Twitter accepts paid ad promoting female genital mutilation

“Twitter backlash as tweet promoting FGM is seen 30,000 times author image,” by Joe Roberts,, September 20, 2018:

Twitter has been slammed after a tweet promoting female genital mutilation (FGM) on children was viewed more than 30,000 times.

A Muslim group calling itself Dawoodi Bohra Women for Religious Freedom posted a tweet last week justifying ‘khafz’ – or female circumcision – on young girls.

The tweet featured a video of group member Arwa Sohangpurwala saying: ‘My daughters have also undergone khafz, and they’re growing up as perfectly as other children of their age.

‘As a mother, I can never do anything to harm them.’

Despite FGM being illegal in the UK, with a penalty of up to 14 years, the group paid Twitter to ‘promote’ the tweet, so it showed up on the timelines of users who didn’t even follow their account.

Twitter users immediately slammed the controversial ad.

Esmael Omar wrote: ‘Speak for yourself woman. Don’t speak on behalf of innocent girls. ‘FGM is FGM no matter how you want [to] sugar coat it. Leave alone cutting – even touching the female genitalia of a girl is still child abuse.

‘Twitter must explain why they sponsored such a message.’

Paul Hart added: ‘Did you ask your daughters beforehand or did YOU make the decision to mutilate their genitals for them? Sick.’

Ingrid Srinath said: ‘Sorry, what?! Twitter is carrying an ad FOR female genital mutilation? #FGM’

Mariya Taher added: ‘I’m wondering how Twitter can say that an ad promoting female genital cutting/mutilation doesn’t violate community standards?’

Twitter has since removed the promoted post but taken no action on the original tweet….

Italy: Muslim migrant hit his teen daughter and threw her against wall for being “too Westernized”

“Moroccan dad probed for abusing ‘too Western’ teen,” ANSA, September 17, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

(ANSA) – Cremona, September 17 – Carabinieri police in Cremona have placed a 58-year-old Moroccan citizen who lives and works in nearby Solesina under investigation for allegedly hitting and abusing his teen daughter for becoming ‘too Westernized’…

The man’s 16-year-old daughter, who had bruises on her face, told police that she was hit and thrown against the wall by her father who did not want her to be integrated in the local community nor to dress with typical Western attire…

Canada: Muslim cleric says husband has right to “intimacy” whenever he likes and may strike his wife


“Canadian-American Cleric Azhar Nasser: Husband Has Right to ‘Intimacy’ Whenever He Likes and May Strike His Wife ‘to Salvage the Marriage,’” MEMRI, September 15, 2018:

During a September 15 lesson at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre in Richmond, British Columbia, American Shiite cleric Azhar Nasser discussed the “wife-beating verse” in the Quran. He said that because a man provides for his wife, he has the right to “intimacy” whenever he pleases, and that some sources say that the wife is forbidden from denying or delaying intimacy lest “the angels ask Allah to deprive her of His mercy.” He also said that according to some scholars, a woman cannot leave the house without her husband’s permission because he might desire her while she is away. During his lecture, titled “Battered & Bruised,” Nasser said that in “extreme cases,” when the wife is “immodest,” the man must first admonish her, and if that does not work he must separate the beds to “show his discontent.” Then, if he feels that it may “rectify the problem and salvage the marriage,” he may strike his wife. Azhar Nasser, born and raised in Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan, currently resides in Richmond, B.C., Canada. The address was an installment in a series of lectures at Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre and was posted on its YouTube and Facebook pages.

Following are excerpts:

Cleric Azhar Nasser: We go to the verse, the verse that has been called the “wife-beating verse.” If you guys have a Quran app on your phone I want you to follow along.


From the beginning, Allah calls the husband “the guardian of the women.” Allah has given certain privileges to men, and He has given certain privileges to women. They have different rights. The right of the wife is that she has the right to be maintained.


The husband, because you maintain her, because you are providing shelter and food, and you are taking on financial responsibility… Because you’re fulfilling this responsibility, Allah gives you a right. What is that right? The right to enjoy pleasure. There are two rights that are mentioned by the legal scholars, the first is that you have a right to intimacy.


The one right that Allah has given to the man is that when he desires intimacy with his wife, she cannot deny him.


In fact, we have narrations that say the wife should not even delay intimacy if the husband desires.


This is a woman who, when her husband calls her, to have intimacy with her, she tells him “later, later, later” until he falls asleep, meaning she delays that conjugal right. The Holy Prophet says that such a woman, the angels ask Allah to deprive her of His mercy.


He can give her commands from dawn till dusk, the only command that she has to respond to Islamically is if he calls her to be with her – intimacy. And some legal scholars say she cannot leave the house without his permission, and some legal scholars have said that second right is also related to the first, because he might desire her and if she’s away, it’s going to be problematic.


We’re talking about a very extreme case where she’s not righteous, she’s disobedient to God, and she’s not guarding her modesty, that the husband is afraid, he’s becoming suspicious, there are signs of infidelity.


Allah says, you’re not allowed to strike them, first, admonish them. Talk. If you have some suspicions, if you’re uncomfortable with the way she’s behaving, if you feel that she’s not guarding her chastity, admonish them. This is number one. If that doesn’t work, separate the beds to express your discontent. If that doesn’t work, this is when the verse says, “strike them.” Scholars say, you only escalate it to the third, strike them… and there are some conditions to this. You only do it if you feel that it may rectify the problem. The hitting here is not with the intention of punishing. It’s to discipline and to rectify the problem, and salvage the marriage.


Imam Al-Bakr says, “You shall strike them with a siwak.” You know miswaks? The twig that is used for dental hygiene? You strike them with something like that.