Former USF football player sues university after rape charges dropped

A University of South Florida football player kicked off the team after he was accused of rape has filed a federal discrimination suit against the university.

Charges against Kevaughn Dingle, 22, were dropped by the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office. But Dingle said in the lawsuit that his arrest by campus police in November 2017, his expulsion and the resulting news coverage “destroyed” his life.

According to the suit, filed Dec. 8 in U.S. District Court in Tampa, USF “rushed to a judgment” in the case for a number of reasons — the emergence at the time of the “Me Too” women’s rights movement, mistrust toward Black men, flawed investigative and judicial processes, internal bias in favor of female accusers and embarrassment over a prior USF assault case.

“White students accused of the same conduct violations as (Dingle) were provided less severe sanctions, subject to more thorough and time-intensive investigations, and provided due process during the investigation and hearing process,” the lawsuit stated.

Dingle insisted to investigators that his sexual encounter with another student, identified in the lawsuit as Jane Roe, was consensual, the lawsuit said. There were “outrageous inconsistencies” in the version of events she gave investigators, the lawsuit said.

Police said they had “developed sufficient cause” to arrest Dingle on a charge of sexual battery. But the State Attorney’s Office disagreed, deciding not to pursue charges against Dingle because of a lack of criminal evidence, the lawsuit said.

The office could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

USF never issued a statement after the charges were dropped, the lawsuit said. The university will have no comment on the pending litigation, spokesperson Althea Johnson said Tuesday.

Neither Dingle nor his attorneys, Kenneth G. Turkel and Anthony J. Severino of Tampa, could be reached for comment Tuesday.

The Pembroke Pines native released a statement on Twitter in 2018 maintaining his innocence and criticizing USF.

“False accusations hurt the real victims of sex crimes,” Dingle wrote. “The accused deserves to have an unbiased investigation and a real chance to defend himself. The State Attorney’s Office gave me both of those things, but USF did not.”

Russian Sushi Chain Apologizes for Ad Featuring Black Man

Interracial Marriage

A Russian sushi delivery chain has publicly apologized for an advertisement that featured a black man after its owner received death threats from an ultra-nationalist hate group.

The Krasnoyarsk-based YobiDoyobi chain’s Aug. 14 social media ad showed a photograph of a black man surrounded by three young women of Slavic appearance.

Yobidoyobi co-founder Konstantin Zimen said he and his business received a barrage of threats and abuse after Vladislav Pozdnyakov, the leader of the “Male State” nationalist anti-woman movement, shared the ad on social media.

“Pozdnyakov’s followers advocated for ‘real actions’ against our brand. They are publishing the social media profiles of the women that took part in the advertisement and are writing negative reviews on all review sites, online maps, App Store, Google Play,” Zimen told news website

While the business initially said it would not give in to pressure, it removed the advert on Saturday and published…

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Couple marries after dating just 2 weeks: ‘It was the right decision’

Interracial Marriage

This young couple decided to wait a moment before tying the knot — only the moment they waited was quite short.

TikTok creators Trey Bell, 20, and Clara Bell, 18, recently went viral for reportedly getting hitched in October — after just two weeks of dating. The newlyweds, however, feel that giving their relationship half a month to simmer was more than enough time to tell if they were making the right choice.

“We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea — we eloped,” said the teenage Louisville, Kentucky, native of their short phase as an unmarried couple, according to Kennedy News and Media. “When Trey first proposed the idea of getting married, I was pretty on board. I was like, ‘That’s crazy,’ but we did it.”

The two had their very sudden $200 ceremony alone in Panama…

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Dir woman remanded over false rape allegation

PESHAWAR: A court in Lower Dir district on Tuesday remanded a woman in police custody for three days after the registration of an FIR against her for levelling false sexual assault allegation against a senior civil judge last month.

The woman,a resident of Rahimyar Khan, had alleged that senior civil judge of Lower Dir district Jamshed Kundi had raped her in his official residence.

The complaint led to the arrest of Mr Kundi by the police.

However, a joint investigation team had cleared him on Dec 3 of the charge after a probe. A day later, he secured bail from a local court.

Nigeria: Sharia Terrorist police to arrest parents of woman who won Miss Nigeria Pageant, beauty contests are un-Islamic

Kano Hisbah (Sharia Police) To Arrest Parents Of Shatu Garko For Winning Miss Nigeria Pageant,” Gistlover, December 22, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

The Kano State Hisbah Board, a.k.a Sharia Police, has frowned at Shatu Garko’s participation in the just concluded Miss Nigeria Pageant where she came out victorious.

Most worrisome, Hisbah hinted at inviting her parents to answer questions over what they say is their daughter’s ‘illegal participation in a beauty pageant’.

It is noteworthy that the 18-year-old Garko became the first hijabi to win the the pageantry since its inception in 1957.

Speaking with BBC Pidgin about Shatu Garko’s victory, Hisbah noted that it was illegal for Shatu Garko to participate in any beauty contest in the Islam religion.

Hisbah said, “We (Hisbah) have confirmed that Shatu Garko is a muslim from Kano state and her parents come from Garko Local government area.

Kano is a sharia state and this is why we would not allow the matter to pass.

“We will invite the parents to talk to them about the actions of their daughter and the fact that what she did is illegal in Islam in case they don’t know so that she would not continue in that path and also stop other girls from copying her.”…

Arab/Islamic Racism: Germany: Arab migrant sexually harasses 16-year-old girl on bus and insults her in a racist way because of her dark skin colour

The Kassel police are looking for witnesses who can provide information on the so far unknown perpetrator in a preliminary investigation on charges of incitement to hatred, insult and attempted bodily harm. The crime took place on a bus in Kassel on Tuesday afternoon at around 5:25 pm. The victim, a 16-year-old girl from Kassel, had boarded the bus with her friends at the Mauerstraße stop in the direction of the main railway station. There, the unknown man, who was already a passenger on the bus, approached her and flirted with her. After the young woman had clearly told the man not to do so, he loudly insulted her and made inciting statements because of her dark skin colour. Later, the offender allegedly tripped her up when she walked past his seat to get off the bus at the main railway station.However, the 16-year-old noticed this in time so that she did not fall. However, immediately afterwards the man hit her head from behind with his hand. As the teenager was wearing a hood, she fortunately did not suffer any injuries. The perpetrator also got off the train at the main station and ran into the station building, where he disappeared. An immediate search by the police of the police station Mitte and officers of the Federal Police was unsuccessful. The victim and the witnesses described the perpetrator as follows:

30 to 35 years old, 1.80 to 1.90 metres tall, normal build,
dark curly hair, “goatee”, wearing a jacket in red, white and black colours and grey trousers.
Spoke broken German, Arabic appearance.

Any further witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrator are asked to contact the North Hesse Police Headquarters by calling 0561-9100.

Canadian pastor stops blood donations to protest organization firing un-jabbed employee

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) – A Canadian pastor vowed that he will no longer donate blood to the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) until the organization removes a COVID jab mandate for its staff.

Rev. John Kaptein works as a volunteer pastor at The King’s Way Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, which he founded in 1999.

He said that after reading a December 3 LifeSiteNews report about the case of CBS employee Gabriel Wilson, who was fired for refusing the jabs and whose religious exemption was denied, he decided that he could no longer support CBS. 

“I donate blood to CBS five times a year and in support of Gabriel Wilson I have cancelled my next week Tuesday’s blood donation, and have told CBS that I will no longer be involved with an organization that discriminates against their employees on religious grounds,” Kaptein told LifeSiteNews.

“This discrimination is a clear violation of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects us on religious grounds.”

Kaptein told LifeSiteNews that until the CBS reinstates Wilson as an employee and overturns its jab mandate, he will not “be donating blood.”

“I hope to see a larger movement that will do the same and withdraw their services until this man is given justice,”  Kaptein said.

Kaptein has the relatively rare blood type of O Negative, which only about 1 in 15 people have. Thus, donors like him are in high demand by blood donation centers. O Positive blood is also valuable as it can be transfused to anyone.

He has been giving blood for almost two years, up to five times a year, and told LifeSiteNews that while he knows people need his rare blood type, he reiterated that he cannot support an organization that discriminates.

“If you are going to discriminate against this guy, then I don’t want to be donating until you change this  rule,” Kaptein said.

Many do not want the COVID injections due to safety concerns regarding the shots.



A tornado, also known as a twister, whirlwind or cyclone, is a spinning wind storm that comes down from the clouds in a snake or v-shape and tears up the earth.

On December 10th and 11th 2021 in the US, at least 90 people were killed by tornadoes in Kentucky and neighbouring states. Part of what made the tornadoes so deadly is that they struck at night and in an ill-prepared part of the country. But it is rare to have such severe tornadoes in December.

Compared to hurricanes (aka typhoons, cyclones), tornadoes are much smaller, generally form over land, last minutes to hours instead of days, but can have much higher winds. Hurricanes are huge, slow-moving and come from the sea, bringing floods. They can kill way more people than tornadoes – and can give rise to tornadoes of their own, as Hurricane Ida did a…

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BREAKING: Unvaccinated man denied access to purchase food at Artscape Wychwood barns farmers market in Toronto, Canada.

contact them and asking why are they breaking medical privacy laws and human rights laws and aks them why are they paranoid over common cold viruses or 416-653-3520 (our on-site office #).

COVID testing company contracted by Canadian gov’t led by defense minister’s husband

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – The husband of Canadian Minister of Defence Anita Anand is a director of a COVID testing company that appears to have gained financially during the pandemic in the form of million-dollar government contracts.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Anand did not disclose under the Conflicts of Interest Act that her husband, John Knowlton, is a director of LifeLabs, which is a large contractor for the government’s COVID testing programs.

A Danish Heroine Goes to Prison

One of the many appalling challenges that have confronted Western European authorities since mass Muslim immigration began several decades ago is the arrival of adult – often elderly – men with underaged girls whom they identify as their wives.

Such marriages, of course, are not just permitted but encouraged under Islam. Muslims are taught to look in all things, big and small, to the example of their prophet, and they all know that one of the treasures of Muhammed’s harem – often described as his most beloved wife – was Aisha, whom he wed when she was six and deflowered when she was nine.

Needless to say, the pedofile alliances that are ubiquitous in the Islamic world – and legally sanctioned (or tacitly accepted) in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and elsewhere – are invariably arranged and forced on girls by their parents. They’re also usually cousin marriages. The BBC’s website provides a helpful whitewash – I mean, justification – of such unions: “Arranged marriages ensure that Muslim marriages are based on compatibility rather than lustful feelings.” Yes, because there’s nothing more compatible than a 70-year-old husband and an eight-year-old wife. At least you can be pretty sure that the little girl isn’t feeling a hell of a lot of lust.

Anyway, as you may recall, the year 2015 brought a flood of purported refugees to Western Europe, and in January 2016 the Danish media reported that a number of newly arrived March-December “couples,” mostly from Syria, were living together in Danish asylum centers. To her credit, Inger Støjberg – a Liberal Party member of Parliament who was then serving as Minister of Immigration, Integration, and Housing in Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s center-right government – snapped into action.

Since being elected to Parliament in 2001, Støjberg had become a high-profile and well-respected national figure. In 2014 she was named party spokesperson; the next year she was appointed to the immigration post. In recent years I’ve repeatedly praised Denmark for its saner-than-average immigration policies, and a big part of the reason for its impressive performance on this front is Støjberg – who, among dozens of other smart moves, placed ads in newspapers in Muslim countries outlining Denmark’s less-than-entirely-welcoming attitude toward refugees and proposed a law that would permit border police to confiscate money and valuables from refugees to help cover the costs of their resettlement.

Given the high taxes that hard-working Danish citizens cough up to support unemployed aliens living in their country, it hardly seems unreasonable to expect flush asylum-seekers to help pay their own way. For the Western media and cultural elite, however, the very notion of lifting stuff from refugees was outrageous: after all, it’s our job to give, and their job to take. At the Daily Beast, Barbie Latza Nadeau compared Støjberg’s idea to “the Nazi approach to immigration.” Was Nadeau alert to the subtle difference between refugees fleeing from Nazis and refugees fleeing to Denmark? Did she realize, for that matter, that comparing Danes to Nazis is particularly obscene, given the thrilling act of nationwide courage in the fall of 1943 by means of which the Danes – under the cover of night, within the course of a few hours, and at the risk of their own lives –  rescued nearly all the Jews in their country from Nazi annihilation?

Støjberg’s initiatives, then, offended media hacks and ivory-tower buffoons. But they also made her a national heroine, and arguably the most popular politician in Denmark.

Now, confronted with the child-bride issue, Støjberg didn’t disappoint. At first she decided to offer the girls – 23 in all – the option of divorce. Then,  realizing that many of the girls, if offered a choice, would likely be under immense family pressure to stay with their “husbands,” she ordered that all of them – except for five who were between the ages of 15 and 17 – be severed at once from their so-called spouses and granted instant divorces. Between February 10 and March 18, eighteen “couples” were separated.

But Støjberg’s swift action on child brides landed her in hot water. Immigration officials and other government bureaucrats maintained that she had no power to end marriages, even if they involved  minors. The European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child were both cited – not, mind you, in favor of saving girls from statutory rape, but in favor of allowing child molesters to keep on molesting.

A commission decided that Støjberg’s action had been illegal, and members of Parliament, including her fellow Liberals, called for her impeachment. On February 2 of this year, Parliament voted 141-30 to impeach her. Most Liberal MPs voted with the majority, leading Støjberg to resign from her party. In August, a Court of Impeachment, consisting of 15 Supreme Court justices and 15 other judges appointed by Parliament, was convened. (It was only the fifth time that such a court had met since 1849; the last time was in 1995, when a former Justice Minister was tried for denying Sri Lankan refugees the right to bring their families to Denmark. See a pattern?)

The whole ignoble process concluded this past Monday, when the court, by a vote of 25 to one, found Støjberg guilty of violating the Ministerial Accountability Act and sentenced her to sixty days in prison for ordering those child-bride divorces. The sentence can’t be appealed. She may well spend Christmas and New Year’s behind bars – this, mind you, in a part of the world where violent felons routinely get off with fines or probation. Meanwhile, members of Parliament will decide if she deserves to keep her seat among them.

Støjberg admitted afterwards that she was “very, very surprised” by the verdict, and added: “Danish values lost today.” Pia Kjærsgaard, ex-leader of the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party – who certainly has no naive illusions about her own or any other government – confessed that she’d been “deeply, deeply, deeply shaken” by the court’s decision. “I didn’t expect this,” she admitted. In Norway, Islam critic Hege Storhaug pronounced that the ruling had made December 13 “a dark day for Danish politics and society,” and Hans Rustad, editor of the alternative news website, declared the verdict “incomprehensible.”

No, I’d say it’s comprehensible enough. Once you’ve experienced close-up the disgusting treatment Ayaan Hirsi Ali received in 2006 at the hands of her parliamentary colleagues in The Hague – compelling her to flee to the U.S. – and processed the colossal scale of the American Deep State’s conspiracy against Donald Trump, it’s a piece of cake to believe that Denmark’s judicial establishment is capable of such pusillanimous perfidy. (I’m just impressed that one person voted no.) Nor was it a surprise to see how the mainstream media, in Denmark and elsewhere, framed the story. Støjberg, reported the Guardian, had been “found…guilty of illegally separating several couples of asylum seekers where the woman was under 18.” Of course, there’s a word for females under 18: girls. But newspapers around the world chose to use the word women – and to describe Støjberg’s actions in such a way as to suggest that the “couples” she’d separated could legitimately be considered husband and wife.

So, no, there’s nothing new or astonishing here. Støjberg joins a small pantheon of gutsy, principled politicians – from Trump in the U.S. to Geert Wilders in the Netherlands – who’ve been subjected to politically motivated prosecutions by the left , and who are as greatly esteemed by the multitudes as they are reviled by the Islamophilic beau monde.

Immediately following Støjberg’s conviction, a veritable army of Danes took to social media to voice their admiration for her. We can only hope that when her term in the slammer is over, she’ll throw herself back into the fray and pursue with renewed passion – and enhanced public support – the kinds of policies that put her behind bars in the first place. Perhaps the widespread rage over her punishment will help give Denmark a serious and salutary push in the direction of sanity – and make it, as some of us have long hoped, one of the few nations in Western Europe that won’t soon fall to the Islamic enemy.

Wealthy Leftists Demand Poor White Kids in Appalachia be Taught They’re Racist

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The son of a bank vice president decided to teach about “white privilege” to his students in Sullivan County, Tennessee where the per capita income is $28,429.

After he was fired, the media decided to turn him into a victim.

“He Taught About White Privilege and Got Fired. Now He’s Fighting to Get His Job Back,” the headlines blared. A GoFundMe for Matthew Hawn by his sister, a principal in the Tennessee public school system, has already raised over $55,000 of its projected $85,000 goal.

That’s more money than a lot of the locals in Appalachia would be likely to earn in a year’s time.

Sullivan County is 95% white and 2% black. The rate of hungry children in the region is double the national rate and a third of those children live in Sullivan County.

At Sullivan Central High School, where Hawn decided to teach about white privilege, 96% of the students are white, 1% are Hispanic, another 1% are Asian, and the number of black students is too small to count.

41% of the students are eligible for the free lunch program. That means their parents meet federal poverty guidelines. Another 9% qualify for the reduced lunch program which indicates that their parents don’t earn very much.

Even though half the student body at Sullivan Central is low income, the graduation rate is 90% and the students rank in the top 20% for reading proficiency.

You can understand why Hawn, who had taught for 16 years, decided to introduce them to the concept of white privilege.

The article that helped debut Hawn’s sob story to the wealthy progressives of the nation who showered his GoFundMe with cash began by describing the  “social studies teacher in rural Tennessee” who “was driving to work listening to NPR” which was going on about racism.

It’s hard to envision a better summary of the culture clash between lefty elites and America.

“White privilege is a fact,” Hawn reportedly ranted at his students. “What we are going to do is we are going to discuss how we can help solve the issue of racism in America. What can we do here in Northeast Tennessee?”

Sullivan County and, for that matter, the Tri-Cities area, have fairly few black people. With a 2.4% black population, there’s not many black people to save in Northeast Tennessee.

But Hawn set out to solve racism by teaching his low-income students that America was systemically racist beginning with an essay by black nationalist bigot Ta-Nehisi Coates.

In his infamous book, “Between the World and Me”, Coates had declared that the firefighters and police officers who were killed on September 11 “were not human to me.”

In “The First White President”, the essay Hawn inflicted on his students, Coates raved that “whiteness” was a “bloody heirloom” and that “land theft and human plunder cleared the grounds for Trump’s forefathers”.

Trump’s grandfather, a barber, moved to the Lower East Side of New York City in the 1880s, but Coates and his ilk are as indifferent to facts as the 1619 Project or the rest of the critical race theory establishment.

“There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had argued.

And being morally right is another way of saying being morally superior to the kids at a rural Tennessee high school, their low income parents, and everyone who doesn’t believe that they, along with America and all white people, are horrible racists who need to be “called out”.

In Coates’ essay, the country’s racist scribe to the racist elite, dismisses the idea of a cultural  “backlash against contempt for white working-class people” by elites. And yet what’s happening in Sullivan County as a result of his essay perfectly encapsulates that backlash to the elites who embraced Hawn and have nothing but contempt for the locals standing up to him.

Hawn followed that up with “White Privilege” by Kyla Jenée Lacey, a deranged hate filled rant that has the same relationship to a poem that the 1619 Project does to history. In it, Lacey claims that Hurricane Katrina was “answering the government’s prayers of eugenics” and that white privilege is “the acceptance of bombs over Baghdad, but not over Boston.”

The social studies teacher was not, despite the mass of media misinformation, fired over critical race theory or introducing obscenities and hatred of America into the classroom. (The Atlantic falsely dubbed Hawn, “The First Casualty in the War on Critical Race Theory”.)

He was fired for refusing to introduce balance.

 “Your job is not to teach one perspective,” he was told. “Your job is also not to ensure students simply adopt your own personal perspective. Your job—in teaching current events—is to ensure students learn to seek out and consider varying and credible perspectives.”

At a school board meeting, Hawn was asked, “what other reading materials have you assigned recently that would offer a different perspective”.

Reportedly, his response was, “there is no credible source for a different point of view.”

The line, familiar from a multitude of media fact checks, Big Tech censorship efforts, and condescending elite propaganda denies that there can be any legitimate point of view other than their own. And that their public service duty is to force their dogma on everyone else.

It’s the difference between education and indoctrination.

The son of a bank vice president wasn’t the victim of a “war on critical race theory”, as a magazine owned by Steve Jobs’ billionaire widow falsely claimed, but of Tennessee’s Teacher Code of Ethics which was, as Robert Pondiscio and Tracey Schirra of the American Enterprise Institute pointed out, a product of an older and more moderate incarnation of the NEA.

All of this has been hashed out at length by educational experts and Twitter pundits.

What has been much less discussed are the class issues in an assault by wealthy media elites on low-income students and parents who must be taught that they and their nation are racist.

Much of this assault is carried out under a cloud of ignorant disdain for the actual community.

At The Atlantic, Emma Green’s first question to Hawn is whether there was a lot of “racial diversity”.

“I don’t remember there being a nonwhite person at my high school the entire four years I was there,” Hawn replies.

That’s not too surprising as Kingsport, where Hawn grew up, is 91% white and only 3.5% black.

The lack of diversity is treated as implicitly racist, but were black people really worse off for not living in Appalachia as opposed to Malibu where Laurene Powell Jobs, who controls The Atlantic, lives? The racial demographics are virtually identical in Malibu and Sullivan County, but the politics and incomes in pro-Trump Sullivan County are a world away.

Leftists justify their abuses, like critical race theory indoctrination, by insisting that they’re punching up, fighting the powerful, not punching down against the downtrodden. And yet it’s hard to see the assault on a local school district and its impoverished families as anything else.

Aside from The Atlantic, the Washington Post, owned by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, and the Boston Globe, owned by billionaire financier John W. Henry have published hit pieces on Hawn’s firing and on Sullivan County’s efforts to protect its students and its schools.

As Hawn’s latest appeal moves forward, media outlets owned by billionaires continue their disinformation campaign against local parents and school administrators, diverting money that ought to be going to teach students into preventing racism from being pushed in the classroom.

Sullivan County is a long way from The Atlantic’s headquarters at The Watergate, the Washington Post’s own D.C. digs, or downtown Boston, but the new ruling class insists that its dictates, enforced by economic pressure, lawfare, and smear campaigns must apply everywhere, even in rural Tennessee. Having heard that a school system merely asked that a leftist activist present more than one perspective on whether America is racist and evil, they have marshalled their battalions and their fortunes and gone to war in Appalachia.

White privilege isn’t real, but the power wielded by the leftist elite is all too real. Behind the false claims of white privilege is the unearned privilege of a ruthless elite which wraps its totalitarianism in moral crusades that are as wickedly perverse as they are self-righteous.

America’s wealthiest leftist elites demand that poor white kids be taught they’re racist. Maybe they can drive by in their hybrid limos and teach the hungry kids of Sullivan County about their white privilege.

Moment ‘Spencer’s Karen’ accuses black Sacramento shopper of stealing her phone – only to find it in her purse

Interracial Marriage

A woman has been condemned over a TikTok video showing her accusing a black man of stealing her phone in a shop – only to then find the phone in her own purse.

The unnamed woman was in a Spencer’s store inside the Sunrise Mall in Sacramento when she told a shop assistant that her phone had been stolen.

A clip uploaded by a person claiming to be the husband of the black man, named only as Kinley, was shared on TikTok.

In the video, now seen 2.2 million times, the accuser rifles through her bag while accusing Kinley of theft at the branch of Spencer’s.

‘Can you call it, because she won’t let us call it,’ says the person who is filming to the assistant, who attempts to mediate.

‘Well, he could have turned off the ringer,’ the woman who made the accusation replies.

‘Oh my God – do…

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