BOJ chief calls for wage increase to overcome deflation



Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda on Monday called on companies to raise wages in line with the central bank’s efforts to achieve 2% inflation, saying a suitable environment has already been established.

Speaking at a meeting of business leaders in Nagoya, Kuroda said, “In our view, the environment for wage increases—such as a tight labor market and high corporate profits—is certainly already well established.”

“However, it is of course up to firms’ management and labor whether to raise wages in line with the 2% inflation benchmark in anticipation of price increases of 2% as we move on,” Kuroda said.

He said the BOJ has “the capability” and the “strong will” to achieve the inflation target at the earliest possible time, adding that the bank will adjust monetary policy “without hesitation” if judged as necessary to that end.

Kuroda said given that Japan’s economy is on the road to overcoming deflation, raising wages and increasing fixed investment are necessary not only for Japan’s economy as a whole but for companies themselves. “Taking action now is a prerequisite for firms to be among the winners in the future,” he said.

On the current state of price movements, Kuroda said, “Once the effect of the decline in energy prices is excluded, the underlying trend in inflation has steadily improved.”

In October, Japan’s consumer prices fell 0.1% from a year earlier, down for the third straight month. But excluding food and energy prices, the index climbed 0.7%, according to government data released Friday.

As a risk factor, Kuroda said that increased uncertainties over the course of emerging economies could undermine business confidence in Japan and possibly lead firms to scale down investment and wage increases. Such a possibility warrants attention, he added.


Ottawa Public Library Books have Islamacist Hate Messages


Are Muslims who live in Canada living in a state of war with their host country?  Should they see other Canadians as the enemy?

The Ottawa Public Library (St. Laurent Branch) is currently holding books by Mohamed el-Ghazali, one of the most extreme of Islamcist writers who preaches violence and hate towards non-Muslims and Muslims who do not live according to his extremist view of Islam.

One of the books has the title “One Hundred Questions about Islam.”  The book has several insights such as:

  1.  If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are in a state of war against your host country.
  2.  If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country, then you are living with the enemy.
  3.  Only a caliphate is an acceptable form of government.
  4.  If you kill the takfir (non-Muslim/apostate) then you will go to paradise.
  5.  Women cannot work.  Nor can they leave the home without permission.
  6.  You must kill those Muslims who leave the faith.
  7.  Christians have no rights and cannot be allowed to construct churches etc.

Of note, a search of books on Islam at the St. Laurent branch revealed more violent texts including others by el-Ghazali.  There were no books there that expressed a historical view of Islam nor any books on the modernization of Islam.

Drone laws may take off soon


Security chief Lai Tung-kwok said the government is seriously concerned about the use of drones and will look into overseas laws when deciding on legislation to control their use.

“Regulating drones is the duty of the Civil Aviation Department. I believe if controls are necessary, they will explain to the public at the appropriate time,” Lai, the secretary for security, said.

The government is reportedly considering introducing legislation to regulate drone usage.

In some countries, flight safety systems are installed in drones to prevent them flying into sensitive or no-fly zones.

Owners are also required to register their names.

Under current regulations, pilotless craft weighing more than seven kilograms must be registered with the Civil Aviation Department.

Ding Zen, who owns drone company Zeta, said restricting drones from flying into restricted areas is feasible.

“We can’t rule out the possibility that some people will use drones with bad intentions,” Ding said yesterday.

But he has reservations about the compulsory registration of owners.

“They can buy the components and make their own drones … so this policy will be meaningless.”

Legislative Council information technology and broadcasting panel member Cyd Ho Sau-lan said legislation is necessary to protect citizens’ privacy because drones may be used to take photographs through the windows of high-rise homes.

A Civil Aviation Department spokeswoman said drone regulations are being reviewed. “With the popularization of small UASs [unmanned aircraft systems], the CAD will, taking into account the development of regulatory requirements of overseas aviation authorities and the specific circumstances in Hong Kong, review the operational parameters of and the regulatory policies on UASs and consider amending the relevant legislation as appropriate, in order to ensure public safety.”

Stoya@stoya – false rape accuser

When a woman’s fame falls, the claws come out. And so one porn actress has accused another of raping her. The Stoya v. James Deen rape accusation has all of the telltale signs of a false accusation. I therefore label this the James Deen Rape Hoax.

Summary: Stoya accused her ex-boyfriend of rape on Twitter while simultaneously promoting James Deen on a website she owns. (That’s not a typo. Read on!)

How do we know James Deen has been falsely accused of rape by Stoya?
Hint: The rape fits the narrative.

A proper rape hoax must fit the narrative. Unethical women understand this.

The media loves a good rape, if and only if it fits the narrative. When porn actress Cytherea was violently raped in her home, the media ignored it. Why? Because the narrative was bad. The media does not give coverage to cases where a white woman was raped by black men.

For a good rape hoax, you need the right defendant – which means a white man. James Deen fits the profile, and it doesn’t hurt that Deen is a confessed racist. In an interview with Haaretz, Deen said he viewed blacks, Hispanics, and non-Jewish whites as being beneath him. (“The Jews know we’re better than everyone else. That’s all that matters.” – James Deen.)

The rape accusation against Deen is false to the point of absurdity.

Stoya made the rape accusation on Twitter, not in a police station. Second, she mentions being a feminist in the Tweet, which is a total red herring. Finally and most damningly: She features her “rapist” on a website she owns!

Stoya accused James Deen of rape on Twitter.

If you want 7,500 RTs (and counting), falsely accuse a man of rape.


Rape accusations belong in a police station, and rapists belong in jail. Yet time and again we’ve seen women bring their rape accusations to the public rather than the police. The Rolling Stone Rape Hoax was the most recent example of a publicity-seeker accusing men of rape in the media.

Stoya, as a famous porn star, understands how desperate a biased, bigoted, anti-male media is for stories of men being accused of rape.

By posting her accusation on Twitter, Stoya has been able to receive considerable press coverage, boosting her profile.

BuzzFeed, Mic, Daily Mail, and dozens of other news outlets have covered the James Deen Rape Hoax.

Stoya mentions feminism in her false rape accusation.

Stoya specifically mentions feminism is her public rape accusation against James Deen. This is proof she seeks to interject ideology into what should be a police matter. She is also sending a bat signal out to SJW hate mobs.


Stoya features James Deen on a website she owns.

Stoya owns a website called TRENCHCOATx (NSFW). On November 17, just 10 days before accusing Deen of rape, Stoya promoted this website. The link to her website remains Stoya’s pinned Tweet on Twitter.


Her website features James Deen on the front page. (Archive link here; NSFW.)

In what world does a woman feature her rapist on her website?

UPDATE: Stoya’s most recent scene, which you can purchase on her website, is with James Deen.

Porn stars can be raped, and women can be raped by their ex-boyfriends.

SJWs with rabies and stupid people with poor reading comprehension are going to read a lot into this article. Let’s clear up some points.

Yes, porn stars and sex workers can be raped. Cythera was raped. Her case was a tragedy, even though it never made headlines.

It’s also possible for a woman to be raped by her boyfriend.

Stoya’s status as a girlfriend or porn star do not factor into my analysis.

Stoya’s rape accusation is false because it was made on Twitter in a desperate way to get attention to herself. She is clearly trying to get revenge against an ex-boyfriend.

Rape hoaxes harm women and men.

James Deen, if he’s lucky, will merely face SJW hate mobs and have his image destroyed. If he’s unlucky, this rape accusation ends with him in handcuffs.

Like many men before him, Deen is learning that women will violently attack any man who claims he’s innocent. I have already received death threats for insisting that we apply the presumption of innocence to Deen.

Moreover, false rape accusations harm women. I do not believe Stoya, as her accusation reads like every other rape hoax.

Every high profile rape accusation has turned out to be a hoax.

  • Rolling Stone rape hoax.
  • Duke lacrosse rape hoax.
  • Hofstra gang rape hoax.

In the unlikely event Stoya was raped, few will believe her. We’ve been lied to and now view all public rape accusations as false.


Talks may mean lower power bills

Talks may mean lower power bills

Kenneth Lau

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Households can expect cheaper electricity if talks between the government and the power companies on reducing the amount of profit they can make are successful.

Speaking at a Legislative Council meeting yesterday, Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing said the government will start negotiating with CLP Power and Hongkong Electric next year after taking advice from a consultant.

Under the current deal with the government, the two power companies are permitted to earn 9.99 percent on their net fixed assets, but the report has suggested lowering this to 6 to 8 percent.

“If the permitted rate of return is lowered, the overall tariff will have room to move downward … but in fact we also need to consider other factors. If we use more renewable energy, users may need to pay higher tariffs,” Wong said.


The government received a total of 15,762 submissions, 15,496 of which were from individuals and 266 from organizations.

Wong said almost all of the opinions agreed with the current scheme of control agreements, but there is still room for improvement in several matters, such as permitted rate of return, energy saving and tariff approval mechanism.

Most of the respondents also said the current electricity supply of Hong Kong is reliable, and the tariff is reasonable. It was unnecessary to introduce competition purely for the sake of providing more choices.

Most of the respondents who were willing to pay higher tariffs said they could afford 5-10 percent more for the cost of renewable energy.

“The public paid much concern to the permitted rate of return issue, after considering different opinions collected from different channels, including the economic environment and similar investments overseas, we consider it was necessary to further lower the permitted rate of return,” Wong said.

The current scheme of control agreements expire in 2018.

The Liberal Party’s James Tien Pei-chun suggested that even if the permitted rate of return was reduced to 6-8 percent, it would still be too high.

“On today’s standard, a 6-8 percent return rate is really good, because the interest rate is low. Even if US increases its interest rate, it should be very mild. In the coming five years, it’s impossible for the interest rate to reach 6 percent,” he said.

Administrative reform candidates win Osaka governor, mayor elections


Two candidates fielded by the Osaka Restoration Association won gubernatorial and mayoral elections in Osaka on Sunday on the platform of a renewed bid to reorganize the Osaka city administration, after voters rejected the plan earlier this year, Kyodo News projections showed.

Incumbent Ichiro Matsui, 51, secured a second four-year term as governor of the western Japan prefecture, while former House of Representatives member Hirofumi Yoshimura, 40, won the Osaka mayoral election.

The high-profile double election was seen as a litmus test for the regional political group’s key policy of reorganizing Osaka city into a metropolitan government similar to Tokyo’s, after city residents rejected the plan in a May referendum by a narrow margin.

The Osaka Restoration Association, led by outgoing Mayor Toru Hashimoto, argues that the reform will help save taxpayers’ money by reducing administrative overlaps between the city and prefectural governments in Osaka.

“We are going to continue Osaka Ishin’s reform that has been pursued” by Hashimoto, Matsui said at a press conference after early projections showed he won the race. The Osaka Restoration Association’s Japanese name is “Osaka Ishin no Kai.”

At the same press conference, Yoshimura said he will continue discussions about modifying the administrative reform proposal.

Given the electoral outcome, a referendum on Osaka administrative reform may be called again before elections are held in municipalities across the country in the spring of 2019.

The latest victory for the regional political group could also give a boost to a national political party recently launched by Hashimoto with an eye on the House of Councillors elections next summer.

The new party, also called Osaka Ishin no Kai in Japanese, was formed with defectors from the Japan Innovation Party. Matsui serves as its secretary general just as he does for the Osaka Restoration Association.

Hashimoto’s new political party has kept a distance from opposition parties seeking political realignment and does not appear hesitant about forming an alliance with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration in areas such as constitutional amendment, political analysts said.

After his proposal was rejected in the referendum, Hashimoto announced his retirement from politics once his term as mayor expires in mid-December. But the lawyer-turned-politician has expressed interest in advising the new party on legal and policy matters.

In the gubernatorial election, Matsui defeated two independents, Takako Kurihara, a 53-year-old former Osaka prefectural assembly member recommended by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, and Yukinori Mima, a 65-year-old former high school teacher, according to the projections.

In the mayoral race, Yoshimura was pitted against Akira Yanagimoto, 41, a former Osaka city assembly member recommended by the LDP, Chozo Nakagawa, 59, former mayor of the city’s Kita Ward, and Hidehisa Takao, 33, a part-time worker.

Before winning the gubernatorial race in Osaka four years ago, Matsui served as a member of the prefectural assembly. Before that he was running an electrical construction company.

Yoshimura became a lawyer at the age of 25 and later decided to become a politician. He was elected a member of the Osaka city assembly four years ago and won a seat in the lower house of parliament last year.

Yoshimura and Matsui are both Osaka natives.


The Misogyny of Atheist Dudebros and the Godless Misandry of Lesbian Tumblrinas


Sarah is a 20-year-old social work student with a radical feminist Tumblr blog — adorned by a rainbow-colored Wicca pentagram — who hates men almost as much as she hates God:

Overzealous atheists are 9 times out of 10 annoying racist misogynistic dudebros but in my opinion it’s totally justified for same sex attracted people to hate organised religion as a tool that has been used to oppress us for centuries.
Like yes to a certain extent it’s people just using religion to justify their already existing homophobic attitudes, but to say that religion (particularly christianity) doesn’t perpetuate homophobia is just a denial of reality for the sake of not stepping on any toes. F–k anyone’s Sky Daddy who apparently dictates who is and isn’t worthy of dignity and humanity.

That rant caused another Tumblr user to remark that “you really hate non-religious men,” and Sarah further amplified:


Actually I think a very large number of men are already misogynistic and racist and anti-theism is something that attracts men who are already predisposed to those traits because it gives them a sense of power and righteousness as well as a persecution narrative. (Think Richard Dawkins and The Amazing Atheist.)
But you’re absolutely right, the intro wasn’t the point of the post so I’m not sure why you’re ignoring everything else I’m saying in order to focus on how I’m such a big mean man hater.
I find it interesting that all it takes is for me to mention misogyny and I get accused of man hating. You’re reaching buddy.

Sarah’s blog was previously called “lesbolution,” and before that it was“grrrlfever,” but now it’s “frequentlypolitical.” These name changes, we may suppose, indicate the ideological shifts resulting from her increased feminist consciousness. “The personal is political,” as Carol Hanisch said, and studying the Tumblr blogs of young feminists offers a glimpse into the process by which their personal problems affect their radical politics and vice-versa. Sarah’s discourse suggests certain questions:

  1. Is Sarah correct that men like Richard Dawkins embrace atheism because it justifies their own prejudices?
  2. If the need for “a sense of power and righteousness as well as a persecution narrative” inspires men to become atheists, doesn’t a similar need inspire women to become feminists?
  3. Why would a lesbian feminist object to being called a “big mean man hater”? Isn’t feminist ideology merely an elaborate rationalization of such hatred? Indeed, didn’t Carol Hanisch coin the phrase “the personal is political” to justify the agenda of a movement based on mobilizing women’s anti-male rage?

No one at Sarah’s university would ever ask such questions. Academia today is off limits to Christians, who are quite nearly banned from employment in the faculty. The Christian student in the 21st-century university never encounters a professor who shares his faith, for the same reason he never hears a professor speak a word in favor of capitalism, patriotism or heterosexuality. Perhaps not every member of the faculty is a Marxist lesbian, but if any university employee dared suggest that there is anything wrong with being a Marxist lesbian, angry mobs of student protesters would demand that this employee — whether a tenured professor or a janitor — immediately be fired. Academia is now a Temple of the Cult of Social Justice, the major idols of which are Equality, Science and Progress, and whose Sacred Rites of Devotion are sodomy, abortion and treason (not necessarily in that order).

Academia long ago chose sides in the Culture War, and our universities are now actively engaged in the systematic destruction of Western civilization. Bill Buckley tried to warn us with God and Man at Yale, but few heeded the voice of the prophet crying in the wilderness, and the intellectual apostasy has overtaken us. Behold! Now we have“Christian” bloggers on Tumblr who insist that God should bless their lesbian weddings. This blasphemy involves a diabolical phenomenon known as “Side A theology,” a heresy whose original author goes by various names, among them Beelzebub and Mephistopheles.

Well, neither the atheist misogynist dudebros nor Sarah the radical lesbian feminist believe in all that Bible stuff, but they all believe in Progress and at the rate we are progressing now, I think we shall soon reach our destination, at the end of a certain well-known highway that is proverbially paved with good intentions.


The continuing collapse of ‘The Hunting Ground,’ a campus sexual assault propaganda film

The Hunting Ground bills itself as a documentary about the campus sexual assault crisis in America. But as more of the film’s premises are debunked, it looks less like a documentary and more like a film in search of a problem.

The latest evidence of the film’s attempts to ignore the facts in order to fit their preconceived narrative comes from Emily Yoffe of Slate, who looked into one of the film’s central cases.

Yoffe found that the filmmakers, who claimed the vast majority of campus sexual assaults are “a highly calculated, premeditated crime,” either willfully ignored or failed to fact-check one of their central stories because it was anything but “calculated” or “premeditated.”

That case, involving an accuser named Kamilah Willingham, was actually the case I thought was the most compelling when I saw the film. That comes from how the filmmakers presented her story: Willingham and a female friend (named “KF” in Yoffe’s article) passed out after a night of drinking with an unnamed male friend (identified as Brandon Winston by Yoffe) who then sexually assaulted them. Willingham says in the film that Harvard University, where the three were students, had an “extreme reluctance to believe” her. The school eventually (several months after Willingham made the accusation) found Winston responsible and suspended him.

The film makes it seem as though Winston was almost immediately allowed back on campus after being found responsible. In reality, he was barred from campus for a year. After that year, Harvard faculty dismissed the charges and allowed Winston back on campus. Willingham was told of the decision, and made it seem like a defeat in the film.

The Hunting Ground then mentions that Winston was later indicted for sexual assault. When I first saw the film, I thought this was evidence that Harvard messed up and allowed a really bad man back on campus. However, the indictment stemmed from the same accusations Willingham and her friend made to police. Since the film was released, the charges against Winston were mostly dismissed — he was found guilty of “misdemeanor touching of a nonsexual nature.”

Why did he receive such a minor charge? Because the evidence wasn’t there, and Willingham was not a credible witness. She had told Winston she found a bloody condom in her room that he used to rape KF. It turns out the blood was actually Willingham’s and the male DNA in it did not belong to Winston. Nor is it clear that Winston did anything that was premeditated or calculated. He was apologetic for what was ultimately ungentlemanly behavior — he had woken up a passed out KF in order to kiss her, and they had been kissing earlier in the night.

Willingham’s is not the only accuser on film to have her story called into question. Though her story isn’t told in any detail, Emma Sulkowicz — who carried a mattress around Columbia University for the past year — also appears in the film. Her story has been seriously called into question.

As was Erica Kinsman’s story. She’s the woman who accused former Florida State University (full disclosure: my alma mater, which is why I’ve avoided writing about this case in the past) star quarterback Jameis Winston of rape. But as Stuart Taylor, who co-wrote the book about the Duke lacrosse rape hoax, discovered, Kinsman’s story wasanything but conclusive. The filmmakers allowed Kinsman to claim she was drugged by Winston, even though two different toxicology reports found no trace of any date-rape drugs. Kinsman also claimed that Winston’s friend realized she was being raped and told him to stop (his friend testified just the opposite — that the sex was consensual and he wanted to join in on it).


Presenting questionable stories of sexual assault as cut-and-dried attacks was not the only way the filmmakers ignored or distorted evidence to fit their narrative.


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Campus Crazies: Women’s Officers Who Have Gone Off The Deep End


You’ve probably heard of Bahar Mustafa, the diversity and welfare officer at Goldsmiths University in London. She shot into the limelight after tweeting in support of #KillAllWhiteMen and banning white males from a conference on – ironically – diversity.

Schadenfreude always catches up, and Mustafa last week resigned from her post – on International Men’s Day, no less – after allegations of harassment and bullying from colleagues.

But Mustafa is not alone. Social justice warriors are deeply embedded in the hierarchy and structures of the British university system. As a public service, I’ve combed through the track record of women’s officers in some of the top universities around the country, so that you don’t have to. Thank me later.

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Scandal Exposed: UN-Backed IGF/TakeBackTheTech Cover-Up in Pro-Censorship Report



The IGF’s report which I’ve covered multiple times here on The Ralph Retort has been released.

And their presentation has been released as well. Here’s a clip of the landwhale from the Association for Progressive Communications freak out our supposed “cyber attack” on the #TakeBakeTheTech hashtag at IGF2015.

Back in Ocbtober, their official social media campaign got raided by #GamerGate preemptively, after I broke the story on YouTube, it got reported on by The Ralph Retort, and eventually by Allum Bokhari at Breitbart.

Then, Jac Sm Kee made the press release at the Association for Progressive Commutations that said that GamerGate is an example of what should be made illegal, after we crashed their hashtag campaign that was meant to collect case studies for the report. Jac Sm Kee is the ringleader of the radical feminist operation to censor the entire internet to rid it from what she deems as “hate speech”, and was caught covering up the participation of an incompetent coworker. She subsequently ran damage control after being confronted.



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