Ruling parties plan fresh talks on ways to ease tax hike burden


The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner, the Komeito party, have agreed to make a fresh start on talks to study ways to reduce the burden on consumers when the government further raises the consumption tax rate.

The move comes as the two parties remain apart over the Finance Ministry’s proposed tax refund scheme aimed at mitigating the impact on spending for daily goods when the 8 percent tax rate is raised to 10 percent in April 2017.

At their meeting on Friday, the Komeito party expressed opposition to the tax refund plan supported by the LDP, calling for the consideration of reduced tax rates for a range of food and other daily necessities as widely adopted by European countries.

“We see difficulties in adopting” the tax refund plan, said Komeito tax panel chief Tetsuo Saito.

“We’d like to resume discussions as early as mid-October after marshaling issues” for discussion, LDP tax panel chief Takeshi Noda told a press conference.

Despite the differences over the issue, the parties confirmed they will continue studying the feasibility of both plans and have an agreed measure included in tax reform proposals for fiscal 2016 to be compiled in mid-December.

The proposed tax refund plan would see a 10 percent tax rate levied on all items, with the government providing 2 percent tax refunds for all food and beverage purchases excluding alcoholic drinks.

Under the program, customers would be asked to carry personal identification cards bearing “My Number” codes, which will be distributed next month, allowing the government to keep track of purchases eligible for tax refunds.

The proposed plan has been criticized as consumers would have to carry the cards at all times and file tax refund requests themselves, while applying multiple tax rates would also increase the clerical burden on businesses.

“We will continue our efforts to reach a realistic conclusion that satisfies both consumers and businesses,” Noda said.


Macao celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with brand new elements

MACAO, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) — Macao’s Tourist Office has organized a series of events with brand new elements to celebrate this year’s traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the World Tourism Day, both of which fell on Sunday.

A small dragon boat race was held for the first time, attracting 126 local and non-local teams to compete, while a tray race, which involved running holding drinks on a tray, saw more than 200 participants.

At night, an international fireworks display contest was held. About 5,000 local residents and visitors watched the spectacular sight.

On Sunday morning, the tourist office presented welcome souvenirs to this year’s “Lucky Tourists” at Macao Ferry Terminal, who were a group of four from Australia.

“It’s like being in a dream,” one of the tourists said after receiving the unexpected gifts, adding that they will never forget this wonderful experience on arriving here.

The Australians said they had watched a movie about Macao before, which aroused theircuriosity to decide to take a look in person.

Apart from activities organized by the tourist office, local communities also held various garden parties featuring traditional Chinese lantern riddles and lantern making crafts to celebrate the festival.

#GamerGate Exposed Libertarian Women As Frauds

Libertarianism  is being infiltrated by feminazis posing as libertarian women

Libertarianism has been unable to deal with the fact that the primary supporters of big government are women.  The only way to get small government is to deal with this fact yet like with Republicans, most Libertarians refuse to deal with it.  They will come up with excuses like “the libertarian movement needs to grow first”, which is an admission that Libertarians will not reduce government if a woman complains.  Or they will say, “women were tricked into supporting big government because men didn’t respect women”, which is avoiding the issue by blaming men.

It’s clear that for many Libertarian women, Libertarianism isn’t about small or minimal government, but removing competing government programs that draw money away from government programs that give money to women.  (This is a reason why we need Geolibertarianism or Geoanarchism because even Libertarians can’t be trusted to be Libertarian when it counts.)  One way in which this happens is attacks on Libertarian men (or men “accused” of being libertarian despite not actually being libertarian) such as this article by Elizabeth Nolan Brown at where she says that libertarianism is being invaded by “misogynists” from #GamerGate, the MRM/MHRM, the MGTOW community.

Brown’s article is filled with minor lies such that GamerGaters commonly have Gadsden flags in their twitter profiles.  In reality, GamerGaters are more likely to use anime characters or Vivian James, the #GamerGate mascot, in their profiles.  Also, most GamerGaters are liberals/leftists or they started out that way but became (more) libertarian later when they realized that talk about alleged sexism in video games was Jack Thompson with breasts .  The biggest lie in Brown’s article is that #GamerGate/MRAs/MGTOW secretly want a big government program to dictate gender norms.  The is the exact opposite of the truth.  Feminists have already setup a multitude of big government programs to benefit women at the expense of men.  What the so called “misogynists” invading Libertarianism want is those government programs eliminated.  They don’t want government programs.

What Brown has done with her article is a case of DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender), a common tactic used by feminists.  She starts out with the assumption that big government programs that benefit women at the expense of men don’t exist (outside of a few minor cases, maybe).  Then she accuses the so called “misogynists” of wanting big government programs against women.  Brown reversed the victim and offender exactly since it’s feminists that created a multitude of government programs to hurt men, and her so called “misogynists” that want them removed.

As we know most GamerGaters aren’t Libertarians, so why is #GamerGate being lumped in with Brown’s so called “misogynists”.  It’s impossible to legitimately be a Libertarian and not in principle support #GamerGate.  The obvious endgame for the feminist war on video games is for the government to control what video games can be created since feminist infiltration of the video game industry is a failure and so is their attempt to replace video games with choose your own adventure stories.  No legitimate Libertarian can support this, but many Libertarian women can’t admit this since doing so would expose them as fake libertarians who just want to remove government programs that block the expansion of government programs for women.  In other words, #GamerGate by doing nothing but existing threatens to expose many Libertarian women for the frauds they are.

Hospital Moves Injured RAF to Avoid Offending Muslims…

A hospital has apologised after an injured Royal Air Force sergeant was moved out of a waiting room because staff thought his uniform would “upset” other patients. His family was allegedly told it was because they “have lots of different cultures coming in.”

Reports suggest the Mark Prendeville, 38, was asked to sit behind a wall. His farther, Jim, told BBC News 24 that he was “dumfounded.” He said: “I’ve spoken to his wife, he was absolutely disgusted.”

Sergeant Prendeville was attending the Accident and Emergency department at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, Kent, after chemicals from a fire extinguisher got in to his eyes during a training exercise.

“Patients of the brand new Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft, Netherlands are angry that a separate prayer room is built for Muslims but not for Christians, Jews and Hindus. Those non-Muslim patients should all share a common prayer room.

The separate prayer room for Muslim patients is met by resistance from other patients. ‘There is not a single Christian cross in the whole hospital’ says Job Duijndam. The resident of the city of Delft is talking about a ‘serious case of discrimination.’

The hospital received so many complaints from patients that it has decided to adjust the common prayer room with ‘appropriate religious symbols.’ But it will not create separate prayer rooms for other religions. ‘Muslims have a great need for a separate prayer room. We don’t think patients with a different religious background have the same need.’”

Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church has called on its government not to let any more Muslim refugees into the country to prevent an “invasion”.

The Balkan EU member has largely been bypassed by the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing conflict and poverty, many of whom set off from Greece through neighbouring Macedonia and Serbia towards northern Europe.