Austria: Muslim guardians of public morals gang threatened children with beheading

Allah's Willing Executioners

The notorious Gang of Guardians of Public Morals of devoutly Muslim Chechens is not likely to shy away from brutal extortion for protection money. For example, a father of two in Vienna was threatened to have his sons beheaded – police protection for the family and the handcuffing of four young suspects were the result!

The Caucasus gang – among them mostly recognised or tolerated war refugees – had already made the headlines several times in the federal capital and Linz. Compatriots’ wives always had to wear headscarves. And if they appeared too “western” or if their values did not correspond (photos in swimwear or meetings with non-Chechen men were sufficient), the victims, but also their families, were severely threatened and persecuted.

The guardians of public morals kept “files” on hundreds of women in secret chat logs. Beatings were also recorded on mobile phones. Finally, last summer, the investigators caught…

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Woman Rushed to Hospital After She’s Injured by Botched Late-Term Abortion

An ambulance was called to the Women’s Med Dayton (WMD) abortion facility on January 13, 2021, for a woman who was suffering heavy bleeding after an abortion.

The WMD worker who called 911 seemed shaken and often stammered during the request for an “urgent” transport of a 25-year old woman to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, for treatment that would not be provided by the abortion business.

“I’m in need of an urgent, but not emergent, transport to the hospital for heavy bleeding after a pregnancy termination,” she stated, in an attempt to downplay the obviously upsetting emergency.

The caller’s statement about the medical incident being a non-emergency likely prompted the ambulance to run without lights and sirens.  It usually takes longer for ambulances to respond when they are running silently.

Abortion facilities have been known to down-play serious injuries or ask for no lights or sirens so less attention is drawn to the fact a woman was injured during an abortion.

Women’s Med Dayton is owned by nationally-known late-term abortionist Martin Haskell, who dubiously claims he invented the now-banned Partial Birth Abortion procedure that was once done on babies in the latest stages of pregnancy.

In 2019, after a four-year court battle with the Ohio Department of Health, the facility was due to be stripped of its abortion license for failing to comply with emergency safety requirements.  Haskell’s facility had difficulty qualifying for a variance that allowed him to operate as long as he had approved agreements with back-up physicians to provide hospital care to abortion patients suffering abortion complications in lieu of a written transfer agreement with a local hospital.

In order to keep the ODH from revoking the abortion facility’s abortion license in 2019, newly-appointed ODH Executive Director Amy Acton reached an agreement with Haskell to slightly change the name of his facility and reapply for a new license and variance, both of which she immediately granted.  This secretive move raised controversy and allegations that Acton conspired to circumvent a court order and ODH regulations in order to keep Haskell’s abortion facility open.

Acton was later forced to resign after Operation Rescue published a series of exposés that showed her links to abortion groups, her participation in pro-abortion Democrat Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, and information provided by her estranged mother about her troubled childhood that did not jive with accounts Acton related to the public.

During the January 13 incident, abortionist Jeanne Corwin was on duty at Women’s Med Dayton, according to local activists.  Keith Reisinger-Kindle of Wright of State Physicians Group, who is listed on Haskell’s current variance, was tapped to provide hospital care for the bleeding woman at Miami Valley Hospital where he holds hospital privileges.

“There are very real health and safety issues at Women’s Med Dayton, and this latest 911 call is just more evidence that the facility should have been closed.  Instead, an underhanded change in paperwork has allowed it to continue endangering the lives of women and taking the lives of innocent children,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “We again call on the Ohio Department of Health to investigate the injury at the Women’s Med Dayton abortion facility on January 13, and place an emergency halt on all abortions there until it can be closed for good.”

Please contact the Director of the Department of Health Stephanie McCloud and ask her to investigate safety issues at the Women’s Med Dayton abortion facility using the ODH Web E-mail Form or call (614) 466-3543.

False Rape Accuser: Nikki Yovino

BRIDGEPORT — A judge refused to end early the probation for a young woman convicted of making false rape allegations against two former Sacred Heart University football players.

Pointing out that Nikki Yovino had agreed to the plea bargain, Superior Court Judge Tracy Lee Dayton denied a request to reduce the probation by half.

Situation Update, Jan. 28th – The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination

To a person who doesn’t understand the overriding global plan for mass human extermination, the events of the world make little sense.

Why would governments intentionally weaponize covid lockdowns to harm their own economies?

Why would coronavirus vaccines be deliberately designed to cause rapid death and infertility?

Why would Bill Gates want to pollute the atmosphere to block sunlight and cause global famine due to crop failures?

Why has Big Tech been weaponized against freedom, abundance and truth?

The answer is blindingly simple: A global effort is under way to “delete” humanity from planet Earth. You might call it global genocide or a cosmic ethnic cleansing.

Joe Biden and his brutal regime against the American people are merely one cog in the global machine to achieve mass depopulation by any means necessary. This is why Biden’s policies are deliberately designed to cause collapse, destitution, enslavement and death.

These are not accidents. And this is why the US military must move against Biden and reclaim America, or face the total destruction of not just our constitutional republic but the very future of human civilization itself.

This global genocide agenda also explains:

  • Why the real goal of “climate change” is actually terraforming, which means altering the atmospheric chemistry of the planet to reduce CO2 (to starve plants) and reduce oxygen (to kill humans).
  • How “global dimming” projects will result in the engineering of global crop failures, followed by famine and mass death (in the billions).
  • Why energy prices are being deliberately raised by the Biden regime to cause food price inflation and collapse the national economy.

Just today, you’ve seen Gen. Austin (SecDef) announce that the Pentagon is shifting its priorities to carry out war against “climate change.” This treasonous act would de-prioritize America’s national defense and instead focus the entire US military on an imaginary enemy that’s nothing but a quack science hoax. (Will Gen. Austin order soldiers to fire their weapons at the sky to kill climate change? It really is that stupid…)

Today’s Situation Update for January 28th covers the critical news of the day along with revealing details of the plan to exterminate humanity. With Biden in the White House (for now, anyway), this plan is being accelerated against humanity.

Big Tech is in on it. So is the mainstream media. Their marching orders are to “exterminate humanity” by any means necessary. Once you understand this simple, horrifying truth, everything you see coming out of the Biden death machine makes instant sense.

Also, transgenderism is an attack on the sustainability of human reproduction, which is required for the human race to survive beyond one generation.

Situation Update, Jan. 28th – The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination –

Merck gives up trying to make coronavirus vaccine after total failure

 After accepting $356 million in taxpayer money from the Trump administration to develop a fast-tracked Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine under “Operation Warp Speed,” Merck & Co. has reportedly decided to throw in the towel and move on to other endeavors.

Two different vaccine candidates that Merck had been working on both failed, generating very little, if any, immune response in test patients. Consequently, both projects were scrapped.

Rather than attempt to develop any more potential vaccine candidates, Merck will now focus on two other types of treatments for the novel virus that as of now have not been approved by federal regulators.

Last fall, Merck announced that early-stage trials had been launched for a potential Chinese virus vaccine that would have required only one injection dose. The Chinese virus vaccines currently being administered by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna both require two doses – and Moderna is now saying that it will have to develop a third dose in order to increase the “efficacy” of the first two.

Moderna’s vaccine drive in California recently had to be halted after a “disturbing number” of those injected developed severe reactions after getting jabbed.

Why get vaccinated when vitamin C cures viruses naturally?

Both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech jabs received “emergency approval” late last year from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Several other potential candidates, including a single-dose jab from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), could soon receive similar approval once trial results are published.

Some 22 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have already been administered since their official release back in December. Nearly six percent of the U.S. population has now received at least one dose of one of the vaccines, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is reporting.

Roughly 3.2 million people, or one percent of the population, are said to have received both doses of one or the other vaccine, completing their vaccination process as recommended by Anthony Fauci and the vaccines’ manufacturers.

Even though all potential Merck vaccines are now defunct, the FDA could still grant emergency approval for other treatments being developed by the company. As many as 100,000 doses of Merck’s alternative “remedies” could be available for distribution by June 30.

Merck’s MK-7110 treatment candidate is said to have the potential to minimize the damaging effects of an overactive immune response to the Chinese virus, also known as a cytokine storm. Such an immune response can complicate “the lifesaving efforts of doctors and nurses” caring for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients at hospitals.

Nick Kartsonis, senior vice president of clinical research for infectious diseases and vaccines at Merck Research Laboratories, said the results thus far with all of the company’s potential remedies have been “disappointing” and “a bit of a surprise.”

“Both shots generated fewer neutralizing antibodies than other vaccines and produced inferior immune responses compared with people who had naturally contracted the coronavirus,” reports Zero Hedge, quoting Kartsonis who admitted that the company “didn’t have what [it] needed to be able to move forward.”

News of the vaccine failures sent Merck’s shares plummeting nearly two percent.

Merck’s approach to vaccine development under Operation Warp Speed utilized a more “traditional” approach, borrowing from its deadly measles vaccine. Its V590 candidate, as one example, is based on technology that is already used in Merck’s Ebola vaccine.

As pointed out by numerous Zero Hedge commenters, there is already a cure for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), and all other viruses, for that matter: vitamin C.

“Vitamin C is cheap and easily made and it cures 100 percent of the time,” one of them wrote.

More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found at

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African leader: Trudeau treats us like ‘neo-colonial master’ with aid that’s destroying our people

January 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is no better than a “neo-colonial master” to the people of Africa when it uses its aid money to push ideologically-driven programs that are contrary to African values and culture, an African life-and-family leader said in a new documentary about Canada’s foreign affairs’ policy in Africa.

Author, filmmaker, and human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha, who was born in Nigeria, told former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney in the documentary that African people need aid, but not the kind of aid offered by Trudeau that goes against what it means to be an African.

African leader: Trudeau treats us like ‘neo-colonial master’ with aid that’s destroying our people | News | LifeSite (

Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?

As America watched, a decrepit, mentally incompetent Joe Biden was “sworn in” today, with almost no members of the public in attendance, but with Biden surrounded by now a reported 65,000 troops, just like you’d see in a Third World dictatorship.

In truth, Biden wasn’t sworn into anything. The election was illegal, unconstitutional and fraught with deliberate malfeasance. The theft of the election renders the Biden regime null and void, carrying no legal weight whatsoever.

Everything the Biden regime attempts to do from this day forward isn’t rooted in law; it’s rooted in coercion. Rule by brute force, in other words. Gunpoint enforcement by a brutal, authoritarian regime that can only browbeat the population into submission through intense censorship, false flag operations and relentless media propaganda.

That’s why this isn’t over. Biden has no legitimacy, and the proof of election fraud still exists in abundance. It’s recorded in the ballots themselves, which must be saved for 22 months according to federal law. Any honest assessment of the ballots would reveal the Biden election theft, and legal efforts are still under way to reveal the truth.

In fact, just today, one hour after the inauguration of fake president Biden, a statement from Arizona Senate President Fann reveals that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has agreed to the voting machine audit they’ve been hiding all this time. They waited until after Biden was sworn in, of course, because they know they cheated.

Biden also knows the election was stolen. He admitted before the election that dems were running the most elaborate vote fraud organization in the history of American politics. On camera, no less.

Now, Democrats are pushing to label all those who demand election integrity “domestic terrorists.” This is a blatant attempt to weaponize the federal government to target and intimidate anyone pointing to the mountain of vote fraud evidence that already exists.

As of today, they think they’ve successful stolen the election, but they know the evidence still exists that proves they cheated, so now they have to go into overdrive to complete their cover-up and try to suppress (or intimidate) anyone who tells the truth.

That’s why dems are now calling for actual secret police to be launched in America to spy on conservatives. One of the key factors they’ll be looking for is people who say Joe Biden is an “illegitimate” president, or that the election was stolen.

Yet every honest American knows it was stolen. And so do most democrats, who are universally satisfied that their election theft was “justified” because they really, really hate Donald Trump. And when the Left has sufficient hatred, they can justify absolutely anything, including door-to-door genocide of Christians, Whites, Trump supporters, gun owners and conservatives.

That’s where this is all moving toward now: A left-wing “cultural revolution” ethnic cleansing in America. And if the military doesn’t step in and take charge to save our constitutional republic, this nation will descend into a brutal left-wing regime that weaponizes the government against its own citizens and calls for mass killings of conservatives by labeling them all “domestic terrorists.”

It has already begun, in fact.

Today’s Situation Update for Jan 20th lays out more details of what we’re witnessing:

  • Trump’s farewell speech was not a concession speech.
  • Focused on family, life and opposing censorship. Don. Trump Jr., “The best is yet to come!”
  • Why the GOP is dead and a new “Patriot” party will likely be launched.
  • Why we must have faith in God as we navigate uncharted waters.
  • The Dems wanted us to know it was stolen. They want America to react so they can label everyone “domestic terrorists.”
  • Where Trump had real people at his inauguration, Biden’s team sticks flags in the ground and is mostly abandoned. (What a complete joke.)
  • Russiagate declass documents confirmed and partially released.
  • 12 members of the National Guard removed after FBI “vetting.” Also a complete joke.
  • Mike Pompeo declares China to be engaged in “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” (Today, China has sanctioned Pompeo and 27 other people, including Steve Bannon.)
  • Why the military buildup in DC? It’s clearly not for an inauguration that’s mostly empty.
  • National Guard chief admits now 65,000 troops in DC. Now 4,300 have been deputized as US Marshals. Who are they planning on arresting, especially since there are no protesters there?
  • “Bloody” Gina Haspel resigns from CIA. Michael Ellis put in place at NSA. Haspel’s resignation was a marker claimed by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who insists Trump will still be president.
  • Haspel was a key person blocking the declass effort.
  • Highway signs tell travelers to avoid going to DC.
  • A preview of the horrors to come if Biden seizes power: A nightmare of “radical trans activist clowns” will attempt to rule over America.
  • Sec. of Defense nominee Gen. Austin wants to turn the US military into a woke festival of LGBT troops and eliminate all Whites, conservatives and Christians from the military. (Get ready for the Gay Marines and the Lesbian Air Force.)
  • The rise of digital fascism: The Left knows they lied and cheated and stole the election, and they fear the people and the military.
  • Steve Bannon warns of the formation of the new “Stasi” secret police to spy on Americans.
  • Laura Loomer put on secret no-gun red flag list by vengeful FBI.
  • Big Tech censorship goes into overdrive, unleashing a “one way” trip to Hell for America if this isn’t reversed.
  • Pelosi launches attack on people who don’t support abortion.
  • Mainline conservative publishers and personalities ordered to toe the line on pushing vaccines.

Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN? –

Interracial couple files housing discrimination lawsuit against Livingston County realtors

Verdell and Julie Franklin had visited their friends on Zukey Lake in Hamburg Township many times over the last ten years, and when a house on the same lake came on the market in September, they were eager to see the property.

It was after their experience viewing the house that they decided to file a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan. Julie is white and Verdell is Black. The lawsuit alleges housing discrimination, and that the real estate agents involved purposefully misled and prevented the Franklins from making an offer on the house because of race, in violation of the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The lawsuit was filed on Friday.

Julie Franklin called Mary Kay Ikens of RE/MAX Platinum and asked to schedule a showing of the house. When she came to the house with her husband, Verdell, and their friends who owned a home on the lake, Julie says it was like interacting with a totally different person.

“Yeah, on the phone she was really friendly, then when we got up there, she mostly just spoke to our friends, she really didn’t speak much to us,” says Julie. 

The lawsuit states, “During the showing, Ikens demonstrated no interest in the Franklins as potential buyers.” The couple says she asked no questions about their occupations or means to purchase a home. They wanted to make an offer as soon as the tour was over, but when they told Ikens, they say she said she had to show another property. When Ikens returned to their friends’ house to discuss the offer, Julie says her detached behavior continued.

“Even when she came back, the five of us sat at the table, and she just talked with our friends, and didn’t have much to say to us at all. Like, didn’t even make eye contact, really, with us,” she says.

The Franklins say Ikens told them she had spoken with listing agent Rick Beaudin, who she referred to as her boss. She said that their proposed offer of $300,000 would not be considered, even though they were willing to make a higher offer. The Franklins say Ikens said this was because the homeowner was only accepting all-cash offers of $350,000, with the house as-is, no inspection. According to the lawsuit, none of these stipulations were mentioned in the listing. After Ikens dissuaded them, the Franklins decided not to make an offer.

Julie periodically checked in on the listing, and says it was listed as “pending offer” for nearly all of September and October. On October 28, the house was listed as “sold,” and the selling price was $300,000—the same offer the Franklins had wanted to make at the beginning of September. The offer was not all-cash, but made with a down payment and a mortgage. The lawsuit says the buyer was a white man who was permitted to have the property inspected before he purchased it.

Verdell Franklin says at that point, their friends who had accompanied them to the original showing encouraged them to do something about this.

“These friends of ours said, ‘you need to contact the fair housing authority in Michigan, because something’s going on here.'” He says after they contacted the fair housing authority, they found out that the listing agent for the property was Rick Beaudin.

Beaudin was let go from RE/MAX Platinum in June, following comments posted on social media. Joseph DeKroub of RE/MAX Platinum confirmed that he had fired Beaudin. 

“It was a combination of a lot of stuff. He was doing, like ‘All Lives Matter,’ ‘If [Black Lives Matter] come to Pinckney, we won’t put up with your crap,’ and he was just antagonizing. I just told him, that’s about as racial as it gets, you can’t do that.” DeKroub says he hasn’t had any contact with Beaudin since, adding, “I don’t know much about if he’s continuing down that path or not, obviously he had a problem here. I don’t know.”

The lawsuit alleges that Ikens and Beaudin violated the 1968 Fair Housing Act by “imposing unfair conditions of sale—namely, cash-only and a higher sales price, and ‘as is’—on Verdell and Julie Franklin because of race.” It also alleges Beaudin violated the law when he “refused to present to his clients the Franklins’ bona fide offer to purchase a dwelling because of race.” RE/MAX Platinum and KW Realty Livingston, Ikens’ and Beaudin’s respective agencies, are also listed as defendants, and they “ultimately presented to their clients for acceptance a white man’s offer of $300,000, financed by a mortgage loan, that they informed the Franklins, an interracial couple, would not have been acceptable.”

The Franklins’ attorney, Robin Wagner, says the lawsuit is important, because recognizing housing discrimination can be tricky.

“A lot of times you wouldn’t even know this had happened to you in trying to buy a house. You might’ve just been told sorry, your offer won’t be accepted, as Verdell and Julie were told, only to find out later the exact same offer was good enough for a white man to buy the house,” says Wagner.

Verdell Franklin says he and his wife have faced discrimination before as an interracial couple, but rarely anything so blatant. He says the lawsuit is to make sure the people involved are held accountable for their actions.

“First and foremost is accountability. These people need to answer to what has taken place, and that is the biggest thing that we’re looking for here is accountability because this should not be going on in this day and age,” he says.

Rick Beaudin says he has not yet been served this lawsuit, and does not know who the Franklins are.

Mary Kay Ikens did not respond to a request for comment.

RE/MAX Platinum says it does not comment on pending litigation, and KW Realty Livingston says it has yet to be served the lawsuit and does not have any comments at this time.

Interracial Church of Jesus Christ Beware: ‘Homicidal’ white supremacist arrested for Capitol riot after lying to parole officer about Bible handout

Interracial Church of Jesus Christ Beware: ‘Homicidal’ white supremacist arrested for Capitol riot after lying to parole officer about Bible handout

Interracial Marriage

Bryan Betancur was taken into custody Sunday after his GPS monitor placed him inside the Capitol during a Jan. 6 riot by President Donald Trump’s supporters, after he told his parole officer that he’d taken part in the violent action and was paranoid the FBI was watching him, reported WJZ-TV.

“At not time on or before January 6, 2021, was Bryan Betancur granted permission or authorized by rule to enter restricted grounds around the Capitol, nor did he, at any time, have authorization to assemble, display flags, or parade on the Grounds or in the Capitol building,” prosecutors said in an affidavit.

Betancur, who was on probation for a previous conviction for fourth-degree burglary, had told his parole officer intended to visit Washington, D.C, to hand out Bibles with the group Gideon International, but tracking software showed he had instead left the White House Ellipse area, where Trump urged…

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Greece: Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens says Islam is not a religion but a political party

“Archbishop of Athens: Islam is not a religion but a political party,” Orthodox Times, January 15, 2021:

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and all Greece gave an interview regarding the contribution of the Church to the Greek Revolution of 1821.

The interview was given by the Archbishop at the Monastery of Saint Loukas, where according to Archbishop Ieronymos, great figures “who gave everything for the Revolution” lived.

Archbishop Ieronymos also referred to the role of Patriarch Gregory V in the Greek Revolution.

As he stressed, “the actions of Gregory V have been misunderstood. Only those in positions of responsibility can understand what the role of the Patriarch was, as every small revolution meant the massacre of the Patriarch.”…

The Archbishop of Athens stressed that Islam was not a religion but a political party. “They are the people of war,” he said….

He underlined once again the important contribution of the clergy in the Greek Revolution of 1821, saying that every signal of revolution was initiated by a monastery and a clergyman.”

According to the Archbishop, “we were not talking about a nation but about Orthodoxy and faith. When the Christians revolted, it was a struggle against the conquerors.”

He even referred to Rigas Feraios, who had said that “what will unite us is the cross,” as well as the oath of the fighters of 1821 “for the faith of Christ, and the freedom of the homeland.”…

Toronto Catholic school board’s website links kids to LGBT resource promoting gay sex

TORONTO, Canada, January 18, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In exactly three clicks from the website of Toronto’s Catholic school board, children are able to access homosexual sex guides where they can learn how to “find” gay sex by “cruising” or in “parks and public washrooms,” how to engage in “fisting,” and “how to have lesbian sex.”

In its “Resources for Students” page, the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) lists LGBT Youthline as a resource for “Student Mental Health & Wellness.” Clicking on this link brings children to LGBT Youthline’s main page where hovering over “Our Programs” brings up the option “Online Resources.” Clicking on this option brings children to resources for “Sex, Sexual Health & More.” Links to explicit homosexual content intended for adults are included as resources, including the following links:

  • Primed²: A Sex Guide for Trans Men into Men — Here, youth find a “sex guide for trans men” where they learn to “find sex” by “cruising,” at “bars and nightclubs,” at “parks and public washrooms,” and at “bathhouses and sex clubs.” The guide includes pornographic images of men engaging in homosexual acts, information on BDSM practices, and information on “sucking,” “f*cking,” and “fisting.”
  • Autostraddle – Articles on sex and dating for queer women, trans and non-binary people — Here, youth learn “how to have lesbian sex,” they can read “sex toy” reviews, and they can view lesbian “erotica.”
  • Brazen – Trans Women Safer Sex Guide — Here, youth learn about “trans sex work” as a “fun way to support yourself and pay for hormones and surgeries,” putting on an online sex “cyber show,” “sucking and licking…someone’s crotch or ass,” “fisting…insert your entire hand (or most of it) into your partner’s ass or vag/frontal hole,” and other homosexual practices.

LGBT Youthline places a “Quick Hide” button on the top right of its website so that children accessing the site at home or at school can click the button and immediately be directed to Wikipedia’s homepage so as to hide the content they are viewing.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is one of the four sins that cry to heaven for justice. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered’. They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved” (CCC 2357). 

The Catholic Church furthermore teaches that the homosexual inclination is also “objectively disordered” since God created sexual attraction for the purpose of drawing a man and a woman together to become husband and wife in marriage.

After a local Toronto writer Joe Volpe, editor of the Italian-Canadian daily newspaper The Corriere Canadese, called attention to TCDSB linking to LGBT Youthline in a Jan. 8 post, the board immediately removed the link, telling LGBT Youthline that same day that it had “inappropriate material” on its site. LGBT Youthline fought back, demanding on Jan. 11 that the TCDSB “immediately re-instate LGBT YouthLine in their resources for youth.”

On Jan. 13, TCDSB Trustee Norm Di Pasquale and Derek Chen, Superintendent of Equity, Diversity & Indigenous Education, Community Relations, met with LGBT Youthline. The outcome of the meeting was that TCDSB reinstated LGBT Youthline’s website on the school board’s list of resources for young people.

Another outcome of the meeting was that Trustee Di Pasquale presented a motion on Jan. 14 for the establishment of a student-led committee to “focus on respecting differences and LGBTQ+ matters with the intent of empowering our student voice system-wide.” The motion was carried.

LifeSiteNews reached out to the TCDSB by phone, asking why it decided to relink to LGBT Youthline knowing that the site promotes explicit homosexual content contrary to Catholic teaching. LifeSiteNews also asked what the board would tell parents who might be horrified to see their children accessing homosexual content from a link recommended by the TCDSB. No response was provided by press time.

LifeSiteNews also reached out to Toronto’s Thomas Cardinal Collins, who as spiritual oversight over the TCDSB, for comment on the matter. LifeSiteNews asked if there was anything the Cardinal could do to help keep Toronto Catholic children safe from accessing homosexual content from the Catholic school board’s website. No response was provided by press time.

Jack Fonseca, director of political operations at Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s national pro-life and pro-family organization, told LifeSiteNews that he was “horrified” that the TCDSB has a site promoting homosexual content as an approved resource for children.

Toronto Catholic school board’s website links kids to LGBT resource promoting gay sex | News | Lifesitenews

White Supremacists are Sharing Information on Building IEDs before inauguration: Interracial Couples Planning Weddings

White Supremacists are Sharing Information on Building IEDs before inauguration: Interracial Couples Planning Weddings

Interracial Marriage

Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man: People were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot: People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But on the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all. It will be just like that on the day the Son of Man is revealed (Luke 17:26-30).

There will always be blind people. All kinds of red flags flying, but many will not be paying attention. The way that leads to eternal life is narrow and few find it. Interracial couples should take note of the gathering of white men.

It was white men that established miscegenation…

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University of Dallas student denied internship solely for being white

A female student at the University of Dallas has recently come forward with her story after being rejected from a summer internship opportunity due to being white.

“It’s not like I was underqualified or anything, I met everything else,” said the student, who asked to remain anonymous so that her future career in the finance field is not jeopardized.

“I had the right major, I had the right GPA, I was the right year in college,” she said, “but I was white so they wouldn’t help me.”

The internship in question was offered by Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a professional development organization with ties to major financial corporations such as CitiBank, IBM and Goldman Sachs. It was advertised as the “SEO Career 2021 Paid Summer Internship” and the description was for a financial position.

In its emailed rejection statement to the student, a copy of which was obtained by The College Fix, SEO outlined the reason for its rejection.

“Thank you for your interest in SEO Career! Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the program. SEO Career targets Black, Hispanic, and Native American undergraduates, who are underrepresented in the careers they seek,” reads the rejection statement the student received.

The letter then goes on to suggest other ways to develop her career instead of interning for the company, such as making a LinkedIn account and attending career fairs.

“It’s just frustrating that my skin color can stand in the way of my future career when I’ve worked so hard for my grades and do well in my classes,” the student told The College Fix in a telephone interview last week.

“I do all of these things to try and help my resume look better to future employers and I end up being rejected for the color of my skin. It just feels like we’re going backwards,” she said.

SEO’s internship application provided a list of qualifications, all of which the student met prior to her rejection, exceeding the minimum 3.0 GPA with a 3.5, matching the required major of economics, and surpassing the required class placement of sophomore by a semester.

University of Dallas student denied internship solely for being white | The College Fix

Christian Sisters In Pakistan, Killed For Refusing To Convert To Islam, Found Dead By Police

On Jan. 4 in Lahore, Pakistani police found the remains of two Christian women. The culprits are their Muslim supervisors, a report says, and the motive for killing is because the women refused to embrace the religion Islam.

The victims were sisters Sajida Mushtaq and Abida Qaiser, reports Morning Star News. They had been reported missing since Nov. 26.

They were found dumped in a drainage ditch, bound inside a sack.

In his interview with the police, Mushtaq Masih, Sajida’s husband, said that his wife complained that she was being inconvenienced at work because of her Muslim supervisors.

“My wife often complained of harassment by her supervisors, but she used to tell me that she was handling the situation well,” Masih said.

“After she went missing, one of my relatives shared with us that Sajida had confided in her that her supervisors, Muhammad Mumtaz and Naeem Butt, used to pressure her and Abida to convert to Islam and marry them,” Masih told Morning News.

When the sisters did not return home from work, Masih immediately went to the police.

The police then questioned the two supervisors, Mumtaz and Butt, mentioned by Masih’s wife prior to her death. They were also told that Mumtaz would always harass the two women, pressing them to marry him. The investigation for the case was led by Officer Iftikhar Hussain.

After the interrogation, Muhammad Mumtaz and Naeem Butt eventually confessed their crimes.

“During interrogation, Naeem confessed that they had abducted the sisters, and after keeping them hostage for a few days for satisfying their lust, had slit their throats and thrown their bodies into the drain,” Hussain told Morning Star News.

When Masih was asked to identify the bodies, he said that he could not bear the sight of his wife’s decomposed body.

“You can imagine the emotional and mental trauma our children and all other family members have been suffering since Sajida and Abida had gone missing. When police informed us that they had identified the two bodies as those of our loved ones, it seemed that our entire world had come crumbling down,” Masih added.

Sajida left behind three sons and a daughter with the eldest at 11 years old and the youngest at age 5. Her sister Abida left a nine-year-old daughter.

Ejaz Alam Augustine,Punjab Province Minister for Minorities and Human Rights attended the sisters’ funeral to comfort the bereaved family.

“No words are enough to condemn the barbarity meted out to the two innocent women,” he said.

The ministeradded that with the rise of the number of Christian women and girls in Punjab being coerced to convert, officials are legislating laws that will punish perpetrators.

Christian Sisters In Pakistan, Killed For Refusing To Convert To Islam, Found Dead By Police : World : Christianity Daily

Hate Crime Fizzle in Calgary as Knife-Wielder ID’d as Worshipper…

Police have taken one man into custody after an incident Friday at the Akram Jomaa Mosque in northeast Calgary.

It is not considered a hate-motivated crime as the man is known to those at the mosque.

Police say they responded to reports of a disturbance shortly after noon on Friday, and though initial witness statements to news media said the suspect had a gun, that was not the case. 

“Upon arrival, police encountered a man armed with a knife,” reads a statement. “The man was taken into custody with minor injuries and no one else was injured.”

Incident at Calgary mosque not believed to be hate-motivated (

Cofounder of NeverTrump Lincoln Project accused of ‘grooming’ young men for sex

January 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The bitterly “NeverTrump” lobbying organization the Lincoln Project is under fire this week following accusations that co-founder John Weaver has attempted to use his position to “groom” young men into sexual encounters.

At The American Conservative, Ryan Girdusky reveals texts he received from anonymous sources regarding “several young men solicited by Weaver for a job, after which he propositioned them for sex as part of the offer.”

Gidursky states: “He shared direct messages with me of both young men, one of whom had been ‘strung along for days about a possible job,’ and when they met at his hotel, Weaver demanded they engage in sexual intercourse. They did, it was consensual, but Weaver never made good on the job offer.”

Cofounder of NeverTrump Lincoln Project accused of ‘grooming’ young men for sex | News | LifeSite (