Media Hide Sex in Transgender Crime Report

Media reports blamed a “woman” for an alleged murder attempt by a man who reportedly says he is transgender.

The alleged attacker slashed the husband of a woman with whom he was seeking to elope. “Woman stabs Venice man with a machete in attempt to steal his wife,” said the November 27 headline at

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune headlined its November 24 story, “Machete-wielding Maine woman charged with attempted murder in Sarasota County.” But the newspaper’s fifth paragraph acknowledged the suspect is a man:

A Sheriff’s Office arrest report states that a couple were in bed when someone broke into their home and began hitting them with an object. The husband identified his attacker as Robert Gibson, who he told police transitioned from male to female and identifies as Alana.

The November 24 headline at the New York Post said, “Florida woman charged in machete attack wanted to be with man’s wife: deputies.” The paper’s fourth paragraph hinted at the reality, saying, “Witnesses told investigators Gibson, who is identified in jail records as female, then began to strangle the man’s wife as she tried to stop the onslaught, deputies said.”

The alleged crimes include a break-in, machete strikes, a physical fight with another man, and a high-speed chase. NBC2 reported

Gibson broke a window to get into the Venice home, then used a machete to to stab the man multiple times. While Gibson was stabbing him, the man’s wife attempted to stop the slashing. Gibson then choked the woman she was there to whisk away.

Gibson was eventually detained by the victim’s roommates but was able to get free and attempted to drive her car away from deputies, according to the report.

Gibson took deputies on a chase spanning more than 20 miles into Charlotte County. Gibson confessed to the crime at the Punta Gorda Police Station Sunday. The male victim was rushed to a Sarasota hospital where he did survive his injuries.

The misidentification of suspects’ sex is increasingly common in media reports of crime — even when there is a video of the alleged crimes. The cause is unclear, but journalists’ organizations have allied with transgender groups to promote the claim that a person’s self-declared gender overrides their male or female sex.

Transgender advocates claim that two million Americans say they are transgender to a greater or lesser extent. But very few people who describe themselves as transgender undergo cosmetic surgery of the genitals. Only about 4,118 Americans surgically altered their bodies in hospitals from 2000 to 2014 to appear like members of the opposite sex, according to a pro-transgender medical study. A Pentagon report commissioned by former Defense Secretary James Mattis said that “rates for genital surgery are exceedingly low- 2% of transgender men and 10% of transgender women.”

Media Hide Sex in Transgender Crime Report (

Racist Population control group uses black baby in overpopulation billboard

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A billboard ad by a population control group uses an image of a black child to advocate for one child per family and is accompanied by the following words: “The most loving gift you can give your first child is to not have another.”

The ad by recently appeared in Vancouver, British Columbia. The wording of the ad appears to twist in the opposite direction a saying commonly attributed to Saint John Paul II: “The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling.”

A leading black pro-life activist blasted the billboard as “the only acceptable form of racism today.”

“This [is] an ad by OnePlanetOneChild campaign in Vancouver…take a good look at it, notice the black baby they’ve chosen to use for their population control messaging. This is perhaps the only acceptable form of racism today,” wrote pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha on her Twitter page Friday.

Misandric Amnesty International halts India operations citing government ‘witch-hunt’



NEW DELHI: Amnesty International India on Tuesday said the complete freezing of its bank accounts by the Government of India — which the agency termed was the latest in the incessant witch-hunt of human rights organizations by the Government of India over unfounded and motivated allegations — has brought all its work to a grinding halt.
“…We came to know about the freezing of the accounts on September 10. The organisation has been compelled to let go of its staff in India and pause all its ongoing campaign and research work. This is the latest in the incessant witch-hunt of human rights organizations by the Government of India over unfounded and motivated allegations,” a statement issued by Amnesty read.

US Attorney opens investigation into Clinton Foundation

US Attorney John Durham has opened a separate investigation into the FBI’s previous handling of the investigation of possible corruption in the Clinton Foundation.

Supporters of President Trump, who believe that the investigations into his alleged foreign collusion with Russia were politically motivated, are hopeful that Durham’s investigation will show that the Russian collusion investigation was intended to sabotage Trump’s campaign and his ensuing presidency.

This review into the investigation is part of an ongoing effort on Durham’s part to get to the bottom of what went on in the Trump-Russia collusion investigations that ended up finding no collusion.

According to The New York TimesThe US Attorney “has sought documents and interviews about how federal law enforcement officials handled an investigation … into allegations of political corruption,” and that “Durham’s team members have suggested to others that they are comparing the two investigations.” However, “it was not clear whether Mr. Durham’s investigators were similarly looking for violations in the Clinton Foundation investigation.”

Allegations against the Clinton Foundation have been circulating over the past several years. Peter Schweizer wrote a book about the foundation in 2015, in his qualification as president of the Government Accountability institute, called Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Hungarian PM: Schools Must Protect Children from ‘Gender Ideology & Rainbow Propaganda’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán railed against liberal ideology Monday, insisting conservatives must defend schoolchildren from destructive leftist propaganda.

There are “irreconcilable differences in education policy” between liberals and conservatives, Mr. Orbán argued in an extended written address, with conservatives focusing on helping children “to be capable of becoming patriots who can carry forward our tried and tested traditions.”

The prime minister reserved some of his most pointed language for resisting the left’s push for gender theory in schools.

Christian democrats “expect schools to reinforce the sex identity that the Creator has conferred on each child at birth,” he said, “to help girls become fine and admirable women; and to help boys become men who are able to provide security and support for their families.”

“Schools should protect the ideal and values of the family, and should keep minors away from gender ideology and rainbow propaganda,” he added, while admitting that his words will seem shocking to the modern liberal mindset.

“Liberals see this as medieval backwardness at best, and as clerical fascism at worst,” he said. “In their view the purpose of school education can only be to lead children towards their inner selves, making them capable of self-realisation, introducing them to the beauties of the universal political order, and therefore peeling away from them the enveloping layers of tradition inherited from the lives of their great-grandparents, grandparents and parents.”

Central to the liberal, enlightenment project is an abandonment of Christian morality and anthropology based on the biblical understanding of the human person, Orbán suggested.

Liberals believe that “the sufficient condition for just and morally grounded governance is general, universal reason, and there is no need whatsoever for absolute values revealed by God, and the religious and biblical traditions that have grown out of these,” he stated.

“In fact, they say, a dividing wall must be built between church and government, and the influence of religion must be banished from the public sphere,” he said.

Given their relative isolation and their overtly Christian national constitution, Hungarians “know little of the breadth, depth and bitter struggles of this debate which extends across the whole of Western civilisation.”

The unyielding and insightful basic principle in our national-Christian Constitution, he said, is that “the state and church function on distinct parallel paths.”

“Whilst preserving the autonomy of church and state, this seeks to replace separation with the integration of religion into the life of society, maintaining a spirit of tolerance for religious views,” he said.

Christian democrats believe that in order to strengthen justice, public morals, and the common good, “the need for religion, biblical traditions and our churches is greater today than it has been for centuries,” he said.

Man acquitted of molesting woman on SIA flight from Japan, says he was sleeping

SINGAPORE: A man accused of molesting a woman on a Singapore Airlines flight from Japan to Singapore was acquitted of the charge on Tuesday (Sep 15), after the judge found that the woman’s testimony was not strong enough for a conviction based solely on it.

He found that the account of American national Roberto Eduardo De Vido, 56, was consistent and accepted it as “a truthful account of what transpired during the flight”.

Mr De Vido had testified that he was sleeping and explained his routine during the flight, on which he was a frequent traveller, said District Judge Bala Reddy.

Mr De Vido was accused of molesting a 25-year-old woman, whose identity is protected by gag order, during a flight on a Singapore-controlled aircraft in June last year from Japan’s Haneda Airport to Changi Airport.

He was accused of using criminal force on the woman, who sat next to him, by touching her left thigh and groin and outraging her modesty.

For the charge to be made out, the prosecution had to show beyond reasonable doubt that the accused used criminal force on the woman and that he did so knowing that it was likely to outrage the woman’s modesty, said the judge.

Exposing the progressive movement’s historical embrace of racist eugenics

ndependent Institute research fellow and professor emeritus of economics in College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno, Thomas Cargill, joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss the lack of educational materials covering the history of the progressive movement, particularly their implementation of eugenics and forced sterilization in order to attain a better society.  

(Article republished from

According to Cargill, there are two reasons why there is a lack of teaching on these subjects. First, the progressives who spurred on this movement have been “very successful in dominating American education.” Secondly, Cargill claims that progressives wanted to distance themselves from the eugenics ideology that Hitler claimed in the 1930s.

Cargill also explained how figures like Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger felt justified in participating and enabling eugenics because they believed they were contributing to the forward movement of society.

“You could be a racist and still a moralist because what you were doing was ridding society of the unfit so society would be more efficient,” Cargill said.

“Eugenics and progressivism were, in a sense, made for each other because you had the progressives that said, ‘Look we have all these instruments that we can use to improve society and now we have this science that tells us how to do it. And of course we do have our problem because of the dilution of the quality of the American society,’” Cargill added. 

You can read Cargill’s article about the lack of educational materials covering the eugenics movement here. You can also read more of his eugenics research here.

Read more at: or

Reza Aslan: ‘If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f**king thing down’

I’ve been warning about this guy for years. Now he is openly calling for sedition and violence.

But this is really no surprise. Reza Aslan, well-known cannibal, is a former CNN host who was fired for prematurely revealing that they’re a propaganda ministry, not a news outlet. He also exhorted readers in his last book to take the advice of the oldest and most celebrated self-improvement coach, Satan: “take a lesson from Adam and Eve and eat the forbidden fruit. Do not fear God. You are God.” But besides this hubris and arrogance, Reza Aslan for years been active with organizations linked to violent jihad terror groups. A reminder:

Reza Aslan is a Board member of a lobbying group for the bloodthirsty and genocidally antisemitic Iranian regime; tried to pass off Iran’s genocidally-minded former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a liberal reformer; called on the U.S. Government to negotiate with Ahmadinejad himself, as well as with the jihad terror group Hamas; praised the jihad terror group Hizballah as “the most dynamic political and social organization in Lebanon”; praised also the anti-Semitic, misogynist, Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, which is dedicated in its own words, according to a captured internal document, to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within”; and has also applauded and called for the forcible shutdown of the free speech of those who hates — a quintessentially thuggish and fascist impulse.

Aslan has on several occasions come out strongly for Hamas. He denies that he is doing so, of course, but in practically the same breath energetically parrots Hamas propaganda about Israel targeting civilians, even claiming, risibly, that there is no evidence that Hamas is using human shields. When he says such things, he can trust that the mainstream media has not reported obvious examples of Hamas’s lies and disinformation, much less the fact that Hamas openly avows that it uses human shields so as to provoke civilian casualties that can be used to demonize Israel. Here is an account of his exchange with Bill Maher — even Maher found Aslan’s cheerleading for Hamas tough to swallow.

Aslan is also notoriously hate-filled and has shown a propensity for violence before. He was in the thick of the media savaging of a group of Kentucky high school students were accosted by a Native American activist; Aslan called for violence against the student most prominently featured in circulating videos of the incident. When Dinesh D’Souza called him out on it, Aslan doubled down by saying he wanted to assault D’Souza:

This shouldn’t come as any surprise to those who are familiar with Aslan’s rancid public career. That this sinister jihad enabler was ever given a mainstream platform is a dispiriting sign of the times. His show on CNN was devoted to showing other religions as violent and hateful, and Islam as benign and peaceful. Also, Aslan is a Board member of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC). NIAC has been established in court as a lobbying group for the Islamic Republic of Iran. Said Michael Rubin: “Jamal Abdi, NIAC’s policy director, now appears to push aside any pretense that NIAC is something other than Iran’s lobby. Speaking at the forthcoming ‘Expose AIPAC’ conference, Abdi is featured on the ‘Training: Constituent Lobbying for Iran’ panel. Oops.” Iranian freedom activist Hassan Daioleslam “documented over a two-year period that NIAC is a front group lobbying on behalf of the Iranian regime.” NIAC had to pay him nearly $200,000 in legal fees after they sued him for defamation over his accusation that they were a front group for the mullahs, and lost. Yet Aslan remains on their Board.

Meanwhile, despite his increasingly obvious Islamic heterodoxy, Aslan remains popular with Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in the U.S.: he has also spoken at events sponsored by the Muslim Students Association, a Brotherhood group, as well as at an event co-sponsored by the Los Angeles chapter of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Doubtless they recognize that he shares their overall agenda.

Not surprisingly, after a trip to Israel he lied about being threatened by Shin Bet.

Aslan is as stupid as he is evil. It’s also worth noting that despite being hailed as a great intellect, Aslan isn’t actually very bright. He is, in fact, a borderline imbecile who frequently states howlingly false errors of fact, but is, never called out for them by his friends in the establishment media. He has made the ridiculous claim that the idea of resurrection “simply doesn’t exist in Judaism,” despite numerous passages to the contrary in the Hebrew Scriptures. He has also referred to “the reincarnation, which Christianity talks about” — although he later claimed that one was a “typo.” In yet another howler he later insisted was a “typo,” he claimed that the Biblical story of Noah was barely four verses long — which he then corrected to forty, but that was wrong again, as it is 89 verses long. Aslan claimed that the “founding philosophy of the Jesuits” was “the preferential option for the poor,” when in reality, that phrase wasn’t even coined until 1968. He called Turkey the second most populous Muslim country, when it is actually the eighth most populous Muslim country. He thinks Pope Pius XI, who issued the anti-fascist encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge, was a fascist. He thinks Marx and Freud “gave birth to the Enlightenment,” when it ended in the late 18th century, before either of them were born. He claims that “the very first thing that Muhammad did was outlaw slavery,” when in fact Muhammad bought slaves, took female captives as sex slaves, and owned slaves until his death. He thinks Ethiopia and Eritrea are in Central Africa.

A “renowned religious scholar” such as Reza Aslan should not make such elementary mistakes. But this is, of course, the man who writes “than” for “then”; apparently thinks the Latin word “et” is an abbreviation; and writes “clown’s” for “clowns.”

“After RBG’s Death, Left-Wing Activists Promise Violence If Trump Appoints Her Replacement,” by Tristan Justice, The Federalist, September 18, 2020:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away Friday night at the age of 87 due to complications from metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Moments after news broke of her passing, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged a full Senate vote on the nominee of President Donald Trump’s choosing with the election looming less than 50 days away.

“If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down,” wrote liberal writer Reza Aslan.

“We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election,” warned Writers Guild of America President Beau Willimon.

“If Mitch McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots,” threatened Laura Bassett whose work has been published in GQ Magazine and the Washington Post…


Reza Aslan: ‘If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f**king thing down’

Intrasexual competition in females: Fired Edmonton woman files human rights complaint for dress-code discrimination at car dealership


Legal experts are cautioning Albertans to know their rights, especially around dress-code discrimination, after a woman says she was fired from a north Edmonton Honda dealership because of her outfit.

Caitlin Bernier has filed a human rights complaint against Alberta Honda after she claims she was told her long-sleeve crew neck and dress pants violated the company dress code and made her male colleagues uncomfortable.

“I was fired for wearing an ‘inappropriate outfit’ to work,” Bernier wrote in her complaint. “This was the same outfit I was hired in.”

Experts say Bernier’s dismissal is a case study in the constrained, complex rights of probationary workers, Alberta human rights law and the ongoing discrimination women face in male-dominated industries.

“I just feel super discriminated against over this whole thing,” said Bernier, who was a recent hire and enrolled in the company’s employee training program.

“I feel really wrongfully treated. I don’t deserve to lose my job because of a shirt.”


Management with Alberta Honda denies Bernier’s claims of discrimination.

In an emailed statement to CBC News, management said its office dress code is enforced equally and no employee would be fired for a single violation.

‘Upset and embarrassed’

Bernier, 20, said she was fired from the dealership at 9525 127th Ave. on Sept. 11 after a female colleague approached her in the office.

She said she was told her shirt was see-through, violated the company dress code and was making some male colleagues uncomfortable. She later told CBC News she had worn the same outfit to her job interview at the beginning of the month and was told it fit the store’s business-casual expectations.

Bernier said her female colleague told her to cover up with a sweater or go home. Instead, Bernier met immediately with an internal human resources representative.

‘I Love JK Rowling’ billboard covered-up after Biology Denying activists express outrage

September 14, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – If you want to know just how far the tentacles of the totalitarian trans movement can reach, consider what happened in Vancouver, Canada over the weekend.

Chris Elston, a fan of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, commissioned a billboard from Pattison Outdoor along with Amy Hamm with the simple slogan “I *heart* J.K. Rowling” in response to a poster with the same words being removed by Network Rail in Scotland. Elston and Hamm had a three-month contract for the billboard.


Elston told Global News that Rowling has been targeted unfairly for her views on transgenderism recently (something I and others have covered extensively for “A woman that has done nothing but express concern for an erosion of women’s rights and medicalization of children who are being taught gender ideology [is being targeted],” he told Global. “She has gone into great detail about all the safeguarding issues that are being taken away from women and children.”

Within less than two days of the billboard going up at the intersection of East Hastings and Glen Drive, it was promptly vandalized with paint—and then taken down entirely in the face of instant backlash from the LGBT community. Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung of the Vancouver Non-Partisan Association claimed that the slogan was actually hate speech.

Woman Bleeds Uncontrollably After Botched Abortion at Austin Women’s Health Center

Recently received 911 records show that a 32-year old woman suffered a serious medical emergency after an abortion at the Austin Women’s Health Center in Austin, Texas, earlier this year.

The emergency, which occurred on February 22, 2020, involved post-abortion procedure hemorrhaging.

“We have a patient that we performed a procedure on, and she’s having excessive bleeding that we’re not able to control – as of yet,” the caller stated, according to a recording of the 911 call.

However, the caller, who was not with the patient at the time, was unsure if the woman was breathing normally or if she was in severe pain. She minimized the woman’s condition, which was serious, or an ambulance would not have been called.

Uncontrolled bleeding following abortions represents a potentially life-threatening condition.

The Computer Aided Dispatch printout from the incident indicated that an ambulance was dispatched and the woman was transported to South Austin Hospital for emergency care.


Abortionists listed on the Austin Women’s Health Center’s current facility license are Lendol L. “Tad” Davis and Jessica L. Rubino, who also conducts abortions for the Whole Women’s Health chain of abortion facilities.

The Austin Women’s Health Center was last inspected on March 26, 2019, when it was cited for violations related to medical emergency protocols.

The citations involved failure to provide abortion patients with the name and phone number to the hospital closest to their homes in the event that abortion complications developed after they left the abortion facility.  Two women, who came from other communities, were provided the contact information for hospitals that were not closest to their homes.

“The reason we report on medical emergencies at abortion facilities is so there is a record of the harm abortion causes women, in addition to the deaths of their babies.  Women are told that abortion is one of the safest procedures, but in truth, women are hospitalized and even killed by abortion on a regular basis,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.  “The hundreds of such incident we have documented are just a small fraction of actual the physical damage done to women by abortion facilities all over the country. Even so, our documentation provides ample evidence to support the fact that abortion is not safe.” Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue.


Woman Bleeds Uncontrollably After Botched Abortion at Austin Women’s Health Center

Convicted Rapist, Torturer and Killer Who Squeezed Her Victim’s Testicles with Pliers Speaks at DNC as “Impactful Community Leader”

The digital Democratic National Convention kicked off this week with a pre-recorded video of “America’s most impactful community leaders” reading the preamble to America’s Constitution. The various participants, mostly Democratic politicians and party activists, might be alarmed to learn that their segment featured Donna Hylton, a 55-year-old Jamaican woman convicted for the kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder of a 62-year-old Long Island real estate broker in 1986.

Just yesterday, reporters bristled after President Trump refused to disavow Qanon, an online conspiracy group suggesting that the Democratic party shields rapists and pedophiles for political purposes. This makes the choice to include Hylton alongside Joe Biden ill-timed and highlights the recent pattern of Democratic groups brushing off rape allegations and even convictions.

  • ·       Democrat activist and mega donor Ed Buck infamously managed to maintain good standing in various Democratic groups despite a succession of gay black homeless men dying of forced drug overdoses in his West Hollywood home until Buck was charged with various sexual and drug crimes by a federal prosecutor.
  • ·       The morning of Bill Clinton’s DNC speech, pictures surfaced of the former president receiving sensual massages by a victim of deceased pedophile and rapist Jeffrey Epstein during a trip on Epstein’s private jet dubbed “Lolita Express”.
  • ·       Joe Biden himself has been accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade, a former staff assistant who worked for Biden during his time in the Senate.

Before receiving accolades for her work as an “impactful community leader,” Donna Hylton and her gang of prostitutes had drugged real estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo, brought him to their Harlem apartment, and subjected him to a three week torture session which included starvation, beatings, burnings, and various forms of sexual torture leading to a gruesome murder. Hylton had raped Vigliarolo with a three-foot metal rod, later laughing it off, quipping “he was a homo anyway.” Hylton had demanded ransom from the victim’s friend, planning on spending her cut on professional photos to launch a career in modeling. She was paroled in 2012, having served 26 years in prison.

Out of prison, Donna Hylton quickly found work as a Democrat activist, joining the Coalition for Women Prisoners and advocating for the early release of convicted prisoners, specifically women and minorities. She was a featured speaker at the January 2017 Women’s March and made an appearance on CGTN, China’s English language propaganda state media channel, during which she complained that women like her were vilified due to their race and gender:

The majority of prisons and jail are crowded with black and brown women because of their dehumanization. We are criminalized for our color; we are criminalized and sexualized.

There was no mention of her rape and murder crimes.

The activism industry pays well apparently. After landing a book deal for her memoir, a movie deal is in the works, though it is unclear how far along it is.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab

Male students in Ireland to get lower grades under law


The calculated grading system being used for this year’s Leaving Certificate has been designed to ensure that overall girls will do better than boys.

The exams system is supposed to be blind and anonymised, but the gender of students will be taken into account, the Irish Independent has learned.


It could yet become a battleground over the estimated results, which are due to be issued on September 7.

In England, the issue of predicted grades is now a major controversy.

Students vented frustration at a system that has already seen 40pc of final-year A-level students receive lower grades than those predicted by their teachers.

In Irish schools, girls consistently perform better than boys on average during the end-of-school examinations.


Education Minister Norma Foley’s admission that the gender trend would be factored into the calculated grades system came in a little-noted parliamentary reply just before the Dáil rose.

“The use of demographic characteristics, including gender and socio-economic status of the school, was inherent in the Technical Working Group’s design of the calculated grades model,” Ms Foley admitted.

Biology Denying website doxxes women athletes opposed to diluting sex-specific sports

August 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – An LGBT sports blog has published without consent the names of hundreds of female athletes who wrote the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Board of Governors to resist pressure from LGBT activists to dilute women’s sports with the inclusion of gender-confused biological males.

On July 29, the group Save Women’s Sports (SWS) sent a letter to the board on behalf of more than 300 female athletes, arguing against calls to boycott Idaho over the state’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. The law forbids “transgender females” – males who “identify” as female – from competing against actual females in school athletic events, with disputes over a student’s gender settled by physical and genetic examination.


The NCAA has previously come out against the Idaho law, and said the Board of Governors would discuss the matter in August.

“Each one of us has benefitted (sic) personally, and many of us professionally, from a fair and level playing field,” the SWS letter says. “We have achieved striking success in the sports we love, and we are committed to preserving the same equality of opportunity for future female athletes.”

“We strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to compete, but true athletic parity for women demands that women’s sports be protected for biological females,” it continues. “Protecting the integrity of women’s sports has, for decades, played an integral role in remedying past discrimination against women and empowering them to achieve their full athletic potential.”

Over the weekend, the LGBT sports blog Outsports (which is part of the far-left Vox Media network) published the names of all 309 women who signed the letter. Most of the names had not previously been made public, as many were “afraid of the backlash that they might get on social media of being labeled a transphobe or a hater,” The Federalist noted.

Poland to Withdraw From Convention on Violence Against Women

Poland will take steps next week to withdraw from a European treaty on protecting women from domestic violence. The right wing government said it is because the treaty violates, among other things, parents’ constitutional right to educate children with “moral or religious education in accordance with their own convictions.”

The Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro told a news conference on Saturday that, to fulfill an election campaign promise, his ministry would submit a request to the labour and families ministry on Monday to begin the process of withdrawing from the “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence,” otherwise known as the Istanbul Convention.

“It contains elements of an ideological nature, which we consider harmful,”  Ziobro, leader of United Poland, a smaller party in the ruling coalition led by the Law and Justice (PiS) party, added.

On Friday, thousands of people, mostly women, protested in Warsaw and other cities against proposals to reject the treaty.

“The aim is to legalise domestic violence,” Magdalena Lempart, one of the protest organisers said on Friday at a march in Warsaw. Some protesters carried banners saying “PiS is the women’s hell.”

Responding to the protests, Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski argued the Istanbul Convention is “is redundant from the point of view of protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators of domestic violence,” adding that the Polish legal system already meets the standards set out by the document in both respects.

Ziobro also said the government has “done a lot in recent years in the fight against domestic violence and violence against women” through legislation, and is “implementing changes by introducing ideology-free solutions. ”

“Real solutions to protect victims of domestic violence were included in the anti-violence law, which the Sejm [lower house of the Polish parliament] adopted almost unanimously on April 30 this year.” Ziobro said. He called the Polish law a “model” for other countries as it “exceeded the standards required by the Istanbul Convention.”

Controversy Surrounding The Definition of Gender

According to a written statement by the Ministry of Justice, The government sought to terminate the Convention because of “harmful ideological solutions” such as the “concept of the so-called gender in opposition to biological sex.”

This seems to refer to the definition of “gender” in article three of the treaty, which it says “shall mean the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for women and men.”

“According to this concept, biology does not determine whether someone is female or male, it is a matter of a socio-cultural choice that anyone can make. This is related to the assumption that the education of children in schools should be changed.” a statement from the Polish Justice Ministry reads.

According to DW, Deputy Justice Minister Marcin Romanowski described the treaty as “gender gibberish” and called for Poland to withdraw from it “as soon as possible.”

Poland is no the only Central-Eastern European countries reject the definition.

“It is in exactly these terms that Slovakia rejected ratification, and Bulgaria declared the Convention unconstitutional. In Lithuania too the ratification is held back by the refusal to accept article 3c of the Convention. … an essential passage of the Convention …” European Data Journalism Network reported.

Hungary: Threat to Marriage and of Increased Migration

The Hungarian Parliament in May refused to ratify the treaty.

“Had the Convention stuck to the protection of women’s rights, Hungary would have been among the first countries to ratify it and adopt corresponding domestic legislation. In fact, we have already included most of the Convention’s recommendations, those pertaining to the protection of women, into Hungarian law. But the Convention went far beyond this, with its final text including sections that could not be incorporated into our domestic law because they run counter to Hungary’s constitution, the Fundamental Law.” a declaration from their Parliament reads.

The declaration cited two reasons: the definitions of “gender” and “persecution.”

Firstly, the Hungarian parliament contended that “without biological genders, for example, Hungary’s constitutional definition of marriage (the matrimony of a man and a woman) would become void. And if something contradicts the Fundamental Law, it cannot be adopted by Parliament.”

Secondly, Article 60 requires signatories to “ensure that gender-based violence against women may be recognised as a form of persecution,” and refugee status should be granted to those fear such persecution.

Based on this article, the Hungarian parliament was concerned that “Hungary may be forced to grant entry to illegal migrants on grounds that run contrary to Hungary’s well-established policy of discouraging and putting an end to migration.”

The statement went on to call the Convention “yet another attempt by pro-migration groups to find a way to force the issue of migration.”

Council of Europe: Translation Difficulties ‘Used to Fuel Controversies’

In response to the continuous criticisms from countries since the Convention opened for signatures in 2011, the Council of Europe published a Q&A document (pdf) to defend it.

“Difficulties around the translation of the term ‘gender’ and its distinction from the term ‘sex’ in languages which do not have an exact equivalent have sometimes been used to fuel controversies about the convention and its implications. Such difficulties cannot become a pretext for rejecting the convention, or an obstacle to its implementation: the convention does not require an adaptation of the national legal systems to incorporate the use of the term ‘gender,’ but uses it to explain the purpose of the measures that it asks states to adopt and implement. The convention has already been ratified and implemented in countries using languages which do not have an exact equivalent of the term ‘gender’ (belonging to different linguistic groups, such as the Germanic, Roman and Slavic families), without this leading to controversies.”

Another leaflet promoting the Convention stated that the “existing migration and asylum policies are not put in question by the Convention.”

Reuters contributed to the report.

Zero National News Networks, Including Fox News, Are Covering Photo of BLM Terrorists Kneeling on White Baby’s Neck

The grandmother of the two year old boy in the viral photograph of Black Lives Matter supporters kneeling on his neck tells the Gateway Pundit that zero national news outlets have reached out to the family.

In the photo, a man named Isaiah Jackson is seen kneeling on the neck of his girlfriend’s two year old son as another person holds down the diaper-clad baby’s feet. The photo was captioned with “Blm now mf.”

Not even Fox News has bothered to contact them to cover this story and local media is blurring the face of the man and refusing to publish his name unless formal charges are filed. A kindness that has not been granted to people like Amy Cooper, who was doxed and had to flee New York City after a rage mob targeted her for calling the police on a black man.

When asked by the Gateway Pundit if any national news had contacted them yet, the child’s paternal grandmother said “nope, they sure haven’t.” She believes that this case is not being covered thoroughly because it doesn’t make Black Lives Matter look good.


Zero National News Networks, Including Fox News, Are Covering Photo of BLM Supporters Kneeling on White Baby’s Neck