Tennessee pulls bathroom predator law under pressure


Tennessee pulled a proposed law that would have kept male predators out of girl’s bathroom, for fear of repercussions from big business.

Tennessee’s Republican governor, Bill Haslam, had raised concerns about the measure, and the state’s attorney general had issued an opinion saying that the state risked losing as much as $1.3 billion in federal funds for education if the bill became law.

Which is more important, federal funds, or safety of children? And this is from a southern Republican governor!

At least five federal agencies, including the Education Department, are examining whether they can withhold money from North Carolina in response to its new law eliminating some protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and barring individuals from using the bathroom of their choice.

It’s all part of their perverted war on women. Funny how the media never calls it a war on women when they want sick men to go into girl’s bathrooms.

Chief executives from 60 companies, including Williams-Sonoma, Hilton Worldwide and T-Mobile, signed a letter last week calling the Tennessee bill discriminatory.

I wonder if they want their daughters to spend quality time alone in bathrooms filled with sick men.

Even southern Republicans are afraid to confront the homosexual lobby on something as basic as keeping boys out of girls’ bathrooms. What has this country become?

Former Minjoo Adviser Calls Election Outcome People’s Judgment over Monopoly of Power


A former senior adviser to the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, Sohn Hak-kyu, says the outcome of last week’s general elections clearly revealed the DNA of the pro-democracy civil uprising of April 19th, 1960.

Sohn made the remark to reporters after visiting the April 19th National Cemetery in northern Seoul on Tuesday to mark the 56th anniversary of the April 19th Revolution.

Sohn said that the elections had demonstrated the people’s judgment over forces that engage in the monopoly of power. The former adviser said that the April uprising is the DNA of the Korean people’s spirit and such DNA naturally emerges when power is monopolized. He said that is what had occurred during the May 18th Democratization Movement and the June Democratic Uprising.

Sohn also said that youths are angry and their votes stirred what he called an “election revolution” in last week’s parliamentary polls. He then urged the lawmakers of the 20th National Assembly to be clearly aware that all power comes from the people and that they must serve the people.

Colleges are spending millions defending themselves from accused student lawsuits


Colleges and universities across the country have been forced by the federal government to micromanage the sex lives of students, and now they are seeing the costs associated with those demands.

So far in 2016, eight different judges have ruled favorably for students accused of campus sexual assault who are suing their universities for gender discrimination and a lack of due process. Themost recent ruling involved a student at the University of Southern California involving a male student who was expelled for what other people did to a woman he was having sex with.

Gary Pavela, who edits the “Law and Policy’s Report” from the Association of Student Conduct Administration, told Inside Higher Ed that “Something is going seriously wrong” with the schools that are now losing in the courts.

“In over 20 years of reviewing higher education law cases, I’ve never seen such a string of legal setbacks for universities, both public and private, in student conduct cases,” Pavela said.

Emily Depasse (@eld3393) Affirms Her Pride in Being Infected With Herpes


Emily Depasse (@eld3393) Affirms Her Pride in Being Infected With Herpes

“I am able to embrace my herpes positive status. . . .
“I have no shame in who I am. . . .
“I have sex, great sex. I write about sex. I talk openly about sex.”
Emily Depasse, April 18, 2016

Readers will remember Emily Depasse as the feminist who bragged about teaching sex to 12-year-olds in Baltimore during the #ShoutYourStatus campaign to “destigmatize” sexually transmitted diseases.

Beyond the insanity of celebrating herpes — which “actually made my sex life healthier & more satisfying than before,” Ms. Depasse boasted — her participation in this online publicity campaign called attention to how schools are promoting the feminist agenda to children whose parents likely have no idea what is being taught in classrooms. Would you want Emily Depasse talking to your seventh-grader? Speaking as the father of six children (the oldest of whom is a teacher, and the youngest now a seventh-grader), I am certain that I would not want a mentally ill pervert like Emily Depasse anywhere near my children. Why would a private academy hire such a person as the “Sex Lady” to instruct children? And if the children of the wealthy elite are being indoctrinated by radical feminists at a prestigious school where tuition is more than $25,000 a year, isn’t it likely such beliefs will become increasingly influential?

Concern for the well-being of young people, a desire to protect them against harmful influences, is every parent’s natural instinct. However, feminists are hostile to parenthood. Emily DePasse has written on her blog, “At this point in my life, I do not foresee myself having children, nor do I really want them,” and describes herself as “self-admittedly too selfish to have children.” Consumed by this attitude of narcissistic arrogance, feminists are unable to comprehend why parents oppose the shameless immorality that has defined feminism’s agenda for decades.

Dana Mack’s 1997 book The Assault on Parenthood: How Our Culture Undermines the Family detailed how this hostility toward parents had become commonplace in the public education establishment and other institutions. Government schools not only indoctrinate children in atheism, but they also deliberately subvert parental authority and promote radical ideas about “gender” and “sexuality” to children.


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BlackLivesMatter activist caught sending hoax death threats to students. She got arrested!


ELIZABETH – A self-proclaimed activist has admitted to posting a series of racially threatening Twitter messages targeting students at Kean University last fall.

Kayla McKelvey, 25, of Union Township, pleaded guilty to a charge of creating a false public alarm.

An investigation found that McKelvey, a Kean University alumnus, participated in an on-campus student rally regarding racial issues last November. She then left the rally, set up an anonymous Twitter account, and posted messages threatening to kill black students at the university.