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Instacart buys Toronto-based Unata as it gears up for Canadian expansion

American grocery delivery service Instacart says it has bought Toronto-based technology company Unata to ramp up its expansion efforts across Canada.

Instacart’s chief business officer Nilam Ganenthiran says the acquisition gives the company access to Unata’s digital flyer, loyalty, e-catering and list-building capabilities.

The deal comes as Instacart gets set to roll out Wednesday in Ontario in Ottawa, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and the Kitchener-Waterloo region through a Loblaw partnership.

In December 2017, the company debuted in Canada by working with the grocery store giant to offer deliveries in Toronto.

Instacart would not reveal financial terms of their deal with Unata, which it says is expected to close imminently.

Unata will keep its Toronto headquarters.

Black Panther Film Sets Pre Sales Record – Black Women’s Proposed Boycott Of Movie Already A Dead Duck

Black Panther Film Sets Pre Sales Record – Black Women’s Proposed Boycott Of Movie Already A Dead Duck

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This is what happens when you refuse to stay in your lane, you’ll be embarrassed to the maximum degree and get your backside lit up and shut down horribly. Such is the case with the angry and bitter black sisterhood who in light of recently discovering that one of the film’s main stars, actor Michael B Jordan is dating an attractive Latin American woman by the name of Ashlyn Castro, decided in their profound infantile jealousy that they would boycott the movie upon its February release, foolishly believing that they had some form of leverage in the Marvel film franchise and additionally thinking that they could pull the same sabotage technique which they wrought against Nate Parker and his film Birth Of A Nation. Oh how wrong they were.

As I’ve state before, it seems that black women as a collective are determined to…

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Hijab “Islamophobic hate crime” hoax girl and her family owe Canadians an apology

Furey is right. Faking “anti-Muslim hate crimes” is a big business, designed to manipulate public opinion and public policy, and so when these hoaxes are exposed, there need to be consequences. The girl is just 11. What did her family know? Were any Islamic organizations involved? There needs to be a full and honest investigation, especially now, as Canada is clamping down on criticism of Islam in line with the “anti-Islamophobia” Motion M-103. But there will be no investigation, as long as Justin Trudeau, who jumped to sympathize with Khawlah Noman but has been silent since her hoax was exposed, is Prime Minister.


“FUREY: Hijab hoax girl, family owe Canadians an apology,” by Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun, January 15, 2018 (thanks to Graham):

It was the assault that pulled on the heartstrings of a nation.

Khawlah Noman’s story of being attacked not once but twice by a man in his 20s who used scissors to cut her hijab garnered responses from coast-to-coast.

The media seized upon this troubling tale as camera crews rushed to her Scarborough school for a press conference several hours after the Friday morning assault happened.

“I felt really scared and confused,” Noman said as part of a broader statement, explaining she screamed and the man ran away, only to return again. “He continued cutting my hijab again.”

Noman was flanked by her young brother, who witnessed the despicable act, and her mother – who was in tears.

The public sentiments were like a deluge: they came fast and they came strong. Toronto Mayor John Tory. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They all issued statements. “Canada is an open and welcoming country,” posted Trudeau, “and incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”

The Toronto Sun featured the story on the front page. My colleague Lorrie Goldstein posted the following sentiment that I agreed with and retweeted: “One can only imagine how terrified this innocent child must have been to have been attacked twice by the same man in the space of a few minutes. Appalling.”

I thought at the time that everyone falling over themselves was a bit too much. The suspect had not yet been found. Maybe things weren’t quite as they were portrayed. And, besides, people are unfortunately assaulted daily in this country and the overly political response to this one implied that assaulting a girl in a hijab was somehow worse and more deserving of censure than assaulting one without.

But even if the response was overkill, the basic idea of a girl being randomly attacked while walking to school was still worthy of our condemnation. It’s not like it would turn out to be a hoax. Right? Wrong.

On Monday, Toronto Police issued the following brief statement. “After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described did not happen,” it read. “Our investigation is concluded and we don’t expect anything further.”

It did not happen. It was a hoax. Well then that statement just doesn’t cut it. While police may not be expecting anything further, Canadians certainly will be.

The outpouring of public support this girl received shows Canadians are compassionate people. They take allegations of this type of intolerance seriously. Yet their generosity was abused.

There are too many questions remaining for the cops to leave it like this. Last August, police considered charging a man in Durham Region for misleading them about a false Islamophobia complaint. Section 140 of the Criminal Code covers public mischief. It says that “making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed and offence” could see you locked up for up to five years. They even arrested a homeless man in the case, only to later find the complainant’s story didn’t add up.

Now Khawlah Noman is an 11-year-old, so would not be charged. But what did her mother know? Watching the girl’s video statement again, the girl’s words look well-prepared. It must be asked, given what we now know: Was she coached?…



Netherlands: 13-year-old Muslim tries to kill his mother because “women are not allowed to divorce”

A divorced woman “dishonors the family.” Killing a divorced woman honors the family. That’s Islamic morality.

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. The Palestinian Authority gives pardons or suspended sentences for honor murders. Iraqi women have asked for tougher sentences for Islamic honor murderers, who get off lightly now. Syria in 2009 scrapped a law limiting the length of sentences for honor killings, but “the new law says a man can still benefit from extenuating circumstances in crimes of passion or honour ‘provided he serves a prison term of no less than two years in the case of killing.’” And in 2003 the Jordanian Parliament voted down on Islamic grounds a provision designed to stiffen penalties for honor killings. Al-Jazeera reported that “Islamists and conservatives said the laws violated religious traditions and would destroy families and values.”

Until the encouragement Islamic law gives to honor killing is acknowledged and confronted, more women will suffer.

The Netherlands: 13y/o Afghan boy tried to kill his mother ‘because women are not allowed to divorce,’” Voice of Europe, January 12, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A thirteen-year-old boy from Arnhem, the Netherlands, stabbed his mother in September last year, because she recently divorced his father. The attempted murder trial started today and will be resumed in March.

According to his mother the reason for the divorce was physical abuse. The woman therefore lived with her youngest child at a secret address.

In Afghan culture, the mother “dishonoured the family” with the divorce and she was at risk of being killed. The father reacted to the divorce by leaving the Netherlands with their two children without the mother’s consent. He taught his son that a mother should never divorce her husband according to Afghan tradition.

The second time the father went abroad, the mother contacted the police and the authorities arrested the father. Because of his arrest, the mother was reunited with her children, not realising that her son was waiting for her to stab her multiple times with a knife. The woman was brought to hospital with life-threatening injuries but she survived the attack….

What Do the NIV, Satan, and Gay Sex Have in Common?

  Did you know that Zondervan publishers (who publish the New international Version of the Bible) is owned by Harper Collins?  Harper Collins also publishes The Joy of Gay Sex and The Satanic Bible.  Tragically, many professed Christians know this yet continue to use their corrupted NIV bible.  Oh how apostate America has become when even it’s professed Christians are using corrupted Bibles that blasphemy and dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is absolute blasphemy what the NIV translators did to Philippians 2:6…

King James Bible: “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:

New International Version: “Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped,”

Verse 5 makes it clear that this Scripture is speaking about Jesus Christ, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”  The NIV butchers have gone 180 degrees the opposite direction of the truth by saying that Jesus couldn’t grasp equality with God.  The Bible teaches that Jesus is not only equal with God, but Jesus is Almighty God.  In fact, Jesus self-proclaimed Himself as Almighty God in Revelation 1:8, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

Jesus said that a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit.  There is NO WAY that the Satanic bible can live in harmony with God’s Word.  There is NO WAY that God would preserve His word (as He promised in Psalm 12:6-8) through a company which also sells a book on how to have enjoyable gay sex.  It’s sickening in the name of decency.  Yet, foolish immature believers promote and continue to use the perverted NIV.

If you are using a NIV, you need to toss it into your garbage pail and beg God to forgive you for using a Satan-inspired counterfeit bible.