Moment ‘Spencer’s Karen’ accuses black Sacramento shopper of stealing her phone – only to find it in her purse

Interracial Marriage

A woman has been condemned over a TikTok video showing her accusing a black man of stealing her phone in a shop – only to then find the phone in her own purse.

The unnamed woman was in a Spencer’s store inside the Sunrise Mall in Sacramento when she told a shop assistant that her phone had been stolen.

A clip uploaded by a person claiming to be the husband of the black man, named only as Kinley, was shared on TikTok.

In the video, now seen 2.2 million times, the accuser rifles through her bag while accusing Kinley of theft at the branch of Spencer’s.

‘Can you call it, because she won’t let us call it,’ says the person who is filming to the assistant, who attempts to mediate.

‘Well, he could have turned off the ringer,’ the woman who made the accusation replies.

‘Oh my God – do…

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