Alcohol may be banned in all-inclusive resorts in Majorca and Ibiza in a bid to crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Holidaymakers heading for all-inclusive hotels in Majorca and Ibiza could be forced to pay for alcohol under new rules.

Tourism chiefs in the Balearic Islands have been promising tough action after expressing concern that unlimited booze is causing anti-social behaviour.

Now, it is understood, discussions are progressing over the idea of ruling out free and unrestricted alcohol in the main holiday resorts and the suggestion is likely to go out for public consultation later this summer.


Island newspaper Diario de Mallorca says the government is studying the formula to force hotels to charge alcohol separately in the all-inclusive system and ‘thus stopping the sometimes massive consumption that takes place in the establishments that offer this service’.


‘Rather than put limits on consumption or time, we propose that alcohol does not come into the equation but it’s not easy.

‘The Government wants to rely on the same formula used for half-board and full-board packages in which they charge for alcohol separately.’

Earlier this year, the Balearic government had been considering restricting all-inclusive hotels to only offering free alcohol at mealtimes.

But this suggestion seems to go one step further and is likely to prove extremely unpopular.

However, island leaders say that instead of free alcohol, hotels could offer all-inclusive guests added value in other ways.

It is unclear how this could work but it has been suggested it could involve free trips or guided tours.

The Balearic government says it will be talking to all the individual councils before making any firm proposals.

Sweden: Muslim preacher teaches Muslims to hate non-Muslims, children wash in mosque after being with Christians

“‘After day with Christians, Muslim teens wash in mosque’: Study charts rise of Salafism in Sweden,” RT, July 16, 2018:

The largest-ever report on the fundamentalist branch of Islam shows Salafist preachers in Sweden are cooperating to push their message across Muslim communities – and disturbing everyday behavior is now common even in children.

“Not all Salafists are jihadists, but all jihadists are Salafists,” says the 265-page study of a movement that advocates a return to ‘pure’ Islam, commissioned by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, a government department.

Swedish authorities declared last year that the number of militant Islamists in the country had risen from 200 to 2000 in a decade. Through 70 interviews with police, social workers and community representatives, the study attempted to understand how religious belief leads to terrorism. What it found was a well-organized ideology consciously pushing for the Muslim minority to divorce itself from the cultural surroundings of mainstream Sweden, creating a deep social rift from which terrorists and jihadist recruits can emerge.

“Salafists advocate gender segregation, demand that women veil themselves to limit ‘sexual temptation,’ restrict women’s role in the public sphere and strongly oppose listening to music and some sports activities,” writes the author, prominent extremism researcher Magnus Ranstorp.

Believers are to refrain from making non-Muslim friends, whom, according to one preacher, they should “hate” for not following Islam and should encourage to “love Allah.” They must not join in any wider communities or groups, and should resist adapting their appearance, language and mannerisms to fall in line with those of the host culture.

Across Sweden, which is home to 800,000 people born outside of Europe, primarily in Syria and Iraq, and hundreds of thousands more second and third-generation migrants, these teachings have taken root.

In the municipality of Boras, officials report that some children will refuse to drink “Christian” water from the taps, and will wash themselves off in the mosque after spending a day in contact with non-Muslims.

In Vasteras, teenage criminals have been known to justify stealing from shops with non-veiled cashiers, shouting out “kufir” (non-believer) and “Swedish whore” as they raid a store, while groups of Muslims have harassed immigrant shop owners, demanding to know if they follow Allah, and abusing them otherwise.

In Gothenburg, which has supplied more recruits from Sweden to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) than any other city, Salafists informed their followers that voting in secular Swedish elections was “haram” – forbidden….

“Swedes have no idea how much influence political Islam has in the suburb. Swedish laws are not applied there,” one subject tells the interviewer, referring particularly to the use of religion to form business connections, and the under-reporting of certain crimes, such as domestic abuse….