China: Anti-Lockdown Protests Explode

Less than a week after World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab was brazen and immoral enough to declare China a “role model for many nations” despite its authoritarian rule and human rights abuses (in words that were similar to those of Canada’s Justin Trudeau, who once expressed his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship”), China has now exploded in unexpected protests over imposed COVID lockdowns. According to the Express:

Protests against strict lockdown orders are growing in China, amid signs that the Chinese Communist Party is losing its grip over the Chinese people. Protesters demanded Xi Jinping step down in a country where any direct criticism of its leaders is rare and often results in harsh punishment.

The protests are already having an adverse effect upon the Chinese economy. According to Bloomberg, “optimism had re-emerged in Chinese markets after Beijing cut quarantine periods and dialed back testing, triggering a rally that’s added almost $370 billion to the MSCI China Index.” Now those gains are suddenly “unraveling due to the protests.”

Caution is setting in despite a growing chorus of bullish China calls on Wall Street that cite cheap valuations and friendlier policies. On Monday, the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index slumped more than 4%.

This rapid hit to China’s economy obviously does not bode well for the country’s larger ambition, as it will play an as yet undetermined role in its future plans and quest for global hegemony and prestige.

What is unfolding in China demonstrates the basic and intrinsic human need for freedom, as well as the lust to enslave humans that is prevalent among the darkest elements of society. The word “revolution” is already being used to describe what has just began in China, more precisely, a white paper revolution. Keep in mind that over in Iran, the people’s revolution is expanding as well.

It is too early to tell whether the sudden explosion of protest in China is a revolution or hiccup, but there are significant factors to consider:

What is different today from past revolutions in China and Iran is their relative positions in a world that has rapidly globalized and is now undergoing frenetic change amid the notable void left by a weak America under Joe Biden. China has been expanding its influence at breakneck speed, and Biden’s handlers are still hoping to enrich Iran by means of a lucrative new nuke deal. Aspirations for world domination and global economic hegemony are now added to old fixations about domestic control of citizens. The world is watching. Should China decide to execute its protesters in a Tiananmen Square-style massacre, there will be consequences for its economy. Given China’s rapid expansion into global markets and its encroachment upon significant political arenas worldwide, it is clear that optics are important to the Beijing regime. Whatever happens next, Klaus Schwab already has egg on his face for touting China as a “global model.

Meanwhile, it is significant that Canada’s Justin Trudeau, who has boosted China for the past decade, is suddenly distancing himself from the country. Trudeau’s move is a perfect example of  how loyalties can change in an instant in the global quest for power and control. On November 1, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was reported by Global News to be “increasingly concerned” about China’s interference in Canada. Then three days later, the Globe and Mail reported that a CSIS official told a House of Commons committee investigation into foreign interference in elections that “China is the ‘foremost aggressor’ when it comes to foreign interference in Western countries and ‘works within’ their political systems ‘to corrupt’ them.”

Then Trudeau endured a public dressing down by China’s Xi Jinping for an “inappropriate leak” to the papers. To demonstrate just how determined and calculated Trudeau’s plan was to lock in a Canada-China pact, it is important to go back a decade, to three years before Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. At that time, Trudeau joined the Liberal leadership race to succeed Michael Ignatieff and was shockingly open about his grand idea to invest in China. His grand plan and forecast were helped along by McKinsey & Company, a global consulting firm whose managing director, Dominic Barton, would go on to become Canada’s ambassador to China in 2019. Trudeau and Barton together “shaped the Liberal government’s global outlook and economic policies,” which heavily involved China. Throughout his powerful and influential career, Barton became well known for “serving kleptocrats and oligarchs from Moscow to Riyadh and from Beijing to Johannesburg.” Barton identified Chinese markets and money as the “keys to Canada’s prosperity.”

Now, with the protests unfolding in China, Justin Trudeau’s distancing himself from China will appear more convincing to his base of support, as he hides his past abhorrent deeds of boosting China and “stealing” Canada’s freedoms.

In authoritarian societies such as China (and Iran), there is a stark contrast between oppressed populations and the authoritarian regimes that oppress them. Given the right conditions, the people may revolt, despite risk to their own lives. The events now unfolding in China should serve as a lesson to the West as the West continues to undergo foundational shifts: cancel culture has already succeeded in repressing the freedom of expression, followed by COVID lockdown overreach and the punishment of those who refused to comply with the demands of our globalist overlords. Demonizing and dehumanizing opponents is now commonplace, along with ruthlessly promoting propaganda against them. These tactics are established historically among fascists; the tactics of  the Third Reich bear that out. Notice today how strong proponents of freedom are deemed “conspiracy theorists,” “extremists,” and “racists,” while the Left continues to sow divisions that could destroy Western societies.

The critical need for Western citizens to hold their governments accountable is more urgent than ever, especially during the tenure of an American president who openly scorns the phrase “Make America Great Again.” In the current climate, the traditional foes of America are all competing for a bigger piece of the global pie, with traitors in Western nations subvert their own countries. The Chinese protests are already destabilizing China’s economy while Western friends of China such as Justin Trudeau is distancing himself from the regime. Other friends of the Communist regime such as Klaus Schwab may soon do the same, depending upon how China controls its population. If it cracks down too harshly, the consequences could be devastating to the People’s Republic, but if the Communists do not crack down hard enough, this could well mark the end of the era of Xi Jinping. Xi may also go AWOL, as Trudeau did when the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa.

Employers Rethink Need for College Degrees in Tight Labor Market

The tight labor market is prompting more employers to eliminate one of the biggest requirements for many higher-paying jobs: the need for a college degree.

Companies such as Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Delta Air Lines Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. have reduced educational requirements for certain positions and shifted hiring to focus more on skills and experience. Maryland this year cut college-degree requirements for many state jobs—leading to a surge in hiring—and incoming Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro campaigned on a similar initiative.

U.S. job postings requiring at least a bachelor’s degree were 41% in November, down from 46% at the start of 2019 ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to an analysis by the Burning Glass Institute, a think tank that studies the future of work. Degree requirements dropped even more early in the pandemic. They have grown since then but remain below prepandemic levels.

Interracial Dispensation: Russia Puts LGBTQI+ to Bed and Rescues Country from Child Groomers; Savoring Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage

Russia’s lower house of parliament has unanimously voted to extend its ban on “gay propaganda”.

Under the latest version of the law, any promotion of homosexuality – including in books, films and online – is illegal and carries heavy penalties.

It categorises any positive depictions of same-sex relationships in mass media or advertising under the same umbrella as distributing pornography, the promotion of violence, or stoking racial, ethnic and religious tensions.

Advertising, books and films with positive presentations of LGBT people will be banned – raising concerns from publishers who have warned that it could affect classics of Russian literature.

Any discussions online about LGBT topics can be blocked and the sale of goods with LGBT slogans or symbols would also be prohibited.

Anyone who breaks the law will face a fine of up to 400,000 rubles ($6,600), while companies could have to pay up to 5 million rubles ($82,100).

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Black US soldier is told ‘stay away from white women’ in mall at Poland

Interracial Marriage

While a group of US military men were walking through a mall in Poland one of them being black was told by a man recording them to ‘stay away from those white women,’ and that ‘miscegenation used to be a crime in your country.’ He follows up by saying ‘you’re in a white country now, we don’t worship n*****s.

‘Keep Poland white,’ the man says to no response.

‘Stay away from those white women. Hey, stay away from those white women.’

The soldier briefly turns around before his friend puts his hand on his back and comforts him, also ushering him toward the exit doors.

People are praising the black military man for showing restraint.

If a white Polish woman wants the ring and the baby, that is what she will receive. Her being Polish and white is inconsequential. The man hurling insults already knows this. He must have read my…

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First Trans Representative in New Hampshire Arrested After Stalking Woman, Violating Restraining Order

The first openly transgender person elected to public office in New Hampshire has been jailed on charges related to stalking a victim who had a protective order against him. Stacie Laughton’s arrest comes just days after he was re-elected to the New Hampshire House as a Democrat.

Laughton, born Barry Charles Laughton Jr., was arrested on November 12 after his most recent violation of a stalking order that had been placed against him by an unidentified woman in his community in July. Laughton, 38, had contacted the victim over social media.

According to the Hudson Police Department, this is not the first time Laughton has violated his restraining order. In August, Laughton had similarly attempted to make contact with the victim, and was arrested in September for the violation. He was released from custody shortly after.

There was virtually no media coverage of his September arrest, which likely meant voters were unaware of it ahead of the November 8 elections, during which Laughton ran for re-election as a Libertarian Democrat candidate in Nashua’s 4th Ward.

Laughton placed second out of four candidates, securing him a seat in the House of Representatives. New Hampshire has the largest state House in the country with 400 representatives, and all three top finishers in the race took seats.

In addition to his recent stalking order violations, Laughton is on bail for a 2021 arrest in which he was charged with misusing the Nashua 911 emergency system.

Between May and July 2021, he sent seven texts to Nashua 911, prompting police officers to respond to his address. On each occasion, they determined there was no emergency. At the time, Laughton denied sending the texts and claimed that he was being “spoofed” by an unknown perpetrator.

He also complained that media coverage of the arrest was making him look bad.

ICELAND: Prominent Trans Activist, LGBT Educator Being Investigated For Allegedly Sexually Abusing a Cognitively Impaired Person

An Icelandic trans activist who held a top role at a national LGBT organization has been forced to resign following allegations he sexually harassed children online and raped a man with cognitive impairments.

Þórhildur Sara Sveinbjörnsdóttir, 31, was chairman of the Community Council of Samtökin ’78, the National Queer Organization of Iceland. The Organization receives funding from the Government for providing consultation on LGBTQIA-related education and services, including lecturing on “gender diversity” at elementary schools to children as young as 10 years old around the country. In 2020, the government of Iceland’s capitol city of Reykjavík granted Samtökin ’78 a three-year contract for funding totaling 8,700,000 ISK per year.

But on November 24, Sveinbjörnsdóttir resigned from Samtökin ’78 following allegations that he had sexually harassed minors and sexually assaulted a mentally handicapped man.

Screenshots of interactions between Sveinbjörnsdóttir and children as young as 14 have been circulating on TikTok in recent days, after first being exposed by user @sveigjanlegur on November 21.

One of the screenshots documents an exchange with a learning disabled adult who describes his experience of being assaulted by Sveinbjörnsdóttir. According to the alleged victim, Sveinbjörnsdóttir had asked him to come with him to the washroom. The victim alleges that Sveinbjörnsdóttir then held him down and raped him orally and anally.

Other screenshots that are circulating are between Sveinbjörnsdóttir and underage girls.

“Just wanted to say how cute you are,” reads one text Sveinbjörnsdóttir sent to a minor. A young girl has come forward to corroborate the claims, stating that he had sexually harassed her when she was 13.

Samtökin 78 Chairman Álfur Birkir Bjarnason confirmed to local media that Sveinbjörnsdóttir had resigned on November 23, but refused to specify the reason. Reduxx reached out to the organization but has not received a response at the time of this publication.

“Such cases go through a professional process according to our action plan against violence,” Bjarnason told the press. According to the publication, a formal complaint has been lodged with the police.

On November 25, Samtökin ’78 issued a public statement on their Facebook page addressing the concerns.

“The board received tips this week of allegations of sexual violence against children by the former chairman of the association … The volunteer in question has resigned,” reads the announcement, adding that the case was being investigated by police and that Sveinbjörnsdóttir “has never worked with children or young people” within the organization.

Colorado Springs Gunman: Don’t Call Him “He”

Writing at this website on Tuesday, I pointed to the alacrity with which Elizabeth Hernandez of the Denver Post spun the deadly Saturday night shooting at an “LGBTQ” nightclub in Colorado Springs as a product of right-wing hate rhetoric. As examples of such rhetoric, Hernandez cited politicians and others who’ve expressed concern about, for instance, primary-school teachers pushing gender ideology on children and biological boys being allowed to use girls’ locker rooms because they claim to be “transgender girls.” The bottom line here is obvious: preposterous, reality-defying propositions about “gender identity” that once would’ve been considered nonsense are now orthodox among the bien pensant; and those who dare to challenge this orthodoxy with assertions of fact are now viewed as haters.

Hernandez’s piece, posted on Sunday, was no surprise. Neither was the Monday L.A. Times op-ed by Robin Maril, a former attorney for the Human Rights Campaign (the Democratic Party fundraising machine that used to pose as a gay-rights organization and that nowadays specializes in transgender PR). The Club Q shooting, wrote Maril, comes at a time when “the right has managed to breathe new life into an old, dangerous narrative – queer and transgender people are threats to children and to the health of the nation.” Nonsense. The “old, dangerous narrative” targeted gay men and lesbians, period. “Queer” was a label adopted by privileged academics who wanted to posture as socially marginal; “transgender” people, then called “transsexuals,” were never part of the gay-rights struggle (although groups like HRC have conspired to rewrite history to put them at the forefront of the movement). 

Today’s critics of transgenderism, maintained Maril, are “stoking the basest of emotions — fear of erasure.” This is a common complaint on the left: if straight white males oppose open borders and the mass re-gendering of kids, it’s because these developments make them feel that their straightness and whiteness are under threat. In fact these critics’ most urgent concern, when it comes to the trans issue, is literal erasure: they’re worried, and justly so, about the surgical removal of young people’s healthy genitalia for reasons that aren’t medical but political.

Philip Elliott, writing in Time Magazine on Monday, agreed with Maril. “It…demands an aggressive suspension of suspicion,” wrote Elliott, “to think the current national environment toward LGBTQ rights has no bearing when a 22-year-old man allegedly walks into a gay bar and starts killing.”

Elliott decried recent legislation that seeks “to keep transgender youths from pursuing health care, playing sports on the teams of their choosing, or even identifying themselves in schools.” Translation: these new laws seek to protect confused minors from fanatics with scalpels, to prevent biological female athletes from losing out unfairly to so-called “trans girls,” and to keep gay kids from being led down the garden path by twisted trans activists eager to swell their own ranks.

On Tuesday, we heard from Brian Broome in Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post: “The conservative mind is more concerned that a drag queen is entering a classroom to read a story to children than a gunman is entering a classroom to shoot them.” And the New York Times gave us a rant by columnist Michelle Goldberg, who maintained that the Club Q massacre occurred amid a right-wing fixation “on all-ages drag shows” and “a growing moral panic about children being ‘groomed’ into gender nonconformity” – a “fixation” that she described as a product of a “puritanical tendency on the right” and an “increasingly apocalyptic worldview that sees the erosion of traditional gender roles as a harbinger of national collapse.”

OK, let’s look at these allegations. Why on earth are there suddenly such things as “all-ages drag shows”? How is it “puritanical” to question an irrational ideology which regards biological boys as girls just because they say they are? As for “traditional gender roles,” a major reason why so many toddlers are being labeled as transgender these days is that “traditional gender roles” have made a curious comeback on the left: today, a boy who picks up a doll or a girl who plays with a toy truck risks being placed on the fast track to puberty blockers, hormones, and even surgery.

Goldberg charged critics of this insane new dispensation with using “dehumanizing language” to describe self-identified trans people; in fact the rhetoric that’s really dehumanizing is the kind that euphemistically describes the removal of a healthy girl’s breasts as “top surgery” and a hysterectomy or penile amputation as “bottom surgery.” Goldberg herself used one of these dishonest terms: “gender-confirming surgeries,” a nice way of saying “butchery.” She spoke of “people who hurl baseless accusations of child abuse.” The British government has already put its foot down about the surgical mutilation of minors in the name of “gender confirmation”: it is child abuse. When will the U.S. government agree? When will the American corporate media stop parroting the abusers?

Goldberg’s philippic, as noted, ran on Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday morning, came a brand-new piece of information. In a court filing, lawyers for Anderson Lee Aldrich, the accused Colorado Springs gunman, stated that their client identifies as “non-binary,” uses “they/them pronouns,” and prefers to be identified as “Mx. Anderson Aldrich.” It seems, in other words, that what we’re dealing with here is not some Trump fan in a red cap who’s been led by “hateful” right-wing propaganda to shoot up an “LGBTQ nightclub”; rather, Aldrich, who last year was arrested for threatening his mother with a homemade bomb, would appear to be one more member of the psychologically troubled army of young people who’ve been swept up by the poisonous transgender craze. And his reason for shooting patrons at Club Q may be everything, anything, or nothing – with the single exception of the one motive that Hernandez, Maril, Elliott, Broome, and Goldberg have attributed to him with such passionate self-assurance.

Was Apotex Owner Barry Sherman Murdered For Interfering In Big Pharma Profits?

Discoveries in the death of pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman weave a tale of intrigue unprecedented in modern Canadian history.

Apotex Inc, Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company, was founded by Mr. Sherman in 1974. The sole manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine in the country, Sherman’s company offered to donate two million dosages of the medication to the Trudeau government as a potential remedy for the Covid pandemic.

According to a 2020 report from, hydroxychloroquine is effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro.”

If Apotex hydroxychloroquine was confirmed as a cost-effective antidote to the Covid virus, would it not serve to undermine Big Pharma vaccine campaigns, and therefore profits?

The Covid phenomenon is older than most would suspect. As far back as 2005, a study from Virology Journal  reported that hydroxychloroquine was a “potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

The etiology tells us that Covid is connected to SARS, its breakout first reported in Guangdong, China in 2002. The disease rapidly spread to at least 30 countries, and worldwide efforts led to its identification as the etiological agent for SARS coronavirus.

According to Journal of Critical Care, there is “rationale, pre-clinical evidence of effectiveness for safety from long-time clinical use for other indications to justify clinical research on Chloroquine in patients with Covid-19.

Can a motive for the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman be found in these circumstances? Turns out that Covid is in no way a “post-modern” development. The existence of the virus has been known since at least 2005.

Meaning that billions in research and development were likely invested by Pfizer and other Big Pharma players. Could the industry’s awareness of Barry Sherman’s cost-effective solution serve as a motive to “deal with” the Canadian billionaire?

For how long has the healthcare industry in Canada known of the existence of Covid? Motivated by the SARS outbreak in China in the year 2003, Dr. Theresa Tam was appointed chief of Health Canada’s immunization and infections division. The possibility of Tam, migrant from Hong Kong, not comprehending the SARS-Covid connection is nil.

Why was it that neither this medical expert, health authorities or media divulged the fact that Covid-19 dates back over sixteen years? The common perception is that the Covid virus first emerged less than four years ago.

Mystery abounds in the curious case of Covid-19. Particularly in light of the fact that Barry Sherman was a major fundraiser for Justin Trudeau’s bid to become prime minister of Canada.

At the time of the deaths of the Shermans  on December 15th, 2017, the Apotex founder was being investigated by the Canadian Federal Government Lobbying Commission. If convicted, Sherman would face a five-year ban on lobbying the federal government.

Their investigation focused on Liberal Party fundraisers hosted by the Shermans at their Toronto home in August, 2015. The guest of honour was Justin Trudeau, who at the time was running for prime minister. Sherman and his wife hosted between 100 and 150 people, each paying $1,500 dollars to attend the event with Mr. Trudeau two months before his election victory.

The circumstances suggest a connection between the deaths of the Shermans, and the ruling Liberal government of Canada. It is arguable that an association between Justin Trudeau and  Barry Sherman  would have impeded the candidate’s potential to become prime minister.

“In light of Dr. Sherman’s passing, the purpose of the investigation to ensure his compliance with the (lobbying) code can no longer be fulfilled,” the Lobbying Commissioner stated in a letter dated January 24, 2016.

“The newly-appointed federal lobbying watchdog won’t look any further into a complaint about a private fundraiser the late Barry Sherman hosted for Justin Trudeau.”

To this day, not one solid lead or suspect has been identified by Canadian authorities. Media report that hundreds of law enforcement agents have dedicated thousands of hours to the investigation. The deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman stand as the greatest murder mystery in modern Canadian history.

Someone knows the truth. Was Barry Sherman murdered for interfering in potential for billions of dollars in Big Pharma profits resulting from the Covid pandemic?

World Discovers Qatar is an Islamic Tyranny and There’s No Beer

Qatar used every dirty trick to secure the World Cup. All everyone had to do was overlook that…

1. Qatar is an Islamist tyranny, tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Taliban and Iran.

2. It widely uses slave labor, killing thousands of workers to construct its postmodern pyramids.

3. It runs under Islamic law. While the Saudis have moderated somewhat (only to be blasted by media campaigns led by Qatar and operatives like Jamal Khashoggi) Qatar pretends to be moderate. The pretense collapsed when the myth hit the reality in a glass of beer.

Qatar has banned beer at World Cup football stadiums, just two days before the opening match, the New York Times reported Friday.

The decision comes after several changes to the rules on the consumption of alcohol caused tensions between FIFA, world football’s governing body, and the Muslim host country, where drinking in public is prohibited.

However, beer will still be available in luxury suites reserved for FIFA officials and other wealthy guests, the New York Times reported citing an official who asked not to be named.

Everyone else can go to hell.

Islamic law on the subject is pretty clear. Qatar not only operates under Sharia law, but uses its influence operations through platforms like its Al Jazeera propaganda network, not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood, to inflict them far beyond its borders.

Western infidels allowed themselves to be lied to, likely bribed and beguiled into believing that Islamists don’t take their own religion seriously. They do. They’re willing to lie, cheat and kill on the way to getting there, but they will still get there. And you will not get any beer, infidel.

Qatari officials has changed their minds on the subject of alcohol, forcing Budweiser — which has the exclusivity to sell beer at World Cup matches — to relocate stalls selling beer outside the stadiums because the Qatari rulers wanted alcohol to be less prominent. Now it has been banned altogether. FIFA said in a statement.

That’s a problem because FIFA has a €72 million contract with Budweiser. The brewing giant tweeted “Well, this is awkward…” after the news broke.

Hopefully, Budweiser sues everyone involved, including FIFA officials and Qatar.

That said, how could anyone believe that Osama bin Laden’s favorite platform would be okay with booze? Did anyone really expect Budweiser at the state sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood?

But at least in Europe, there can be criticism of Qatar. In the United States, Qatar has a death grip on our elected officials, on the media and on D.C. It outright controls Brookings and the media keeps repeating its Khashoggi propaganda.

In Europe, they talk back. Here they just bow to Qatar.

The Qatari minister claimed that there are inaccurate numbers being reported on the deaths of migrant workers and that “some media, unfortunately, said that Qatari nationals are a bunch of terrorists.” He said such reports were “smear campaigns” against Qatar.

Another German MEP, Dietmar Köster of the Socialists & Democrats, said he would not be watching the World Cup, while Miguel Urbán Crespo from the Left group called it “a World Cup of shame” and backed a boycott of the event.

Dutch MEP Peter van Dalen from the center-right European People’s Party said “World Cup 2022 should never have ended up in Qatar.”

Finally, some good bipartisanship.

Biracial Privileged Daughter Trashes Her White Billionaire Father at His Own Funeral as a ‘Racist, Trump-Loving Misogynist’

A biracial woman who describes herself as a “black supremacist” and uses they/them pronouns, trashed her white father at his funeral.

The funeral took place in late August but it was just revealed on Friday that the “racist, misogynist, xenophobic” Trump supporter who was attacked at his own funeral has been identified as billionaire auto loan entrepreneur Donald Foss.

Donald Foss died of cancer at the age of 78.

Foss’s youngest daughter, a biracial 19-year-old woman named Samantha who grew up in a mansion and attends a prestigious school, trashed him at his funeral as a racist.

“You are everything I aspire not to be and I refuse to stand up here and sing the praises of a man who is the paradigm of white supremacy,” Samantha said.

But the whiny ingrate said she’s happy to take her daddy’s money.

“So I’ll take your racist mindset, I’ll take your money, I’ll take your advice and I swear to God I will make this world a better place not at all because of you but in exact opposition to you,” she said.

Convicted Child Rapist, Murderer Profiled in Article on Trans Rights in Prison

One of the top criminal justice organizations in the United States has featured a rapist and murderer in a Transgender Day of Remembrance article denouncing the treatment of transgender inmates.

On September 17, The Vera Institute of Justice released an article titled “Violence, Torture, and Isolation: What It’s Like to be Trans in Prison.” The Vera Institute is one of the largest criminal justice reform think tanks in the United States, and recently received a $171 million contract from the federal government to provide legal services to unaccompanied migrant children.

The article paints a bleak picture of the life of trans-identified inmates in prison, specifically “trans women” who are housed in men’s facilities, and also serves as an announcement for an upcoming report the Vera Institute is publishing on trans inmates and their experiences with the criminal justice system.

“The brutal, inhumane prison system across the United States does immeasurable harm to all who are forced to interact with it, but trans people suffer acutely as the result of unchecked physical and sexual violence and frequent denial of gender-affirming mental and physical health care,” the Vera Institute writes, going on to assert that “overuse of incarceration” is a key issue for trans-identified inmates.

As part of the piece, the Vera Institute offers comment from Patricia Trimble — a trans-identified male inmate currently serving a 50-year sentence for two heinous crimes, including the rape of two 9-year-old girls.

In the article, Trimble, who is described as a prison rights activist, recalls the suicide of a pseudonymous trans-identified inmate he was friends with, and argues that a lack of access to gender affirming care and housing was responsible for his death.

“Without access to programs and counseling, our community is doomed, thought of as nothing more than acceptable casualties,” Trimble is quoted as saying.

No where in the article does the Vera Institute mention the horrific crimes Trimble has been convicted of.

Born Patrick, Trimble was first convicted in 1978 of the brutal rape of two 9-year-old girls in the city of St. Charles, Missouri. Trimble kidnapped the children by tying rope around their wrists and dragging them to his car. The girls were then taken to a remote, wooded area where Trimble proceeded to orally and vaginally rape them.

But while in prison awaiting the final verdict on his case, Trimble would commit another heinous crime, making what the court would later describe as a “slave” out of his developmentally disabled cellmate and subjecting him to weeks of torture, rape, and abuse before murdering him.

Jerry James Everett, who was in jail awaiting trial for non-violent vehicular theft, was Trimble’s cellmate.

According to a 1982 court document, Trimble had initially gained Everett’s compliance by representing himself as a Christian minister. The court heard that Everett was extremely religious, and spent most of his time in prison reading the Bible. Trimble would force Everett “to have both oral and anal intercourse with him, compelled him to wear a ‘bra’ around the jail for the entertainment of the other inmates, and forced him at one point to display to the other inmates a rag that had been stuffed into his anus.”

Trimble prostituted Everett to other inmates, and even offered to sell him to a member of the prison staff for a carton of cigarettes. Trimble tortured Everett, making deep gashes in his flesh using burnt shampoo bottles, and lighting matches that were placed between his toes. Trimble also forced Everett to play games he did not have the intellectual capacity to understand, and would “win” his food from him after inevitably beating Everett in the game.

A few weeks after beginning the sadistic abuse, Trimble advised other inmates he was planning on murdering Everett to prevent him from ever informing anyone outside of the prison of what had happened. He also stated that he was worried about being sent to prison if convicted solely of raping the two young girls, and wanted to “catch something much bigger” by committing a murder. 

Trimble ultimately murdered Everett, staging it to be a suicide. He forced Everett to pen a goodbye letter before strangling him to death with towels — using such force the man’s neck was fractured. After Everett was dead, Trimble used the towels to hang his corpse so as to look like he had taken his own life.

The court noted that Everett was “mentally slow, and may never have fully comprehended what was happening to him.”

Progressive activists and media cynically exploit a fake ‘epidemic’ of anti-transgender murders for partisan advantage

Did you know that there’s an “epidemic of violence” and murder against transgender people in the US that’s happening because you think sports should be sex-segregated?

At least, that’s the latest story coming out of far-left activist groups and being uncritically parroted by mainstream media outlets. But the reality is far more complicated than this cynical partisan narrative.

The spin stems from a new report by the Human Rights Campaign, a Democratic Party activist group that falsely purports to be an LGBT rights organization. The report, titled “An Epidemic of Violence 2022: Fatal Violence Against Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People in the United States in 2022,” documents the unquestionably tragic deaths of 32 Americans. But it goes further than that, making the claim that the US is experiencing a unique epidemic of anti-trans murders and tying culpability for these murders to a wide variety of common political, partisan issues.

Fatal violence against transgender and gender non-conforming people is the tragic result of a society that devalues our lives,” remarked Human Rights Campaign senior vice president Jay Brown.

Brown went on to directly pin some of the blame for the murders documented in the report on specific political/policy issues such as segregating sports by birth sex, allowing free speech—including “anti-trans” speech— on social media, and “transphobic” media coverage. 

Brown goes so far as to say that those who advocate for these political positions “send a message that trans lives aren’t valuable” and “put our community and our allies at serious risk.”

The 32 murders documented in the report were “killed in an epidemic of violence threatening our community,” according to HRC’s Tori Cooper.

This narrative was uncritically parroted by mainstream media outlets like Axios and ABC News

But it’s deeply flawed. 

For one, it’s not at all clear that these murders actually constitute an “epidemic” of anti-trans hate crimes—or that the trans murder rate is even higher than the average murder rate in general.  And secondly, the attempt to tie these murders to a whole host of unrelated partisan policy issues is deeply cynical and unfair. 

We should start with some unequivocal disclaimers. Any murder is a tragedy, and a transgender American’s life is every bit as valuable as anyone else’s. My heart goes out to them and their families. But the statistics simply do not support the idea that they’re being murdered more regularly than everyone else.

The general US murder rate was 6 per 100,000 in 2021. The HRC’s reported total of 32 transgender and gender-nonconforming people killed in 2022 is relative to an estimated transgender population of 1.6 million*. That comes out to about 2 per 100,000. 

So, even assuming that more tragic murders will, unfortunately, occur in the last few months of 2022, it seems that the murder rate for transgender people in 2022 will actually be at most 3-4 per 100,000, thus below the overall average/typical murder rate. That’s a good thing! But it also eviscerates the idea that there’s an “epidemic” of anti-trans murder in the US. 

What’s more, there have been about 16,729 homicides so far in 2022. At 32, transgender people would constitute about .002% of that figure. Yet they are about 0.5% of the US adult population. So, they are disproportionately less likely to be victims of homicide. Once again: that’s a good thing. But it further undercuts the idea that we’re living through an epidemic of anti-trans killings.

Don’t forget that the 32 murders counted are not all anti-trans hate crimes. In fact, the majority of documented murders do not involve cases where the person was specifically targeted or killed for being transgender. They count any case where a transgender person was murdered, regardless of circumstance or manner. 

So why is the mainstream media spreading panic about an epidemic of transgender people being murdered that—thank god—does not actually exist? The answer is unfortunately as simple as it is cynical: They want to use the tragic emotion involved in these murders and the macabre specter of an anti-trans murder wave to shut down debate on a whole host of issues. 

Don’t forget that they literally tied these murders to the question of whether transgender athletes who were born biologically male should be allowed to compete in women’s sports. The public largely recognizes the inherent sex differences between males and females that make the inclusion of trans athletes (like controversial collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas) unfair, and the science is not on the side of progressives in this debate. And, even if it were the case that the conservative position on this issue was wrong, it’s still a huge stretch to tie it to individual murders and claim a casual relationship. 

None of that matters to the activists and reporters pushing their narrative. They evidently hope to simply shut down the debate and cow us into submission with heart-breaking rhetoric about anti-trans murders. My heart breaks for the victims of any murder, but I, for one, won’t go along with this farce.

While every murder is a tragedy, the Left’s collective attempt to push a deceptive narrative of an anti-trans murder epidemic is deeply cynical and not rooted in reality. Americans should be wise to the reality of what’s happening—and not fall for emotional manipulation intended to stifle debate.

*(This denominator should actually be even larger if it included non-binary people, so the real number is probably even bigger and the resulting murder rate even smaller).

Timmieblaze: Your Thoughts on @JustPearlyThings Views on Interracial Coupling and the Black Manosphere

Interracial Marriage


This is a loaded topic that I believe covers three distinct views and I shall address them in that manner for ease in understanding my thoughts and because I think in forms of pattern and paths. While there can be intermingling of thoughts the distinctions need to be mentioned and they are as follows: 1) @justpearlythings profile 2) Racism 3) Black Manosphere

@Justpearlythings Profile:

From what I gather this 25 year old white woman loves to be in proverbial black spaces because she has a thing for black men in particular. Having joined herself to a black man sexually there is a oneness that takes place, irrespective of official marriage. This spiritual implication informs her natural experience.

Given her anecdotal experience dating a black man she has not personally experienced racism as she defines it. For the average white person defines racism locally and experientially (name calling) and it…

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Pro-Transgender Propaganda Film for Children Sponsored by Pharmaceutical Company that Creates Feminizing Drug

A pro-transgender propaganda film for children called Mama has a Mustache was sponsored by Bayer, a pharmaceutical company that produces drugs that are used to feminize men who identify as transgender.

Mama has a Mustache is all about normalizing transgenderism, particularly in the minds of one group of people: young children. 

The film’s website bears the phrase “Kids talk gender,” directly above the trailer, which starts with a child being asked “Can you be a girl and have a boy body, or be a boy and have a girl body?” A young child answers “yes, that’s transgender.” 

I feel like I’m not really a boy or a girl,” one child says in the trailer. 

The synopsis of Mama has a Mustache leaves no room for doubt about the film’s intentions to mold the minds of young children. The film is “driven completely by audio interviews of kids ages 5-10” and explores “how children are able to experience a world outside of the traditional gender binary.”

“How do kids, many of whom embrace this gender nonbinary, perceive their own and their parents’ gender? What are the ways in which children of nonbinary people are freed up to express themselves in a whole new range of forms?” the director, Sally Rubin, a tenured professor at Chapman University, asks in a statement.

“Parents, teachers, and kids are now in a place where they are ready to begin talking about these issues, ready to bring these conversations into the home, and into the classroom,” Rubin notes.

Rubin goes on to explain why she thinks the film is particularly important now, saying, “While legislation around gender and identity continues to try to keep kids from being who they are … MAMA HAS A MUSTACHE seeks to explore and uncover this exciting new frontier–with lightness, humor, childlike openness, and play.”

The director is particularly interested in embedding this film into classrooms. She notes that they will be promoting the film in a number of ways, including by creating “a teaching toolkit & discussion guide for in-classroom use.”

Rubin created the film in conjunction with Max Strebel, the director of animation, and Stacy Goldate, the editor and co-producer. All three identify as either queer or nonbinary. 

The film has a number of sponsors but one stands out from the rest. Bayer, a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, is among the film’s sponsors. 

Bayer produces a drug called cyproterone acetate, an anti-androgen that has been used to feminize men who identify as women. Bayer creates multiple different forms of the drug.

“It is often used in combination with estrogens in trans women to achieve feminization,” one study that discusses the use of cyproterone acetate reads.

Transgender activist Zinnia Jones discussed the use of cyproterone acetate in an article titled “Four low-cost alternatives to puberty blockers for transgender adolescents.”

One study from 2021 attempted to find the lowest possible dose of cyproterone acetate that could be used in “trans women” in order to achieve the intended results. 

Joshua Safer, who is now the director of the Mount Sinai Gender Clinic, co-authored an article in 2013 that discussed the use of cyproterone acetate in order to feminize men. 

Breitbart News previously revealed that Joshua Safer received financial compensation from Endo Pharmaceuticals, which produces Supprelin LA, a drug that is commonly used off-label as a puberty blocker.

One of the cyproterone acetate drugs that Bayer creates is called Diane-35ED. The drug also includes ethinylestradiol, which assists in the feminization of a man who attempts to transition into a woman. The drug has been used by men who attempt to grow breasts in order to appear feminine. 

Breitbart News has revealed that pharmaceutical interests that profit from transgenderism have continuously worked to normalize the phenomena.

One investigative report from Breitbart News found that the GenderCool Project, which seeks to normalize child transgenderism by securing high profile media appearances for youth who identify as transgender, was sponsored by AbbVie Pharmaceuticals. 

Children involved in the organization, as well as founders Jennifer Grosshandler and Gearah Goldstein, appeared on the Today Show with Megyn Kelly. In another instance, activists from the organization met with President Biden at the White House and even spoke from behind the presidential podium.

AbbVie produces Lupron, a puberty blocking drug that has also been used to chemically castrate sex offenders. 

Breitbart News also revealed that several doctors, including the directors of various gender clinics at children’s hospitals, have received financial compensation from AbbVie and Endo Pharmaceuticals, which both create puberty blocking medication.

Vermont High School Backs Down Over “Transgender” Incident After ADF Files a First Amendment Lawsuit

Lawyers representing Randolph Union High School (RUHS) in Randolph, Vermont, persuaded school officials to drop their threats of punishment upon receiving a 124-page lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

At issue: the school’s determination to force its transgender policies upon a 14-year-old girl and her father. For daring to question those policies — i.e., complaining when a male who declared himself to be a female entered the girls’ locker room to observe them undressing — RUHS officials demanded that the student, Blake Allen, “take part in a restorative circle … to help her understand the rights of [transgender] students to access public accommodation … in a manner consistent with their [self-proclaimed] gender identity.”

School officials also demanded that her father, Travis Allen, apologize for a Facebook post challenging the mother of the transgender male/female over the veracity of a Facebook post she made defending her transgender male/female son/daughter.

ADF reviewed the incident:

Travis Allen and his fourteen-year-old daughter, Blake, were punished for expressing their views on a matter of profound public concern: whether a teenage male who identifies as female should be permitted to change in a girls’ locker room regardless of the discomfort experienced by girls in that room.

In objecting to a male being in the room while the girls are changing, Travis and Blake each made comments underscoring that the trans-identifying student is in fact a male, including by using male pronouns.

Indeed, their view of the student’s maleness was foundational to their opinions on appropriate use of the locker room.

Yet, their remarks were too much for Defendants’ transgender orthodoxy — Travis was deemed to have “misgendered” the student, while Blake was found guilty of “harassment” and “bullying” — so Defendants disciplined both of them.

ADF claimed that by doing so the school officials violated the Allens’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights:

Defendants are state actors and violate the First Amendment when they attempt to dictate what may be said on matters of public concern.

And they cannot discriminate against speech on the basis of its viewpoint.

Yet, that is exactly what happened here. Defendants punished Travis and Blake for saying that a male is a male, as a matter of sex and biology, regardless of the gender identity that the male has assumed.

On September 21 a male who identifies as a female entered the girls’ locker room while the girls were changing. Many of them got upset and demanded that he leave. Their parents called the principals to complain.

The next day Blake expressed her thoughts on the incident to some of her classmates, exclaiming, “[he] literally is a dude,” who “does not belong in the girls’ locker room.”

That triggered school officials into conducting an “investigation,” after which it was concluded that Blake was guilty of “harassment on the basis of gender identity” and needed to be punished:

Defendants also seek to coerce her to agree with their transgender dogma. In addition to giving Blake two days’ out-of-school suspension, Defendants are requiring her to “[t]ake part in a restorative circle with … our Equity Coordinator and at least two students who can help her understand the rights of students to access public accommodations … in a manner consistent with their gender identity,” and “submit a reflective essay.”

Defendants intend to render their own judgment on this reflective essay; and if they deem it “lacking good faith,” Blake will be required to serve an additional three days’ out-of-school suspension.

Blake’s father, Travis, got involved when he responded to the following Facebook post by the mother of the son/daughter:

I am the mother of the trans student in question and my [son] daughter did not make any comments at all. The entire team can back this up, other than the girl that made up the story for attention.

This is slander, defamation of character, and we have secured a lawyer….

Travis responded:

I am the father of the girl you claim “made up a story for attention.” The truth is your son watched my daughter and multiple other girls change in the locker room. While he got a free show they got violated.

You think this is fine and dandy. I wonder how you would feel if I watched you undress?

For that transgression school officials demanded that Travis apologize, and ended a contract it had with him as coach of the school’s girls’ soccer team.

Claimed the ADF in its lawsuit:

The First Amendment does not countenance this kind of government censorship, where a public school mandates that students and coaches refrain from expressing any view that offends its prescribed views, particularly on an issue as important as whether the school should permit males identifying as girls to undress, shower and change in the girls’ locker room.

Travis and Blake Allen were entitled to express their views on that issue and, in expressing those views, to support them with what is a biological fact — that a biological teenage male is, indeed, a male.

This case presents a textbook example of unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination, and Plaintiffs are entitled to all appropriate relief.

ADF summed up their argument:

By requiring Blake Allen to take part in a “restorative circle” to help her “understand the rights of students to access public accommodations … in a manner consistent with their gender identity” and “submit a reflective essay” that meets Defendants’ own standards in order to avoid additional out-of-school suspension, Defendants are seeking to compel her to speak in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

By requiring Travis Allen to issue a public apology for his September 29 Facebook post as a condition to be reinstated as a coach, Defendants are seeking to compel him to speak in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

The state of Vermont has created this problem by its willingness to buy into the current fad of “transgenderism.” It states that

  1. All students have a gender identity which is self-determined;
  2. All persons, including students attending school, have privacy rights.

Vermont defines “transgender” as “an individual whose gender identity or gender expression is different from the individual’s assigned sex at birth.”

Conflict is therefore inevitable, yet it never existed when the Genesis account was considered the basis of all law. Genesis 1:27, if Vermont state officials would follow it, eliminates the conflict: “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.”

After reviewing the lawsuit, school officials backed down. Said ADF: “Shortly after filing the lawsuit, counsel for the school officials notified ADF attorneys that the superintendent was rescinding the disciplinary actions.”

What the Fight Over Trump vs. DeSantis Is Really About

Post-election conservative social media has been on fire with conservative infighting, conspiracy theories and boosting of Trump vs. DeSantis for the 2024 nomination.

Without championing anyone, let me take a step back to weigh in on what I think the difference in approaches and what the underlying tension between the two sides is really about.

And maybe see that they actually have a lot in common.

It’s about priorities.

I’m going to generalize here because both men have more to offer than this, and they are supported for more reasons than this, but I think it is what is at the heart of the debate and the growing hostility on both sides.

For a lot of Trump supporters, the priority is getting RINOs out of the party. Trump was there to transform the GOP as much as to transform the country. Trump has been celebrated for taking on the GOP establishment.

DeSantis receives hostility and suspicion from a lot of Trump supporters because he rarely says anything negative about other Republicans. Even though he has presided over a successful conservative revolution in Florida, some see him as being with the GOP establishment.

What DeSantis however focuses on is fighting the Left. Instead of waging a direct war on the establishment, he’s undermined RINOs by showing that his model is better and superior to theirs.

These are two different ways of doing the same thing.

A lot of DeSantis supporters want direct victories without the inter-party drama. They want to win conservative victories by directly fighting the Left rather than purging the party in order to be able to fight the Left.

In the wake of the Obama era and the decline of the Tea Party movement, a lot of conservatives lost faith in the ability of conservatives being able to take on the Left without first driving the RINOs out of the party.

DeSantis is demonstrating that it’s possible to win directly.

This is really a tactical debate about the best way to secure conservative victories. And it’s playing out with both men following their model.

Before we insult each other, it’s important to take a step back and recognize that we want the same final outcome, even if we may disagree on how to get there.

This is a debate that was born out of the disappointments and failures of the Republicans in the last decade. And there are lessons to be learned there. But we also need to remember that whichever conservative candidates we back, we want the same things.

We want our country back.

Trump and DeSantis both offer compelling models and visions for doing it. Both men have achieved a lot. And we may also ask ourselves whether we need to pick and choose or whether there can be a synthesis that takes the best of both approaches in the conservative fight for our country.

Competition is a good thing. It makes us stronger. As long as we remember that Team Trump or Team DeSantis, we’re ultimately on the same team.

Virginia Supreme Court hearing case of teacher fired for not using trans pronouns

WEST POINT, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – The Supreme Court of  Virginia is hearing the case of a teacher who was fired after he refused to call a girl a boy.

Peter Vlaming’s lawyers argue that “he was fired for something he couldn’t say.”

Vlaming had been a French teacher at Virginia’s West Point High School for seven years when he was fired in late 2018; he had refused to refer to a female student as a boy. 

Following the 2018 summer recess, one of Vlaming’s female students had “transitioned” to living as a boy and desired to be referred to as one. While Vlaming used the child’s chosen male name to refer to her, he avoided using male pronouns when addressing the student. He told his principal that he “couldn’t in good conscience pronounce masculine pronouns to refer to a girl,” saying his Christian faith which prevented him from doing so.

According to the Daily Signal, Vlaming accidentally called the student “she” in front of the class. The same day that the student complained, the teacher was summoned to the principal’s office and placed on administrative leave. 

In October 2018 the school board voted unanimously to fire Vlaming despite an outpouring of support for him from parents and students.

Some months later, in 2019, Vlaming filed a $1 million lawsuit against certain West Point officials in King William County, arguing that his free speech and conscience rights had been violated, and that there had been attempts made on him to violate his religious beliefs. 

However, following a dismissal of his case by the Virginia Circuit Court, Vlaming requested the state’s Supreme Court to hear his case in September 2021. The court agreed to this in March of this year.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Senior Counsel Chris Schandevel – who is representing Vlaming – argued that the school board had violated Vlaming’s rights protected under the state constitution.  

“As a teacher, Peter was passionate about the subject he taught, he was well-liked by his students, and he did his best to accommodate their needs and requests,” said Schandevel. 

But Peter could not in good conscience speak messages that he doesn’t believe to be true. We hope the Virginia Supreme Court will agree that by firing him for those beliefs, the school board violated Peter’s rights under the Virginia Constitution and state law.

Vlaming’s case is also being supported by the Virginia Attorney General, along with physicians, feminists, legal scholars, and a variety of organizations, who all filed briefs with the state’s highest court in the teacher’s support.