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The Path of Democracy think tank is planning to field up to three candidates in the Legislative Council polls in an attempt to forge an alliance of moderates and “revitalise” Hong Kong’s legislature.

Announcing its plan on Friday, the group’s convenor and former legislator Ronny Tong Ka-wah hoped the blueprint would help achieve “one man, one vote” for the election of the city’s chief executive.

Tong quit the Civic Party and Legco in June last year after a Beijing-decreed electoral reform package was voted down by pan-democrats, including himself.

Tong resigned mainly because he said the camp had failed to come up with a feasible proposal to lobby Beijing, and he would rather spend time looking for a “middle way” through his think tank.

After months of speculation, Tong said on Friday that the think tank recently endorsed three possible candidates for the Legco polls in September. They are the group’s co-convenor, Joseph Lau Pui-wing, and governors Gary Wong Chi-him and Raymond Mak Ka-chun, but the plan is still subject to the think tank’s final approval next month.

“We are considering multiple constituencies because if all three got elected, they could form an alliance with other moderates to become a critical few … that would influence the political climate,” Tong told the Post: “We hope to revitalise Legco, especially its legislative function. Otherwise, with endless quarrels and internal strife, it is difficult to relaunch the electoral reform process.”

Political pundits expect competition in the September elections to be the most intense in the city’s history, as new groups have emerged across the political spectrum.

When asked if the Third Side, a middle-of-the-road party co-founded by former Democrat legislators, will be his group’s main rival, Tong said that his think tank would seek to win support with its vision for Hong Kong and its policy proposals – not just its political positioning.

During a three-day visit to Hong Kong last week, state leader Zhang Dejiang had a groundbreaking meeting with 10 lawmakers, including four pan-democrats. Tong said he hoped it was “a step forward” for the pan-democrats’ relationship with Beijing.

Path of Democracy member Joseph Lam Chok, who is said to be dating current Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak Ming-sze, previously indicated an interest in the Legco polls, but Tong said Lam had told him that he would rather focus on his work as a barrister.



Trump is attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton because of all the women Bill has molested. But Trump wasn’t always singing this tune.

Trump senior adviser and special counsel Michael Cohen was pressed on CNN’s “New Day” about Trump’s past statements sympathetic to Bill Clinton.

Cohen was particularly pressed about Trump’s comments in 1998 on Fox News in which he called Bill Clinton “a victim himself” and lashed out at Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg and Monica Lewinsky as “truly an unattractive cast of characters.”

“He was a private citizen who was friendly with the Clintons, and he was trying to protect a friend, all right,” Cohen said. “Now, it’s a different game. It’s 2016, he is the presidential, he’s the Republican presidential nominee.”

In other words, when he was a businessman he said one thing in order to curry favor with the Clintons; now that he’s running for President, he’s saying something different to get elected. How can we trust anything this man says?



Lilongwe – A Malawian family has filed a K10m lawsuit against a local hospital after their son lost his penis following a forced circumcision.

According to Malawi24, the 9-year-old victim was found lying close to his home shortly after the procedure took place in the Chikhwawa district.

The boy’s father alleged that he was operated on by the SSDI, a component of the ministry of health that did male circumcisions as a means of preventing the spread of HIV.

The boy was said to have been taken along with several other minors after they were coerced by sweets, juices and biscuits.

The father complained that his son was operated on against his will and contrary to Sena cultural laws.

Previous reports indicated that circumcision did not contribute to a decrease in the rate of HIV infection, with statistics showing that HIV rates had doubled in Malawi, despite a range of interventions having been put in place.

Other studies had found that circumcised men had the highest prevalence of HIV in Malawi,Malawi24 said in a separate report.

Gay Australian Rugby Player Arrested by FBI, Sought Sex With 6-Year-Old Boy


The Bingham Cup is a tournament held every two years since 2002 by the International Gay Rugby Association and Board (IGRAB), and today marks the opening ceremonies of this year’s tournament in Nashville. Alas, one Australian player will have to miss the ceremonies:

Michael Quinn, an avid rugby union player from Melbourne, embarked on a US adventure last week with some of his teammates.
They began the trip with a stay at a Hollywood Hills home, then planned to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, for the Bingham Cup, a global rugby tournament honouring September 11 hero and pioneer of gay rugby clubs, Mark Bingham.
He is locked up in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Centre, charged with attempted child sex trafficking, and faces the prospect of life in the US federal prison system without the prospect of parole.
US authorities allege Mr Quinn, a Monash University-educated geneticist at a Melbourne IVF clinic, kept a dark secret from his travelling companions.
On Saturday afternoon, two days after he landed in LA on Qantas flight 93, Mr Quinn caught an Uber to a hotel where he planned to meet with “like-minded men” and a six-year-old boy, according to the criminal complaint.
In the hotel room, the Cartoon Network was playing on the TV and Toy Story-themed cupcakes were available to eat.
Mr Quinn, according to US authorities, also had $US260 ($A360) in his pocket.
The money was to allegedly pay for the sex he planned to have with the six-year-old, who was yet to be presented by a pimp.
Mr Quinn had also allegedly brought a camera, film and a monopod to support the camera.
About 10 minutes after Mr Quinn arrived in the room, and after he had had a beer, chat and a Toy Story cupcake with the strangers, an undercover agent posing as a pimp came to the door and said “money time”, according to the criminal complaint.
“Quinn, clearly remembering the previous discussions where he had been told the price would be $US250 to sodomise the boy for approximately an hour, he pulled out his money and gave the pimp $US260,” Aaron McClellan, a special agent for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, wrote in the complaint.
“After Quinn paid the pimp, law enforcement came into the room and arrested everyone.”
Mr Quinn was the target of a meticulous operation by undercover agents from ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations unit.
It began in April when an agent accessed a social networking site with online groups who “expressed their sexual interest in children” and found a post from “Mick” who stated he was travelling from Australia to LA.
Mick, who US authorities say has been identified as Mr Quinn, allegedly told the undercover agent he was “looking for sex with children” and while “he liked both boys and girls, his favourite were boys, aged 5-10”.
“Would love to share one with you mate,” Mr Quinn allegedly wrote.


This arrest is probably just a random coincidence.

Australian Gay-Marriage Crusader Was
Fugitive Wanted on Kiddie Porn Charge

— May 14, 2016

Gay Pedophile Elementary School Teacher
Sentenced to 40 Years in Florida Prison

— March 19, 2014

Gay Pedophiles Used ‘Multiple Fake
Female Personas’ in Child Porn Ring

— March 18, 2014

Famous Gay Rights Activist Now Also
Famous for Child Pornography Habits

— Jan. 25, 2014

Two Gay Men Used Russian Surrogate
Mother to Create Boy for Sex Abuse Ring

— July 1, 2013

It’s not like there’s a pattern here or anything.


Barbara Ellen: “do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil? I don’t”


Shannon Fosgett showed no emotion Thursday as she pleaded guilty to seven charges against her, five of them felonies, including having sex with a 16-year-old male student.

The former Murrieta Valley High School teacher also admitted that she bothered another underage male student.

In the plea bargain, Fosgett must serve two years and register as a sex offender.

“Justice was not served completely,” said Tasha, the victim’s mother. “But I think we are making strides.”

Tasha said the experience has taken an emotional toll on her son.

“He was extremely despondent and depressed, quit everything he loved,” she said. “Quit life.”

Outside the courthouse Fosgett and her attorney declined to talk.

But the victim’s father said two years in state prison isn’t enough time.

“There is no justice,” he said.


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