Canada: Former mayoral candidate charged with “hate-motivated crime” for criticizing Islam

Rabia Khedr claims that Johnston was “inciting violence” against Muslims, but that doesn’t seem to be true, unless by “inciting violence” Khedr means simply criticizing Islam. Unless he was directly calling for violence, this is evidence that Canada’s “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103, contrary to promises, is indeed being applied as a binding law, and is not simply a condemnation of Islamophobia without legal force.

If Johnston were a vociferous critic of Christianity, would he have been arrested and charged?

You know the answer.

The freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing in the West, and most people have no idea that it is happening, or why it matters.

“Kevin J. Johnston, Mississauga website operator, charged with hate crimes,” by Stewart Bell, Global News, July 24, 2017:

A former Mississauga mayoral candidate whose online posts targeting Muslims have prompted complaints was arrested Monday for “hate-motivated crime,” Peel Regional Police said.

Kevin J. Johnston, 45, was charged with a single count of wilful promotion of hatred following what a statement called “a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents reported to police.”

The Freedom Report website where Johnston posts his radio-host style videos, many of them aimed at the Islamic faith and individual Muslims, remained online following the arrest.

Johnston was charged under a section that outlaws promoting “hatred against any identifiable group,” other than in private conversation. He faces up to two years imprisonment if convicted.

The charge was approved by the Ontario Attorney General’s office, which has the final say on hate crimes prosecutions. He was scheduled to appear in Brampton court on Monday.

“This charge is long overdue,” said Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims. “We welcome this development as an important step towards safeguarding our communities from unchecked hatred that both harms social cohesion and threatens the safety of community members.”

Johnston could not be reached for comment. A recorded message on his phone did not mention the arrest but said his YouTube and Twitter accounts had been suspended….

But in recent months he has become known for his remarks about Muslims, particularly in his opposition to an anti-Islamophobia motion in Parliament and weekly prayers in Peel district schools.

He had stirred complaints by offering a $1,000 reward for a recording of “hate speech” during the Friday prayers at Peel district schools. He later increased it to $2,500.

WATCH: (March 31, 2017) Reward offered for footage of Muslim students spewing ‘hate speech’ during Friday prayers

He also demonstrated outside the office of Mississauga MP Iqra Khalid to protest M-103, an anti-Islamophobia motion she had introduced in the House of Commons.

“Iqra Khalid needs to be deported as an enemy,” his website said.

Muslim leaders in the Toronto area had grown increasingly concerned about his videos singling out of their faith, which the website had called “as evil as evil gets” and a “military doctrine” that needed to be banned.

“Today the Muslim community of Peel can sleep safer knowing that there are consequences for promoting hatred and inciting violence against us,” said Rabia Khedr, Executive Director of the Muslim Council of Peel. “We hope that these charges will serve to deter future assaults on our community.”


Rajabbi Khurshed, 18, committed suicide 40 days after her arranged marriage to Zafar Pirov, 24.

She passed a government-required prenuptial exam but Pirov, from Tajikistan, demanded two further tests and called for a new wife after refusing to believe the results.

Pirov faces jail and stands accused of pushing his wife to commit suicide in the village of Chorbogh.

Ms Khurshed’s family claim Pirov cast their under-pressure daughter out and say she admitted she “couldn’t take it any longer” as she lay on her deathbed.

Her mother, Fazila Mirzoeva, told Radio Free Europe Khurshed had never had a boyfriend or intimate relationship before marriage.

Describing her daughter as a victim of “slander and violence” she has issued a plea to President Emomali Rahmon to intervene and save Khurshed’s reputation.

She said Khurshed dropped out of school to care for her two disabled brothers.

Pirov, who faces eight years in prison if found guilty, insists his wife was not a virgin.

He said: “My wife gave me a written statement that she allows me to get a second wife because she wasn’t a virgin when we got married.”

Medical checks before marriage were made compulsory for men and women in 2015 to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but expanded to include virignity tests.

Sex before marriage in Tajikistan is taboo and brides passing their virginity test receive a doctor’s letter to confirm the results.


Netherlands: School pays Muslim pupils $571 because photo day fell during Ramadan

Two Muslim children, both sisters, missed a school class photograph in The Hague during Eid al-Adha and as a result, the school has compensated the pair 500 euros. Their parents had demanded 10,000….

lawyer for the sisters, said the incident…was a clear case of discrimination… the Cantonal Court found the school guilty and awarded the pair 500 euros each in compensation

The court capitulated to brazen Islamic supremacist parents — posturing as victims as usual — and unjustly enforced a penalty upon the school for offending the sensibilities of the Muslim children. Rather than teaching their children about integration and assimilation, these Muslim parents imparted to their children a sense of victimhood, entitlement and superiority over infidels.

Islamic supremacists are becoming increasingly emboldened because of Western weakness. All they need to do is pull out the words “discrimination,” “Islamophobia,” and “racism,” and bingo, useful idiot infidels shrink into submission.


“Dutch School Gave Muslim Pupils 500 Euros Compensation Because Class Photo Day Fell During Ramadan”, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, July 12, 2017:

Two Muslim children, both sisters, missed a school class photograph in The Hague during Eid al-Adha and as a result, the school has compensated the pair 500 euros. Their parents had demanded 10,000.

The Maria Montessori School in The Hague was brought to court over the matter and accused of discrimination because the sisters were not included in a class photograph. The Cantonal Court found the school guilty and awarded the pair 500 euros each in compensation, Dutch broadcaster RTL News reports.

Laura Zuydgeest, the lawyer for the sisters, said the incident, which occurred in 2015, was a clear case of discrimination because the only people affected were Muslims. The school defended its choice saying they tried to bring in the photographer in the morning but the only time the photographer was available was when the sisters and their mother were at a mosque for prayers.

The mother of the pair originally wanted 10,000 euros for the incident and said during the trial: “Do you know how it feels when your five-year-old daughter enters the classroom every day looks at the picture and asks, ‘Mommy, why I’m not here?’ and you can not explain it to the child?”

Ms. Zuydgeest said the mother in the case was happy with the outcome.

The anti-mass migration Party for Freedom (PVV), led by Dutch critic of Islam Geert Wilders, submitted parliamentary questions on the case, asking whether the judge who presided was “crazy” and if they should be suspended from their post.

Mr. Wilders took to Twitter to comment on the case, posting an image of a woman in a full-face Islamic niqab veil and a caption telling them to use the 500 euros to buy a one-way ticket to an Islamic country.

Sweden’s Islamic Rape Epidemic: Almost Half of Victims are CHILDREN

Sweden’s Islamic Rape Epidemic: Almost Half of Victims are CHILDREN
10News ^ | 07/08/2017 | na 

Posted on 7/8/2017, 5:39:07 PM by ForYourChildren

Rapes are rampant in Sweden, following years of Muslim immigration. An alarmingly high percentage of the victims are children.

Rapes in Sweden has been soaring since the country started to take in large numbers of Muslim migrants and refugees. According to statistics, 92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group.

The top-10 list of rapists’ national background shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi background, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo. Migrants and refugees from Afghanistan are 79 times more likely to commit rape than Swedes.


(Excerpt) Read more at …

Canada sending Sharia-supporting Muslim Parliamentary Secretary to OIC session

Canada is beyond going down a slippery slope. It has been pushing the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s vision of “Islamophobia,” which is directly opposed the freedom of speech. Canada has also awarded notorious jihadist Omar Khadr 10.5 million dollars along with an apology for being interrogated as a “child soldier” in Guantanamo, after he murdered an American medic and blinded another American soldier. Canada is now engaging with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in sending a Muslim MP, Omar Alghabra, on its behalf to the 44th session of the OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers. This is reason for grave concern.

Ten years ago, as Omar Alghabra and his supporters celebrated his election victory in Mississauga-Erindale, someone on the noisy stage uttered the phrase, “This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam won!… Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics.

It is recorded that “in 2002, Mr Alghabra stated that he did not believe that HAMAS (Muslim Brotherhood proxy group) or Islamic Jihad were terrorist groups.” Also, “when Ontario declined to permit the use of sharia law in Ontario, Alghabra said he was disappointed.”

Note below the ironic claim of the OIC to offer Canada a distinct opportunity to raise and advance our core values, including human rights, freedom, democratic governance and the rule of law.

“Parliamentary Secretary Alghabra to attend meeting of Council of Foreign Ministers of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation”, Foreign Affairs Publisher, July 10, 2017:

Omar Alghabra, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Consular Affairs), announced today that he will visit Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, from July 10 to 11, 2017, to attend the 44th session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The council’s central theme this year is Youth, Peace and Development in a World of Solidarity.

During his visit, Parliamentary Secretary Alghabra will have the opportunity to meet with OIC member states…..

The OIC council meetings will offer Canada a distinct opportunity to raise and advance our core values, including human rights, freedom, democratic governance and the rule of law.


Canada to apologize and give $10,500,000 to Muslim who murdered U.S. soldier

He pleaded guilty to killing an American soldier. This outrageous shakedown epitomizes the weakness, flaccidity and wrongheadedness of the West’s response to the global jihad.


“Omar Khadr to receive apology and $10.5M compensation package from Canada: official,” by Rob Gillies, Associated Press, July 4, 2017 (thanks to Lookmann):

The Canadian government is going to apologize and give millions to a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan when he was 15, with Canada’s Supreme Court later ruling that officials had interrogated him under “oppressive circumstances.”

An official familiar with the deal said Tuesday that Omar Khadr will receive $10.5 million. The official was not authorized to discuss the deal publicly before the announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity. The government and Khadr’s lawyers negotiated the deal last month.

The Canadian-born Khadr was 15 when he was captured by U.S. troops following a firefight at a suspected al-Qaida compound in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of an American special forces medic, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer. Khadr, who was suspected of throwing the grenade that killed Speer, was taken to Guantanamo and ultimately charged with war crimes by a military commission.

He pleaded guilty in 2010 to charges that included murder and was sentenced to eight years plus the time he had already spent in custody. He returned to Canada two years later to serve the remainder of his sentence and was released in May 2015 pending an appeal of his guilty plea, which he said was made under duress.

Omar Khadr spent 10 years in Guantanamo Bay. His case received international attention after some dubbed him a child soldier.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that Canadian intelligence officials obtained evidence from Khadr under “oppressive circumstances,” such as sleep deprivation, during interrogations at Guantanamo Bay in 2003, and then shared that evidence with U.S officials.

Khadr was the youngest and last Western detainee held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba….

After his 2015 release from prison in Alberta, Omar Khadr apologized to the families of the victims. He said he rejects violent jihad and wants a fresh start to finish his education and work in health care. He currently resides in an apartment in Edmonton, Alberta.