Quebec commits to easing nurses’ workloads with major reform

Nurses’ workloads are expected to ease considerably in the coming years following a major reform of patient-nurse ratios announced Thursday.

Health Minister Gaétan Barrette was all smiles in a press conference as he listed the main points of the plan.

The initiative will require an injection of several hundreds of millions of additional dollars into the healthcare system, as well as the likely hiring of hundreds, if not thousands, of nurses and other health professionals.


After months of pressure from nurses, who said they were exhausted and crumbling under the weight of their workloads, as well as months of negotiations with the FIQ, Barrette agreed that the situation was not tenuous. He agreed to tackle the problem of overworking nurses.

The solution to the problem will be a significant, drastic reduction in the number of patients under the responsibility of each nurse.

In the coming months, Québec will create an initial 17 pilot projects in each of Quebec’s regions, with the goal of determining the optimal patient-nurse ratio in each situation. That ratio may vary depending on, for example, an emergency room, surgery room or CHSLD.

The first of these projects will begin in mid-April at the Lakeshore General Hospital in the West Island.

Barrette gave an example of the plans for a long-tern care facility in his announcement.

“Overnight, today it’s between 75 and 96 patients per nurse, and we will start with those projects between 37 and 44 per nurse, so that’s a very significant reduction of workload for the nurses and that will be applied in all the projects we are rolling out. At the end of the day if that’s the end result that we conclude, it will be implemented across the province,” he said.

If the experiment is conclusive, Barrette said he will commit to extending the formula throughout the network. He did not give an exact deadline.

– With files from CTV Montreal


New pedestrian safety measures in place near Rogers Centre for Jays’ home opener

Blue Jays fans heading to today’s home opener will notice some new security measures aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety.

Concrete barriers have been installed around the Rogers Centre to prevent vehicles from hopping the centre median and from now on, road closures will be in place at the start and end of every home game.

The closures will impact businesses and those who live in condos in the area surrounding the Rogers Centre.

Residents have been informed that they will require security passes from the Toronto Police Service in order to drive in or out of their buildings while the road closures are in place.

Road closures will also be in effect for events around the Air Canada Centre and residents of that area will also need security passes.

Speaking to reporters at city hall Wednesday, Mayor John Tory said the new security measures are part of an overall security review of the city.

“I think was quite properly done by the local police, our Toronto Police Service, in cooperation with some of the national security and policing authorities,” Tory said.

He added that he believes most people will be supportive of the enhanced security measures.

“I think what people would say… is that they believe that steps taken to promote and protect public safety are more important than anything else,” the mayor said.

“I think they would understand that it is the judgment of particularly the police and security authorities and the operators of these facilities, the ACC or the Rogers Centre, that there should be these measures put into place (and) they would probably endorse that as being something that they would prefer to see done even if it caused some minor inconvenience.”

UK: Falmouth University withdraws job offer because candidate opposes jihad terror and mass Muslim migration

“If the academic elites find my views and those of others like me so deplorable, and are so confident of their own moral and intellectual correctness, then why are they so damn terrified of engaging with us?”

That question applies to U.S. academic elites as well as to those in Britain.

Whale said: “It is, of course, no secret that British universities are dominated by the hard Left that seeks at every opportunity to enforce and impose its intolerant, anti-English dogma and drive out alternative voices.”

That also applies to the U.S., and it isn’t happening just in universities, either. In the wider culture, it is becoming beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse to oppose jihad terror in any way, if one even suggests a knowledge of its root causes. This will not, and cannot, end well.

The curtain is descending, some of us are watching it fall, and we know what comes next.


“Falmouth University withdraws job offer because of candidate’s political views,” by Ginette Davies, Cornwall Live, March 29, 2018:

The founder of a far right British nationalist party who admits he has “unorthodox, politically inconvenient opinions” has criticised Falmouth University for withdrawing a job offer because of his views.

In February George Whale had been offered the role of a research fellow in the Research and Innovation Unit, but last week it withdrew the offer after discovering his anti-Islamic and anti-migrant views online and his association with Liberty GB.

He said: “By excluding educated dissenting, i.e. non-left-liberal, voices, (universities) are limiting high-level debate and discussion of some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as mass immigration, Islamisation, globalisation.

“If the academic elites find my views and those of others like me so deplorable, and are so confident of their own moral and intellectual correctness, then why are they so damn terrified of engaging with us?”

A spokesman for the university said: “Falmouth University respects the concept of academic freedom and the right of our staff and students to question received wisdom and to explore new ideas and controversial opinions.

“However, the university stands firmly against racial discrimination and religious hatred and will not tolerate bigotry or prejudice on our campuses.

“Dr Whale has stood for election for Liberty GB, a far-right British nationalist party, and has published opinions online that would not only be in breach of our Code of Conduct, but that would be found abhorrent by our colleagues, students and community.”

Mr Whale was a co-founder of Liberty GB in 2013, which described itself as counter-jihad. The party was dissolved last year.

Liberty GB is anti-immigration, anti-fundamentalist Islam and traditionalist. The group’s Facebook page describes it as “patriotic counter-jihad party for Christian civilisation, Western rights and freedoms, British culture, animal welfare and capitalism”.

In 2015 Mr Whale stood for the party in the Lewisham West and Penge elections, but only received 44 votes. During that campaign several events were cancelled as parliamentary candidates refused to attend if Mr Whale was in attendance.

In a letter to Mr Whale explaining why the offer was withdrawn Mark Smalley, head of HR services, said: “During our pre-employment checks we have undertaken a search of the world-wide web and have found publicly available (and readily accessible) information associating you with anti-Islamic and anti-migrant views that, both in terms of the views themselves and the way they are expressed on-line, are incompatible with the values and policies of the University, particularly those pertaining to equality, diversity and inclusion.

“Our conclusion is that, for the reasons above, we would be acting inconsistently with our values and policies if we were to employ you. Furthermore, if the University were to become publicly associated with this material by employing you (which in our view is a real risk given the public and readily accessible nature of this material), there is a high risk of serious reputational damage to the University.

“As a result, the University is no longer in a position to proceed with your appointment, having taken the view that the pre-employment checks have not satisfactorily been completed. Please therefore take this letter as a withdrawal, with immediate effect, of the conditional offer of employment.”

Mr Whale responded by saying: “It is, of course, no secret that British universities are dominated by the hard Left that seeks at every opportunity to enforce and impose its intolerant, anti-English dogma and drive out alternative voices.

“This explains why at least 80 per cent of UK academics are leftists and free speech is disappearing from academia.

“Everything I have done and said has been within the law – I do not have a criminal record. Moreover, I reserve the right to voice unorthodox, politically inconvenient opinions. Many gave their lives to defend this fundamental freedom.”

In December 2016 Mr Whale wrote to Labour MP Ian Austin saying he was unhappy Mr Austin has been instrumental in banning the political protest group National Action, which was added to the government’s list of ‘banned terrorist organisations’.

He said: “No National Action member has, to my knowledge:

– used a suicide bomb to murder British civilians
– beheaded a British soldier in the street
– owned a stash of weapons or explosives
– gang-raped vulnerable little girls
– warped children’s minds in an academy of religious hatred
– called women “whores” for not covering themselves head-to-foot
– fought alongside terror groups overseas
– sought to impose alien laws and customs in Britain
– attacked fundamental freedoms such as freedom of speech…