B.C. Imam Calls for Elimination of Atheists, Victory for Jihad

B’nai Brith Canada

VICTORIA – A British Columbia imam has called for the destruction and elimination of “heretics and atheists” in a number of recent sermons posted online.

In a video posted last Sunday to YouTube by the “Muslim Youth of Victoria,” Younus Kathrada calls on Allah to “humiliate the unbelievers and polytheists” and to “destroy the enemies of Islam, the heretics and the atheists.” He goes on to beseech Divine aid in “grant[ing] victory to those waging jihad on your path in every place” and in “grant[ing] them victory over their enemies and your enemies.”

According to its website, Muslim Youth of Victoria runs the Dar Al-Ihsan Islamic Centre, which it describes as “a fun and safe environment for all those in the Community to come together.” Kathrada is listed on this page as the congregation’s leader. The website also explains that the organization holds a daily Madrasah for “ages 5 and up,” which it calls a “safe environment for your kids to learn and grow.”

Kathrada has a long history of hateful remarks. Virtually identical supplications appear in videos of his sermons uploaded on March 15 and March 21, respectively. In October of 2019, Kathrada advised his congregants not to vote in the Canadian federal election, arguing that all Jewish and Christian candidates were “filthy” and “evil.” In January of that year, Kathrada suggested that wishing Christians a Merry Christmas is a sin worse than murder.

In 2004, B’nai Brith Canada complained to police after Kathrada called Jews “brothers of monkeys and swine.” B’nai Brith has reached out to the B.C. Hate Crimes Unit about his more recent outbursts.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website has listed Kathrada’s Muslim Youth of Victoria Society as a “qualified donee” in 2019 of the Islamic Society of British Columbia (ISBC), a registered charity. The ISBC is also raising money for a new mosque for Kathrada’s group, separate from the Islamic Centre’s main fundraising page as listed on its website.

The ISBC has troubles of its own, having hosted links on its website to antisemitic material and received money from a Qatari foundation linked to the Hamas terrorist group.

“In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, Canadians of all faiths have been lending a helping hand,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “This hate-mongering under the guise of religious discourse is utterly inexcusable.

“We are especially troubled by the possibility that these hateful sermons may be benefiting from Canada’s charity system at a time when many charities, including B’nai Brith, are straining and working diligently to provide necessities to the most vulnerable Canadians.”

B’nai Brith has written to the CRA and the Minister of National Revenue, urging an investigation into these matters.



Coronavirus Is for Infidels: Some Toronto Mosques Stay Open Despite Pandemic

Anyone who doesn’t comply with coronavirus restrictions is endangering others. Accordingly, it is a matter of more than local concern that while most mosques in the Toronto area (where Ontario Premier Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency) have closed, some are stubbornly staying open.

This is not for want of trying. Zahir Bacchus, who serves as the imam at Jamiat Al Ansar in Brampton, Ontario, and belongs to the Canadian Council of Imams (CCI), said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has put Muslims in uncharted territory. We’ve asked Muslims to pray at home, pray with their families and loved ones — just don’t come to the mosque.”

The imams of the CCI believe that the Muslims who are not heeding this advice are reflecting an “allegiance to certain foreign scholars not heeding the calls, and in the process endangering Canadian lives.”

There is certainly no shortage of “foreign scholars” who are downplaying the coronavirus. Nigeria’s Punch reported Wednesday that a Muslim leader in that country, Sheikh Sani Jingir, “claims coronavirus is Western conspiracy to stop Muslims from performing their religious rites.” In a televised sermon, Jingir “insisted that coronavirus was not real,” and “said any Muslims who believed in Trump and stopped praying at the Holy Mosque in Mecca should seek for God’s forgiveness.”


Mozambique Terrorists: “We Only Want Islamic Law”…

Maputo, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – APP – 26th Mar, 2020 ) :A jihadist group that assaulted two towns in northern Mozambique this week has released a video claiming the attacks, its first official communication in over two years of activity in the gas-rich area.

Insurgents descended on Mocimboa da Praia, a town in Cabo Delgado province on Monday, ransacking government buildings and hoisting their flag before retreating.

A similar attack was launched on Wednesday in the nearby town of Quissanga, where assailants destroyed police headquarters.

A video making the rounds on social media on Thursday showed men dressed in Mozambican army uniforms addressing Quissanga from the district governor‘s residence.

If “you who are watching us out there, we are calling on you to come here to fight under this flag,” said one man in Portuguese, wielding a kalashnikov and a black-and-white flag with Arabic inscriptions on it.

“We are not fighting for wealth, we only want Islamic law,” he continued.

African history expert Eric Morier-Genoud said he considered the video to be genuine and recognised the speaker from an older clip.

“This video is an echo of another circulated in January 2018 where the same speaker was calling for Mozambicans to join the fight for Sharia rule,” said Morier-Genoud, a senior lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast told AFP.

He warned that the footage showed “continuity” in the group’s “programme and leadership”.

“It is not a sophisticated message and programme,” he explained. “But it is bluntly clear: Sharia rule and an Islamic State.”Cabo Delgado has been battered by jihadist attacks since October 2017, although the identity of the assailants remains unclear.