Top 12 Reasons Why Indian Men Do Not Want To Marry

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12 reasons men don't get married Why Men Are Not Marrying

Why are a number of Indian men not marrying or not finding enough reasons to get married? The reason is not only of misuse of family laws but there are other prominent reasons for this marriage strike. They are –

1. Law Misuse

Law misuse men don't marryThis is such a prominent reason that I don’t think we need to discuss any further about this issue here.

2. Women Do Not Have Any Responsibility In Families

Women do not have any responsibilityBelieve it or not, in the name of equality today women have only rights that even men do not have. In the name of sexual independence, women can sleep around with many men without being held responsible for anything. She can decide to carry someone else’s child and still get maintenance for both. However, even the most caring husband can be branded as a criminal on break up.

3. Married Men…

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