Report: Cuban Doctors Brought To Mexico Work In Slavery Conditions

A REPORT by the NGO Prisoners Defenders assured on Thursday that the members of the Cuban medical missions, which include 650 health professionals sent to Mexico, work in conditions of “slavery” and that 80% of their salaries are stolen by the authorities of the regime.

Dita Charanzová, vice-president of the European Parliament for Latin America, and Javier Nart, first vice-president of the European Parliament Delegation for Central America (DCAM), participated in the presentation of the report through a delayed video broadcast.

“The situation of Cuban doctors is shocking, it is time for the people to know the truth, to know the other side of the Cuban international missions. Disregarding the human rights situation cannot be the price to pay for health aid or other services,” said Charanzová.

She also assured that “there is evidence” that the reality of the Cuban regime’s intentions in sending health personnel to other countries goes beyond showing solidarity.

She also said that “it is proven” that 80% of the money charged by Cuba for these missions “goes to the regime and not to the pockets of Cuban doctors”.

TRANS activists resort to terrorism in second “swatting” incident targeting Marjorie Taylor Greene, who introduced legislation to halt transgender mutilations of children

For the second time in two days, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been targeted by transgender activists who oppose her efforts to protect children from being chemically and surgically mutilated in the name of “gender-affirming care.”

Police in Rome, Ga., where Rep. Greene lives were called out to her house in the middle of the night with a false report about “a male possibly shooting his family members and then himself,” according to a report from the Rome Police Department.

This second “swatting” incident, as they are calling it, was set up by a trans activist who used a virtual private network (VPN) to disguise his identity. He also used a fake, computer-generated voice to place the call.

“If anyone tried to stop me from shooting myself, I will shoot them,” the caller falsely told police, adding that a man “came out as transgender and claimed they shot the family.”

The caller gave police the fictitious identity of “Wayne Greene,” using Rep. Greene’s actual last name, and promised police officers that “they would be waiting for us” upon arrival.

When police showed up to Rep. Greene’s home, she answered the door and they realized that, once again, it was another false swatting incident.

The trans cult is coming unhinged at all the pushback against its child mutilation agenda

Two days prior, a similar incident occurred, allegedly by the same culprits, who claimed that a man had been shot multiple times in a bathtub at Greene’s residence. Like the second incident, this first one occurred in the middle of the night for maximum annoyance.


Such foolishness is a monumental waste of law enforcement’s time and resources, which appears to be part of the plan.

Whoever is behind this is trying to disrupt Rep. Greene’s life, as well as disrupt the normal operations of local police officers with phony crime reports.

All of this is happening because Rep. Greene dared to propose legislation to protect children from transgender mutilation at places like Boston Children’s Hospital, which proudly dissects underage children’s bodies so they can become their “true selves.”

According to the suspect in both swatting incidents, he is “upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘transgender youth’s rights,’” according to the police report.

Police also say that the suspect is deliberately trying to “SWAT” her residence, SWAT referring to an actual SWAT team raid based on false reports of criminal activity.

The left-wing media is, of course, defending the suspect and accusing Rep. Greene of inciting this kind of activity against herself by trying to make it a felony in the United States to alter the sexual organs and makeup of a child’s body.

“Our number one concern is the safety of Congresswoman Greene and her family,” reads a statement from Rep. Greene’s office about the two incidents, referring to them as “violent crimes.”

In an interview with Steve Bannon, Rep. Greene blasted the corporate-controlled media for contributing to these types of incidents with all of its incendiary reporting against those like herself who are trying to protect children from having their lives destroyed by the trans cultists.

“Those media companies, they’re responsible for trying to get me killed by those horrific headlines,” Rep. Greene said.

“The disgusting left, MSNBCs and the NBCs, putting headlines up there that I’m targeting trans kids, that is the biggest lie, and I should sue them for saying such things.”

Rep. Greene is among a growing cohort of politicians that aims to stop the transgender mutilation of children through federal legislation.

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