Palestinians Find the Aid Cupboard is Bare

The Palestinians were once the favored recipient of foreign aid, as billions of dollars were heaped upon them every year from so many the donors – the United States, Western European countries, and the Gulf Arab states. But since 2014, there has been a steady, precipitous drop in that aid, and now, so far in 2022, there has been no foreign aid coming in for the P.A at all. A report on the colossal drop in aid is here: “Foreign cash aid to Palestinian Authority so far this year: $0,” Elder of Ziyon, April 21, 2022:

Estephan Salameh, who is the advisor to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for aid coordination, says that no foreign countries have paid a red cent so far this year of their pledges to help the Palestinian budget.

He said, “We expect to receive 200 to 300 million dollars in international financial support for the Palestinian government treasury this year, but so far none of those financial pledges have arrived.”

Speaking to Voice of Palestine Radio, Salameh said that in 2021, the Palestinian Authority only received 10% of the amount it had gotten in 2013 and 2014. That was when the EU and Arab governments didn’t care about accountability or transparency.

In 2015, as the donor nations began to insist on an end to the colossal corruption in the PA, and made the momentous decision to cut their aid until “accountability and transparency” were instituted, they steadily turned down the spigot of aid until, with the PA still unable or unwilling to come clean about its finances, by 2021 the PA was receiving only 10% of what it had been getting just seven years before. And now, one-third of the way through 2021, the PA has received no aid from foreign donors.

A donors’ conference, scheduled to be held on May 5 in Brussels, will attempt to garner international support for the Palestinian treasury, and the Palestinians hope to convince attendees to pressure Israel to stop reducing tax revenues in the amount that the Abbas regime uses to pay terrorists and their families, which is a significant portion of the PA budget. In 2021, the PA paid some $270 million as rewards to terrorists.

“Obliquely alluding to the well known corruption in the PA that has prompted the huge drop in aid, Salameh added, “”We are implementing a comprehensive reform plan, especially in the financial and economic sectors.”

Which they have said for many years.

First, the conference in Brussels on May 5 will be taking place when all eyes will be on Ukraine, and the tens of billions of dollars it needs to continue to fight its war, which may go on for months, and for humanitarian aid — housing, medicine, food — needed to support the five million Ukrainian refugees who have already fled the country at this point, with millions more expected in the coming months. Donor countries will be thinking about the Ukrainians, who are genuine refugees, and comparing them to the Palestinians in both Hamas-run Gaza and in the PA-run parts of Judea and Samaria, who have been living off the international dole for decades, and clearly believe it is their due to be supported indefinitely — an assumption that now infuriates donors. 

The drop in aid began in 2014 when the tales of massive corruption in the PA began to spread. By now everyone knows that Mahmoud Abbas, with his two sons Tareq and Yasser, has amassed a $400 million fortune, but it took quite a while for that information to leak out to the Western donors and be confirmed by them. Then there are the lesser sums, measured in the millions of dollars, of aid money to which Abbas loyalists have been allowed to help themselves. There is also rampant nepotism, with extravagantly-paid sinecures provided to the relatives of those loyalists, and that too has become better known as complaints by ordinary Palestinians themselves reach the West. The same corruption, on an even grander scale, has taken place in Gaza, where two Hamas leaders, Khaled Meshaal and Mousa ibn Marzouk, have managed to acquire at least $2.5 billion apiece, while 600 “Hamas millionaires” live in grand style in Gaza, away from the prying eyes of the impoverished populace. No wonder there is no longer any enthusiasm for pouring money into the pockets of the Palestinian leaders, who take so much for themselves, or to support ordinary Palestinians, who have become the welfare queens of international aid.

Another reason for the drop in aid from the United States is the Taylor Force Act, passed by Congress in 2018, which prohibits aid being given to the P.A. as long as its “Pay-For-Slay” program remains in force. That program commits to the PA to giving large monthly stipends to imprisoned terrorists and to the families of terrorists who died while committing their attacks. The Bidenites in 2021 sent some money to the PA by describing it as “humanitarian aid” and therefore exempt from the Taylor Force Act, but has not done so in 2022, perhaps calculating that a Congressional challenge to its continuing to give aid to the Palestinians would be risky in an election year.

Then there is the EU, which for a long time has been a generous supporter of the PA, but no longer. For the last several years, the EU has demanded that the PA remove the antisemitic and violent content from its schoolbooks. The PA promises to do so, without fail, and then, year after year, does nothing. At some point the EU was bound to stop the farce, and in 2022, that is what has happened. No money has yet been sent this year by the EU to the PA, and the EU has vowed no money will be sent, until the revised or replaced textbooks have appeared in the schools. 

The Palestinian spokesman lamenting the lack of foreign aid doesn’t dare to mention that all the PA has to do to satisfy the EU, and have the tap of its aid turned on again, is to remove the antisemitic hate from those schoolbooks. So simple, and yet, so impossible a task for those raised up in such hate themselves, and whose raison d’ėtre is the destruction, by degrees, of the Jewish state. So far, the EU has given no signs of backing down on conditioning any more of its aid to the PA on the revision or replacement of those schoolbooks. After so many years of massive corruption within the PA, and of its failing to deliver on its solemn promises to clean up its textbooks, the EU no longer sees the PA as a worthy recipient of its aid. Besides, the EU is now overwhelmed by the immediate and enormous need to help Ukrainians, both those who have lost their homes but remain, displaced, inside the country, and those who have fled Ukraine altogether.

The Gulf Arabs have also slashed their aid to the PA – down to nothing – for other reasons. They have grown sick of the constant whining by the PA for more aid. In 2018, when Mahmoud Abbas was het again complaining to the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) of the need for more aid being given to the PA, an exasperated MbS told Abbas “just accept whatever deal the Americans offer you.” In other words, stop holding out for the impossible, and stop bothering me with your demands for more money. The Saudis feel they have done enough.

The other Gulf state that has been a major donor to the Palestinians, the UAE, has been similarly disenchanted with the PA. The Emiratis were furious when the PA bitterly criticized them for joining the Abraham Accords in 2020, and since then has withheld its formerly generous contributions. Bahrain another donor to the PA, has also cut off its aid for the same reason – the criticism directed at it by the PA for joining the Abraham Accords.

These are the varied reasons why the Americans, the Europeans, and the Gulf Arabs have chosen to cut their aid to the PA down to zero in 2022. A donor’s conference on renewing aid to the PA is be held on May 5. I doubt if much will come of it. The PA is not going to end its corruption and nepotism; that’s the glue that keeps the PA together. It is not going to change its textbooks as it has promised the Europeans it would do so over many years. Where would the Palestinians be if they stopped inculcating antisemitic attitudes in their young? And the Palestinians will never reconcile themselves to the Abraham Accords and those who have joined it. Renewed aid from the Gulf Arabs is a Palestinian pipe dream.

Perhaps this is the year that Mahmoud Abbas will finally end the PA’s Pay-For-Slay program, in order to have Israel transfer to the PA the tax money it has been withholding in an amount equal to what the PA spends on its “Pay-For-Slay” program. That will bring in a few hundred million dollars. It’s a start. But the really good times for the PA, in the years leading up to 2014, when billions of dollars in aid were flowing in, from America, from Europe, from the Gulf Arabs, will not come again. And the Palestinians must know it.

Kellen D. Nicholson, a male to female transgender person, has just been arrested in Portland & charged with 12 felonies related to grooming a child for sex & possessing child sex abuse imagery.

After a month-long investigation led by Portland Police Bureau’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, a suspect has been arrested and charged with 12 felony crimes related to child pornography and luring a minor.

In March of 2022, the Portland Police Bureau became aware of a suspect who may be in possession of child sex abuse imagery. After an investigation, they determined that Kellen D. Nicholson, 18, of Portland, possessed and duplicated child pornography, and then connected online to a 13-year-old victim and engaged in illegal conduct. Nicholson was grooming the victim using online chat rooms and appears to have purposely targeted the victim based on many factors including their LGBTQ2S+ identity. The family of the minor victim was not aware of this online behavior and was grateful for PPB’s intervention.

On April 29, 2022, Nicholson was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges including:

-Five counts of Encouraging Sex Abuse in the First Degree (duplication of child sex abuse imagery)
-Five counts of Encouraging Sex Abuse in the Second Degree (possession with intent to view)
-Luring a minor (inducing the minor or purported minor to engage in sexual conduct)
-Online Sexual Corruption of a Child In the Second Degree (knowingly uses an online communication to solicit a child to engage in sexual contact or sexually explicit conduct)

April is Child Abuse Awareness month. For current resources on online safety, child abuse awareness, age appropriate education, and to make a report of suspicious online behavior, please visit .



Media Relations:
Phone: 503-823-0830
1111 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Western’s Zeta Psi fraternity under investigation for party druggings

Investigations are underway into a party held by a Western fraternity, Zeta Psi, that occurred in January where several women allege they were drugged and taken to hospital.

Investigations by London Police, Western University, Zeta Psi and Panhellenic Council are currently ongoing after an unknown number of reports that several women were drugged during a party held by Zeta Psi in January.

According to a report from CBC News, one of the women who attended the party had “four or five drinks” and was taken to the hospital after the inexplicable effects of those drinks, which was something she had never experienced before when consuming alcohol.

CBC did not identify the woman or whether she was a Western student.

The woman said she believes a drug was slipped into her drink and she later received a drug test from Western student health services. The results showed the presence of an opioid that she did not take, according to the report.

Many other party goers, especially women, were possibly drugged as well that January after a doctor’s remark that others had arrived at University Hospital experiencing similar effects, leaving them incoherent and confused.

London Police Services has confirmed the incident report to the Gazette and that an investigation is in progress. LPS declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

The incident occured just four months after reports of drugging and sexual violence during Western’s Orientation Week. The report led to a police investigation, a student-led sexual and gender-based violence walkout, the implementation of mandatory sexual violence training for students in residence and an external investigation into the reports.

In a statement to the Gazette, Western’s interim associate vice-president of student experience Chris Alleyne said the university would use the “full force” of Western’s gender-based and sexual violence policies and student code of conduct to address incidents like the one described by the woman.

“Western does not formally recognize fraternities or sororities and has no formal affiliation with them, but the fact remains that they are our students and we want to ensure all our students are safe and supported wherever they are,” said Alleyne.

The University Student Council also moved to cut ties with Western’s Greek scene after reports of sexual violence in campus residences came to light in September. The council voted to end Greek Life special privileges in October.

USC president Zamir Fakirani said he was heartbroken to hear about the incident and expressed his disappointment in the lack of action taken by the Greek life community.

“I’m so appreciative and inspired by the survivor who came forward and the various other folks who came forward as well,” said Fakirani. “But … I was disappointed at the lack of meaningful and transparent action to address gender-based violence which is quite pervasive in the Greek life system.”

According to CBC News, the Panhellenic Council, which oversees sororities at Western, is also investigating the incident. The council met with all sorority presidents and moved to cancel all events with the Zeta Psi fraternity.

“All sorority presidents have met regarding this issue  and have collectively decided to cancel all events with Zeta [Psi], indefinitely, and are discouraging members from attending any events at their house,” an internal communication obtained by CBC reportedly said.

Biology Denying designer is accused of ‘child abuse’ for selling pants that seek to ‘flatten’ the genitals of boys as young as four – as doctors warn the underwear could cause infertility

transgender underwear designer has been accused of child abuse for selling pants that seek to ‘flatten’ the genitals of boys as young as four.

Doctors warned that the underwear, which is made to ‘flatten the side profile of the pelvic area’, could cause infertility. 

A leading peer claimed the sale of the product amounted to a criminal offence.

The garments are sold by Carmen Liu, an eponymous company established by a transgender former ballet dancer that describes itself as ‘the UK’s first brand to design flattening and tucking underwear’.

The cotton briefs, which cost £35.70 for a pack of three, come in black or white and are decorated with pink, blue and blue satin bows. 

They are available in seven sizes – the smallest for those with hips measuring between 58cm (23in) and 61cm, which would include children as young as four. The largest, at up to 97cm, would fit a teenager.

Under a dedicated ‘Kids’ section on its website, the company says: ‘Carmen Liu Kids is here for trans girls and non-binary children in their journey. We are the world’s first company (you heard!) to listen to the children that need us. 

‘Each product is here to provide children with the stepping stones to finding themselves, in a supportive, validating experience.’

It adds: ‘We are here to provide gender expression products for trans girls and non-binary children in aim [sic] of finding their true, authentic self.’

But Tory peer Baroness Nicholson said: ‘I am truly horrified. The makers, sellers and distributors of these items are breaking the Children’s Act and are heavily abusing the NHS health criteria for children. 

‘Children have an absolute unbreakable right to health and these wretched items are against that. I will report them and go to the wire to gain children their rights against this seemingly criminal behaviour.’

Doctors said putting sustained pressure on the genitals could cause permanent damage to young boys. 

‘Testicles need to be at a lower temperature, a couple of degrees lower than the body,’ said consultant paediatrician Dr Shiban Ahmed. 

‘That is why they are in the scrotum, outside of the body. At a young age, if they continue to remain in a high position, the cells that produce sperm eventually die off.’

He said that could destroy the chances of fatherhood for boys who later changed their minds about becoming female. 

Stephanie Davies-Arai, of campaign group Transgender Trend, said: ‘The fact that a child is sexualised in this way and their sexual parts are treated according to adult ideas, is abuse of the child. It feels barbaric to actually interfere with a child’s genitals in that way.’

Last night, Carmen Liu said: ‘Your claims are absurd, unfounded and without merit.’ She said the criticism came ‘at a convenient time when legislation to ban conversion therapy to exclude transgender people is in the media and subject to wide outrage and protest. 

‘This… is an attempt to cast contempt on the community at a time when support and understanding is needed most.’

Imam on Palestinian Terrorist TV: ‘Allah, delight us with the extermination of the evil Jews’

(April 25, 2022 / Palestinian Media Watch) Official Palestinian Authority television last week broadcast a Ramadan prayer for the extermination of the Jews and the “conquest and liberation” of the Al Aqsa mosque.

The prayer was recited at the Al-Ain mosque in El-Bireh, near Ramallah, and aired on April 17, according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Below is the text of the prayer, translated by PMW:

“Grant us victory over the infidels … Allah, delight us with the conquest and liberation of the Al-Aqsa mosque. Allah, make us among the first to enter, the conquerors, the worshippers, and those calling out ‘Allahu Akbar’ inside [the mosque] to You, Master of the Universe. Allah, delight us with the extermination of the evil Jews, O Master of the Universe, and [the extermination] of their hypocritical supporters who have evil in their hearts.”

Michigan candidate ‘Trucker Randy’ says a family is made up of a ‘white Mom, white dad and white kids’

Interracial Marriage

According to a report from the Detroit News, a far-right conservative radio host who is running for a seat in the state Senate as a Democrat, recently told listeners that he thinks families should be all white.

Last week “Trucker Randy” Bishop, who previously chaired the Antrim County Republican Party filed to run for a seat representing the 37th state Senate District as a Democrat.

That in turn has led to scrutiny of his radio rants, one of which in particular where he complained about how mixed families in commercials upset him.

As Craig Mauger of the Detroit News wrote, “Bishop, who goes by ‘Trucker Randy,’ made the comments on his March 31 show, according to a podcast that was still available.”

According to the report, Bishop told his followers, “Can’t even watch a college basketball tournament without commercials telling me I have to feel guilty because I think…

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Mercedes Carrera Pretrial Date Postponed Until May

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. — The pretrial hearing in the Mercedes Carrera criminal case concerning multiple child sexual abuse charges against Carrera and her husband, which was scheduled for last Friday at the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse in San Bernardino County, California, has been postponed once again, this time until May 24.

Carrera and her husband, Jason Whitney, were arrested after a police raid of their Rancho Cucamonga home on Feb. 1, 2019.

They have now been in county jail without trial for over three years, first without bail and later, after they had liquidated their assets and had no source of income due to their incarceration, with bail set at $2 million for each.

A pretrial hearing to determine the jury selection process, and the date of the beginning of the actual trial, has already been postponed numerous times, most recently yesterday.

The new date of April 24, like several previous postponements, appeared in a document filed online.

The earliest date for the actual trial to begin has been set for late July.

For more of XBIZ’s coverage of the Mercedes Carrera case, click here.

Flow of Fentanyl into American Communities Quadruples Under Biden

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, California — Four times as much fentanyl is flowing across the United States-Mexico border under President Joe Biden compared to two years prior when former President Trump was in office.

During the launch of Reps. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Ken Calvert’s (R-CA) congressional caucus dedicated to the fentanyl crisis, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Mark Dunbar of the Murrieta Station in southern California noted that the level of fentanyl seizures has skyrocketed in the last year.

“Across sectors, we’re seeing the amount of fentanyl coming across the border almost doubling,” Dunbar said. “What we’re seeing coming across is equal to the amount of Americans who are dying from it in the U.S.”

In Fiscal Year 2019, about 2,800 pounds of fentanyl was seized at the border. The following year, that figure capped out at 4,800 pounds of fentanyl seized. By Fiscal Year 2021, which represents most of Biden’s first year in office, fentanyl seizures skyrocketed to about 11,200 pounds.

Already, in Fiscal Year 2022 that began October 1, 2021, about 5,300 pounds of fentanyl have been seized at the border.

The figures indicate that fentanyl seizures under Biden, last year alone, have quadrupled since Fiscal Year 2019 when Trump was in office.

As Dunbar noted, fentanyl is primarily flown into Mexico from China before the Mexican drug cartels then traffic large quantities across the southern border. Only a fraction of the fentanyl trafficked across the border is seized by the Department of Homeland Security.

“For cartels, it is all about making money,” Dunbar said.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, who also attended the caucus launch, said the fentanyl seizures in his community — less than 120 miles from the border — “have been astronomical,” suggesting the increase can be traced back to when the Biden administration came into office.

“We’re now finding that they’re making the [fentanyl] pills here,” Bianco said. “Two years ago, they were making it all in Mexico. They’re not trying to kill their clients, it’s just that it’s unbelievably addicting.”

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 100,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in the prior 12 months. Nearly two-thirds of those deaths were linked to fentanyl.

On Tuesday, as Breitbart News reported, two illegal aliens were arrested in Sterling Heights, Michigan, after having been found trafficking about 20,000 fentanyl pills for the Mexican drug cartels.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) official Anne Milgram said this month that there was enough fentanyl trafficked into American communities last year, via the border, “to kill every American” citizen.

The Cost of White Supremacy: Police let off 870 sex offenders including five child rapists without punishment or a criminal record ‘because they said sorry’

Interracial Marriage

Victims, such as Rotherham child sex abuse survivor Sammy Woodhouse, 36, have vented their fury at the controversial ‘community resolution’ orders

Hundreds of sex offenders are avoiding criminal records by ‘saying sorry.’ Police units across UK have allowed rapists, flashers and more to escape justice. Under a ‘community resolution order’ sex pests can admit guilt and apologise. Survivors and campaigners have blasted the controversial law as a ‘disgrace.’ Read more

The US has the same problem where white men who predominantly comment sex crimes to both white and black women are not given jail time. These laws to decriminalize sex offenders is deigned to protect white men. This is the cost of white supremacy. It is a system of injustice. If black men headed the production of child pornography and  had the resources to ship women from other countries for sex trafficking, then the laws would have a minimum of ten year sentences.


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