Abe weathers no-confidence motion by 4 opposition parties



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe easily weathered a no-confidence motion Tuesday submitted by four opposition parties, as his allies agreed on postponing a sales tax hike to avoid further shocks to the stuttering economic recovery.

The defeat of the no-confidence motion, by a vote of 345 against to 124 in favor, was a foregone conclusion, thanks to the strong majority Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party holds in parliament. But opposition leaders took the opportunity to renew their attacks on the prime minister’s “Abenomics” strategy for reviving the economy.

Abe is widely expected to announce on Wednesday a delay of a planned April 2017 sales tax hike to 10 percent from the current 8 percent. He has been lobbying to delay the increase until October 2019, arguing that the risk of a severe downturn is too high because of uncertainty over the global economy.

Katsuya Okada, head of the Democratic Party, one of four opposition parties that submitted the no-confidence motion, accused Abe of bungling the economy.

“Prime Minister Abe should immediately step down,” he said. “He mishandled economic policy, and his Abenomics has failed.”

Japan’s economy, the world’s third-largest, has been stuck in the doldrums for years. Since taking office in late 2012, Abe has championed a massive monetary easing aimed at vanquishing persistent deflation, which tends to discourage corporate investment and consumer spending.

Data for April showed factory output fell 3.5 percent from a year earlier and consumer spending also edged lower, while the consumer price index fell 0.3 percent.

While weak, the latest figures were better than expected. But Abe has nonetheless won grudging support for postponing the tax hike from a key ally, Finance Minister Taro Aso.

“It is one option to help support consumer spending,” Aso said of the likely delay.

With Japan’s public debt at nearly 240 percent of its GDP, putting the nation’s accounts in order remains an urgent priority.

Those favoring a delay argue the recovery is too weak to endure a fresh hit to consumer spending from a tax hike. The increase could backfire, they say, if it causes such a downturn that government revenues actually contract.

“The government probably wants to avoid delivering a hammer blow to a fragile economy without seeing solid improvement at the fundamental level,” Margaret Yang of CMC Markets said in a commentary.

At a summit of the Group of Seven rich nations last week in central Japan, other leaders demurred at Abe’s insistence that the world economy is on the brink of a crisis at a time when the U.S. economy is strong enough that the Federal Reserve is preparing to raise interest rates.

But Abe cited G-7 backing of the use of all policy tools available to countries as a justification for a tax hike delay.

Critics have accused Abe of trying to use the event as a smoke screen for the failings of his own policies.

“It’s irresponsible and shameless,” said Japan Communist Party leader Kazuo Shii.

The last time Japan raised its sales tax, to 8 percent from 5 percent in April 2014, the economy lapsed into recession. Growth has been uneven since then, and Abe initially opted to postpone the increase to 10 percent, originally set for October 2015, to April 2017.

By pushing back the tax increase again, Japan risks having its credit downgraded, though the impact would be limited by the fact that almost all of its debt is owned by domestic investors or the central bank.

It is unclear how Abe will pay for various government spending commitments that were supposed to be financed through the tax increase. They include payments of stipends to low-income pensioners, subsidies for elder care and scholarships, and pay increases for nursing and childcare workers.

“Whichever policy decision we take, there will be a risk,” said Sadakazu Tanigaki, secretary-general of Abe’s party.

Abe reportedly rejected the idea of dissolving the lower house of Parliament and holding a snap election in July, when Japan is due to hold a vote for the less powerful upper house.

Islamic Racism: Egyptian Diplomat Calls Africans ‘Slaves and Dogs’…

NAIROBI, Kenya — A Kenyan diplomat has written to the dean of the Africa Diplomatic Corps to protest what she calls “uncivilized, undiplomatic, irresponsible, degrading and insulting behavior” by an Egyptian diplomat who is alleged to have called sub-Saharan Africans “slaves and dogs.”

In a letter dated May 29, Yvonne Khamati, chairwoman of the Africa Diplomatic Corp Technical Committee, said that the head of the Egyptian delegation made the remarks last week at the end of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya.

The remarks were allegedly made in Arabic during consultation on the lack of quorum to pass resolutions affecting Gaza, Khamati said.

The assembly is the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment and makes resolutions to address critical environmental challenges facing the world.

Khamati is asking for an apology and said that Egypt should be stopped from representing Africa in any leadership position.

In response, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, according to a statement issued in Cairo, has ordered an investigation into the incident. Information already available to the foreign ministry dismisses that such “language” was used by the Egyptian delegate, said the statement.

“It is unacceptable to fall into the trap of generalization and direct flimsy accusations against the state of Egypt, its people and its African identity as well as its ability to assume its responsibilities in championing African interests,” the statement said.


Barbara Ellen at U.K Guardian: Teacher who manipulated a 15 year old boy with Aspergers into a two year raping before discarding him

Former Duncanville Teacher Starts 10 Year Sentence For Student Affair


DUNCANVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A former Duncanville teacher began a ten year prison sentence Friday, convicted of having an affair with a student.

It’s an unusually long sentence for the crime, but one Sandy Washington believes her son’s teacher deserves. “I almost had a stroke. Or a heart attack. I don’t know,” she recalls.

Her son was 17 when she says he first told her about the two year old affair with his algebra teacher, Elizabeth Ramsey.
“She was actually writing letters saying he was in tutoring,” said Washington. “They were having sex at school. They were having sex at her house.”

Washington remembers she was initially ecstatic when her son, who has Asperger’s, began to make friends his sophomore year at Duncanville High. She says she later learned Ramsey had taught him to buy marijuana, make brownies and give them away.

“He finally had friends and they weren’t true friends. That hurt,’ said Washington.

She says the affair only ended after Ramsey’s husband came home and nearly caught the two. Washington says her son had a psychological breakdown.

Japan puts military on alert for possible N Korean missile launch



Japan put its military on alert on Monday for a possible North Korean ballistic missile launch, ordering naval destroyers and anti-ballistic missile Patriot batteries to be ready to shoot down any projectile heading for Japan.

A government official confirmed that an order was issued. The official declined to be identified as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

The order was first reported by state broadcaster NHK. A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense earlier declined to comment, as did South Korea’s defense ministry.

Japan has put its anti-ballistic missile forces on alert at least twice this year after detecting signs of launches by North Korea.

North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and has followed that with test launches of various missiles.

Japan has advanced Aegis vessels in the Sea of Japan that are able to track multiple targets and are armed with SM-3 missiles designed to destroy incoming warheads in space before they re-enter the atmosphere and fall to there targets.

Patriot PAC-3 missile batteries, designed to hit warheads near the ground, are deployed around Tokyo and other sites as a second and final line of defense.

US aiding Iranian radicals in fight against ISIS

The US is aiding Iraq in its fight against ISIS, but Iraq has invited the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in, and the US iseffectively aiding them as well.

American commandos are on the front lines in Syria in a new push toward the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Raqqa, but in Iraq it is an entirely different story: Iran, not the United States, has become the face of an operation to retake the jihadist stronghold of Falluja from the militant group.

On the outskirts of Falluja, tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, police officers and Shiite militiamen backed by Iran are preparing for an assault on the Sunni city, raising fears of a sectarian blood bath. Iran has placed advisers, including its top spymaster, Qassim Suleimani, on the ground to assist in the operation.

In an extraordinary statement on Wednesday, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the world’s pre-eminent Shiite religious leader, who lives in Najaf in southern Iraq and is said to be concerned by Iran’s growing role in Iraq, urged security forces and militia to restrain themselves and abide by “the standard behaviors of jihad.”

Except for the Kurds, in Iraq there are no “good guys” and we should not be aiding the either the Sunni terrorists (called ISIS) or the Shi’ite terrorists (called Iran, or their Iraqi puppet government).



UK: Sharia-compliant KFC bans hand wipes because they are offensive to Muslims



ThisIsEngland (h/t MZ)  Graham Noakes, 41, said he was astonished when staff at the fast food chain’s outlet in St George’s retail park refused to give him a hand-wipe because it was against its Halal policy.

Staff said this was because the wipes are soaked in an alcohol-infused liquid. Alcohol is forbidden in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran. Graham said: “They told me I might offend other customers.”

The 41-year-old added: ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this before, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


‘Why shouldn’t I be allowed a wipe for my hands? They use wipes in hospital, what happens when we start being told we can’t have wipes there? I just can’t understand it.’

A KFC spokesman said the company had been running a halal trial since 2010, in “areas where there has been demand from our customers”, such as the restaurant in St George’s Retail Park.
Via The UK Times.

Cyprus: Woman to be deported after false rape claim

A 28-year-old woman who reported to police that she had been raped while kept locked in a flat for a month has retracted and was now facing deportation, Limassol police said on Tuesday.

During questioning, the woman from Bulgaria admitted to police that she had lied. Her complaint led to the arrest of a 29-year-old Bangladeshi man in connection with abduction and rape.

The woman admitted to police that she had come to Cyprus to conduct a sham wedding with the man. The plan was then to travel to Denmark.

It is understood that she had been paid €1,000.

But it appears that the woman changed her mind and decided to lie so that she could get out of the situation.

Police said it has been decided to deport both individuals.



Huge brick wall collapses in Central

A large brick wall collapsed on Sunday evening at the former Central Police Station Compound on Hollywood Road.

Search and rescue teams rushed to the site and were combing through the debris, though no one was believed to have been injured.

Reports said the wall was about 10 metres high.

Passers-by described hearing a noise like thunder and seeing a cloud of dust when the wall came down at around 10pm.

The Transport Department said part of nearby Arbuthnot Road was closed due to the collapse and buses were being diverted.

The area where the wall collapsed was part of a construction site, with revitalisation work underway after the compound was declared a monument in 1995.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is leading the heritage project, with the compound due to re-open to the public in the second half of this year.

The accident came just over a week after a massive roof collapsed at City University injuring two people.



A 19 Year Old Liberal-Feminist Terrorist Tries to Kill a Street Preacher Because “Words” Hurt Her Feelings.



Who says our public education system does not produce radical feminist.
The proof is in the product!

Apparently, “words” hurt many liberal-feminist feelings to the point these nut-jobs are willing to kill somebody who speaks against their worldview. Men’s rights activists have known for some time how public schools cultivate liberal propaganda and anti-male views. These public schools hire a majority of all teachers straight from the local University who have been brainwashed in liberal and feminist philosophy. Most elementary and secondary teachers bring this crazy whacked out ideology to our public classrooms and indoctrinate our children to hate men and anything remotely conservative or Christian for that matter.

Today, 3 TV News in Phoenix Arizona gave us strong evidence of how the liberal feminist Nazis work to silence dissent even in a majority conservative state. Instead of having a better argument to counter conservative ideas liberal-feminist will simply kill the messenger to silence opposition.

Tabatha Brubaker is one such idealistic feminist Nazi who hates men and conservative ideas. Tabatha who is 19 years old and a recent Apollo High School graduate from Glendale Arizona attempted to murder a street preacher in broad daylight because she could not stop him from speaking a radically different philosophy that her own. Apparently, across the street from Apollo High School the First Amendment of the Constitution only applies to those with a liberal, feminist or LGBTQ mindset. Well, at least to most students and parents residing in the community.

Tabatha was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, possession of narcotics and paraphernalia. You could say Tabatha’s made both her parents, students and faculty of Apollo High School proud of her stunning anti-male and anti-conservative viewpoints.

Brother Dean, the street preacher whose views I don’t necessarily agree with, had this to say about the incident. His explanation about what caused him to “take a bat to the head” echoes the sentiment of all Americans truly value our First Amendment rights. Brother Dean explained,

“This LGBTQ monster who attempted to murder me… she’s not even repenting. She’s still proud and arrogant for attempting my murder. She went for my head, and she went for the kill… The line of thinking that I deserve it, the line of thinking that I instigated it, that begins the process of destroying the free speech that we have. Regardless of whether someone gets agitated or incited or whatever, we still have a right to say things that may offend certain people.”

Sadly, in recent days, this is not the only time freedom of speech and freedom of thought have come under attack.

Take for example Milo Yiannopoulos who recently spoke at Depaul University. Because his “words hurt so dearly” several Black Lives Matter idiots who stormed the stage where he was speaking. While on stage he was assaulted by these Social Justice Warriors who called him a “dangerous faggot”.

For those of you who do not know, Milo Yiannopoulos publicly speaks about men’s rights issues, race and is a staunch defender of First Amendment rights. And yes, he is openly gay.

Clearly, liberals and feminist alike will stop at nothing to eliminate diversity of ideas, exchange of free thought and will crush freedom of speech if it does not correlate to their twisted and perverse worldview.

New York City Is a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy — Just Ask @JessicaValenti!

man hater crying for attention


Jessica Valenti has written a memoir, Sex Object, that is exactly what you would expect — a vengeful diatribe against heterosexual men.

Like most other feminists, Valenti is oblivious to the fact that her relentlessly negative portrayal of men is just anti-male propaganda. No woman can expect any success as a professional feminist unless she conveys this message: All men are evil, and all women are their victims.

To form your opinion of men based on the writing of feminists is like studying Jewish culture by reading Mein Kampf. Yet like other feminists, Jessica Valenti denies that she hates men. Perhaps not, but she and her comrades certainly incite anti-male attitudes and promote negative stereotypes of men and, most particularly, stigmatize male sexuality.

Normal male attraction to women, particularly male admiration of beauty, is condemned by feminists as “objectification.” While we may deplore superficiality or an idolatrous obsession with physical appearance, there is nothing inherently wrong with the pleasure we derive from beauty, nor is it scandalous that good-looking people (male or female) are highly desired as romantic partners. This is simply human nature, which cannot be changed by any amount of political rhetoric.

Does Jessica Valenti suppose that a “nerd rights” movement could make guys with high SAT scores as popular with women as NBA All-Stars? No, of course not — the geek in the Math Club might become a software billionaire and buy an NBA franchise someday, but young women still chase after the 6-foot-7 power forward, and not the 5-foot-7 nerd.

Why, then, does Jessica Valenti suppose that complaining about the “objectification” of women — feminist jargon for normal male interest in women’s beauty — can accomplish any real change in the social hierarchy? In an excerpt from her book published by the U.K. Guardian, we learn that, as a girl, Valenti was insecure about her looks, and wanted to be liked by cute boys who didn’t like her as much as she liked them:

I wrote in my diary at the time, I’m so ugly I can’t stand it. I have a big gross nose, pimples, hairy arms. I will never have a boy like me or a boyfriend. All of my friends are pretty and I will be the one with no one.
I was feeling that loneliness acutely at the time, because I was obsessed with a boy named Matt. Matt — the first in a long line of blond boys I would fall for — told me once that I would be so, so pretty if not for my big nose. All I heard was, he thought I could be pretty! . . .
I imagined all of the things that would go right if I were just to have a smaller nose. I would have a boyfriend and the girls in school would stop making fun of me.

more at http://theothermccain.com/2016/05/29/new-york-city-is-a-wretched-hive-of-scum-and-villainy-just-ask-jessicavalenti/