Macao celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with brand new elements

MACAO, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) — Macao’s Tourist Office has organized a series of events with brand new elements to celebrate this year’s traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the World Tourism Day, both of which fell on Sunday.

A small dragon boat race was held for the first time, attracting 126 local and non-local teams to compete, while a tray race, which involved running holding drinks on a tray, saw more than 200 participants.

At night, an international fireworks display contest was held. About 5,000 local residents and visitors watched the spectacular sight.

On Sunday morning, the tourist office presented welcome souvenirs to this year’s “Lucky Tourists” at Macao Ferry Terminal, who were a group of four from Australia.

“It’s like being in a dream,” one of the tourists said after receiving the unexpected gifts, adding that they will never forget this wonderful experience on arriving here.

The Australians said they had watched a movie about Macao before, which aroused theircuriosity to decide to take a look in person.

Apart from activities organized by the tourist office, local communities also held various garden parties featuring traditional Chinese lantern riddles and lantern making crafts to celebrate the festival.

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