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Austrian PM threatens to close one of Vienna’s largest mosques after it has children dress up as Turkish soldiers

Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, who is known for his Islamophobic and anti-Turkey stance, threatened to shut down one of the biggest mosques in Vienna and urged municipal authorities to be stricter regarding state subsidies for the organizations belonging to Muslim minorities.

Kurz is not “Islamophobic.” Nor is he “anti-Turkey” for no apparent reason. These charges are a tired, oft-used trick of Islamic supremacists and leftists: blaming non-Muslim leaders simply for doing their duty to protect their citizens. Turkey has become increasingly aggressive under its despotic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has called for “an army of Islam” to obliterate Israel and has even stated that he wants to recover the territory formerly held by the Ottoman Empire.

Rejecting the reckless, suicidal policies of the EU, Kurz has vowed to resist the hijrah and work with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban. It is no wonder that he is now smeared as an “Islamophobe.” It goes like this: surrender to Islamic supremacy, you infidels, or else you are “Islamophobes” and “racists.”

This means that European nations are required to keep their borders open to the hijrah and stop resisting the application of sharia principles. Unfortunately, too many have already surrendered in order to avoid those labels of “Islamophobe” and “racist.” Meanwhile, all too many Muslims are free to rape infidels, torture girls with FGM, marry off child brides, subjugate women, persecute Christians and minorities, lop off heads, anything.

European leaders would rather invite into their countries the abuses practiced in Islamic states and usher in deadly jihad attacks rather than practice due diligence in immigration policy. Their focus is entirely on getting votes. They have no respect for the lives that have been sacrificed for freedom, or for their duty to protect their own citizens.

Kudos to the “Islamophobe” and “anti-Turkey” Kurz. Reasonable individuals do not support anti-Muslim bigotry, but they do resist the Islamic supremacist stratagem of forcing what are in effect Sharia blasphemy laws upon free societies. Free societies must protect the right to offend all ideologies, and that includes Islam, contrary to the immutable decree of Islamic law that Islam must not be challenged.


“Austrian PM Kurz threatens to close mosque, urges stricter funding for Muslim organizations,” A News, April 20, 2018:

Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz, who is known for his Islamophobic and anti-Turkey stance, threatened to shut down one of the biggest mosques in Vienna and urged municipal authorities to be stricter regarding state subsidies for the organizations belonging to Muslim minorities.

Austria’s anti-Turkey Chancellor Sebastian Kurz threatened to close one of the biggest mosques in Vienna and urged municipal authorities to be stricter regarding state subsidies for Muslim organizations in the city, reports said.

Kurz, who is known for his Islamophobic and anti-Turkey stance, criticized a commemoration event held in a Turkish mosque back in 2016, where children dressed up as Turkish soldiers took part in a reenactment of the World War I battle of Gallipoli.

“What took place… here has no place in Austria. There will be zero tolerance from the government,” Sebastian Kurz told reporters. “This government will deal with these negative developments with full force.”

The rightwing Kurz, 31, said that under Austrian law, the mosque could be closed.

His chief of staff Gernot Bluemel said on Tuesday that he had ordered the Kultusamt, the religious affairs authority, to conduct a “very thorough” probe.

The photos, published by the Falter weekly, showed the young boys in camouflage uniforms marching, saluting, waving Turkish flags and then playing dead.

The 1915-16 battle of Gallipoli, known as the Battle of Çanakkale in Turkish, saw the Ottomans resist an Allied invasion.

Turkey’s relations with Austria have long been strained, with Kurz calling on the European Union to break off negotiations on Ankara joining the bloc.

The young Austrian leader is the head of the conservative People’s Party of Austria (ÖVP) and was sworn in as prime minister on Dec. 18 after general elections in October. Earlier in December, a coalition was formed between Kurz’s ÖVP and the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) after eight weeks of intense negotiations. The FPÖ’s neo-Nazi connections caused concern in Austria and other EU countries. They have pledged to stop illegal immigration, cut taxes and resist EU centralization.

He recently came under fire after proposing to ban the Muslim headscarf in schools……

The New Scientist mag in January hired a feminazi from the man hating, female rapist defending U.K Guardian

New Scientist, the world’s leading science and technology weekly magazine, is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Wilson as Editor.

Emily is currently an Assistant Editor at the Guardian newspaper, with responsibility for global stories including science, environment, health and tech, as well as the organisation’s philanthropically-funded editorial projects.

Previously Emily was Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian’s Australia operation, based in Sydney, and before that held a number of senior roles across both digital and print at the Guardian in London, including time as Features Editor, Digital Network Editor, and also G1 Editor, with responsibility for the main news section of the paper.

Emily becomes the 11th Editor of New Scientist since its launch in 1956 and the first woman to hold the post. New Scientist Limited is an independent media company established in May 2017 when the title was acquired by a group of investors led by Sir Bernard Gray.


since then the New Scientist is publishing a series of articles designed to incite anti-male sentiments

The Slave Circle (Direct Marketing Devil Corp. Documentary)


DS-MAX, Smart Circle, Cydcor, Innovage, Granton, Quantum, The Landers Group, Cobra Group, PerDM, Credico, Appco Group, Optimo International, Socio Max, etc., are the exact same company.  They all have the same system, run the same scam and are owned by the same people.  They all have a “management training program”, incorporate their managers in order to avoid lawsuits, post misleading advertisements on career websites, and lie and cheat like it’s going out of style.  Having all these names is the only way to keep their racket alive because it makes it harder for people to find out who they’re working for.

Just think about it.  Why do they have so many names?  If they were doing good deeds, they wouldn’t need to hide within their nested spheres of deception and duplicity.  If they were doing the right thing, they would gather their entire organization under one banner and proudly advertise themselves to the world.  Instead, they change names like people change underwear and continue their fraud with different identities so new employees don’t know who they’re working for.


It seems as though the more things change, the more they stay the same: continuing a trend that dates back to 2008, Jews were again the single most targeted group for hate crimes in Toronto.

According to the Toronto Police Service’s 2017 Annual Hate Crime Statistical Report, the number of hate crimes in the city jumped 28 per cent, from 145 in 2016, to 186 last year. Jews were the victims in 53 of those occurrences, or nearly 29 per cent.

“In 2017, the Jewish community, followed by the black community, the Muslim community and the LGBTQ community were the groups most frequently victimized,” the report states.

Breaking down their findings by victim groups, police reported that Jews were the most targeted group, followed by blacks and Muslims, who each experienced 33 occurrences. Next were incidents targeting individuals with multiple identities, called multi-bias occurrences, with 27, and LGBTQ with 22.


When the religious component of multi-bias crimes is included – such as victims being identified by perpetrators as both black and Jewish, or Ukrainian and Jewish – the number of Jewish victims increases to 66, or 35 per cent of all incidents.

Jews have been the single most targeted victim group in Toronto for the past decade, according to police data. The number of incidents targeting Jews increased by 23 per cent in 2017 over 2016, when Jews were the victims of 43 occurrences, or about 30 per cent.

When examining the data by type of offence, police reported that the vast majority of incidents involving Jews were mischief offences, such as graffiti on property, with 46 occurrences. There were five incidents of uttering threats to cause bodily harm or threatening death and two involving the wilful promotion of hatred.

Jewish groups lamented the regrettable status of being the single most targeted victim group. “It is appalling that, in a city as welcoming and diverse as Toronto, an anti-Semitic crime took place on average once a week in 2017. Behind every victim of anti-Semitism is a person and a family who feel the lingering impact of hate,” said Noah Shack, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs’ vice-president for the Greater Toronto Area.