Couple marries after dating just 2 weeks: ‘It was the right decision’

Interracial Marriage

This young couple decided to wait a moment before tying the knot — only the moment they waited was quite short.

TikTok creators Trey Bell, 20, and Clara Bell, 18, recently went viral for reportedly getting hitched in October — after just two weeks of dating. The newlyweds, however, feel that giving their relationship half a month to simmer was more than enough time to tell if they were making the right choice.

“We spent every day together during that time and got married on the same day that Trey proposed the idea — we eloped,” said the teenage Louisville, Kentucky, native of their short phase as an unmarried couple, according to Kennedy News and Media. “When Trey first proposed the idea of getting married, I was pretty on board. I was like, ‘That’s crazy,’ but we did it.”

The two had their very sudden $200 ceremony alone in Panama…

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