Record drug bust for Polish cops

Polish police have busted an international drug ring, intercepting a transport of 500kg of ingredients used in amphetamine production as well as three tonnes of hash, Deputy Interior Minister Jarosław Zieliński said on Wednesday.


Zieliński said that the seized goods, which came from China and Pakistan, were worth up to PLN 60 million and the drugs they could be used to produce could have a street value of PLN 100 million.

In the largest operation in recent history, police stopped “nearly 30 million doses” from “reaching youth”, Zieliński said.

Police chief Jarosław Szymczyk said the transport of drugs from Pakistan was intercepted at the port of Gdynia in Poland’s north. It was hidden in a consignment labelled as bedding.

The product in that consignment could have been used to produce some 250 kilograms of pure amphetamine, Szymczak said.

According to police, five of at least six people suspected of drug trafficking and organised crime were arrested.

The Polish police operation was supported by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and Pakistan’s Anti-Narcotics Force. (vb)

Source: PAP,Record-drug-bust-for-Polish-cops