Transgender bathrooms causing plague of girls afraid to use toilets at school

October 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — The backlash is continuing against the gender-neutral bathrooms transgender activists are demanding. Earlier this month, I noted a story in this month’s edition of The Atlantic, written by a parent who discussed the chaos that resulted when the school decided to eliminate gender designations for student bathrooms — without consulting the parents. This parent — who is very much a liberal — described the profound discomfort of the students, some of whom simply refused to use the bathroom while at school and waited until the school day was over.

According to the Daily Mail, these policies are having a similar impact in the United Kingdom, where gender-neutral bathrooms “have left girls feeling unsafe and even put their health at risk,” according to both teachers and parents. In fact, they reported, the surge in primary and secondary schools implementing gender-neutral bathrooms has made girls “who are menstruating so anxious about sharing facilities with boys that some are staying at home for fear of being made to feel ‘period shame.’” Some are even “risking infections by refusing to urinate all day,” and others are coping by refusing to drink liquids while at school.

This has led to both doctors and politicians calling on schools who are making moves to switch to a gender-neutral bathroom system to stop implementation, with Dr. Tessa Katz saying that “holding in urine for prolonged periods on a regular basis could increase risk of girls suffering urinary and bladder infections.” With teachers and parents stating that girls are feeling “deeply uncomfortable or even unsafe sharing toilets with male students,” halting the shift to gender-neutral bathrooms is necessary “to prevent any further harm to female pupils.”


Trans Comic Chanty Marostica Ripping Louis CK’s 5-night Stint at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto Outed as Violent Sexual Abuser







“Chanty” is a trans comic who won Sirius’s Next Top Comic and who Vice has championed as Canada’s answer to Hannah Gadsby. He/she showed up in Yuk Yuk’s Facebook comment section decrying that Louis CK was doing a 5-night residency at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto last week & advocated his deplatforming. He/she then proceeded to get outed in that same comment section for far worse offenses than CK’s. Yuk Yuk’s deleted all the comments, and Chanty deleted her Twitter account — but today he/she admitted to it all in a lengthy Facebook post (but did not admit to her hypocrisy, and cites her own supposed abuse and body dysmorphia as a rationaliization for her behaviour.)


Chanty Marostica: Jesus Christ. Y’all 1000% give zero shits about the women you employ. CONGRATS on a fun week. . . . You will sign so many women in the future who won’t say it to save their job, but it hurts every single time we are told that the abuse we incur in this world is acceptable. Every time you book an abuser, it stings. . . . booking Jeremy Piven and Louis CK for exactly THIS. The backlash, the negative press, the shock. It’s gross, unsurprising, lazy and archaic. I was assigned female at birth. I am allowed to have an opinion about your club purposely hiring people who abuse us.

Comedy Club Employee: When speaking about abusers, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Let’s open up the discussion to everyone in the community that you sexually or physically abused. So good day to you sir!

Fellow SJW Female Comic: I can confirm these accusations with knowledge of 4 more people who experienced abuse like I did and worse. Most folks know about their [Chanty’s] behaviour as a predator and gatekeeper. No one is willing to speak out or defend the young queer people who are subject to their [Chanty’s] violence. . . . I’m currently being threatened to stay quiet. Trying to figure out what my legal rights are before I say anything else. Thank you for all the support.


Sheriff: Anderson student fabricated sex assault claims against teacher

An Anderson High School student fabricated claims that her teacher sexually assaulted her, officials with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office say.

The 13-year-old girl claimed that a male teacher grabbed her right arm, unzipped her hoodie and grabbed her breasts, according to a police report. The student told school officials it happened inside the teacher’s classroom during a class break.

But following an investigation, officials with the Sheriff’s Office said there was no wrongdoing, and that the female student made up the entire incident.

The accused teacher is cleared to return to teaching after spending two and a half weeks on leave.

“Although we’ve had a tough day, we’re all working through it,” Forest Hills Superintendent Scot Prebles said. “The repercussions of this do have long term impact.”

District officials confirmed the teacher has been teaching at Anderson High School for more than 20 years. He was hired by the district in 1996.

“We have a staff who is jittery right now, because this could be done on any day to any one of us,” Prebles said. “We’re also going to make sure that we are supporting our staff member. We have a staff member who has been hurt by an accusation. It was not an accurate accusation.

As for the 13-year-old accuser, investigators with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said the student could be criminally charged. The situation remains under investigation.

“We’re going to do everything we can to help our students, to help this particular student, to work with their family, to make sure that they’re in a good place and they’re maturing and they’re growing from this situation,” Prebles said.

Hey, @LiamHemsworth: Name Something You Should Never Stick in Crazy

There is a proverbial saying among men about avoiding crazy women, so why did Liam Hemsworth ever get involved with Miley Cyrus? In August, when the “Wrecking Ball” singer publicly humiliated Hemsworth by engaging in a lesbian affair with Brody Jenner’s ex-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, Hemsworth declared he “wish[ed] her nothing but health and happiness” and an “insider” was quoted saying, “Miley and Liam love each other and always will.” What does “love” mean in such a context? If Miley loved her husband, would she have made such a fool of him? And why would Liam “always” love a woman who had disgraced him?

Well, after her fling with Kaitlynn Carter ended, Miley was reportedly “begging” Hemsworth to take her back, but he’s filed for divorce and returned to his native Australia, and his family is reportedly trying to keep Hemsworth away from the toxic bisexual bimbo:

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, have had enough of their former sister-in-law, Miley Cyrus, has learned exclusively — and have issued her a stern warning to stop playing games with heartbroken Liam.
“They are the ones picking up the pieces,” a source told Radar. “And they’ll happily do anything to protect Liam, including shutting Miley out of Liam’s life.” . . .
Adding insult to injury, Cyrus, 26, released a scathing breakup song aimed at her ex titled “Slide Away.”
“The breakup song, the smear campaign implying he has addiction issues, her texting him at random – it’s all infuriating to them,” the source continued. “They welcomed Miley with open arms even though she was way too wild and immature for their friendship group, and they feel betrayed by her behavior too.” . . .
“They have conveyed that message to her in a strongly worded text,” the source confessed. “Miley was actually shocked that Chris and Elsa had struck her off and told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from their brother and let him heal.”

Do I have to explain why Hemsworth has no one but himself to blame? He and Cyrus first hooked up about 10 years ago and were on-and-off for quite a few years before they married, and he should have seen that she was definitely not wife material. Miley Cyrus will never mean anything but misery to any man fool enough to get involved with her.

Oh, and her “bisexuality” is just another symptom of her borderline personality disorder (BPD). There are no sane bisexuals. There are gay men and lesbian women who have both feet on the ground, but every bisexual is a bundle of neurotic craziness. And when you examine Miley Cyrus’s life history, it’s a laundry list of BPD symptoms.

Never trust a bisexualHow many times do I have to explain this?

It was my lesbian friend Cynthia Yockey who pointed out the substantial overlap between bisexuality and borderline personality disorder. People with BPD notoriously have “boundary issues.” They can’t stand to be told “no,” and don’t think the rules should apply to them. They love to cause drama, and would rather have negative attention than to be ignored. BPD is “characterized by extreme fear of abandonment; unstable relationships with other people, sense of self, or emotions; feelings of emptiness; frequent dangerous behavior; and self-harm.”

That is such a perfect description of Miley Cyrus that it might as well have been written about her specifically, and so we must ask why no one warned Liam Hemsworth to steer clear of her.

Hey, @LiamHemsworth: Name Something You Should Never Stick in Crazy