference to Isa (the Arabic translation of Jesus) in the Quran and Jesus Christ in the Bible as part of his Islamic Apologetics studies. He started questioning Islam, which worried his lecturers.

Soon after the fall of Ugandan dictator President Idi Amin Dada, Hussein lost his scholarship and was deported to Uganda. Hussein started teaching Arabic and Islam at local schools and later became the leader of one of the biggest mosques in the district. But his heart remained restless, and even after 30 years, he still wanted to find out more about Jesus.

One day in 2006, Hussein attended an open-air Christian-Muslim religious dialogue. “A pastor shared the gospel with us and explained the deity of Jesus in relation to God the Father in the Bible. My heart was filled with joy because the questions that had been plaguing my heart for so long were answered! In my excitement, I shared the message with a Muslim friend, also a sheikh, who cautioned me to never speak to him about Jesus again.

“When the Pastor invited us for a dialogue the second time, I asked to meet him separately. He agreed. During our meeting I told him I wanted to give my life to Jesus. He led me in a prayer of confession and I formally accepted Christ as my Saviour.

“I continued to attend the Muslim-Christian dialogue but did not tell any of my friends about my new faith. I kept it a secret for ten years, but in 2016 during another religious dialogue, I formally declared myself to be a Christian. The news quickly spread and I immediately started getting threats.”

“In July 2017, I offered my land to build a church. When the community got wind of this, they threatened to burn the pastor’s vehicles. But God used the county leaders to prevent the mob from causing destruction.

“That same night, three young men dressed in black with their faces covered came looking for me. They told my wife they wanted Bibles and heard that they could get them from me. My wife was suspicious and did not tell them where I was. We later learned that the young men had been sent to kidnap and kill me for apostasy. I learned that a fatwa had been called out against me. I sent my wife and children to live with my in-laws while I fled to a nearby refugee camp….



Tooba Yahya, mother in Shafia murder case, has permanent resident status revoked

The permanent resident status of Tooba Yahya, the Montreal woman serving a life sentence for killing her three daughters and her husband’s first wife in 2009, has been revoked.

Yahya, husband Mohammad Shafia and their son Hamed were convicted of first-degree murder in the deaths of the women in 2012. The bodies of their daughters Zainab,19, Sahar,17, and Geeti, 13, and that of Rona Amir Mohammad, 52, were found in a car submerged in the Kingston Locks.

The Shafia family and Rona Amir, Mohammad Shafia’s first wife in the polygamous marriage, left Afghanistan and came to Canada in 2007.

At a hearing in Montreal Thursday, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada determined that Yahya will not be permitted to remain in Canada as a permanent resident when she is released from prison. She will not be eligible for parole for at least another 16 years.


She is serving her sentence at Quebec’s Joliette Institution for Women and appeared at the hearing by video link.

Yayah’s lawyer Stéphane Handfield said his client’s life could be in danger if she is returned to Afghanistan and her only recourse will be a humanitarian appeal.

A deportation order was issued for Mohammad Shafia on Feb. 27. The immigration board said it had no information concerning Hamed Shafia.

It’s not yet clear whether similar immigration proceedings will be launched in the cases of Hamed and Mohammad Shafia, who are serving their sentences in Ontario.

The three members of the Shafia family appealed their verdict in 2015, arguing that expert testimony on the practice of so-called honour killing presented by the Crown at their trial prejudiced the jury and that Hamed was actually a minor at the time the crime took place.

Documents the family used in 2007 when immigrating to Canada showed Hamed would have been 18 at the time of the killings.

The age argument was rejected by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Hamed Shafia had asked the Supreme Court of Canada for leave to appeal, arguing new evidence showing he was a youth at the time of the deaths should not have been dismissed. The top court announced in April it would not hear the appeal.



Belief Jesus Is Only Way to Heaven Is ‘Insanity,’ Megachurch Pastor Michael A. Walrond Jr. Says

NEW YORK — Michael A. Walrond Jr., one of New York City’s most influential pastors who leads the more than 10,000-member First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem, is coming under fire online for telling his congregants that the belief that Jesus is the only way to Heaven is “insanity.”

Prior to preaching one of his sermons at First Corinthian just over two weeks ago, Walrond asked the congregation to recite their purpose statement, which he said “shape[s] our identity as a congregation.”

“We are an ever evolving community of visionaries, dreamers, and doers who have been called by God to live the lives we were created to live; commanded by God to love beyond the limits of our prejudices and commissioned by God to serve,” the statement read.

It was while explaining the statement to those who were not familiar with the church’s position that he explained his multiple ways to God concept.


Boston: Simmons College warns that saying “God bless you” is “Islamophobic”

Apparently any expression of one’s own culture, religion and identity is simultaneously an expression of hatred for Muslims. The implications of this are clear: Simmons College will have to embrace Islam altogether, adopt Sharia, and mandate hijab for all its students (it’s a women’s college). Anything short of this would be “Islamomisia.”


“College Warns Saying ‘God Bless You’ is Islamophobic,” by Todd Starnes, March 7, 2018:

If you happen to be in the library at Simmons College in Boston – and somebody sneezes — whatever you do — don’t say “God bless you.”

That’s because the librarians believe that the phrase “God Bless You” can spark something worse than a microagression. They fear it could spark an Islamophobic microaggression.

That’s right, folks – saying “God Bless you” is considered a form of “Islamomisia.”

That bit of information is tucked inside the college’s Anti-Oppression Library Guide – an exhaustive collection of words and phrases that could trigger perpetually offended collegiate snowflakes.

Islamomisia is a fairly new malady that until recently was known as Islamphobia.

“In North America (and throughout much of the western world), people who follow Christianity have institutional power, therefore Islamomisia is a systematized discrimination or antagonism directed against Muslim people due to their religion or perceived religious, national or ethnic identity associated with Islam,” the document states.

It’s not an official college policy, mind you, but — you know the drill.

The librarians — a real sensitive bunch – warn that phrases like “God bless you” and “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Easter” can make Muslims feel slighted….


Kenya: Muslims murder three Christians, scream “these infidels should be wiped out”

Suspected members of Islamic jihad group Al Shabaab shot three Christians to death in northeastern Kenya after bursting into their sleeping quarters at a primary school. Murdering Christians is a common activity for these jihadis, for the reason indicated by one of the murderers, who said: “These infidels should be wiped out.”

Islamic jihadis have already wiped out Christians to a great degree in the Middle East, and the aim is to do the same in Africa.

With the open borders policies implemented by irresponsible policymakers, the jihad has not remained in those locations, but has expanded into the Western Hemisphere.

It was reported in September 2016 that Mexico was helping bring a flood of unvetted African Muslim migrants to Mexican cities, bordering the U.S. border, many of which were from the Al-Shabaab jihadi hotbed….

Mexican immigration authorities have been spotted ferrying the asylum seekers from shelters and plazas to international bridges with the U.S.

Meantime, the willfully blind continue to lambaste Trump for his responsible efforts to control American borders.


“Suspected members of Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab shot three Christians to death in northeastern Kenya at 1 a.m. on Friday (Feb. 16), sources said,” Morning Star News, February 19, 2018:

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Suspected members of Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab shot three Christians to death in northeastern Kenya at 1 a.m. on Friday (Feb. 16), sources said.

Targeting Kenyans who came from other areas to work in predominantly Somali Wajir, some 100 miles from the Somali border, the suspected terrorists from the Somali rebel group entered the sleeping quarters of personnel at Qarsa Primary School and killed two Christian teachers and the wife of one of them, sources told Morning Star News.

After killing Seth Oluoch Odada, his wife Caroline and teacher Kevin Shari, one of the assailants said in the Somali language, “These infidels [non-Muslims] should be wiped out,” a teacher who survived the attack told a worker at Wajir Referral Hospital, the worker told Morning Star News.

The pastor of an area church, undisclosed for security reasons, told Morning Star News that Odada and his wife attended his church.

“We are very concerned about this selective kind of attack on non-locals who are also Christians in this region,” the pastor said. “Our other church members are not safe. Many of the church members, including teachers, have started fleeing the area to their home villages, and some did not attend the church for the Sunday service.”

It was not known if Shari belonged to a church. The bodies of those killed have been transferred to Chiromo Mortuary in Nairobi.

The hospital worker said that after shooting the couple, one of the assailants entered the house Shari shared with the surviving teacher.

The gunman shot at Shari, and the same bullet struck the hand of the survivor, who fell down and pretended to be dead, the hospital source said, adding that the injured man said the shooter wore a mask typical of Al Shabaab militants.

The area pastor said local people believe area residents have joined Al Shabaab.

“I think these are the people who killed the three Christians,” he said….