How do ‘pro Palestine’ activists excuse hate speech by Muslim clerics?


Shafiq-Hudda-Asad-Jafri-at-2014-Al-Quds-Day-rally-in-Toronto.-Photo-screenshot-darstv-YouTube-Channel Shafiq Hudda and Asad Jafri at 2014 Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto. Photo: screenshot darstv YouTube Channel

We have spent some time writing about and investigating the events surrounding the Al Quds Day in Toronto on June 9.

This event has created controversy for many years, and concerns have been brought forward, not only with the speeches that were given, but also the attitude and signage of the participants.

Counter protesters recall small children walking past them, chanting ‘death to Israel’, while drawing their fingers across their throats.

This past June ninth rally was no different. When is hate speech considered hate speech? When are threatening gestures considered threatening?

During International Al Quds Day  held July 26, 2014 in Toronto , Shiite imam Asad Jafri delivered a speech in front of the American Consulate. The following are excerpts from Jafri’s speech:

“Al Quds rally in Toronto: “Your days are…

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