Racist Feminist: Zoe Quinn and her defender Randy Harper






harassing a black girl that started a kickstarter campaign  and using the n-word



update:  Fat fugly  Randy Harper comes in and Defends racist cunt Zoe Quinn

Charges laid in alleged sexual assault at local hotel



A 28-year-old Calgary man is facing three sexual assault charges, as well as two counts of sexual interference with a minor, after an incident at a Lethbridge hotel Saturday.
Police officials said, Sunday morning, that they attended a local hotel in the 2300 block of Mayor Magrath Drive South on Saturday.
LPS said they received a complaint from an adult woman and two minor females regarding a man touching them inappropriately in the hotel swimming pool.
Police say the man was located at the hotel where he was arrested without incident.
Wijdan Yasir, 28, from Calgary, faces three charges of sexual assault and two charges of sexual interference with a minor.
Yasir was released from custody on $1,000 bail and he is to appear in Lethbridge court on April 29.
The victims were not known to the accused.
Police say because the incident took place at a hotel swimming pool, it is possible there may be other victims or witnesses who have not yet been identified.
Police officials are asking anyone who may have additional information regarding the investigation to come forward.

Toronto Star: Terrorists who “pretend” as Muslims are in fact “criminals”, “psychopaths”


The Toronto Star categorically dismisses any connection between the the Islamic State (a.k.a. IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and Caliphate) and Islam arguing that it is “criminal” entity which falsely pretends as Islamic.

Michael Cooke, Toronto Star’s editor-in-chief, described the Islamic State as “multinational gang of killers and rapists” who “have no legitimacy as a state”.

Olivia Ward, Toronto Star’s Foreign Affairs Reporter, elaborated on the Star’s editorial policy to avoid calling the Islamic State “Islamic”: “That’s because the criminal gang that has murdered, raped and pillaged its way across the Middle East, while sending sycophants to slaughter civilians abroad, is neither Islamicnor an internationally recognized state.”

Toronto Star’s editorial on March 24, 2016, which dealt with the wave of ISIS terrorist attacks, assertedthat “terrorism is a crime that aspires to look like war.”

The Toronto Star added, “We do not need to stoop to their level to combat them, or succumb to the alarmism and divisiveness they aim to sow… Daesh and its ilk are a menace, but not on the apocalyptic scale they would have the world believe.”

According to the Toronto Star, the Police, implicitly not the army, should have the leading role in fight the “criminal” ISIS organization. “Rather than echo and amplify the jihadists’ rhetoric of war, Europe’s leaders should respond by ensuring that police have the resources they need to tackle the threat.”

Estimation: Millions of “criminals”, “psychopaths” worldwide pretend as Muslims

The CIA estimated in 2014 that between 21,000-31,500 operatives joined ISIS. In March 2016, Britain’s Sky News reported it had obtained 22,000 Islamic State files that detail ISIS fighters’ real names, where they were from, telephone numbers, and even names of those who sponsored and recruited the militants.

The total number of operatives who fight (or support) in the ranks of ISIS and ISIS/ Qaeda inspired groups in the Middle East and globally are estimated in millions.

Palestinian Islamist terrorists are not “criminals/ psychopaths”, but “militants”

In stark contrast, the Toronto Star avoids calling the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group “terrorist”, even tough since 2002 it has been officially designated by the Canadian government as a terrorist entity.

The terms “criminals”, “gang of killers” and “sycophants” used by the Star to describe ISIS operatives are not attributed to Hamas or to any other Palestinian terrorist group.

The Star also refrains from arguing that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hizb ut-Tahrir do not represent Islam.

Iz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades is called by the Star “Hamas armed wing”, “Hamas’ military wing” or “Hamas militant group” and its operatives “militants” and “gunman”.

When Hamas killed 18 Palestinians in ISIS-style mass execution in 2014, the Toronto Star wrote the following: “Hamas-led gunmen execute 18 ‘collaborators’ in Gaza. Gunmen paraded alleged spies through some of Gaza’s busiest public squares, shooting them dead in a bloody warning to locals about the cost of collaborating with Israel.”

Liberal Hollywood Yellowface: Exclusive: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Producers Reportedly Tested Visual Effects That Would Make White Actors Appear Asian


After the backlash surrounding Johansson’s role in the film, producers reportedly attempted to quell the controversy with an old standby Hollywood uses to fix a lot of problems: CGI.

According to multiple independent sources close to the project, Paramount and DreamWorks commissioned visual effects tests that would’ve altered Scarlett Johansson in post-production to “shift her ethnicity” and make the Caucasian actress appear more Asian in the film.

Read More: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Ran Tests to Make White Actors Look Asian | http://screencrush.com/ghost-in-the-shell-whitewashing-scarlett-johnasson-vfx/?trackback=tsmclip

Kendrick Lamar sued for copyright infringement



The rapper Kendrick Lamar was sued on Thursday for allegedly copying the music from the 1975 Bill Withers song Don’t You Want To Stay for his song I Do This without permission.

According to a complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court, Lamar added his own lyrics to a “direct and complete copy” of Withers’ music to create I Do This, resulting in copyright infringement.

Lamar, whose “untitled unmastered” topped the Billboard 200 album chart in March, has ignored demands to stop exploiting Withers’ music, and “admitted” to copying it “with a thumb to the nose, catch me if you can attitude”, the complaint said.

The lawsuit was filed by Golden Withers Music and Musidex Music, which said they hold the copyright to Don’t You Want to Stay.

Withers sang and co-wrote the song, which appears on his album Making Music.

Lamar’s I Do This appears on a self-titled extended-play album from 2009.

The lawsuit seeks a halt to the alleged infringement and unspecified damages.

A lawyer for Lamar did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Other defendants include a unit of Lamar’s record label Top Dawg and a publishing unit of Warner Music Group. They did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The lawsuit was filed in the same court where a jury in March 2015 awarded singer Marvin Gaye’s family close to $7.4 million (Dh27.17 million) after finding that the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams 2013 smash hit Blurred Linescopied parts of Gaye’s 1977 song Got to Give It Up.

Another jury is to be seated on May 10 in the same court to decide whether Led Zeppelin stole the opening for its 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven from the song Taurus, recorded four years earlier by Spirit, a band it once toured with.

Lamar’s album To Pimp a Butterfly won five Grammy awards in February.

Campus feminists terrorists beat up a male student over sexual assault allegations


The “Campus Witches,” a feminist group at the Ankara University Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, has suddenly garnered newfound popularity after video footage showing female students from the group physically assaulting a male student and accusing him of sexual abuse went viral.

As the video posted on the Campus Witches’ Facebook page on March 29 shows, security officers came to rescue the male student after members of the group began to physically assault him.

Another student addressed the crowd watching the scene, elaborating on the reason for the reaction to the male student, identified as E.Ç.

The group accused him of writing insulting messages addressed to his ex-girlfriend on his Twitter account and sexually assaulting her. The group also hung printouts of the messages.

“What did I do? Explain it to me,” the male student said. “We still have the messages you’ve sent on the phone,” the group replied.

The incident ended after the officers took E.Ç. away, while the remaining students applauded the group.
Three students from the Campus Witches, Gözde Çelik, Melike Avcı and Burçin Tekdemir, told daily Cumhuriyet they had warned E.Ç. before the beating but he ignored it.


Katie B. Nelson, Sometimes Homeless Drug User, Has Been Identified As Roosh’s Montreal Assaulter

Menace to Canadian society begs for handouts while portraying herself as a victim of police brutality


At last, the other woman who assaulted Roosh in Montreal, Katie B. Nelson, has been identified. The literal partner-in-crime of Jessica Lelièvre (now strangely a law student) has desperately tried to avoid being outed for her anti-social, criminal behavior in August of last year. She saw the very adverse reactions towards Lelièvre, who was forced to go underground away from social media and now faces the likelihood of having prospective employers permanently associate her name with the organizing of an attempted lynch mob.


After Roosh’s World Tour, Nelson has been finally banned from Twitter for harassing multiple people. These people have included purported Roosh supporters whom she has stalked online and tried to stir up offline violence against. Inasmuch as we welcome her banning, Twitter was extremely slow to act appropriately when Nelson’s nefarious intentions became clear. Many complaints of doxxing were made against her before she was suspended indefinitely. By contrast, Milo Yiannopoulos’ legitimate investigative journalism about college graduate fraudster (and transgender person) Brianna Wu was immediately shut down by Twitter.

You can find Nelson’s remaining social media pages, where she has an ironic penchant for objectifying herself well beyond her natural appearance, here: Facebook andInstagram. Most disgustingly, we also have a snapshot of her unabashed anti-Semitism and support for the tunnels used by terrorist group Hamas to murder Jewish-Israeli civilians. And Roosh is supposedly an anti-Semite?

Katie B. Nelson’s may actually just be Caitlin Nelson, based on her 2013 arrest. Nelson is probably well aware of the professional consequences she might face in the future for her deplorable past, so it’s possible that the “B.” is either a complete ruse or a legal initial she uses on and off to separate her different activities, like with her appropriation of both Katie and Caitlin as first names.

In Montreal, after hitting Roosh with their drinks (a crime in Canada, as multiple court decisions prove), Lelièvre and Katie B. Nelson duly slip behind their slavish white knights but continue trying to fan the flames to create more dangerous levels of physical violence. The men, followed by the “brave” women, proceed to force Roosh and his smaller entourage down the street, on pain of risking being maimed or even killed.

Roosh’s recollection of “Jennifer,” the name Katie B. Nelson gave herself, is as follows: “I approached her on the street and then I moved into the bar. There she was making cow eyes on me and rubbed her legs against me to distract me until her white knights could get there. Her act was quite believable (I felt foolish afterwards).”



‘Gender’ Madness: How Far It’s Gone



Michael Walsh at PJ Media calls attention to this video in which Joseph Backholm of the conservative Family Policy Institute interviewed students at the University of Washington about gender-neutral restrooms:



Generally speaking, I don’t watch YouTube videos and seldom recommend them, but you definitely need to watch that one.

At about 0:45, he interviews a girl who says, “You know, whether you identify as male or female and whether your sex at birth is matching to that, you should be able to utilize the resources.” Next, Backholm asks a girl: “So if I told you that I was a woman, what would you respond to that?” She answers, “Good for you! Like, OK, yeah!”


What part of “crazy” do I need to explain here? When did our nation’s universities cease to teach biology and instead begin indoctrinating young people in what can only be described as sexual Lysenkoism?


The University of Washington’s Q Center (“Queering a World Class Education: Centering Trans/Formational Space”) describes itself as “a fierce primarily student run resource center dedicated to serving anyone with or without a gender or sexuality.” While the center claims to celebrate “all sexual and gender orientation, identities, and expressions,” it ignores anyone at the university who might happen to be normal.

Being normal means you are privileged, whereas the crowd of weirdos at the university’s Q Center are oppressed by virtue of their weirdness. One’s location within the privilege/oppression dynamic is all that matters for young people in social-justice indoctrination centers like the University of Washington, where parents send their children to undergo taxpayer-funding training for their future careers as progressive activists.

Transgender madness is “strong delusion” (II Thessalonians 2:11), which flourishes in 21st-century academia because it is now impermissible to speak truth on university campuses. You will be condemned as a bigot is you assert that men and women are different, and that these differences are a matter of biology. This was why Lawrence Summers was purged from the presidency of Harvard University a decade ago after he asserted that there are “innate differences” between men and women.


Feminist gender theory — the social construction of the gender binary within theheterosexual matrix — has become Official Truth in academia, and no criticism of these lunatic ideas is permitted on campus. Everyone in the administration and faculty of the 21st-century university is required to embrace this ideology, and speech-code policies are enforced to ensure that students are never exposed to any other concepts. Feminism Is Queer, as Eastern Washington University Professor Mimi Marinucci declared in the title of her 2010 Women’s Studies textbook, and the queering of feminism has had predictable consequences. In fact, Professor Marinucci recently announced a new edition of her textbook:

In the years since Feminism Is Queer was first published in 2010, feminist and LGBTQ activism has increased and evolved at an incredible rate. With the current third wave of feminism and gay rights issues steadily dominating mainstream media, Mimi Marinucci’s innovative concept of queer feminism that unites natural allies, queer and feminist theory, is more vital than ever before.
This updated and expanded edition explores with the relevancy of queer feminism to a new generation of feminist activists and offers a way to both understand gender, sex, and sexuality while fostering solidarity between allies for women’s and LGBTQ rights. Bringing this comprehensive introduction to gender and queer theory up to date are examinations of the latest developments in feminism and queer theory, including new forms of both feminism and antifeminism developing out of online communities, as well as the growing significance of transgender experiences in mainstream media. An essential guide for anyone with an interest in gender or sexuality, this new edition will be indispensable to those wanting to stay current on the vital role that these intersecting disciplines play in contemporary LGBTQ and feminist movements.


Considering what is taught in classrooms, is anyone surprised to learn that the University of Washington offers a “Queer Mentoring Program,”which “provides a safe, affirming, and exciting environment” where the student’s “sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression is supported and celebrated by an educated and experienced mentor”?


The director of this taxpayer-funded program at the University of Washington is Jen Self, “a renaissance queer . . . and anti-oppression educator” who describes her career as “queer activism.” Among the accomplishments listed on Professor Self’s curriculum vitae is a 2011 conference presentation entitled, “Queering Queer Space: Making the case for Critical Feminist & Queer Methodologies in Social Work via Discourse and Spatial Analysis of Homonormative Whiteness.” This was actually the topic of her Ph.D. dissertation:

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (lgbtq) college centers emerged in the early 1970’s in response to student, faculty, and staff activism and demands for safe and protective spaces from heterosexism and homophobia. Despite 40 years of practice, however, little research has been conducted about these spaces. Recognizing the importance of lgbtq campus centers and the political and identity struggles within the movement that created them; this dissertation addressed this gap in research knowledge. Specifically, the study aimed to: (1) interrogate the power and influence of the leadership of lgbtq centers (directors and other primary leaders) via the exploration of the ways in which dominance in the form of “homonormative whiteness” is interrupted, disrupted, resisted, and (re)produced discursively and spatially through lgbtq campus-based centers; and (2) examine tensions that arised as directors and programs operationalize social transformation praxis models while maintaining their core purpose of safety and respite from heterosexism and homophobia. To explore these issues, I undertook a modified extended case study of six campus centers. The case study data included in-depth interviews with directors and center leaders, researcher observations, photographs, and hand-drawn maps produced by center leaders. The methodological approach was broadly critical and interpretive: specific analytic strategies included critical discourse analysis (spatial and dialogic). By examining the role of lgbtq center leadership discourse and center space in the (re)production and resistance of homonormative whiteness, this study contributes to several bodies of literature: (1) center development and practice; (2) intersectionality and praxis within student and community centers; and (3) social justice within higher education.

When I say that Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It, this is what I mean: Anyone can examine the “queer activism” Jen Self conducts at the University of Washington and see that it is insane, but no one on campus can say so.

This Official Truth is imposed on students at taxpayer expense, and dissent is effectively criminalized by laws and policies that treat disagreement as illegal “discrimination” or “harassment.” Under the totalitarian campus regime enforced by feminist hegemony in academia, the Official Truth of gender theory can never be criticized or questioned.

“Feminism is about redefining our social value system.”
Anita Sarkeesian, 2015

“Feminism is about change. It challenges the existing pattern of relations between the sexes. . . . In doing so, it necessarily takes issue with the customs and practices of existing societies.”
Anne Phillips, Gender and Culture (2010)

“Sexism is the belief system that supports patriarchy: the rule of men over women. . . .
“Sexism relies on heterosexism. . .
“Political strategy must be based on a clear analysis and the goal of eliminating heteropatriarchy if we are to eliminate heterosexism.”
Joy A. Livingston, “Individual Action and Political Strategies: Creating a Future Free of Heterosexism,” inPreventing Heterosexism and Homophobia, edited by Esther D. Rothblum and Lynne A. Bond (1996)

Perhaps the reader perceives how current controversies are the result of policies implemented over the course of decades by activists whose credentials, motives and methods no one dared to criticize, for fear of being accused of sexism, homophobia or other prejudices.

Criticism of feminist gender theory has been effectively prohibited on most university campuses for more than a decade, and very few college-educated Americans under 30 have ever encountered any informed opposition to the “queer activism” that is now conducted at taxpayer expense on most campuses. No professor at the University of Washington would ever describe male and female as biological categories that typically produce “innate differences” in appearance and behavior, differences that are recognized (not “constructed”) by society because this normal pattern of difference is beneficial to men and women alike.

It is quite literally insane to pass laws or enforce policies imposing a “gender-neutral” policy for public toilets and gymnasium locker rooms in order to accommodate the delusions of transvestite weirdos. Men are notoppressed by being excluded from using the women’s restroom, and men who want to engage in a masquerade of womanhood are mentally ill perverts whose deviant fetishism poses a danger to society.

“Truth is great and will prevail if left to herself . . . she is the proper and sufficient antagonist to error, and has nothing to fear from the conflict, unless by human interposition disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate, errors ceasing to be dangerous when it is permitted freely to contradict them.”
Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, 1786

Truth is “the proper and sufficient antagonist to error,” but feminists now exercise such authority in higher education that truth has been “disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate,” and no one is “permitted freely to contradict” feminism’s dangerous errors.