Arab/Islamic Racism: Germany: Arab migrant sexually harasses 16-year-old girl on bus and insults her in a racist way because of her dark skin colour

The Kassel police are looking for witnesses who can provide information on the so far unknown perpetrator in a preliminary investigation on charges of incitement to hatred, insult and attempted bodily harm. The crime took place on a bus in Kassel on Tuesday afternoon at around 5:25 pm. The victim, a 16-year-old girl from Kassel, had boarded the bus with her friends at the Mauerstraße stop in the direction of the main railway station. There, the unknown man, who was already a passenger on the bus, approached her and flirted with her. After the young woman had clearly told the man not to do so, he loudly insulted her and made inciting statements because of her dark skin colour. Later, the offender allegedly tripped her up when she walked past his seat to get off the bus at the main railway station.However, the 16-year-old noticed this in time so that she did not fall. However, immediately afterwards the man hit her head from behind with his hand. As the teenager was wearing a hood, she fortunately did not suffer any injuries. The perpetrator also got off the train at the main station and ran into the station building, where he disappeared. An immediate search by the police of the police station Mitte and officers of the Federal Police was unsuccessful. The victim and the witnesses described the perpetrator as follows:

30 to 35 years old, 1.80 to 1.90 metres tall, normal build,
dark curly hair, “goatee”, wearing a jacket in red, white and black colours and grey trousers.
Spoke broken German, Arabic appearance.

Any further witnesses who can provide information about the perpetrator are asked to contact the North Hesse Police Headquarters by calling 0561-9100.