Silver Week holiday exodus gets under way


Japan’s Silver Week holiday exodus got under way on Saturday with trains and planes reporting full loads.

Silver Week occurs about once every six years when three national holidays in September run consecutively. This Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are holidays, allowing many people to take a five-day break.

JR East said its Tokaido Shinkansen trains were running at 170% capacity on Saturday morning, while Tohoku Shinkansen trains were at 150%, Fuji TV reported.

Meanwhile, according to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, at 2 p.m., traffic was backed up for 29 kilometers on the Tomei Expressway at the Atsugi Interchange, and 18 kilometers on the Chuo Expressway at Sagamiko in Kanagawa Prefecture, and 17 kilometers on the Kanetsu expressway in Saitama Prefecture.

Airlines reported that domestic flights from Haneda and Osaka airports were full on Saturday.

The return rush is expected to peak on Wednesday afternoon.

Canada: Racist Macleans magazine that only have 2 non-white writers claims Parliament is not diverse

This same racist magazine that gets tax dollars of corporate welfare a few years back published a racist article about Asians in Canadian Universties caiming they are “too asian”.

Maclean’s magazine says that Parliament’s big problem is… that it’s too white.

In their latest issue, they did a racial, ethnic and gender analysis to demonstrate that this is the case. Why do they think this matters?

Do they really believe that most people feel it’s more important to vote for someone who looks exactly like them?

It’s weird enough that Maclean’s thinks people would only want to vote for their own “tribe” or “clan.”

But it’s especially strange when you see how white Maclean’s is.

It’s true:

Thirty-seven out of 39 of Maclean’s writers are white!

If they think diversity is so important, shouldn’t they work on themselves first? Omar Khadr’s new bail conditions outrageous, unacceptable

Ezra Levant of reports: A judge in Edmonton has removed essential public security protections from Omar Khadr’s bail conditions.

Remember: Omar Khadr bragged in Gitmo that killing U.S. medic Christopher Speer was “the greatest moment in his life.” But he asked the judge to remove his ankle bracelet because it was interfering with his soccer games!

He can now fly on Canadian passenger planes and can visit his terrorist family in Toronto. He no longer has to wear a tracking bracelet on his ankle and police surveillance software on his computer must be removed.

Mother of disabled non-Muslim denied housing vows to keep fighting

David Menzies of TheRebel.Media follows up on the story of Austin Lewis, the 21 year old disabled man who was denied subsidized housing in a Muslim only apartment building in Toronto.

David recently spoke with Austin’s mother, Laura Whiteway, to get her perspective and an update as well as speaking with Karim Tahir, Building Manager at 3001 Finch West.

In addition to covering the story here at TheRebel.Media, we started a petition to demand that the City of Toronto end religious discrimination in public housing.

Feminist Mental Health Czar Wants To Curtail Boys’ Access To Gyms In Britain

A woman named Natasha Devon has written a piece in the Daily Telegraph demanding that boys under 16 be banned from attending gyms alone, to prevent them from becoming too concerned about developing muscles. Devon, who is the Derpartment for Education’s “mental health champion” is asking for a “strict and rigorously enforced” age limit of 16 on access to gyms, unless accompanied by an adult.

Devon is a professional victim who has built two charities and wrangled herself an MBE out of the fact she once had an eating disorder. She was formerly a typist forCosmopolitan and has zero qualifications in medicine or psychiatry. The ascendancy of pundit-turned-government advisor Devon suggests the British government is pursuing a policy of handing out appointments and honours to complete non-entities in order to appeal to feminist sensibilities.