Syrian Neo nazi Girl Maram Susli

Susli has appeared as a guest on far-right and neo-Nazi podcasts and media networks.[4] She is a contributor to the conspiracy-theory website InfoWars,[5] has appeared on the Mother of All Talk Shows hosted by British socialistGeorge Galloway,[6] on Breaking the Set with Abby Martin,[7] on a podcast run by Holocaust denier Ryan Dawson,[5] on podcasts hosted by the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux KlanDavid Duke,[5][4] and has been interviewed by neo-Nazi Richard Spencer for the YouTube channel of his National Policy Institute, a white supremacist group.[8]

She has appeared on podcasts hosted by David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, to discuss Zionism, as well as those of the Holocaust denier Ryan Dawson.[5][4] She has been interviewed by Richard Spencer for the YouTube channel of his National Policy Institute, a white supremacist group.[8]

(1) Homestead pete on Twitter: “@tariqnasheed She runs in circles with Ry Dawson. A racist who dislikes both blacks and Jews. She herself is always downplaying the black holocaust and saying what’s happening in Syria is far worse. Her and others like her, disguise their disdain for blacks and Jews as concern for Palestine” / Twitter

A scraggle daggle calls police on black man depositing cheque

An African-American man is suing a bank in the Detroit area after employees called the police when he tried to deposit money he had been awarded in a racial discrimination suit.

Sauntore Thomas was trying to deposit the cheques from the settlement with his former employer.

However, a bank employee – herself African-American – refused and called the police on suspicion of fraud.

TCF bank in Livonia, Michigan, has apologised to Mr Thomas in a statement.

“Local police should not have been involved,” the statement read, according to the Detroit Free Press . “We strongly condemn racism and discrimination of any kind.”

The bank said they could not validate Mr Thomas’s cheques and said they take extra precautions when large sums of money are involved.

But Mr Thomas, a US Air Force veteran, is now suing the bank. “They discriminated against me because I’m black. None of this would have happened if I were white,” he told the Free Press.

His lawsuit says he faced resistance for “banking while black”.



Liberal Hollywood Yellowface: Exclusive: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Producers Reportedly Tested Visual Effects That Would Make White Actors Appear Asian

After the backlash surrounding Johansson’s role in the film, producers reportedly attempted to quell the controversy with an old standby Hollywood uses to fix a lot of problems: CGI.

According to multiple independent sources close to the project, Paramount and DreamWorks commissioned visual effects tests that would’ve altered Scarlett Johansson in post-production to “shift her ethnicity” and make the Caucasian actress appear more Asian in the film.

Read More: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Ran Tests to Make White Actors Look Asian |

Racist Feminist: Emma Watson Starred in Skin Bleaching cream advertisement

Feminism once again proves that it is racist  since the 19th century first wave days

The year is 2011: Emma Watson, in the prime of her post-“Harry Potter” success, signs on with beauty giant Lancôme as their global beauty ambassador.

Fast forward, it’s 2013: Watson wraps up her role with the brand by starring in the ‘Blanc Expert’ campaign.

So why are we telling you this as we all sit here in 2016? Well, the ad is currently facing backlash, three years after the fact (proving anything is possible on the Internet).

In an article entitled “Perfect Whiteness: The Code Switching Of European Cosmetic Companies” for Gal-Dem, writer Naomi Mabita shared a picture of Emma from the campaign. The story, focused on taking a stand against skin lightening, writes how many ad campaigns relate “whiteness” to “facial perfection.”

“Emma Watson, forever paraded in the media as a white feminist icon, is the face of Lancôme’s ‘Blanc Expert’ (Expert White) which contains disruptive ingredients intended to whiten the skin,” she writes. “Non-white women already have complexes about dark skin rooted in colonialism, racism and/or classism. They are exacerbated by these multimillion $ £ € campaigns designed to make us feel like our skin is a problem that we can pay for them to solve.”

So now everyone is asking: did Emma Watson really front a skin whitening campaign?

It appears the focus of the Blanc Expert Melanolyser Spot Eraser product is to dissolves dark spots. According to Lancôme’s Hong Kong website, the “intense whitening spot eraser” is, “empowered with the unique M.E.L. mechanism, the advanced formula targets, captures and dissolves dark spots, continuously prevents, control and dissolves even stubborn spot.”

As pointed out by The Independent, Lancôme describe the range as, “The next generation dark spot correctors from the No.1 whitening brand in Asia.”

In face of criticism, Luke Windsor, a spokesperson for Watson, told HuffPost Canada Style, “Many artists often have limited control of how their image is used once an endorsement contract is signed. I cannot comment on my client’s previous contractual arrangements with Lancôme. However my client no longer participates in advertising beauty products, which do not always reflect the diverse beauty of all women.”

Lancôme gave the following statement to Refinery29 as their response: “Blanc Expert was created by Lancôme 20 years ago. It helps brighten, even skin tone, and provides a healthy-looking complexion. This kind of product, proposed by every brand, is an essential part of Asian women’s beauty routines.”

The skin whitening is growing, as pointed out by Refinery29. The Global Industry Analysts predicts the whitening industry will be worth some $20 billion by 2018 and many people are still jumping on board to develop products to suit lightening needs.

So we ask the question: was this the reason why Watson broke ties with Lancôme? A realization that the product she was endorsing didn’t reflect her ideals? We’ll have to sit back and ponder that one.

Feminism and Racism: Racist Buffalo State immediately jails black student on groping charges with no evidence


Black Lives Matter even when they are accused of sexual misconduct.

Elijah Bethel is telling his story of being wrongfully accused and swiftly jailed because he was mistaken for another black man who allegedly groped a female in her sleep at SUNY Buffalo State.

This despite the fact that irrefutable evidence was available that would have cleared his name, had campus police bothered to review it.

Did we mention he was in jail before his first day of college?

WTEN News 10 reports:

At 3:21 a.m. on August 28, 2015, campus police were called to Porter Hall where a young woman had been groped in her sleep. The attacker fled and dropped cigarettes and a lighter.

“She was sleeping, and it was very difficult for her to make an identification,” attorney Paul Michalek said.

She said it was a short, black man in black shorts.

Nineteen minutes later at 3:40 a.m., police see Bethel in black shorts with three friends on the other side of campus.

Bethel still had the receipt from the restaurant where he and his friends were eating during the groping. They let him go, but soon after went to his room and dragged him downstairs for the most biased lineup drill ever:

The alleged victim was brought down to make an identification. There was no police lineup; just Bethel sitting alone already in handcuffs. …

The victim said, ‘That’s him,’ and Bethel was immediately arrested on felony sex abuse charges.

Forget that they arrested Bethel based on being a black guy in shorts. The restaurant where Bethel claims he was eating has video cameras, and there was DNA on the cigarettes and lighter at the crime scene.

Of course, charges were dropped when Bethel’s DNA didn’t match the crime scene. (No word if police ever found a match, or whether the accuser invented the groping, or what race the accuser was.)

Here’s how campus police explained their racist policing:

Mr. Bethel’s arrest was based upon probable cause and the evidence at the time…Evidence was analyzed resulting in the dismissal of charges.

Bethel spent five days in jail and his reputation was ruined. The only school that would let him enroll after this racist incident was Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Buffalo State hasn’t apologized for its racist actions, Bethel told the news station.

If there’s one thing you take away from this story, it’s this: Buffalo State is racist.

Read the story. (There’s also video with Bethel, but the embed code doesn’t work.)

man hating, racist feminazi Lindsey Middlecamp


Is Lindsey Middlecamp, a Minneapolis lawyer and founder of Cards Against Harassment, a misogynist, misandrist, and racist? Well, to start with, she is a feminist. That should be enough evidence on its own to answer yes to the above questions. Feminism has a long history of prejudice against people based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, etc. One doesn’t have to look very hard to find feminists berating, silencing or practicing bigotry any number of groups outside the affluent, white, female collective. But let’s dig a little further just to be sure. Let’s discover who Lindsey is. She’s a board member of Stop Street Harassment, an organization that claims to fight the abuse of women and oppressive behavior of men. Things like men telling women they are pretty. And men sitting comfortably on a subway or city bus.

Racist Feminist: Joanna Angel

back in 2013 Joanna Angel decided to hire a white actor dress him up in yellowface. generating anger during the height of Hollywood war on Asian actors.   this racist identifies as feminist.

on the mangina’s heath site Joanna admits to being a feminist

A feminist’s predilection for openness and honesty extends to post-coital conversation. We have no qualms about commitment-free arrangements if it’s just sex that we want. “I really respect it when a guy agrees that we’re just going to fuck,” says feminist porn actress Joanna Angel. “I much prefer that to someone feeding me a bunch of bullshit.” Consider yourself told.

racist man hating Feminazi Meghan Murphy “It’s time to consider a curfew for men”

racist man hating cunt using the new years eve migrant muslim raping of German women to call for dehumanizing of men


history of the racist cunt


False Rape Accuser Lena Dunham Supports White Bill Clinton Blasts Black Bill Cosby

Almost a dozen women have accused Bill Clinton of everything from outright rape to groping to harassment to characters assassination. Nevertheless rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham vigorously supports making Bill Clinton America’s first First Gentleman and making his chief-enabler, Hillary Clinton, the next president of the United States. If Dunahm’s standards on the issue of victimizing women are this low, why then is she publicly calling for Bill Cosby’s head?

It must be because Bill Cosby is black.

What else could it be?

Feminism and Racism: Harvard Law professor: Most sex assault accusations are against minorities


Harvard Law professors Jeannie Suk and Janet Halley are outspoken critics of current campus sexual assault policies. One reason for their opposition is that most of the accusations they have seen have been made against minority students.

Suk, writing for the New Yorker, outlined the past “historical bias against victims,” who were not believed, but suggested that bias not be replaced “with the tenet that an accuser must always and unthinkingly be fully believed.” Swinging the pendulum in this way has played right into another crime narrative — the overcriminalization of black men.

“And if we have learned from the public reckoning with the racial impact of over-criminalization, mass incarceration, and law enforcement bias, we should heed our legacy of bias against black men in rape accusations,” Suk wrote. “The dynamics of racially disproportionate impact affect minority men in the pattern of campus sexual-misconduct accusations, which schools, conveniently, do not track, despite all the campus-climate surveys.”

She wrote that she and Halley have both witnessed a majority of sexual assault complaints at their school being lodged against minorities.

This should be troubling — not only to groups like Black Lives Matter and those concerned with racial injustices, but also to those wary of overcriminalization and denying due process.

We’ve seen this scenario play out over and over again in recent years. Far from the stereotype of the white fraternity brother raping an unsuspecting young woman, accused students these days are often minority and foreign students, many accused by white women.

Jameis Winston of Florida State University is a black man who was accused by a white woman. Peter Yu is a Chinese citizen who was accused by a white woman. There was a Syrian student nearly sent back to a country facing a civil war after being accused. Lewis McLeod is an Australian native who lost a job due to his accusation. Paul Nungesser is a German native who was made Public Enemy #1even though he was found not responsible (his accuser is half Asian). Brandon Winston is a black man who was accused by a white girl and a black girl. There are many more examples as well.

Suk calls for an “examination of the racial impact of Title IX bureaucracy,” which is not currently included in the climate surveys required of schools each year. Right now schools don’t have to disclose the racial — or even gender — breakdown of accusations.

Latest Hollywood Whitewashing and Yellowface: The Martian

not giving female rapists supporting and feminazi man hating  The guardian newspaper anymore clicks

Ridley Scott has been criticised by the Media Action Network for Asian-Americans for ‘white-washing’ Asian roles in his hit adventure The Martian.

The film, which is based on the bestselling novel by Andy Weir, features a diverse set of characters, two of which are Asian yet are played by white and black actors on screen.
“This feelgood movie, which has attracted Oscar buzz, shouldn’t get any awards for casting,” said Guy A0ki, MANAA founding president, in an open letter released on Thursday.
The anger focuses on the character of Mindy Park, who is described as Korean-American in the book and played by white actor Mackenzie Davis, and Dr Venkat Kapoor, an Asian-Indian character who is a Hindu yet embodied by black actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and renamed Vincent.
“Was Ridley Scott not comfortable having two sets of Asian-Americans talking to each other?” said Aoki. “So few projects are written specifically with Asian-American characters in them and he’s now changed them to a white woman and black man. This was a great opportunity to give meaty roles to talented Asian American actors – and boost their careers – which would’ve enabled our community to become a greater part of the rescue team.”
It’s not the first time Scott has come under fire for “whitewashing” characters after his 2014 biblical epic was criticised for using white actors Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton.
“I’ve got no regrets on anything with Exodus,” he said during a recent press conference for The Martian. “I’m very proud of it but when they start saying, “Well gee, shouldn’t Moses have been black and shouldn’t the wife be Ethiopian”, well I don’t know, I wasn’t there. And also, I would never have got it, it would have been limited.”
There are concerns from the MANAA that the choice to change the ethnicity of Asian characters is a continuing trend in Hollywood with Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton both taking on Asian roles in Ghost in the Shell and Doctor Strange, respectively.
“This insulting practice of whitewashing has got to stop,” said Aki Aleong, MANAA president. “Alarmingly, it has been increasing in frequency. Today’s audiences expect multi-racial casts in entertainment, as they reflect the multicultural environment in which they’ve grown up.”