Polish politician unapologetic for ‘zero’ Muslim refugees: ‘We can be called Populists, Nationalists, Racists, I don’t care … Poland is safe’

When it comes to countries hesitating to take migrants from Muslim countries with a history of terrorism, liberals in America and Europe toss around derogatory terms like xenophobia, Islamophobia and racism.

But Dominik Tarczyński, a politician in Poland, is not one to be deterred by all of this whining about politically correctness, understanding that in the end, a government’s first priority is keeping its citizens safe.

When asked on British television how many Muslim refugees Poland has taken in, an unapologetic Tarczyński said, “Zero.”

This prompted the host to ask the vice president of the European Conservatives of the Council of Europe if he is “proud of that.”

Again, the politician did not waver, saying that Poland will not accept even one.


“This is the why Poland is so safe,” he explained. “This is the reason why we had not even one terrorist attack.”

European countries have taken in millions of Muslim refugees fleeing violence and poverty in the Middle East, resulting in citizens being slaughtered in the streets by radicalized Islamic extremists, but Poland has not seen such an attack.

And doesn’t plan to.

“We can be called Populists, Nationalists, Racists, I don’t care… I care about my family and my country!” Tarczyński declared.



South Koreans protest arrival of Muslim migrants: “We’ve read about problems that immigrants have caused in Europe”

They have every reason to be worried. Everywhere Muslims and non-Muslims have come into contact, Muslims have initiated conflict, as I show in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. Why should South Korea be different?

“We have had no contact with Muslim people before, but we know that they all have big families and they bring their own culture instead of trying to adapt to the place where they live, so people here think that they should have gone as refugees to other Muslim countries.”

This is an accurate observation followed by a sensible recommendation, but in the West it would get this man charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.”


“South Koreans resist arrival of Yemeni asylum seekers,” by Julian Ryall, DW, June 26, 2018:

There has been a backlash after a thousand Yemenis exploited a visa loophole to apply for refugee status. Many South Koreans are concerned that Muslims will fail to integrate into their society.

An influx of nearly 1,000 Yemeni asylum seekers into the South Korean resort island of Jeju has triggered a fierce backlash against immigration rules that many South Koreans perceive to be lax and dangerous to the well-being of their society.

The concern has grown suddenly with 950 foreign nationals — the majority fleeing conflict-wracked Yemen — applying at the Jeju Immigration Office for legal refugee status after arriving as tourists.

In the whole of last year, only 312 people applied for refugee status on Jeju and local people fear their island is being targeted as an easy way into the East Asian nation.

“It has become really bad in recent weeks and it is all because Jeju introduced a program that enabled people from 186 countries to come here without a tourist visa,” said Hank Kim, owner of the Core Travel Agency. “It is meant to promote tourism but these people have realized that it gives them an easy way into the country,” he told DW.

‘People are worried’

“And local people here are worried,” Kim added. “We have all read about the problems that immigrants have caused in Europe — in Germany and France in particular — and we do not want that to happen here.

“And we are also worried because of their religion,” he admitted. “We have had no contact with Muslim people before, but we know that they all have big families and they bring their own culture instead of trying to adapt to the place where they live, so people here think that they should have gone as refugees to other Muslim countries.”

Feelings are running so high across the nation over the Jeju provincial government’s refugee-friendly policy that more than 380,000 people have signed a petition on the South Korean presidential Blue House’s official website against the visa-waiver program, while a demonstration is scheduled to take place in central Seoul protesting against the influx of foreign refugees.

A post on a blog announcing the demonstration said, “Politicians are reluctant to respond to the clear voices of the majority of people and the media also supports refugees. It is time to go out onto the streets and make our voices heard.”…



Do Elite Women Think Male Shaming Is Feminism?

The Male Factor (TMF)

Now Sonam Kapoor has said that elitist women think male bashing is true feminism. The hidden meaning that we understand from this statement is the elitist women think male bashing is their empowerment –

Male bashing is equality

She said, and I quote “”Elitist women have always had wrong ideas about feminism. They think male-bashing… hating men…makes you a true feminist. I don’t have to make a video to voice my opinions. My actions have always spoken louder than my words.”

We understand that when Deepika Padukone makes a video “My Choice” or Madhuri Dixit says bearded men are dirty in her view while she dated only bearded men in her life or she says “ let’s teach our boys not to make women cry, or Nandita Das says “all men are potential rapists” we actually know what is playing in the back of their mind. They want to show others that they are…

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