Canada: Trudeau government refers to returning jihadis as “foreign terrorist travelers”

“Foreign terrorist travellers” will be given “reintegration support.”

That means that the Trudeau government will shower money upon them, in the mistaken assumption that poverty and lack of economic opportunity that cause terrorism. Then they will be shocked, shocked!, when some of these men return to jihad anyway.

In reality, these jihadis are enemy combatants. They joined an entity that is avowedly at war with Canada, and has called for jihad massacres on Canadian soil. They should not be allowed back in.

“PATHETIC: Trudeau Government Calls Jihadis ‘Returning Foreign Terrorist Travellers,’” Spencer Fernando, November 17, 2017 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur):

…Here’s what Trudeau government spokesman said Dan Brien (obviously using PMO approved talking points), when asked about Canada’s policies on ISIS fighters coming back to the country:

“Returning foreign terrorist travellers and their families, specifically women and children, require the appropriate disengagement and reintegration support.”

While the “reintegration support,” is the most disturbing part, the fact that the government is trying to “rebrand” dangerous Jihadis as “returning foreign terrorist travellers” is absurd.

This is disgracefully manipulative wording by the Trudeau government. These people weren’t sightseeing in a place terrorism happened to occur. They were actively fighting on behalf of a brutal terrorist organization.

It unfortunately fits with a troubling pattern of the Trudeau government prioritizing political correctness above all else, and seeking to downplay what is a real threat to the Canadian people. After all, other countries are trying to eliminate Jihadis before they can return, while the Trudeau government seems most worried about sounding “nice.”…

The Boston Islamic Seminary Is Training the Next Generation of Extremists

New research by the Middle East Forum has uncovered evidence of extreme antisemitism among faculty members and guest speakers appointed by the Islamic Society of Boston to teach and promote its latest project: the Boston Islamic Seminary (BIS).

BIS was established in 2016 to “equip future religious leaders with the intellectual, spiritual and practical training to serve the American Muslim community.” Currently, it offers “continuing education” classes, but it hopes to offer an accredited graduate degree program by 2019, which will “train chaplains, imams, and other leaders to serve in a variety of contexts.”

And what exactly will this next generation of chaplains and imams learn at BIS?

Faculty listed on the BIS website include Yahia Abdul Rahman, who is described as an expert on “sharia-compliant” banking. On his social media accounts, Abdul Rahman has posted stories from “The Ugly Truth,” a website that describes itself as “intelligent ‘anti-Semitism’ for thinking Gentiles.” Elsewhere, Rahman has shared claims that any Muslim who fails to oppose Israel is no longer a Muslim, and is afflicted with a “Jewish heart.” Other posts of his claim the Jews were complicit in the 2008 financial crisis.

Another BIS lecturer, Suheil Laher, previously served as head of the (now-defunct) Al Qaeda charity, CARE International. On his old website, Laher published calls to jihad and linked to an Al Qaeda fundraising website. On his current website, Laher refers to homosexuals as “depraved sinners.”

Other current BIS faculty members include Amr El-Fass, who suggests that Jews are to blame for intra-Arab conflict; and Hisham Mahmoud, whom moderate Muslim groups denounced after he likened homosexuality to pedophilia, and advocated that homosexuals should be punished.

Guest speakers are BIS are just as extreme. In June 2016, BIS invited Abdelrahman Murphy to address a BIS audience. Murphy, who is a former employee of the Islamic Society of Boston, works for the Qalam Institute, which hosts a document on its website warning that Muslims who seek “cleanliness” and “purity” should “not resemble the Jews.” Murphy has stated: “There is no such thing as an innocent Israeli.”

Another speaker at the BIS event with Murphy was Yousef Abdallah, who serves as the “East Coast Operations Manager” for Islamic Relief, a prominent Islamist charity. Abdallah has posted jokes on social media about “stinking” Jews, has written that Chris Christie is “down on his knees before the jewish lords,” and has shared a story praising “martyrs” who provide guns to “kill more than 20 jews” and “fire rockets at Tel Aviv.”

The Middle East Forum has uncovered several other examples. We asked the Boston branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) — which often talks about other examples of hate speech — for comment, but it did not reply. Curiously, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston also failed to respond.

Tennessee: Imam claims Jews will destroy Kaaba, prays that Allah “inflict your revenge upon them”

Praying that Allah would take revenge upon the Jews is not just an imprecatory prayer; it’s a direct incitement to violence. This is because Allah says in the Qur’an: “Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people and remove the fury in the believers’ hearts.” (Qur’an 9:14-15)

“Allah will punish them by your hands.” So when the imam AhmedulHadi Sharif prays that Allah “inflict” his “revenge” upon the Jews, he is praying that Muslims would fight Jews, because Allah fights against the Infidels by means of the Muslims.


Tennessee Imam AhmedulHadi Sharif Warns Zionists Might Destroy the Kaaba,” MEMRI, July 24, 2017:

In a Friday sermon delivered at Antioch, Tennessee, Somali-American Imam AhmedulHadi Sharif said that the Zionists, the “number one terrorists in the world,” had “kidnapped” the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Imam Sharif prayed to Allah to “inflict Your revenge upon them” and to “make a deterrent example out of them.” He further said: “If we lose Jerusalem – know that it is not going to stop there… The enemies of Allah will come and try to destroy the Kaaba.” The Friday sermon was delivered at the Islamic Center of Tennessee, in Antioch, Nashville, and was posted on the center’s YouTube channel on July 24.

Ontario Arabic-Language Newspaper Blames Jews for the Holocaust

Nov. 14, 2017

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – An article appearing in a bi-weekly Arabic-language newspaper distributed across Southern Ontario blames Jews for the Holocaust and promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories, B’nai Brith Canada has learned.

The article in question, entitled “Hidden Khazaria,” appears without attribution on page 17 of the Nov. 10 issue of al-Meshwar, which is owned and edited by Nazih Khatatba. While it takes the form of a review of an antisemitic book written in Russian by Tatyana Gracheva, the author of the al-Meshwar article makes it clear that he agrees with Gracheva’s conclusions, stating that she “corroborates all of these facts using historical sources.”

In particular, the article claims that “the Zionist movement and the banks affiliated with it worked with the fascists in Germany, and funded Hitler’s election campaign and his rise to power in 1933.” It goes on to assert that there are “facts which confirm their defence of the fascists’ wealth in order to commit massacres against the Jews in Europe to compel them to migrate to Palestine.”

The article also insists that “the United States is the hidden second Khazaria and that it is secretly ruled by descendants of these Jews, and that there are multiple techniques that their descendants now use to subjugate the governments and the states which refuse to become part of their global empire.” Khazaria is a reference to a Turkic state based in southern Russia that partially converted to Judaism during the eighth century CE.

“This article is yet another anti-Jewish libel promoted by an Arabic-language newspaper in Ontario,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Al-Meshwar has a long record of antisemitism, and it is disturbing to see that some members of the community continue to distribute it and place advertisements in it.”

Khatatba is a former board member of Palestine House, based in Mississauga. In August, federal NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton disavowed his support after B’nai Brith exposed Khatatba for promoting Holocaust denial on an Arabic-language television program in May of 2016. Khatatba denied the allegations at that time and lashed out at B’nai Brith instead of issuing an apology.

Last week, Palestine House led a demonstration at Celebration Square in Mississauga where protestors chanted, “Oh youth, join him, join him – the martyr has sacrified his blood!” B’nai Brith has launched a petition demanding that the City of Mississauga publicly condemn the protest, impose fines on Palestine House for violating the rules of conduct at Celebration Square, and prevent it from taking advantage of city property for similar future rallies.

Canada: Palestinians in Mississauga openly call for bloody jihad against Jews

B’nai Brith Canada is calling on the City of Mississauga to enforce its bylaws against protestors who have threatened violence against Jews and encouraged children to engage in terrorism.

Back in July, B’nai Brith “exposed a rally in Mississauga’s Celebration Square, in which hundreds of people chanted in Arabic, “‘Remember Khaybar, oh you Jews, the Army of Muhammad will return!,’ in reference to an ancient battle in which a Muslim army defeated and slaughtered Jews in the Arabian Peninsula.”

Then again earlier this month, Muslim speakers made similar calls to violence at the same location, and with children present.  Shouts rang out to destroy Israel and for the blood of martyrdom.

Recently, Palestinian Media Watch discovered that Palestinian children were stabbing Israelis and committing other terror attacks to enhance their status in society. It meant so much to these children to harm Israelis in so-called “resistance” that many of them also lied to authorities or their peers about being guilty of attacking Israelis, to heightened their social status. Clearly, these children are being conditioned by jihadist adults; now the same conditioning is happening in the Peel region in Canada.

Incitement to harm and kill Jews is quite common in Western societies, particularly during al Quds Day rallies, but without follow-up by authorities. The usual response by authorities to calls of violence and murder against Jews by Muslim hate preachers and Islamic supremacists is “we are looking into it” or “we are investigating.”

This alarming news in the region of Peel in Canada (near Toronto) is not the only disturbing event in that region:

  • A schoolteacher who called a jihadist who crushed the skull of a four-year-old Israeli girl a hero and martyr is back in the classroom, after receiving a mere rap on the knuckles for her abhorrently violent Facebook postings. A spokesperson for the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School said that Nadia Shoufani returned to work at St. Catherine of Siena Separate School. She was not charged with a hate crime…. and she is being entrusted with the well-being of children.
  • The Peel school board in Mississauga is not only allowing Islamic sermons, but it is also refusing to monitor the contents of those sermons. This decision followed the lamentations from the Muslim community “that Muslim students feel stigmatized and targeted” because their Friday prayers were restricted to pre-approved sermons, whereas previously, Muslim students were free to use any sermon they chose that was approved by an administrator.

“Say NO to Antisemitism and Incitement on Mississauga City Property,” B’nai Brith, November 13, 2017:

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – B’nai Brith Canada is calling on the City of Mississauga to enforce its bylaws against protestors who have threatened violence against Jews and encouraged children to engage in terrorism.

In July, B’nai Brith exposed a rally in Mississauga’s Celebration Square, in which hundreds of people chanted in Arabic, “Remember Khaybar, oh you Jews, the Army of Muhammad will return!,” in reference to an ancient battle in which a Muslim army defeated and slaughtered Jews in the Arabian Peninsula.

On Nov. 4, the same protestors, led by Palestine House Public Relations Chief Amin El-Maoued, returned to Celebration Square to call for the destruction of Israel. With young children in attendance, protestors chanted, “Oh youth, join him, join him – the martyr has sacrificed his blood!” In the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict, “martyr” is often used as a euphemism for terrorist or suicide bomber.

Peel Regional Police have launched investigations into both incidents, but the City has taken no action, even though its bylaws forbid the use of loudspeakers as well as “profane or abusive language” on City property.

“Mississauga is known as one of Canada’s most diverse cities,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “In order to maintain that positive image, the City must ensure that all Canadians – including Canadian Jews and Israelis – can feel safe in its public spaces.

“There can be no place for antisemitism or support for terrorism in our society – and Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie should make that clear.” …

Toronto Company Has to Pay Fine After Worker’s Hijab Causes Death

via Food company where young female worker died fined $300,000 – Toronto – CBC News  h/t IOTW

A commercial bakery in Toronto where a 23-year-old employee died just over a year ago was fined $300,000 Thursday for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Ontario labour ministry issues 6 orders against Toronto food company after young worker dies

Justice of the Peace Rhonda Roffey handed down the sentence in the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto.

The fine comes after Fiera Foods Company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that a worker near a source of entanglement had secured all loose clothing, as required by section 83(2) of the provincial Industrial Regulation. This violated section 25 (1)(c) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, according to a provincial government press release.

The incident occurred back on Sept. 2, 2016 at the Fiera Foods plant at 50 Marmora Street in Toronto. A 23-year-old female employee who had been sent to the facility by a temp agency and had only been on the job for three weeks was wearing a hijab that was loose at the ends.

The hijab became tangled under a guard covering the chain drive of a conveyer belt. An emergency stop button was not within reach, the news release said.

At the time, police said they arrived at the facility around 5 p.m. to find the worker without vital signs. She was pronounced dead in hospital.

A few days later, the province’s labour ministry issued six orders against the company, including a one stop-work order to provide an emergency stop control on the machine; a requirement for an engineering assessment of the conveyer line where the accident occurred; and a time-based order to provide safe access and egress to and from the work area where the accident occurred.

In Thursday’s sentencing, Roffey also imposed a 25-per-cent victim surcharge as required by the Provincial Offences Act. The surcharge is credited to a special government fund to assist victims of crime, the news release said.

If they didn’t allow the hijabi to work on the line they would have been sued and wrongly called Islamophobic. Now, rather than banning the hijab and other head coverings near this type of machinery, the government will further burden employers and fine them.

Reminiscent of this Canada: Muslim woman dies after hijab tangled in Montreal escalator