man hating and female rapist supporting Guardian Newspaper in financial meltdown


In 2014, then Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger described The Times paywall as a “19th century business model“, saying The Guardian’s “open” online system was “light years” better.

But he said it was still difficult to say which system worked better commercially.

Yesterday, Guardian Media Group revealed that it has lost more than £100m over the last year. It has spent £80m of its £840m trust fund and a further £20m has evaporated apparently due to falling investment values.

Meanwhile, The Times and Sunday Times are (as I understand it) in profit.

The paywall is not the only factor. But yesterday’s disastrous news that Guardian News and Media will have to cut 20 per cent of its budget, or £54m, is a blow to its open journalism model.

The Guardian’s alternative to subscriptions, membership, does not appear to have worked.

Devoted as Guardian readers no doubt are, it seems that many balk at the idea of paying £15 a month in exchange for priority booking and a discount on attending Guardian events. The thing they value most, The Guardian’s journalism, is provided for free.

Japan’s upper house, China’s parliament resume exchanges



A cross-party group of Japanese upper house lawmakers on Monday resumed exchanges with China’s parliament for the first time in four years, in yet another sign of a general improvement in relations between the Asian powers.

However, the Japanese delegation visited Beijing at a diplomatically delicate time as the two countries take different positions on issues involving the South China Sea and North Korea, and this could be a source of new friction.

The highlight of the delegation’s itinerary was a meeting with Zhang Dejiang, ranked third in China’s Communist Party, who serves as chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

“China-Japan relations still face problems,” Zhang said at the outset of the meeting in the Great Hall of the People. “Efforts from both sides are needed.”

Still, during the meeting that lasted about an hour, Zhang did not raise specific thorny issues, including those related to the South China Sea and North Korea, according to members of the delegation.

Zhang rather focused his part of remarks on the need of weakening the perception of a “China threat” gaining traction in Japan.

He stressed that “China’s development is not a threat but a chance for Japan,” Satsuki Eda of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan told reporters.

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida had hoped to talk with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi over the phone after North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6, in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

But their conversation has not taken place, with Japanese officials citing the Chinese side’s rejection as the reason.

Earlier this year, Kishida said he planned to visit China around this spring to accelerate the process of repairing bilateral ties, severely soured over a territorial spat and wartime issues.

But Kishida also had to abandon his plan recently because China was opposed to the idea of Wang meeting with him in the near future, according to diplomatic sources.

China has become increasingly frustrated with the Japanese government’s repeated criticism of Beijing over its activities in the disputed South China Sea, the sources said.

In addition, China has been annoyed by Japan’s call, along with the United States and South Korea, on Beijing to implement tougher measures on North Korea following the nuclear test and its de facto long-range missile test on Feb. 7.

The Japanese delegation, which is in the Chinese capital for a three-day visit from Sunday, consists of 10 House of Councillors lawmakers from both ruling and opposition parties.

The group is headed by Kensei Mizote of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Japan’s upper house and China’s parliament had held similar meetings almost annually since 2007.

But their regular exchanges were suspended after the previous meeting was held in March 2012 due to tensions heightened over the Japan-controlled, China-claimed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

Separately, Japan’s ruling coalition parties and the House of Representatives already restarted their regular exchanges with China’s parliament last year.


Flyers using new bridge could skip HK checks


Transport officials are considering allowing air passengers entering or leaving the territory via the future bridge to Macau and Zhuhai to skip immigration and customs checks in Hong Kong.

A spokeswoman for the Transport Bureau confirmed to RTHK that discussions are underway with the relevant authorities, after the plan was revealed by the director general of the International Air Transport Association, Tony Tyler.

Tyler, who is on a visit to the territory, said he was informed of the plan when he met airport officials last week.

“You’ll be able to come in over the Macau bridge and remain airside, you won’t have to enter Hong Kong in order to access the airport and depart, much as you can now with the ferry system”, Tyler said. “They’re doing some very sensible things to develop the connectivity to the airport”.

The Airport Authority also confirmed the idea is being considered.

The new bridge is now expected to open at the end of 2017.

feminist cunt Jenny Mcdermott continues to libel and slander Armoured Skeptic

Her main youtube channel peeweeburger with the original libel videos caing Armoured Skeptic  a rapist and a pedophille is terminated. she currently have a second youtube channel peeweeburger2 where she  re-uploaded the video titled did armoured skeptic raped shoeonhead. This cunt was fired in December when she started a go fund me scam claiming to help her coworkers after a fire in a restaurant where she worked. She was flagged for fraud and set up another one to bypass the ban. her former employer told her to take it down saying insurance covered their lost wages and tips during the fire.  she refused and the employer fired her.  more allegations are surfacing that this cunt is jealous of Shoeonhead’s beauty and youthfulness and is Jealous because Armoured Skeptic is dating Shoeonhead instead of her.  in past videos she admitted that she hates Armoured Skeptic.

The Alt Right Is Worse Than Feminism In Attempting To Control Male Sexual Behavior

Coined by NPI director Richard Spencer, the alt right is a nationalist internet movement that helped popularize the term “cuckservative” when describing liberals disguised as establishment conservatives. For a flash of 2015, they offered new ideas that could serve as a counterweight to liberalism and social justice, but unfortunately a large section of it has degenerated into a collection of fearful beta males who are obsessed with controlling the sexual choices of all men and who they’re allowed to associate with. Even worse, they’ve recently joined hands with feminists and men’s rights activists in attacking heterosexual men by participating in bogus “rape culture” hysteria.

What went wrong?

The 1488 mob of the alt right, consisting of white purity enthusiasts who assemble on Twitter and 4Chan, has gone from being a fringe portion of the alt right to the dominant, most numerous, and most vocal force that examines the blood purity of alt right members and that of their girlfriends and associates (I’ve even seen members demand genetic test results to prove percentage of whiteness). Starting in December of 2015, this mob began attempting to purge moderates from the alt right who dared to follow non-white people on Twitter, or who took a vacation to an Asian country to flirt with non-white women. They also came after me, sending hundreds of angry tweets for the main reason that I’m not white but am seen as attractive and masculine by white women.