Pakistan and Terror in Texas

Just recently, a British-Pakistani gunman identified as Muhammad Siddiqui entered a Colleyville, Texas synagogue and held the rabbi and two congregants hostage until they managed to escape — and the gunman was shot down. We now know that Siddiqui’s demand was targeted around the release of an imprisoned Pakistani terrorist, one Aafia Siddiqui. 

It has long been known, in India at least, but seemingly not acknowledged internationally, that terrorism is deep-rooted within Pakistan and Siddiqui’s sole focus on Aafia Siddiqui makes abundantly clear what his motive was. The U.S. has danced with this particular devil on far too many occasions, and such a dance has previously involved Aafia who, contrary to Pakistan’s protestations, is no Joan of Arc. 

In July 2008, U.S. forces in Afghanistan arrested Aafia Siddiqui—a Pakistani national who was a U.S.-educated neuroscientist and wife of Khalid Sheikh Muhammad’s nephew—on charges of terrorism. During her interrogation she allegedly grabbed an unattended rifle and was wounded in the process; this led to subsequent extradition to New York, where she was sentenced to eighty-six years in prison. 

Rather than take her terroristic tendencies at obvious face value and condemn her to deserved imprisonment, Pakistan instead took it upon itself to deify her, citing her case as one emblematic of chronic injustice. Pakistan’s president, prime minister, and foreign minister all brought up her case with their American counterparts, and the Pakistani senate called on the United States to release her.

“Lady al-Qaeda” — as she became known — did not trouble the front pages of many newspapers in the U.S., but her arrest did kick into gear widespread anti-American demonstrations, which even audaciously demanded that Pakistani authorities suspend the delivery of supplies for the war effort in Afghanistan. Pakistan was not content to stand idly by while a terrorist was incarcerated — instead it ensured that her case consistently occupied headlines in media houses.  

While groups like al Qaeda or the Islamic State are populated with citizens of other countries whose governments condemn them unequivocally, the bizarre deification of Aafia Siddiqui merited a quite different response from Pakistani officials who continued to fall over themselves to revel in her supposed victimhood, justify her behavior and actions, and continue to argue that she was a victim of western imperialism and injustice. While many in Pakistani streets continue to condemn her incarceration, it is certainly perturbing to know that such adulation has made its way to Blackburn in the North of England where Siddiqui’s ideological “brother” felt compelled to do something about it. 

Pakistan has developed a Teflon-like ability to shield itself from international condemnation, whether it involved its embrace of Aafia or even in continuing to let those responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks—terrorist attacks which killed international citizens—to roam free. Pakistan’s intelligence service knowingly provided al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden with safe-haven and protection. And while the Biden administration pensively debates the consequences of the Taliban rampage through Afghanistan as if the Taliban are distributing baklava sweets, the reality is that the Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan last summer was in true essence a Pakistani invasion. 

The Colleyville hostage situation should be a wakeup call to the world — and especially to the United States and the United Kingdom. Joe Biden and Boris Johnson should follow the lead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, and decipher with crystal clarity that Aafia and Muhammad Siddiqui are not anomalies, but tried-and-tested products of Pakistan’s state policies. 

The time has come for those world leaders to designate Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Texas synagogue attacker was a member of deadly terror group Tablighi Jamaat

For years I have been exposing the notorious face of Tablighi Jamaat, which is known in the world as the antechamber of terrorism. While recently Saudi Arabia has imposed ban on the activities of this dangerous organization, activities of Tablighi Jamaat have been continuing in most of the Muslim nations as well as India, the United States, Britain and the European countries.

Tablighi Jamaat also has activities in countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the former Soviet republics, thus posing gravest threat to national security of those nations.Although the US authorities are reluctant in taking action against the activities of Tablighi Jamaat, Malik Faisal Akram, the Pakistani-born British national and the hostage-taker at the synagogue in Texas was found to be a member of Tablighi Jamaat. Akram’s family hails from Jhelum district in Punjab province in Pakistan and the family emigrated to the United Kingdom nearly five decades ago.

Faisal Malik Akram took four people as hostages at the Texas synagogue, which was finally termed as an act of terror by Joe Biden. In light of this incident, a counterterrorism expert affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute said Pakistan has once again emerged as a terror-sponsoring country, which poses serious threat to national security of the foreign nations, including the United States.

According to Indian newspaper the Hindustan Times, Faisal Malik Akram was a member of Tablighi Jamaat and had travelled abroad for activities related to the organization.

Akram’s father is a well-known member of the Muslim community in London. His family has political links through Malik Irfan, a Councillor linked to the British Labor Party.

According to media reports, Akram had previously served as the head of the Rondell street Islamic Centre in London, also known as Reza Masjid [Reza Mosque]. The mosque mainly attracts Muslims of Pakistani origin. He also prayed at the Eldorado Mosque, where largely the congregation is Gujarati Muslims.

A vocal supporter of radical Islam, sharia and jihad, Akram has also participated in demonstrations supporting pro-Palestine agenda and Guantanamo Bay prisoner rallies. He has been a diehard supporter of Palestinian Arab terrorist activities as well as notorious activities of Hamas.

Members of his family as well as the Pakistani Muslim community in Britain are actively participating in anti-Semite propaganda and Jew hatred. Members of the Pakistani Muslim community as well as Tablighi Jamaat portray Israel as an “evil nation” while they also brand Jews and Zionists as “apes, pigs” and “enemies of Allah”.

According to media reports, Faisal Malik Akram sought the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist and also known as ‘Lady Al Qaeda’ serving a more than 80-years sentence in the United States. The conviction of Siddiqui in 2010 had sparked outrage in Pakistan. Later, the Pakistani Senate had passed a resolution in 2018, calling her “Daughter of the Nation” and urged the government to take “concrete steps” for her repatriation.

While the news of Siddiqui’s arrest passed with little notice in the US, her conviction led to widespread demonstrations in Pakistan and to demands that Pakistani authorities suspend the delivery of supplies for the war effort in Afghanistan.Ad Unmute

“Siddiqui isn’t well known in the US, but in Pakistan, she’s a big name – many views her as an innocent victim. Also, at a point, Islamic State (ISIS) had demanded that she be released in exchange for ISIS captives”, Michael Kugelman, the deputy director of the Asia program at Washington’s Wilson Center, wrote on Twitter.

Following the latest incident of Faisal Malik Akram and his connections with Tablighi Jamaat, counterterrorism experts are raising the demand for an immediate ban on the activities of this dangerous jihadist vessel. They also are calling upon the Indian authorities to immediately impose ban on activities of Tablighi Jamaat and evict the so-called headquarters of this dangerous group from New Delhi, India.

Faisal Malik Akram was not a lone wolf terrorist. He was one of the wolves in a pack that wants to destroy the West.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an anti-Jihadist journalist, columnist, author & peace activist, Editor & Publisher of the Weekly Blitz He was awarded the PEN USA Freedom to Write Award 2005; AJC Moral Courage Award 2006, Key to the Englewood City, NJ, USA [Highest Honor] 2007; Monaco Media Award, 2007.Follow him on Twitter @salah_shoaib

How did the Texas synagogue jihadi get a tourist visa to come to the U.S. despite having a criminal record?

“‘How was he allowed into the US to begin with?’ House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy demands answers from the Biden administration about how British synagogue gunman with criminal convictions was let into America,” by Elizabeth Elkind and Jennifer Smith,, January 18, 2022:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is demanding President Joe Biden’s White House answer how a UK national with a criminal history was allowed to fly to the United States where he held four people hostage at a synagogue in Texas over the weekend.

In addition to condemning the attack, he and other national Republican figures like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been grilling the administration over its handling of the incident.

Many accused the president of directing more federal law enforcement resources toward American parents protesting Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in public schools.

There is growing outrage and demand for answers as to how the British terrorist gunman who took four hostages at a synagogue in Colleyville on Saturday was even able to enter the US on a tourist visa when he was known to intelligence agencies in the UK.

The FBI has declined to comment on the matter.

Malik Faisal Akram, 44, flew to New York City from the UK on January 22, despite being known to MI5 and having a criminal record.

‘Over the past 48 hours, President Biden’s Justice Department has gone from denying the clear and religious, anti-Semitic implications of this attack to now backtracking to what we all already knew to be true. Now as more information becomes available, it only raises more questions,’ McCarthy said in a statement first sent to

The top GOP lawmaker in the House of Representatives accused Biden officials of ‘downplaying’ the attack and demanded to know why the FBI ‘initially disregard[ed] the role anti-Semitism played in this hostage situation.’

‘How was it that someone with an apparent criminal record and suspicious travel history was allowed into the United States to begin with?’ he also questioned. ‘What national security concerns remain?’…

Akram’s family say he had a criminal history but somehow, he was able to get an ESTA tourist visa – which are supposed to be off-limits to foreigners who have broken the law.

Akram spent two weeks at a homeless shelter in Dallas, during which time he was able to buy a gun on the street….

‘How long did the FBI know a radical Islamist foreign national with a criminal record was in the country? Were they working with him or his associates?

‘How did this person get a visa? Did he slip through the cracks because they were too busy surveilling your conservative grandma?’ Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

‘They don’t want us to talk about how a known jihadist got past the FBI and into the country, obtained an illegal firearm, and took hostages at a synagogue,’ Jasec Posobiec said.

Stephen Miller, Trump’s former adviser, tweeted that ‘every journalist’ should be asking whether Biden changing vetting laws for tourists contributed to the incident.

The Independent reports that Akram was known to MI5 but that they didn’t consider him a severe threat.

It’s unclear what he said in his application for an ESTA tourist visa, which asks whether or not applicants have a criminal record.

The ESTA website claims checks will be carried out to see if an applicant has any undisclosed criminal convictions on file.

But according to social justice charity Nacro, the US authorities do not have access to criminal records held on the UK’s Police National Computer.

There was equal outrage in the UK, where lawmakers demanded to know how he was able to by-pass America’s immigration rules, which are known to be some of the strictest in the world.

Tory MP Bob Seely told MailOnline there seemed to have been a ‘dreadful’ error at the UK and US borders caused by an ‘intelligence failure’ and it needed to be looked at.

‘This is clearly a failure of intelligence sharing. It is absolutely dreadful that he has been allowed to go to the States and hurt people.

‘Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere,’ he said.

Another senior MP with knowledge of the security services voiced surprise that the background had not been picked up. ‘How did he get into the US?’ they said. ‘You get picked up for walking on the cracks in the pavement.’

Yesterday, his brother, Gulbar, demanded how he was allowed into America despite a long criminal record.

He said Malik was mentally ill and was mourning the death of his brother three months ago, reportedly from Covid.

The extent of his criminal record is not yet clear, but it may be that some of his offences may have been too petty or too old to stop him being turned away from the United States’ border.

Arab Islamic Racism: (Lebanon) Hezbollah trolls harass critical Black news anchor with racist tweets

BEIRUT: Hate-filled, misogynist, and racist tweets have targeted a Sudanese TV anchor following a report on her show that criticized the Lebanese government, including Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

The fury targeting Dalia Ahmad came after she described the country’s long-reigning party officials as crocodiles during her show “Fashet Khalq” on Lebanon’s Al-Jadeed news channel. 

#DogBreedImprovement was trending in Lebanon in Arabic after vicious tweets sent out by Hezbollah loyalist accounts attacked Ahmad and the color of her skin.

“You’d be sitting under the safety of God when a black dog comes and starts barking, you want to hit it but then it appears not to be a dog but a black female dog from Sudan,” read a tweet from a profile featuring a photo of the slain Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani.

“May God curse the sperm that settled in the womb of the mother of those who offend you, Mr. Nasrallah #DogBreedImprovement,” read another tweet in Arabic. The account’s profile has the word Hezbollah in Arabic with a yellow heart next to it.

Another tweet read: “Without #hizbollah Dalia Ahmed would have been offered for sale in the slave market, along with her ilk, by ISIS.”  

“Never in my life have I bullied or criticized the creation of our Lord, but this despicable woman, because her heart and tongue are so black they are reflecting on her ugly and malicious face,” read a tweet from @KassemHala555, which had a black smiley face emoji at the end and two images of Ahmad.

Texas Synagogue Terrorist Came Out of UK Islamist No-Go Zone

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

As far back as 2013, Pakistani Muslim terrorists had plotted to take “foreign Jews” hostage to trade for ‘Lady Al Qaeda’. In 2022, a Pakistani Muslim terrorist actually went out and did it.

The hostage crisis at Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform Temple in Texas, ended with Faisal Akram of Blackburn, another post-industrial English town where Muslims make up a third of the population and Pakistanis account for over 10 percent, dead, and his Jewish hostages set free.

Back home, the Blackburn Muslim Community page announced that “Faisal Akram has sadly departed from this temporary world” and prayed that Allah “bless him with the highest ranks of Paradise”.

The BMC page had previously promoted a “charity” event to raise money for “Palestinians” by the Human Relief Foundation, which had been banned by Israel over its ties to Hamas.

The town has produced no shortage of Jihadists, including the youngest terrorist in the UK, as well as a number of Jihadis who traveled to join ISIS, an associate of shoe bomber Richard Reid, and a terrorist who played a key role in an Al Qaeda plot that targeted New York and D.C.

Blackburn is one of the most segregated towns in the country and has been described as a “no-go zone”. The area that produced the Temple Terrorist has the highest Muslim population outside of London where some claim that flying the English flag has been effectively outlawed.

The setting couldn’t be any better for the media to whitewash the murderous terrorist with the familiar excuses that he was the victim of failed integration in the United Kingdom. His family, in an even more familiar excuse, is claiming that he “was suffering from mental health issues”.

That, along with the claim by FBI Special Agent in Charge Matt DeSarno that the terrorist, “was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community”, is becoming the very familiar narrative for covering up the latest Muslim terror attack.

But antisemitism, like Islamism, was part of the air that Faisal Akram breathed in Blackburn.

Salim Mulla, Blackburn’s former mayor and current Labour councilor, claimed that Israel was behind ISIS and school shootings in America. Last year, four Muslim men from Blackburn took part in a “Palestinian” convoy while shouting, “F*** the Jews… F*** all of them. F*** their mothers, f*** their daughters and show your support for Palestine. Rape their daughters and we have to send a message like that. Please do it for the poor children in Gaza.”

Siddiqui aka Lady Al Qaeda, on whose behalf the Texas synagogue attack took place, was married to the nephew of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and had assorted recipes for mass murder in her possession when she was captured. Despite graduating from Brandeis, a formerly Jewish university, she demanded at her trial that jurors undergo DNA tests to prove that they are not Jewish. And the Aafia Foundation posted bizarre antisemitic rants about the “degree of poisonous venum (sic) within the heart of American mainstream jewry”.

The hatred of Jews, like the hatred of all non-Muslims, is a crucial motive for Islamic terrorism.

If Blackburn is a miserable place, the tale of the Akram family may reveal why. The official family statement by the terrorist’s brother, Gulbar Akram, claims that “although my brother was suffering from mental health issues we were confident that he would not harm the hostages” and denied that the FBI had rescued the hostages from being killed by his brother. “Don’t believe the bull#### in the media they were released from the fire exit and Not rescued.”

The Blackburn Community message describes the terrorist as having brothers named “Gulbar”, “Malik” and the “Late Gulzameer Akram”.

Two brothers named Gulbar Akram and Gulzameer Akram in Blackburn had been locked up over stolen cars. Another time, a Blackburn resident named Gulbar Akram almost had his nose sliced off. A Gulzameer Akram ran a massive counterfeiting operation from a Blackburn home. A Malik Akram was locked up for harassing girls. Were all of them members of the same clan?

The best way to cover up a terrorist attack is to shift the context. And that’s what they’re doing. But it’s important to dig into the true context to understand the true origins of the Texas attack.

In his book, Among the Mosques, ex-Islamist Ed Husain described Blackburn as “another global hub for the Deobandis and the Tableeghi Jamaat” where the mosques pray for the destruction of the enemies of Islam and texts declare that “there can be no reconciliation between Islam and democracy”.

The Deobandis, who control many of the mosques in Blackburn, originated the Taliban.

Aafia Siddiqui, better known as ‘Lady Al Qaeda’, is a Deobandi, the terrorist on whose behalf Faisal Akram took a synagogue hostage, and a popular cause with Pakistanis. A few years ago the Pakistani Senate had even named the Islamic terrorist, the “Daughter of the Nation”.

Indian Mujahideen co-founder Riyaz Bhatkal had plotted to take Jews hostage a decade ago in order to force ‘Lady Al Qaeda’s release. British Muslim “charities” were a major source of funding to the Jihadist group as they are for many Pakistani Jihadist enterprises.

While much has been made of the advocacy on behalf of Siddiqui by CAIR and other Islamist colonists in America, top Muslim politicians in the UK also vocally demanded her release, including Lord Nazir Ahmed and Lord Altaf Sheikh.

When Husain visited Blackburn, he warned that, “it is clear that a caliphist subculture thrives here, a separate world from the rest of British society.”

Tableeghi Jamaat, whose mosques are known as “breeding grounds” for Jihad, is closely intertwined with Pakistani Islamism and vectored Islamic terrorism. Quite a number have joined Al Qaeda. It is no coincidence that so many Islamic terrorists have come out of Blackburn.

Nor is it a coincidence that the latest Islamic terrorist attack on America originated there.

Faisal Akram traveled to Texas, where ‘Lady Al Qaeda’ sleeps at the Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth. He was one of many Muslim pilgrims seeking to extricate her. Just last fall, the Dallas-Forth Worth CAIR and the Pakistani terror regime claimed that Aafia Siddiqui had been assaulted in U.S. custody in the latest effort of many on behalf of ‘Lady Al Qaeda’.

Faisal’s target, a progressive Reform Temple which happened to carry the traditional name of Congregation Beth Israel despite its social justice activist clergyman’s hostility to Israel, was ideally selected to fit Muslim antisemitic obsessions with both Israel and Jews.

The antisemitic rants, the hostage crisis, and the rapid cover-up are all regular features of life for Jews in Europe. Changing demographics are making them a new reality for American Jews.

Any American city or town can become the new Blackburn. That’s the harsh lesson here.

Pakistani antisemitism and obscure Jihadist movements are not local issues, they are global threats. The poison nurtured in a declining British post-industrial town blew up in Texas. We are all interconnected, and that interconnectedness has made the Jihad into a global enterprise. Ideas, tactics, and organizations that once took centuries to colonize the world can travel around it at the speed of the internet and a terror plot can happen at the speed of a jet plane.

We can either police our borders, control our immigration, and build walls around our nations, or we must be resigned to being hunted, stalked, and killed anywhere and at any given moment.

In Blackburn, Muslims anticipate the Texas Jihadist ascending to the “highest ranks of Paradise” where he will enjoy the company of 72 virgins. More Muslims from Blackburn, marinating in the same hatred for America, for Jews, and for anyone unlike them, will follow in his footsteps.

Canadian Arabic-Language Paper Publishes Column Calling for Israel’s Destruction

n a recent December 31 column in Meshwar Media, an Arabic-language publication that has been accused of antisemitism and of publishing blood libels, praising terrorists and comparing Israelis to Nazis, Kamal Khalaf extols the virtues of the Palestinian “revolution” in the 1960s, when Yasser Arafat of the Palestine Liberation Organization achieved widespread international legitimacy in his terror war against Israel.

While Arafat was not successful in his attempts to destroy Israel, Khalaf praises Palestinian terror groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of Israeli civilians in murderous terrorist attacks. “In Gaza, the Al-Qassam Brigades defend the defenseless and besieged people, with all their capabilities,” Khalaf writes. (HRC received an independent expert translation of this column).

One of the most horrific attacks carried out by the Al-Qassam Brigades was in 2002, when a suicide bomber affiliated with Hamas entered a Tel Aviv discotheque popular with teenagers, and blew himself up, murdering 21 young Israelis, whose only crime was being Jewish.

Not content to merely murder the young, Hamas also sent a suicide bomber to the Park Hotel in the Israeli city of Netanya to target a Passover seder of predominantly older Israelis. The bomber entered, blew himself up, and massacred 30 civilians.

These are two out of countless terrorist attacks which Hamas has perpetrated against Israelis.

As appalling as Khalaf’s advocacy for Hamas is, he offers us an insight into why Israel is so hated in his eyes: Israel’s creation, he argues, was based on “assembling peoples and gangs under the banner of religion to replace a people on their land.”

As has been pointed out ad nauseum, the Jewish People’s presence in the Land of Israel is neither novel, nor new. For three millennia, the Jewish People have lived in their ancestral homeland, outliving empires large and small, who sought to supplant the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

In 1948, the Jewish People achieved independence from the United Kingdom in their quest for self-determination, an accomplishment which every progressive voice in the world should laud as a template for other groups to emulate.

Of course, when one denies the Jewish People’s historic ties to their homeland, it is no surprise then when the State of Israel is seen as utterly illegitimate. And when this abhorrent historical revisionism takes place, destroying all of Israel becomes a moral necessity.

Espagne: depuis 2015 les mariages forcés ont augmenté de 60%; 14% concernent des filles de moins de 15 ans

Le beau-père de Hannan Serroukh voulait la marier peu avant son 15e anniversaire. Aujourd’hui âgée de 47 ans, elle est membre de la Fondation Politeia et se bat depuis plus de 30 ans pour éviter que la même chose n’arrive à d’autres filles en Espagne. Les mariages forcés dans notre pays ont augmenté de 60% depuis 2015.

Hannan Serroukh est née à Barcelone, fille de parents marocains qui ont émigré en Espagne à la fin des années 1960. Sa vie, intégrée à la société espagnole, est heureuse jusqu’à la mort de son père. C’est alors qu’a commencé un cauchemar dont les conséquences perdurent jusqu’à ce jour.

Sa mère s’est remariée avec un autre Marocain, qui, selon Hannah, l’a utilisée pour venir en Espagne. Adepte de l’organisation fondamentaliste des Frères musulmans, son objectif n’était pas de travailler, comme l’avaient fait ses parents, mais d’ouvrir une mosquée à Figueras.

Avec son arrivée, la vie de Hannan et de sa mère a radicalement changé : la musique était interdite dans leur maison, ils ont dû porter le hijab et cesser d’interagir avec leurs amis espagnols. Selon lui, la fille était “très contaminée par l’Occident”, raconte Hannah, “et il a donc estimé que je devais épouser un homme de son courant”.

Elle a réagi rapidement : “Il avait des références de ma vie antérieure et cela m’a décidé à m’échapper. Elle s’est rendue à Gérone, où elle a été trouvée par un conducteur de train, qui l’a emmenée à la police, puis elle a été placée dans un centre de protection des mineurs.

Grâce à cette évasion, Hannan a pu éviter d’être victime d’un mariage forcé, une pratique qui, en Espagne, a augmenté de 60% depuis 2015 et qui se produit toutes les 2 secondes dans le monde, selon l’organisation internationale Plan. 14% de ces unions forcées concernent des filles de moins de 15 ans, et seulement une sur trois a atteint l’âge de 18 ans.

Quoi qu’il en soit, et selon Hannan Serroukh, dans notre pays, les chiffres prêtent à confusion car peu de filles signalent cette coercition. Cependant, en Catalogne, le nombre de plaintes a doublé depuis 2017 jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

Selon elle, ce sont les imams des mosquées qui bénissent ces mariages, qui ne sont souvent enregistrés que dans le pays d’origine des parents des jeunes filles jusqu’à ce qu’elles aient 18 ans, date à laquelle elles sont enregistrées ici. “Il y a eu des cas de couples se présentant en public comme oncle et nièce, alors qu’ils forment un mariage reconnu par l’imam”, dit Hannan.

Les régions d’Espagne les plus touchées par cette pratique sont, selon elle, la Catalogne, Valence, certaines parties du Pays basque, Fuenlabrada à Madrid et Algeciras en Andalousie.

Comment doit agir une fille qui est forcée par sa propre famille à épouser un homme qu’elle ne connaît même pas ? Serroukh dit qu’elle doit entreprendre “un voyage difficile mais qui en vaut la peine”. Elle doit se rapprocher des forces de sécurité du mieux qu’elle peut, leur faire part de sa situation et ils s’occuperont d’elle, car elle sera protégée par nos institutions”.

“Chacun est le maître de sa propre vie et le concepteur de son propre avenir”, conclut Hannan, qui a pu échapper à un mariage forcé, mais a dû payer un lourd tribut : elle n’a pas revu sa mère ni ses frères et sœurs depuis.

‘Death to America!’ shouted at Toronto vigil

B’nai Brith Canada on Thursday demanded that a federal corporation be dissolved after it organized a vigil endorsing terrorist groups and calling for death to the United States.

The incident in question took place last Sunday evening, when a small group gathered in front of the US Consulate in downtown Toronto to mark the death of Qassem Soleimani, the former leader of the IRGC Qods Force, a designated terrorist entity in Canada.

The rally was led by Firas al-Najim and his federal not-for-profit corporation “Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR).”

Al-Najim delivered an Arabic-language speech at the event, which has been translated by B’nai Brith Canada and in which he promised, “We will continue fighting alongside… Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon.”

He then led the crowd in a highly disturbing chorus of “Death to America!” in both Arabic and Farsi.

In response, B’nai Brith wrote to François-Phillipe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, insisting that his office dissolve CD4HR as a corporate entity. According to Corporations Canada, CD4HR’s 2020 and 2021 filings are also overdue.

“The Government of Canada must act against antisemitism and the promotion of terrorist groups,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Corporate status bestowed by the Government cannot be allowed to serve as a vehicle for such nefarious ends.”

The “Death to America” slogan is regularly shouted at rallies in Iran. Former President Hassan Rouhani, often touted as a “moderate” president, personally presided over “Death to America” chants during rallies in Iran, even though he claimed that Iranians “respect the American people”.Ad Unmute

Similarly, former Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, with whom the Obama administration negotiated the 2015 nuclear deal, was caught on camera joining in a public chant against the US, UK, and Israel.

Lawmakers in the Iranian parliament have also been documented chanting “Death to America” during a session.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed a few years ago that the slogan “Death to America” is directed at then-President Donald Trump and US leaders and not at the American nation.

Arab/Islamic Racism: Germany: Arab migrant sexually harasses 16-year-old girl on bus and insults her in a racist way because of her dark skin colour

The Kassel police are looking for witnesses who can provide information on the so far unknown perpetrator in a preliminary investigation on charges of incitement to hatred, insult and attempted bodily harm. The crime took place on a bus in Kassel on Tuesday afternoon at around 5:25 pm. The victim, a 16-year-old girl from Kassel, had boarded the bus with her friends at the Mauerstraße stop in the direction of the main railway station. There, the unknown man, who was already a passenger on the bus, approached her and flirted with her. After the young woman had clearly told the man not to do so, he loudly insulted her and made inciting statements because of her dark skin colour. Later, the offender allegedly tripped her up when she walked past his seat to get off the bus at the main railway station.However, the 16-year-old noticed this in time so that she did not fall. However, immediately afterwards the man hit her head from behind with his hand. As the teenager was wearing a hood, she fortunately did not suffer any injuries. The perpetrator also got off the train at the main station and ran into the station building, where he disappeared. An immediate search by the police of the police station Mitte and officers of the Federal Police was unsuccessful. The victim and the witnesses described the perpetrator as follows:

30 to 35 years old, 1.80 to 1.90 metres tall, normal build,
dark curly hair, “goatee”, wearing a jacket in red, white and black colours and grey trousers.
Spoke broken German, Arabic appearance.

Any further witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrator are asked to contact the North Hesse Police Headquarters by calling 0561-9100.

A Danish Heroine Goes to Prison

One of the many appalling challenges that have confronted Western European authorities since mass Muslim immigration began several decades ago is the arrival of adult – often elderly – men with underaged girls whom they identify as their wives.

Such marriages, of course, are not just permitted but encouraged under Islam. Muslims are taught to look in all things, big and small, to the example of their prophet, and they all know that one of the treasures of Muhammed’s harem – often described as his most beloved wife – was Aisha, whom he wed when she was six and deflowered when she was nine.

Needless to say, the pedofile alliances that are ubiquitous in the Islamic world – and legally sanctioned (or tacitly accepted) in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and elsewhere – are invariably arranged and forced on girls by their parents. They’re also usually cousin marriages. The BBC’s website provides a helpful whitewash – I mean, justification – of such unions: “Arranged marriages ensure that Muslim marriages are based on compatibility rather than lustful feelings.” Yes, because there’s nothing more compatible than a 70-year-old husband and an eight-year-old wife. At least you can be pretty sure that the little girl isn’t feeling a hell of a lot of lust.

Anyway, as you may recall, the year 2015 brought a flood of purported refugees to Western Europe, and in January 2016 the Danish media reported that a number of newly arrived March-December “couples,” mostly from Syria, were living together in Danish asylum centers. To her credit, Inger Støjberg – a Liberal Party member of Parliament who was then serving as Minister of Immigration, Integration, and Housing in Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s center-right government – snapped into action.

Since being elected to Parliament in 2001, Støjberg had become a high-profile and well-respected national figure. In 2014 she was named party spokesperson; the next year she was appointed to the immigration post. In recent years I’ve repeatedly praised Denmark for its saner-than-average immigration policies, and a big part of the reason for its impressive performance on this front is Støjberg – who, among dozens of other smart moves, placed ads in newspapers in Muslim countries outlining Denmark’s less-than-entirely-welcoming attitude toward refugees and proposed a law that would permit border police to confiscate money and valuables from refugees to help cover the costs of their resettlement.

Given the high taxes that hard-working Danish citizens cough up to support unemployed aliens living in their country, it hardly seems unreasonable to expect flush asylum-seekers to help pay their own way. For the Western media and cultural elite, however, the very notion of lifting stuff from refugees was outrageous: after all, it’s our job to give, and their job to take. At the Daily Beast, Barbie Latza Nadeau compared Støjberg’s idea to “the Nazi approach to immigration.” Was Nadeau alert to the subtle difference between refugees fleeing from Nazis and refugees fleeing to Denmark? Did she realize, for that matter, that comparing Danes to Nazis is particularly obscene, given the thrilling act of nationwide courage in the fall of 1943 by means of which the Danes – under the cover of night, within the course of a few hours, and at the risk of their own lives –  rescued nearly all the Jews in their country from Nazi annihilation?

Støjberg’s initiatives, then, offended media hacks and ivory-tower buffoons. But they also made her a national heroine, and arguably the most popular politician in Denmark.

Now, confronted with the child-bride issue, Støjberg didn’t disappoint. At first she decided to offer the girls – 23 in all – the option of divorce. Then,  realizing that many of the girls, if offered a choice, would likely be under immense family pressure to stay with their “husbands,” she ordered that all of them – except for five who were between the ages of 15 and 17 – be severed at once from their so-called spouses and granted instant divorces. Between February 10 and March 18, eighteen “couples” were separated.

But Støjberg’s swift action on child brides landed her in hot water. Immigration officials and other government bureaucrats maintained that she had no power to end marriages, even if they involved  minors. The European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child were both cited – not, mind you, in favor of saving girls from statutory rape, but in favor of allowing child molesters to keep on molesting.

A commission decided that Støjberg’s action had been illegal, and members of Parliament, including her fellow Liberals, called for her impeachment. On February 2 of this year, Parliament voted 141-30 to impeach her. Most Liberal MPs voted with the majority, leading Støjberg to resign from her party. In August, a Court of Impeachment, consisting of 15 Supreme Court justices and 15 other judges appointed by Parliament, was convened. (It was only the fifth time that such a court had met since 1849; the last time was in 1995, when a former Justice Minister was tried for denying Sri Lankan refugees the right to bring their families to Denmark. See a pattern?)

The whole ignoble process concluded this past Monday, when the court, by a vote of 25 to one, found Støjberg guilty of violating the Ministerial Accountability Act and sentenced her to sixty days in prison for ordering those child-bride divorces. The sentence can’t be appealed. She may well spend Christmas and New Year’s behind bars – this, mind you, in a part of the world where violent felons routinely get off with fines or probation. Meanwhile, members of Parliament will decide if she deserves to keep her seat among them.

Støjberg admitted afterwards that she was “very, very surprised” by the verdict, and added: “Danish values lost today.” Pia Kjærsgaard, ex-leader of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party – who certainly has no naive illusions about her own or any other government – confessed that she’d been “deeply, deeply, deeply shaken” by the court’s decision. “I didn’t expect this,” she admitted. In Norway, Islam critic Hege Storhaug pronounced that the ruling had made December 13 “a dark day for Danish politics and society,” and Hans Rustad, editor of the alternative news website, declared the verdict “incomprehensible.”

No, I’d say it’s comprehensible enough. Once you’ve experienced close-up the disgusting treatment Ayaan Hirsi Ali received in 2006 at the hands of her parliamentary colleagues in The Hague – compelling her to flee to the U.S. – and processed the colossal scale of the American Deep State’s conspiracy against Donald Trump, it’s a piece of cake to believe that Denmark’s judicial establishment is capable of such pusillanimous perfidy. (I’m just impressed that one person voted no.) Nor was it a surprise to see how the mainstream media, in Denmark and elsewhere, framed the story. Støjberg, reported the Guardian, had been “found…guilty of illegally separating several couples of asylum seekers where the woman was under 18.” Of course, there’s a word for females under 18: girls. But newspapers around the world chose to use the word women – and to describe Støjberg’s actions in such a way as to suggest that the “couples” she’d separated could legitimately be considered husband and wife.

So, no, there’s nothing new or astonishing here. Støjberg joins a small pantheon of gutsy, principled politicians – from Trump in the U.S. to Geert Wilders in the Netherlands – who’ve been subjected to politically motivated prosecutions by the left , and who are as greatly esteemed by the multitudes as they are reviled by the Islamophilic beau monde.

Immediately following Støjberg’s conviction, a veritable army of Danes took to social media to voice their admiration for her. We can only hope that when her term in the slammer is over, she’ll throw herself back into the fray and pursue with renewed passion – and enhanced public support – the kinds of policies that put her behind bars in the first place. Perhaps the widespread rage over her punishment will help give Denmark a serious and salutary push in the direction of sanity – and make it, as some of us have long hoped, one of the few nations in Western Europe that won’t soon fall to the Islamic enemy.

Arab Islamic Racism: France: Muslims barrage black Zemmour activist with racist messages, ‘Wallah, we’re going to behead you

‘House n****r,’ ‘Wallah, we’re going to behead you’: an activist for Eric Zemmour harassed and threatened,” translated from “« Nègre de maison », « Wallah on va te décapiter » : un militant d’Éric Zemmour harcelé et menacé,” Valeurs Actuelles, December 6, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

The threats have been increasing for a month. As reported by Le Figaro, the threat has escalated to a notch for Tanguy David, a declared supporter of Eric Zemmour, since he attended his meetings. In question? His skin color. Because in several images of the meeting held by the essayist in Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis) on Sunday, December 5, the young law student and head of a local Generation Z branch was seen behind the candidate. Obviously, his skin color and his political commitment do not mix.

On social networks, as early as October during Eric Zemmour’s first meetings, hateful and insulting messages poured in, such as “This n***a doing what here”, “But n***a, is there a problem? “Sunday, in Villepinte, Internet users insulted him as “sold” and “house n****r.” Other hateful messages threaten him with death, details Le Figaro: “Wallah, we’re going to behead you,” or “Your family in the village must be ashamed of you.” Some go further and swear to “find him.”

“Those who are embarrassed by my presence can leave”

On the evening of Sunday, the young activist also spoke on social networks to denounce this torrent of hatred. “The black man behind Zemmour was me. And I am proud. What fervor, what atmosphere, what awe-inspiring Éric Zemmour. Those who are embarrassed by my presence can leave, France will do without them.” Supported by many internet users this time around, he was once again insulted. In Le Figaro, he explains having received more than 3,000 racist or threatening messages. “I didn’t actually expect that, especially when I was threatened with beheading,” he admits.

In the past, Tanguy David had been reluctant to file a complaint, but he says all messages received will be the subject of a complaint. Guest of “Don’t touch my post!” ”On C8 Monday evening December 6, he will give new explanations. “I have been experiencing a surge of hatred for hours,” he emphasizes. He deems this “unacceptable hate campaign” and wants only one thing now, to stop it.

South Florida Classes on How Jews and Christians are ‘Enemies of Islam’

Tafsir is an elucidation or interpretation of the Quran, Islam’s principal text. Devout Muslims throughout the world have made tafsir a significant part of their lives. The work of Ismail Ibn Kathir, a 14th century expert on tafsir, is prominent in South Florida’s radical Muslim community. One mosque, the Islamic Center of Weston, is using a set of volumes from this work – Tafsir Ibn Kathir – to teach a class on the subject. This is alarming, given the amount of bigotry and violence contained within the books, including referring to Jews and Christians as “the enemies of Islam.” It is about time that these mosques are exposed for the centers of hate that they are.

The Islamic Center of Weston (ICW) was incorporated in the state of Florida, in July 2014, and moved to its present location in November 2016. In its short time in existence, the mosque has brought in a number of terror and hate-associated extremists through its doors.

In November 2020, ICW added Faisal Haroon to its board of directors. Haroon has used his social media to promote several videos featuring notorious anti-Semites Kenneth O’Keefe and TruNews host Rick Wiles. In the videos, O’Keefe: claims the US government is owned by Israel; refers to the Holocaust as “the so-called Holocaust”; labels Jews “dual nationals” and “traitors”; and says 9/11 was carried out by “billionaire Jewish businessmen” (Haroon called this one “A Must watch Video.”) In March 2019, Haroon was caught by Facebook posting “false information” about India’s dealings in Kashmir.

In February 2018, ICW hosted a speech by Syed Ammar Ahmed, who is currently the Government Affairs Coordinator for ICNA Relief USA, the social services division of the Islamic Circle of North America and a group with numerous links to South Asian terror. In February 2010, following a debate he participated in at a school, Ahmed wrote, “I hate white people”; called himself a “terrorist”; and at the suggestion of an acquaintance, joked that he “should have threatened to blow up the school.”

And in August 2017, less than a year after ICW began operations at its present property, the mosque hosted a three day ‘Quran Intensive Weekend Seminar’ featuring ‘Complete Tafsir of Quran in 3 days,’ given by the imam of Margate-based Masjid Jamaat Al-Mumineen (MJAM), Izhar Khan. Khan had previously been arrested and charged by the FBI (along with his father, Hafiz) with helping to finance the Taliban. MJAM, on its website, showcases a library filled with texts promoting female genital mutilation, death punishments for homosexuals, stoning of women, and hatred of Jews, Christians and Hindus. One of these texts is Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

On November 7, 2021, the South Florida Muslim Federation (SoFlo Muslims) placed on its Facebook page a post advertising a tafsir class being taught on Sundays, at ICW, by ICW board member Shakeel Hye. In the advertisement is a picture of a set of the same Tafsir Ibn Kathir. ICW is a member organization of the Muslim Federation, and Hye is part of the Federation’s Council of Imams. It should also be noted that MJAM is as well a member org of the Federation, and Khan too sits on the Council of Imams.

The subject matter found in Tafsir Ibn Kathir places its volumes on a level of bigotry and violence witnessed in materials published by the likes of al-Qaeda and neo-Nazis.

In Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Muslims are warned about befriending Jews and Christians (with a more hostile tone than its Quran counterpart), as the two peoples are described as enemies of both Muslims and their religion. It states, “[B]eware of the Jews, your enemies, lest they distort the truth for you in what they convey to you. Therefore, do not be deceived by them, for they are liars, treacherous and disbelievers… Allah forbids His believing servants from having Jews and Christians as friends, because they are the enemies of Islam and its people, may Allah curse them.”

The text further demeans Jews, labeling them with degrading and repulsive terminology. It states, “[T]he Jews… will continue to suffer humiliation at the hands of all who interact with them… [Y]ou will find them (the Jews) the greediest of mankind for life… greedy to live longer, because they know their evil end… Allah cast terror in the hearts of the Jews… Allah decreed that the Jews would be punished in the life of this world and face the torment of the fire of Hell.”

The text repeatedly calls for the death penalty for homosexuals. It states, “Whoever you catch committing the act of the people of Lut (homosexuality), then kill both parties to the act… Whoever you find doing the deed of Lut’s people, homosexuality, then kill the doer and the one who allows it to be done to him (both partners).”

And the text sanctions domestic violence against women. It states, “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women… Allah has made one of them to excel the other… [T]he righteous women… guard in the husband’s absence what Allah orders them to guard. As to those women on whose part you see ill conduct, admonish them, and abandon them in their beds, and beat them… [I]f advice and ignoring her in the bed do not produce the desired results, you are allowed to discipline the wife…”

ICW, MJAM and the Muslim Federation, which according to its website, comprises 17 Islamic centers and many more outfits, all have youth components filled with impressionable children, who are ignorant of the dangerous and hate-filled environments they have been placed in. While these entities embrace such malevolence as described by this author, they operate deceptively as mainstream organizations. For these groups to welcome such a bigoted and violent work as Tafsir Ibn Kathir is proof of their fanatic nature and enough reason for all of them to be investigated and, if warranted, shut down.

Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor, contributed to this report.

‘Could offend students’: Canada school board cancels book club event with Yazidi Nobel laureate

New Delhi: Over three months after the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) began its crackdown on European children’s literature and destroyed 5,000 books for being “offensive” to indigenous people, the body has again sparked an uproar for having withdrawn its support for a book club event with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad, fearing it could “offend” Muslim students.

The event was supposed to carry discussion on two books in presence of their authors — Marie Henein’s ‘Nothing But the Truth: A Memoir‘ and Nadia Murad’s ‘The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State‘.

The board said it has withdrawn support to hold the October event with Henein, the daughter of Egyptian immigrants and one of Canada’s most prominent lawyers, because her book was “problematic” as she “defended” former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi when he was accused of sexual assault.

For Murad’s event, which was to be held in February 2022, the board said the book written by her could “promote Islamophobia” and “offend” their Muslim students.

Murad, a Yazidi human rights activist, was 19 when she was taken as a sex slave in 2014 by the Islamic State militants who invaded her village in northern Iraq.

In another explanation from the board, TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird told The Globe and Mail, “There seems to have been a misunderstanding because the ‘fairness’ department does not review and approve books for book clubs”. He also explained that “the two books were nevertheless examined by the members of the council, as is the practice, in order to decide or not their distribution to the pupils”.

What writers say

Started by Tanya Lee, four years ago in 2017, the book club “A Room of Your Own”, invites young girls aged 13 to 18, from various secondary schools and allows them to read a book and then discuss it virtually with the author.

Speaking about the board’s decision, Lee told Helen Fisher, the superintendent of the school, responsible for informing Lee of the board’s decision, “This is what the Islamic State means. It is a terrorist organization. It has nothing to do with ordinary Muslims. The Toronto school board should be aware of the difference”.

Following this, Fisher sent her a copy of the board’s policy on selecting equitable, culturally relevant, and responsive reading materials.

This is the first time the board has ever rejected an event organised by her book club, Lee said.

Henein has expressed her disappointment with the board’s decision to disallow students from participating in the event. She wrote, “There are words to describe that kind of attitude. Misunderstanding is not one of them”.

‘This Piece is Full of Bias!’ Polish Official Fact-Checks CNN, BBC

A Polish Government Official has slammed reports from CNN and the BBC on the ongoing Belarus border crisis for demonstrating left-wing bias.

Poland’s Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, Stanisław Żaryn, heavily criticized the two articles, saying that the article published by the BBC was “full of bias” and that the CNN article was “absurd”.

The CNN article characterised the migrant crisis on the border with Belarus as a “useful distraction” for Poland’s government, claiming that it has conveniently shifted focus away from domestic disputes, such as the conservative government of the overwhelmingly Catholic nation introducing new restrictions on abortion earlier this year.

The article went on to place a heavy focus on the plight faced by the largely Middle Eastern migrants, who in many cases were allegedly tricked by Belarussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko’s regime into believing they would be provided passage into Europe if they travelled to Poland’s frontier.

In a statement given to Breitbart London, Żaryn described the border situation as “a part of the hybrid war” waged against Western Europe by Lukashenko, who has openly teased EU states by flippantly responding that some of his forces “may” be helping the migrants try to breach the border but that he essentially considered the matter below his dignity.

“Despite such a tense and complex situation, many journalists tend to focus only on one aspect of the whole crisis – a humanitarian one,” Żaryn continued, saying: “They describe individual stories and forget about the broader perspective and Lukashenko’s and Putin’s responsibility and their political objectives.”

The Polish government spokesman earlier criticised CNN on social media, claiming their conclusions were “absurd”, writing: “Belarusian services are organizing massive attacks on our border. We’re dealing with growing aggression.”

Żaryn also took aim at an article published by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which barely mentioned the role of the Lukashenko regime in fostering the crisis, while seemingly criticising Poland for “pushing back” illegal migrants from their border.

“Dear BBC World, BBC News, this piece is full of bias!” Żaryn wrote.

“Why aren’t not putting any pressure on the Belarusian regime? You are fully aware that it’s Lukashenko who’s playing with the fates of those people, aren’t you?” the Polish official questioned.

“What we’re dealing with here is nothing but a hostile political operation controlled by the Belarusian services, incl[uding] the KGB. And you’re implying that Poland should be criticized?” Żaryn stated, adding with a colloquial touch: “You gotta be kidding me.”

Żaryn claimed that the BBC article “blurs” Lukashenko’s responsibility for the crisis, enabling the dictator to “continue aggression” without any repercussions.

“Lukashenka uses cynically those people to force the EU to withdraw sanctions and legitimise his presidency. He is terrorizing the whole West.” Żaryn wrote.

The latest crisis facing Poland started in earnest early this month, with Migrants amassing on the Belarus side of the border, and in some instances trying to forcefully break through Polish border barricades.

Since then, at least seven police officers have been injured during clashes with migrants, with rocks and “stun grenades” being thrown at officers from the Belarussian side.

Żaryn told Breitbart London: “It is crucial to underline that all these attacks are managed and carried out by the Belarussian services. They group migrants in temporary camps near the border, they give them specific instructions and necessary equipment.”

“Belarussians supervise migrants and prepare them to forcibly push through the Polish border.”

Mazin AbdulAdhim: “Jews are not allowed to rule over our lands”

Mazin AbdulAdhim is a Muslim scholar and a prominent leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada who resides in Based in London, Ontario.

On June 18, 2021 Mazin AbdulAdhim posted on Facebook:

Islam forbids Muslims from allowing anyone to occupy lands that were once ruled by Muslims. It is Haram [impermissible] to allow the Zionist occupation to co-exist in our lands. Jews can live under our rule, but they are not allowed to rule over our lands. These are Islam 101 basics.

The rule of Allah (swt) is final. The Hukum of Allah (swt) is that once a land is ruled by Muslims it can never be ruled by anyone else, and Muslims are required to fight to defend that land from occupation until the end of time.

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52 terrorists heading toward U.S. blocked by Panama, congressman says

Panama has caught 52 people on terrorist watch lists who were en route to the U.S., a Republican congressman said in a new podcast Monday, citing a conversation with Panama’s foreign minister. 

Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas was speaking on the Republican National Committee’s “Real America” podcast when he revealed his conversation with the top Panamanian diplomat, who said there are more than 100,000 migrants in her country headed toward the U.S. right now. 

Panama screens people it encounters who are making the journey, and Mr. Gonzales said he asked whether anyone on terrorist watch lists had been detected. 

“She goes, ‘Funny you ask that Tony because in Panama we do biometrics and we have apprehended 52 people that have been — that are associated with al Qaeda,’” the congressman recalled. 

He said he asked her whether Panama had alerted the Biden administration. 

“She goes, ‘There’s no one home. I’m here talking to you because the administration is just absent,’” the congressman said. 

The issue of terrorists exploiting the southern border amid the current surge of illegal immigrants is one of the most heated debates. 

Customs and Border Protection did announce in April that agents had caught two men from Yemen on terrorist watch lists in the previous two months. 

The CBP announcement was then scrubbed from the agency’s website. In a statement after the deletion, the agency said the news release “was not properly reviewed” and disclosed national security information that had to be erased. 

In the months since lawmakers have demanded to know the actual number of known or suspected terrorists nabbed at the border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has rebuffed those questions in public but has promised to deliver the answer in a classified setting. 

Rodney Scott, who was pushed out by the Biden team as chief of the Border Patrol over the summer, said there is a real terrorist threat at the border. 

“They exist, and they want to come across that border, ” he told Fox News earlier this month.

Why is Oberlin College Hiding its Report About Iran’s ‘Butcher of Oberlin’?

The administration at Oberlin College – President Carmen Twillie Ambar, her chief of staff, David Hertz, and the Dean of the College David Kamitsuka – has offered a united front of stonewalling behind a report on Prof. Mohammad Jafar Mahallati that absolves him of all charges. Oberlin won’t release the report, won’t even tell the media why they are refusing to release it. So far, from the President’s lavish office, there’s been radio silence. “Iran’s ‘Butcher of Oberlin’: Outrage at college for whitewashing prof,” by Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, October 19, 2021:

“The Post sent press queries to Wargo [head of Oberlin’s media relations], Ambar’s chief of staff David Hertz and David Kamitsuka, dean of Oberlin’s College of Arts and Sciences asking for a copy of the investigation report and its sources, as well as whether the college will permit an independent inquiry into the allegations against Mahallati.

The Post has learned that Kamitsuka has gone to great lengths to insulate Mahallati from the devastating allegation of crimes against humanity [made] against the former Iranian regime envoy, and has refused to respond to the Post query.

Why is Dean Kamitsuka so determined to shield Mahallati from claims that he lied at the U.N.? What’s wrong with providing a copy of the investigation report, together with the sources relied upon to compile it, to the media? Who was And why should Oberlin administrators object to an “independent inquiry” by outsiders into the alleged cover-up by Mahallati? The complete exculpation of Mahallati by internal – i.e,, Oberlin — investigators, is suspect. Those involved seemed most interested in avoiding the embarrassing conclusion that for decades Oberlin has had on its tenured faculty someone who lied about the crimes of the Islamic Republic. But that is not the only charge against Mahallati that should embarrass Oberlin..

In an October 2020 email, Mahallati denied to the Post the allegations that he aided Iran’s regime in its crimes against humanity. However, the Post has reached out to Mahallati a number of times since February to answer queries about his UN speeches opposing Israel’s existence, promoting genocidal antisemitism, encouraging violent jihad against the Jewish state, and denigrating the Baha’i faith. He has refused to answer.

It turns out that Mahallati did more than deny that the Iranian government had engaged in mass executions of political dissidents in 1988. He also gave speeches at the General Assembly, denying Israel’s right to exist, encouraging a violent Jihad against the Jewish state, and “promoting genocidal antisemitism.” Every word he spoke at the General Assembly would have been recorded and can easily be located and reproduced. What will Oberlin do if his hair-raising words of “genocidal antisemitism” come out in the campus media? Or worse still, in the New York Times? What if “60 Minutes” were to look into how the case of Mohammad Jafar Mahallati was handled by Oberlin? Will President Anbar and Dean Kamitsuka change their tune in time, and call for an “independent investigation” into the man who used to be known on campus, because of his interfaith racketeering, as the “Professor of Peace”?

It was not only Jews who were the object of Mahallati’s hatred and contempt..He also attacked the Baha’i, a sect whose members have suffered terribly under the Islamic Republic. Hundreds have been executed or murdered, thousands have been arrested, detained and interrogated, and tens of thousands more have been deprived of jobs, pensions, and educational opportunities. The Bahá’í community’s holy places, cemeteries, and properties have been confiscated, vandalized, or destroyed, and many Bahá’ís have had their homes and other property seized or damaged. And what did the “Professor of Peace” Mahallati say about the Baha’I at the U.N.? He denounced them, denied that they had been persecuted, described them as guilty of immoral behavior, as murderers and terrorists. This can all be found in the U.N. records. Did the Oberlin investigators consult those records or, as with the records of Mahallati’s antisemitic speeches at the U.N., choose to ignore them, or perhaps were so negligent Oberlin never contacted Baha’i faculty or students regarding either the allegations against Mahallati or the subsequent investigation.

The Oberlin Review noted that “the Chair of the Geology Department, Amanda Schmidt, was the Baha’i affiliate with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life when the accusations were initially made.”

Schmidt reacted by saying that “I was not reached out to by anyone in the administration to follow up on or provide support for the Baha’i students on campus [or] Baha’i faculty and staff members related to these accusations.”

Why not? What did they not want to find out?

Mahallati delivered slashing attacks against the persecuted Baha’i community while he served at the UN.

Melissa Landa, a graduate of Oberlin and founding director of Alliance for Israel, said that “either Oberlin College did not do its homework on Mahallati when it hired him, or it didn’t care about his criminal history. Finding against him in their internal investigation would have meant admitting to one of the two. That wasn’t going to happen.

On a campus that specializes in anti-Israel forms of antisemitism, from the silence of its Hillel director and the abdication of its administration to the relentless attacks of JVP [Jewish Voice for Peace] and SFP [Students for a Free Palestine], Oberlin College was never going to object to Mahallati’s praise for violence against innocent Israelis.”

The US Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights confirmed in an email to Landa in October that it is evaluating her complaint against Oberlin College, alleging the college created an environment hostile for Jewish students and tolerated Mahallati’s glorification of terrorism and pro-BDS activities….

Even worse, he claimed that Mahallati’s ‘record at Oberlin includes no instances of the antisemitic or anti-Israel behavior of which he has been accused.’ That’s a lot like giving war criminals a pass because they didn’t commit any recent war crimes while in hiding,” they wrote.

Mahallati, who sports the title of “Professor of Peace” at Oberlin [because he’s such a relentless proponent of interfaith understanding], defended [at the U.N.] the Islamic Republic’s attacks on US military personnel in 1988. According to a New York Times article, Iran’s regime attacked the American guided-missile cruiser Wainwright, resulting in the death of two US crew members: Capt. Stephen C. Leslie of New Bern, North Carolina, and Capt. Kenneth W. Hill of Thomasville, North Carolina….

It’s not just Iranians in exile, or Jews, or Baha’is, or the parents of present or prospective Oberlin students, but many others, too, who now want to know why President Ambar insists on shielding Professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati from a serious investigation. Why? Come out of your office, President Ambar, without a media advisor at your side, and explain to all of us why.

Chechen Leader Sends Militants to Attack Critics Abroad…

Turkish authorities have arrested four Russian citizens, one Ukrainian citizen, and one Uzbek national on charges of “military and political espionage” linked to alleged plans to attack Chechen opposition activists residing in Turkey.

The Turkish Prosecutor-General’s Office said on October 20 that the men arrested in the cities of Antalya and Istanbul on October 8 are Abdula Abdulayev, Ravshan Akhmedov, Beslan Rasayev, and Aslanbek Abdulmuslimov of Russia; Ihor Yefrim of Ukraine; and Amir Yusupov of Uzbekistan.

The men are also suspected of buying weapons to use against Turkish-based critics of the Kremlin-backed leader of Russia’s North Caucasus region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

If convicted, the men face up to 20 years in prison.

Russian officials have yet to comment on the situation.

There have been several attacks outside Russia against Kadyrov’s critics in recent years.

In January, a court in Sweden sentenced two Russian citizens from Chechnya to lengthy prison terms for their roles in the attempted killing last year of Tumso Abdurakhmanov, an exiled Chechen blogger and outspoken critic of Kadyrov.

A year before that, Imran Aliyev, another Chechen blogger known for his criticism of Kadyrov, was found stabbed to death in a hotel room in the northern French city of Lille.

Austria arrested two Chechen asylum seekers as part of an investigation into the killing in a Vienna suburb of another Kadyrov critic, Mamikhan Umarov, in July 2020.

Human rights groups have accused Kadyrov of widespread rights and other abuses in the region, allegations he denies.

Critics say Kadyrov is ultimately responsible for the violence and intimidation of his political opponents by Chechen authorities, including kidnappings, forced disappearances, torture, and extrajudicial killings.

Defenders claim Kadyrov has brought relative calm to the volatile region following two wars between Moscow and separatists after the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union.

Canada: Jewish Tax Court Judge Barred From Presiding Over Cases Involving Muslims

CBC reports:

Legal experts are puzzled by why the Tax Court of Canada prevented a Jewish judge from presiding for several months in cases involving members of the Islamic faith rather than removing him entirely from the bench until allegations against him were resolved.

It is more puzzling that Judge David Spiro would be subjected to the humiliating and severe measure of being barred from presiding over cases involving Muslims, suggesting that there is far more involved in this story than meets the eye. The suggestion of temporarily removing him from the bench altogether until resolution of the “allegations” is even more jarring.

According to Newswire, the “allegations of misconduct against Spiro” reportedly involve his efforts to oppose the hiring of a highly questionable academic on the faculty of law at the University of Toronto:

It was alleged that Spiro used his influence as an alumnus and major donor to try to block the university’s faculty of law from offering a job to Valentina Azarova, an international law practitioner who has written widely on Israel-Palestinian affairs.

Azarova’s record shows that she takes “a severely critical view of Israel’s actions vis-à-vis the Palestinians.” It is telling that she is supported by the organization Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJMPE), an aggressive promoter of the BDS Movement. The Canadian Jewish advocacy group, B’nai Brith, referenced Azarova as “essentially antisemitic.” B’nai Brith petitioned Canadian government ministers to deny a work permit for the German professor “if she is accepted to the position of director of the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) at the University of Toronto. Azarova is blatantly biased against Israel, B’nai Brith argued.”

It is thus easy to see why Judge Spiro would have concerns about Azarova. But to accuse him of indiscretion, misconduct and abuse of his influence is absurd. All potential hires anywhere are discussed by any number of individuals who influence the hiring process. It is unreasonable to expect Spiro to be voiceless.

It has become ubiquitous globally to attempt to silence those who offend Islam, offend Muslims, or get in the way of certain agendas.

Circulating criticisms of Judge Spiro’s influence in the hiring process of Azarova also conveniently omit the fact that there were other highly qualified Canadians vying for the same job.

What comes next is atrocious:

Chief justice of the Tax Court, Eugene Rossiter, informed the Canadian Judicial Council, a regulatory body for judges, of measures taken in response to a number of allegations of misconduct against Spiro in connection with a proposed hiring at the University of Toronto.

Remarkably, Judge Spiro’s legitimate concern about Azarova — that she would likely fan the flames of campus antisemitism — was translated into accusations of his being “biased” (a demeaning label for a judge) and exhibiting “misconduct” (discrediting to any judge).

Notice that the word “biased” isn’t used to describe Azarova.

Consequences were swift for Judge Spiro:

Rossiter wrote that “all files assigned to Justice Spiro would be reviewed by the associate chief justice of the Tax Court” and that Spiro would “recuse himself immediately from any file at any time in which it appeared to him that either the counsel, representative of any litigant or a litigant is a Muslim or is of the Islamic faith.” Rossiter said that the decision was made to “allow for any concerns related to the potential perceived bias from Justice Spiro to be removed.”

Perceived? By whom? It starts with Queen’s Law Professor Leslie Green. According to Law Times News:

Green made the complaint after reading media reports that Spiro had allegedly pressured Dean of Law Edward Iacobucci to reverse a job offer made to an academic because of her scholarship related to Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians.

It is apparent where Green stands on the Israel-Palestinian issue.

It is curious that it is not only Judge Spiro who has sparked allegations of bias against Muslims at a federal institution over the Palestinian issue. So has the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which has been accused of “prejudice” against Muslim Charities, which was found to be funneling money to Hamas.

Keep in mind that once a Muslim charity is flagged by the CRA, and its charitable status is revoked or the group is penalized in some fashion by CRA, entering an appeals process is an option. The first layer of external appeal, which can well result in overriding the CRA, is via the Tax Court of Canada (TCC) — the same court where Judge Spiro presides. The TCC hears appeal cases when all avenues have been exhausted.

The process of appeal first calls for a “Notice of Objection” to be sent to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). A review of this Notice results in a “reassessment, a confirmation or a determination.” Then, if the dispute remains unsettled, it goes to the TCC.

Near the end of last month, a Muslim charity called Human Concern International (HCI) went to the TCC to fight the findings of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), which prohibited it from issuing tax receipts after “an audit by the agency’s charities directorate that flagged concerns about six initiatives.” Specifics were unreported.

According to the Government of Canada webpage on “Appealing Income Tax Act Assessments and Notices in respect of Registered Charities to the Tax Court of Canada”

If you do not agree with our decision on your objection concerning a notice of suspension, an assessment of taxes or an assessment of penalties, issued under Part V of the Income Tax Act, you can appeal to the Tax Court of Canada.

The full process of appeal against the CRA’s rulings was pursued by HCI: 1. objecting through the revenue agency’s internal administrative appeal process. 2. going to the federal Tax Court to delay suspensions by the CRA, which resulted in the federal Tax Court judge ruling against providing a stay of the suspension, and 3. going to the Federal Court of Appeals, where HCI’s case is now being reviewed.

The Tax Court has the power to override CRA penalties after reviewing a case — again, the same court that Judge David Spiro presides in, except now, Spiro has been stripped of presiding over any case involving anyone from the Islamic faith.

It is common knowledge that many Muslim charities in America have been discovered to be linked to terrorism. View a list HERE.  Many of those have offshoots in Canada.

Aside from Spiro raising the ire of some academics, the media and some of his own colleagues over his concerns about Valentina Azarova, one must remember that separately, fierce efforts have been underway in Canada to stop the audits of Muslim charities, calling such audits “prejudiced.”

Back in June, the news broke that “more than 130 groups call on Canada to stop ‘prejudiced audits’ of Muslim charities.” The vast majority of them are Muslim groups. Among the others are recognized anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) advocates, such as Canadians For Justice and Peace in the Middle East and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. See the list HERE.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Spokesperson Pamela Tourigny has defended the fairness of the CRA process, stating to the Non Profit Times that “the CRA does not select registered charities for audit based on any particular faith or denomination.”

The article goes on to explain how selections for audits are made. Tourigny further states:

When audits find non-compliance, the charity is first given an opportunity to correct the non-compliance issues before sanctions or revocations are issued.

A warning about the implications of what may be coming next: In July, an “emergency national summit on Islamophobia” took place. Before that Summit, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CANreleased 61 recommendations for every level of government to fight “Islamophobia.”

Then at the Summit, Prime Minister Trudeau accused Revenue Canada of taking aim at Muslims. He stated:

From the (Canada Revenue Agency) to security agencies, institutions should support people, not target them.

At that same Summit, Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier agreed “to ask the taxpayers’ ombudsperson, François Boileau, for a systemic review of the concerns,” ostensibly about Muslim charities being discriminated against and picked on.

There is a great deal of disturbing evidence that proves how damaging these baseless accusations against Canada’s institutions are. United Press International reported findings about the Muslim Association of Canada and IRFAN-Canada in 2015:

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), one of the largest Muslim organizations in the country, is being accused of funneling money to designated terrorist organization IRFAN-Canada. A Canadian police raid found that MAC gave $296,514 to IRFAN-Canada between 2001 and 2010, according to The Toronto Sun.

The Toronto Sun headline is no longer online, but here’s a screenshot…

The Muslim Association of Canada is a self-described Muslim Brotherhood-tied group. See screenshot and more HERE. 

A year earlier, Revenue Canada concluded this about IRFAN:

IRFAN-Canada is a not for profit organization operating in Canada. Between 2005 and 2009, IRFAN-Canada transferred approximately $14.6 million worth of resources to various organizations associated with HAMAS, a listed terrorist entity under the Criminal Code.

The terrorist designation was made under the Conservative Stephen Harper government.

IRFAN engaged in the full appeals process against Revenue Canada, as outlined earlier. The appeal was still in progress when it was last reviewed in 2018. IRFAN has also applied to federal court to have its terrorist designation removed, and it will likely succeed under the Trudeau government. In the meantime, IRFAN is actually getting taxpayer funds — along with the National Council of Canadian Muslims — to help the Trudeau government impose its “anti-Islamophobia” M-103 measures on Canadians, which include “monitoring citizens for compliance” and training law enforcement to recognize online and offline “hate.”

In conclusion, there is no clear evidence in any public reports of bias by Judge Spiro with regards to Valentina Azarova, let alone “misconduct.”  Prudence, yes. Bias, no.

Canadian universities do not need to hire pro-Palestinian propagandists from abroad to teach students all about a fictional Israeli “occupation,” while leaving out the Palestinian jihadist narrative; nor do they need to aid in the facilitation of campus hatred against Jewish students that erupts particularly aggressively whenever Israel levies retaliatory strikes to protect its citizens against rocket fire from Gaza. The University of Toronto (U of T) already has enough of a “festering antisemitism” problem.

Likewise, the CRA is not biased or prejudiced in exercising its due diligence regarding Muslim charities, but has been prudent, despite escalating pressures that amount to exonerating Muslims regardless of the evidence. There is an established problem with Muslim charities funneling money to aid and abet jihadist activities in the Palestinian territories.

Pro-Palestinian and BDS supporters will continue to scream “bias,” “discrimination,” and “Islamophobia” at every turn in order to facilitate their ambitions; while “progressives” in the media, in positions of political leadership, and now, evidently, at the Canadian Tax Court, continue to aid and shield them. The claim that “legal experts are puzzled by why the Tax Court of Canada prevented a Jewish judge from presiding for several months in cases involving members of the Islamic faith rather than removing him entirely” is wrongheaded and exaggerated. It all depends on which legal experts one consults. Let’s hope that Judge Spiro — now a target of antisemitism and embroiled in a political brouhaha — will be fully restored to his duties. The courts need him more than ever, and owe Canadians some restored confidence in a system hijacked by special interest groups. Canadian institutions need to be restored to being fully equitable systems, not strong-armed into favoring Muslims above everyone else.

In the meantime, the blatant antisemitism displayed toward Judge Spiro needs to be publicly addressed.

The Goal of Palestinianism

Richard L. Cravatts, Ph.D., a Freedom Center Journalism Fellow in Academic Free Speech and President Emeritus of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, is the author of Dispatches From the Campus War Against Israel and Jews.

A recent survey conducted by Alums for Campus Fairness, “A Growing Threat: Antisemitism on College Campuses,” asked some 500 Jewish-affiliated college students and recent alumni what their perceptions were regarding campus anti-Semitism. The findings of the survey were troubling, given that: “Nearly 100% of respondents said antisemitism is/was a problem on their campus,” “95% of respondents identified antisemitism as a problem on U.S. college campuses, with three out of four describing it as a ‘very serious problem,’” almost “half of current students say antisemitism is getting worse on their campus,” and “69% of students and grads say they have avoided certain places, events, or situations at school because they are Jewish.”

Anyone familiar with current state of affairs on university campuses knows that the root of much of this animus towards Jewish students is the ongoing university campaign against Israel and Zionism, and that Jewish students, whether they even support the Jewish state or not, regularly find themselves the target of derision, bigotry, and condemnation simply because they are Jewish.

In fact, research has demonstrated quite clearly that agitation against Israel—including the toxic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign—by such corrosive student activists as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) increase both the frequency and intensity of anti-Semitic speech and expression. A 2019 report by The AMCHA Initiative, a campus anti-Semitism watchdog organization, for example, revealed that “BDS’s mandate to boycott or suppress programs, collaborations, events, or expression that promote ‘the normalization of Israel in the global academy,’ as well as the academic BDS-compliant ‘common sense’ mandate to criticize, protest and boycott individuals who are deemed complicit with or supportive of Israel’s alleged crimes, appear to greatly encourage antisemitic behavior.”

An earlier AMCHA report had found similar connections between anti-Israel activism and the presence of anti-Semitism on those campuses with SJP chapters. That report concluded, shockingly, that the “presence of one or more anti-Zionist student groups is very strongly correlated with the overall number of antisemitic incidents. 99% of the schools with one or more active anti-Zionist student group had one or more incidents of antisemitic activity, whereas only 16% of schools with no active anti-Zionist student group had incidents of antisemitic activity.” Campuses with SJP or other anti-Zionist student groups, the report found, were “very strongly associated with the occurrence of antisemitic expression. 91% of the schools with one or more active anti-Zionist group showed evidence of antisemitic expression, whereas only 16% of schools with no active anti-Zionist student group showed evidence of antisemitic expression.”

SJP and other student groups, along with their faculty sponsors, are the foot soldiers in the worldwide campaign of Palestinianism, but the ideology which animates the Palestinian cause is evident not only in the ivy walls of academia, but also in the UN, NGOs, the State Department, the Arab street, and in parliaments and congresses where the chattering classes purport to be committed to Arab self-determination and seem to have no issue with sacrificing, if necessary, the Middle East’s sole democracy as part of that effort.

Central to this propaganda campaign to enshrine Palestinianism—in which the suffering of the Palestinian has finally trumped the historic suffering and dispossession of the Jews—is the wholesale, deliberate appropriation of the language and symbols of the Jews by the foes who wish to eradicate, not only the Jewish past, but the very existence of the Jewish state. Thus, the actual genocide of European Jewry during the Holocaust is either minimized or denied by the Arab world at the same time that Israel is denounced for committing a new “holocaust” against the Palestinians through ethnic cleansing, military barbarism, and war crimes.

Palestinians regularly refer to themselves as being dispersed in a Diaspora, what they call their own “Nakba,” a catastrophe, just as Jews had traditionally spoken of their own scattering from their homeland after the destruction of the Second Temple. While Arab aggression and homicidal impulses against Jews have been unrelenting—before and since the creation of Israel—Palestinianism has been successful in casting the Arab Palestinians as the perennial victim of Jewish supremacism, even though the irredentist aims of the Islamists to establish a Muslim-only state in historic Palestine is the very form of self-determination that is repeatedly decried on the part of Israel for being racist, inhumane, internationally criminal, and morally unacceptable.

The West’s wide embrace of Palestinianism has been led, for the most part, by the intellectual elites, whose own biases against Israel and the United States serve to animate, and widely promote, the campaign to vilify, defame, and delegitimize Israel. While the ideological antics of anti-Israel student groups are the most visible aspects of the hate-Israel agenda, this acting out and shrill rhetoric from students would be inconsequential were it not for the full intellectual and moral support this movement enjoys from faculty members―those with the prestige and academic muscle to lend credibility and influence to the war of ideas against the Jewish state.

The liberal slant of university faculties has made it inevitable that many college professors question the integrity of Zionism, if not forthrightly denounce the very existence of Israel as a moral stain on the world that oppresses Arabs and tars the United States as an accomplice in this perceived unjustified colonial, militaristic oppression. The self-righteous professors who perpetually denounce Israel, though, may or may not have a great moral commitment to the Palestinians at all.

In fact, that is often incidental to their primary objective: not to actually assist the Palestinian self-determination with constructive, tactical advice and support—which has always been sorely, and visibly, lacking—but to weaken support for Israel with the ultimate intention, shared by Israel’s jihadist foes, of eventually eliminating it altogether. The phony rectitude which they use to insulate themselves from critique comforts those who would otherwise see the fundamental moral cruelty of their assaults of Israel. And they are also craven in their self-righteousness for taking such a strident stance against Israel, a point of view and a philosophical approach that requires no courage in the Jew-hating West.

Of course, virtue-signaling one’s commitment to the oppressed is rampant among the campus Leftists, many of whom feel that, because they seek social justice for the Palestinians and are attempting to strike down what they define as the new Israeli version of apartheid, anything they say or do to delegitimize Israel is acceptable, even necessary. Thus, they hector Israel to mend its political ways not only to end Palestinian suffering, but also, they allege, for the good of both Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

These fatuous professors (and their complicit students), who never have had to face any physical threat more serious than being bumped while waiting in line for a latte at Starbucks, are very willing to scold Israel when it defends itself from unceasing rocket attacks from Gaza meant to murder Israeli civilians. These same professors, many of the vilest critics of whom are from departments of humanities, literature, anthropology, history, and sociology, are, without any expertise in military affairs, eager to advise Israeli officials on the rules of war and denounce the lack of “proportionality” in Israel’s attempts to defend its population from jihadist murderers. And so eager are they to publicly assert their righteousness as defenders of the Palestinian cause, they embrace and “eroticize” terroristic violence and willingly align themselves with Israel’s deadly foes who seek its annihilation, catering, as essayist David Solway lyrically put it, “to the ammoniac hatred of the current brood of crypto-antisemites [sic] posing as anti-Zionists.”

This cultural condescension, the disingenuous lie from the Left that all cultures are equal, but some are more or less equal, to paraphrase Orwell, leads liberals into the moral trap where they denounce Israel’s military self-defense as being barbaric, criminal, and Nazi-like (because Israel is a powerful, democratic nation) and regularly excuse or apologize for genocidal Arab terrorism as an acceptable and inevitable result of a weak people suffering under Western oppression. Violence on the part of the oppressed is accepted by liberals because it is deemed to be the fault of the strong nations whose subjugation of those defenseless people is the very cause of their violent resistance.

In fact, when Israel-loathing Leftist professors, such as Columbia University’s toxic Joseph Massad, apologize for Palestinian terror, he justifies it by characterizing the very existence of Israel as being morally defective, based, in his view, on its inherent racist and imperialist nature. For him, nations that are racist and imperialistic cannot even justify their own self-defense, while the victims of such regimes are free to “resist,” based on the Left’s notion of universal human rights―but especially for the weak. “What the Palestinians ultimately insist on is that Israel must be taught that it does not have the right to defend its racial supremacy,” Massad has written, “and that the Palestinians have the right to defend their universal humanity against Israel’s racist oppression.”

As part of academia’s fervent desire to make campuses socially ideal settings where racial and cultural strife ceases to exist, Palestinianism gains traction as part of the campaign to realize “social justice” for marginalized victim groups—the long-aggrieved Arab Palestinians among them, now the Third World’s favorite victim.

For the Left, according to David Horowitz, a former radical leftist turned conservative, social justice is “the concept of a world divided into oppressors and oppressed.”  Those seeking social justice, therefore, do so with the intention of leveling the economic, cultural, and political playing fields; they seek to reconstruct society in a way that disadvantages the powerful and the elites, and overthrows them if necessary—in order that the dispossessed and weak can acquire equal standing. In other words, the Left yearns for a utopian society which does not yet exist and is willing to reconstruct and overturn the existing status quo—often at a terrible human cost—in the pursuit of seeking so-called “justice” for those who, in their view, have been passed over or abused by history. According to Horowitz, this “radicalism is a cause whose utopian agendas result in an ethic where the ends outweigh and ultimately justify the means,” a view which has meant that Western leftists have come to share sympathy for the tactics and ideology of jihadists who seek to overturn Western ideals in their pursuit of an Islamic caliphate, what Horowitz calls an “unholy alliance” of the Left and Islamists in their pursuit of social justice.

In this dangerous alliance, Israel is continually slandered as a racist state, an aggressive, militaristic regime that inflicts disproportionate suffering on the hapless Palestinians, lubricating the argument that this inequality is inherently and inexorably wrong, that it must be corrected and made just. Thus, when such radical student groups as Students for Justice in Palestine have as their core mission, as their name implies, bringing their own vision of justice to the Middle East, it is justice only for the oppressed, the Palestinians, and not for the oppressor, Israel, whose position of power was made possible only because of a “hierarchy of class and race [which] exists globally.”

For the Left, social justice is solely for the disenfranchised, the ‘victims’ of unjust Western societies, those whose suffering is ostensibly caused by and is the fault of imperialistic, capitalistic, militant, hegemonic nations—America and Israel foremost among them. And on campuses, where liberal professors have nearly made sacred the politics of race and class and have identified specific sets of favored victim groups for whom justice will be sought, the cult of “victimhood” has even led to compulsory instruction on the mechanics of achieving social justice for the weak in society.

This view of the Jew, or of Israel, the Jewish state, as a political destabilizer, is, of course, also central to the ideology of Palestinianism and the notion that the victims of Jewish power are the dispossessed and weak for whom liberal academics purportedly seek justice. Any tactics, including terror and violence, are considered appropriate and excusable in the victims’ cause of throwing off the yoke of oppression, so the Palestinian, clearly made to suffer daily humiliation and endlessly deprived of a homeland and the right to self-determination, has become the perfect example of the contemporary victim archetype, the Third-World “other,” an ever-present, homeless, dispossessed tragic refuge whose plight could be traced directly to supposed colonialism on the part of the “settler” state of Israel.

This rationalization, that violence is an acceptable, if not welcomed, component of Palestinianism—that is, that the inherent “violence” of imperialism, colonialism, or capitalism will be met by the same violence as the oppressed attempt to throw off their oppressors—is exactly the style of self-defeating rationality that in this age has proven to be an intractable part of the war on terror. America-hating and Israel-hating academics have not infrequently wished for harm to come to these countries at the hands of the victim groups to whom they readily give their sympathies. They frequently, and mistakenly, ascribe to poverty and helplessness the inclination to lead to terrorism on the part of otherwise weak and oppressed individuals. And, like leftist apologists for revolutionary violence in earlier examples of resistance, they see an opportunity for the tables to be turned on the oppressors and an equal distribution of suffering to be brought about in the resulting power shift.

The nearly total rejection by the Left of any recognition of goodness on the part of Western countries, cultivating and promoting Palestinianism, is, according to commentator Melanie Phillips, symptomatic of academics’ belief in their own moral superiority, a feature which, at least in their own minds, gives them a more genuine and principled worldview.

“In the grip of a group-think that causes them to genuflect to victim-culture and the deconstruction of western morality and the concept of truth,” Phillips wrote, “a dismaying number of our supposedly finest minds have been transformed from people who spread enlightenment to those who cast darkness before them.”