He found 15 books in a Sierra dumpster. Then he found out they belonged to Thomas Jefferson.

In December 2014, Max Brown was picking through an Incline Village dumpster for a community service project when a collection of 1980s cassettes caught his eye. Fancying himself a collector, he pulled them out and inspected them.

Then he noticed the substantial pile of worn books buried beneath them.

Then it started raining.

Quickly, Brown grabbed about 15, all he could carry, and left, narrowly avoiding the snowstorm that was to blanket the area that night and ruin the books remaining in the dumpster.

It wasn’t until six months had passed that Brown offhandedly bent back the cover of one of the books and saw “from the library of Thomas Jefferson” inscribed on the open page.



BC Artscape opens in Chinatown at Sun Wah Centre

Artists in Vancouver have reason to celebrate after a new cultural centre opened in the city’s Chinatown neighbourhood on Sunday, touting 55 affordable spaces for artists and support groups.

The newly renovated home of BC Artscape at the Sun Wah Centre, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating affordable cultural spaces, is nearly 50,000 square feet and has already rented spaces to more than 71 collaborators and artists.

BC Artscape president Genevieve Bucher says she hopes the renewed space at the Sun Wah Centre will become an creative hub that supports cultural activities and arts without artists fearing threats of eviction or rent hikes.



Michael B Jordan Comes Under Fire Once Again – Black Women Insecure, Dick Policing And Hypocritical As Always

Michael B Jordan Comes Under Fire Once Again – Black Women Insecure, Dick Policing And Hypocritical As Always

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


The fact of the matter is Michael B Jordan cancelled out black women first a long time ago because we already know black women as a collective are notorious trouble makers as well as instigators of confrontations and violence. Look at how many videos you can come across on social media where you have groups of black females engaging in street brawling for the fun of it or involving themselves in arguments and fights, are these the type of feral beasts that Michael B Jordan wishes to surround himself with, I think not.

Once again we have another situation with black women and their dick policing antics believing that they have the right to dictate to us who we can and can’t date and marry. However, when Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry back in May of this year, black women were performing cart wheels, jumping for joy…

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