Japanese firms to take part in Egyptian projects worth Y2 tril



Japanese companies are set to take part in Egyptian projects worth about 2 trillion yen in the electricity and other sectors, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday after meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Tokyo.

He did not elaborate on the projects, but an official at Japan’s Foreign Ministry said Japanese and Egyptian companies are scheduled to sign more than 10 memorandums of agreement on Wednesday.

The announcement comes when Egypt is struggling to revive its economy after the 2011 uprising and subsequent unrest have driven away foreign investors and tourists.

Abe’s government drives exports of social infrastructure such as railway systems and power generation systems to the Middle East and other regions as part of its growth strategy.

The leaders agreed to hold dialogue between their Defense and Foreign Ministry officials periodically to strengthen security ties.

“We’ve reached an agreement to bolster our cooperation to eradicate terrorism and extremism, which have transcended particular regions or national borders and have come to pose a threat to peace and security of the international community,” Sisi said at the joint news conference with Abe.

An Egyptian affiliate of the Islamic State militant group is waging an insurgency in the Sinai, while the hardline Islamist group beheaded two Japanese citizens last year.

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Nintendo urged to FIRE feminist employee at centre of furious child pornography censorship row

news about Pedophile enabler Alison Rapp as reached the mainstream media


Video games firm faces calls to sack feminist ‘social justice warrior’ who wrote controversial academic paper discussing laws banning depictions of underage sex

Nintendo is facing calls to sack a feminist employee who penned a highly controversial academic essay questioning whether it was morally correct to censor child pornography.

A number of people have taken to Twitter and urged the the Japanese firm to fire Alison Rapp, who works as a product marketing specialist for Nintendo of America and has been responsible for promoting some the family-friendly firms’ most famous games.

In 2012, she published a paper discussing child pornography in Japan, which has come under international pressure to tighten its laws on the depiction of underage sex.

Rapp, who wears a ring through her nose and tweets using the language of combative modern feminism, then drew the attention of male activists, who dug out the old paper earlier this year and began discussing it in Reddit threads and publishing articles on Medium.

Now anger has boiled over onto social media, with one furious parent calling for a boycott of Nintendo to “let them know we love our children more than to support someone like Alison Rapp”.

Jamie Walton, president and co-founder of an anti-sex trafficking non-profit called The Wayne Foundation, also addressed a tweet to the firm’s American branch and wrote: “Better fire Alison Rapp before Monday or there is going to be reckoning.”

Rapp’s thesis is called: “Speech We Hate: An Argument for the Cessation of International Pressure on Japan to Strengthen Its Anti-Child Pornography Laws.”

The full paper can be read here .

In her long essay, Rapp described people who possess child pornography as “simple possessors” or “mere possessors”, even though this is a serious crime.

Her thesis jumps between discussing child pornography featuring “real children” and fictionalised depictions of sickening acts, meaning it often appears unclear what she is actually discussing.

However, the content of the essay has provoked a furious response among many of the people who have read it.

Rapp wrote: “Criminalising the the possession of a type of media – whether violent video games… controversial political or religious texts, or child pornography – is tantamount to criminalising thought, and should be above countries like the U.S. and Japan who have such strong freedom of speech protections.”

Rapp also claimed there was only “sketchy correlations between child pornography and the actual abuse of children”.


“Child pornography is not the the cause of societal ills regarding children and its total eradication should not be considered a solution to these ills,” she added.

Rapp’s curriculum vitae on her Linkedin page still carries a link to the thesis.

As anger mounted, a tweet appeared on her account which said: “Like, if my opinions on sex, gender and sexual media were secret, don’t you think I’d maybe not have my thesis on my LinkedIn?”

We have contacted Alison Rapp and Nintendo for comment, but neither has responded.





Canadian editor: “ISIS is not less criminal than the Zionists in Israel”



Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh (محمد هشام خليفة), a Canadian of Lebanese descent, is the founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of Al Forqan Newspaper‎ (جريدة الفرقان) printed in Windsor, Ontario and distributedin Windsor, London and Detroit.

In his recent editorial (Al Forqan, Issue 35, December 2015, January 2016, p. 1), Khaifeh discussed the question how to deal with Islamiphobia and among other things he wrote the following (originally in Arabic):

“After the [ISIS] attacks in Paris, an elder man wearing a Masonic pendant and a seal approached me holding in his wrinkled hand a paper with the word Daesh, meaning ISIS, written on it. He asked me: Can you read what is written in the paper without chopping off my neck!”

“The provocative question made me smile. I answered the man: Yes. This is the name of a terrorist organization which kills Muslims and Christians alike and it [ISIS] was created by your Intelligence agency in order to tear apart the Arab countries and distort the real image of Islam. I concluded by saying that this organization [ISIS] is not less criminal than the Zionists in Israel and their bloody wars against the innocent Palestinians.”

Khalifeh is known of his open support of the Palestinian armed struggle against Israel. On November 12,2012 he posted a poem spurring the Palestinians to launch armed attacks on Israelis, liberate Palestine and destroy the State of Israel. The Israelis, namely the Israeli Jews, are portrayed is Khalifeh’s poem as “infidels” and “morally corrupt people.”

In another editorial (Al Forqan, Issue 33, October – November 2015, p. 1), Khalifeh hailed the Palestinian youths who go armed with knives in a mission to stab Israeli Jews. Khalifeh explains that by carrying out the stabbing attacks the Palestinian youths fulfil the “sacred duty of jihad” and defend the “honour and dignity” of all Arabs, all Muslims and in fact all mankind.

B’nai Brith is condemning on Friday, February 26. an editorial by Mohamad Hisham Khalifeh, published in Windsor’s Arabic language Al Forqan newspaper, “reported as lauding the ongoing spree of attacks against civilians in Israel as a ‘sacred duty of jihad’”.

Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer, B’nai Brith Canada, urged the Ontario government to “launch a full investigation of the paper and particularly the offensive editorial published in Issue 33, October – November 2015.”

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Nintendo Treehouse employee Alison Rapp publicly supports child pornography and pedophiles. This is just sick and disgusting. Nintendo is a company that markets its products toward children, and having a feminist that works there who supports child pornography is just wrong. Something needs to be done about this!


Genocidal Terrorist Sudan Jails Man for Filming Persecution of Christians…


Prague, Feb 27 (CTK) – Czech Petr Jasek, 52, has been in a Sudanese prison since December for making a video to show the persecution of Christians in the Islamic country, Czech daily Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes Saturday, adding that Czech diplomacy’s effort to have him released has failed so far.

Jasek’s trial might start in March. He may face a tough sentence in Sudan, whose legislation includes the elements of Sharia, the traditional Islamic law, the paper writes.

A key piece of evidence against Jasek is a video he made in Sudan. On the video, a man with burn wounds describes how he sustained them.





High school girl suffers from inability to use boys locker room


What do you do if you’re a girl who wants to use the boy’s bathroom but the school won’t let you? Cry discrimination!

There’s one in a continuing series of propaganda pieces in the Washington Post featuring the stories of boys pretending to be girls (or vice versa, as in this case) who talk about the enormous suffering they go through because they can’t go to the bathroom… because they refuse to go to the bathroom of their gender. Here’s one girl’s “story”

I am transgender. Although I was assigned female at birth, I realized around five years old that I was actually male.

Really? A five year old girl knows she’s a boy? How is that remotely possible?

Now, at 18, I’m a senior at Lincoln High School in Sioux Falls. When I told my school that I was transgender last year, they were pretty good to me. My teachers respected my male name and used the male pronoun to refer to me.

That’s called “enabling”.

Unfortunately, I am still fighting the school on one particular issue. The administration doesn’t have a written policy about bathroom and locker room use or other gender-specific activities such as team sports. My counselor has advised me not to use the men’s room. Because I’m male, the thought of using the girls’ bathroom makes me upset and uncomfortable, as if I’m doing something that just doesn’t feel right. As a result, I am forced to leave school at lunch to use the bathroom at home.

What in the world? This girl wants to use the boy’s locker room! She doesn’t seem to care about all the boys it would make “uncomfortable”. Their discomfort doesn’t matter; only hers.

There are times when I’m not able to leave school; in those cases I have to hold it in all day. That makes it hard to focus in class, and it’s not healthy either.

This nutty girl holds her dooty in rather than use the girl’s bathroom. Maybe she should wear adult diapers.

South Dakota’s lawmakers just passed a bill that would prohibit me from using the boys’ restroom no matter what my school decides. The measure would ban transgender students from locker rooms, showers and bathrooms “unless they correspond with their biological sex.”

Oh no! (Oh yes!)

this law does just the opposite. It suggests that transgender people like me are unequal and must be separated from our friends and peers.

It’s not about equality, it’s about special rights to piss off the entire gender of a school to cater to one mentally ill kid.

Every transgender child who starts school in my state will be subjected to unequal treatment and made to feel like an outcast. They may even be subjected to terrible things such as someone demanding documentation about their chromosomes or to see their genitals.

A good idea. This kid should start by looking at her own genitals. It might give her some clue about which bathroom to use.

It’s really scary.

As opposed to boys in girls’ locker rooms, which I guess is preferable to this freak.

A national survey found that 75 percent of transgender youth feel unsafe at school.

On the subject of safety, do you think the girls feel safe having boys in their locker rooms?

Studies have also shown that more than two-thirds of transgender Americans faced severe harassment in childhood, and 41 percent had attempted suicide

Because they’re nuts. They should be cured, not coddled.