Vancouver cyclist numbers hit high gear

The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s risen in Vancouver this summer.

The number of cyclists has continued to grow across the city. Last month, five major bike routes in the city saw record breaking numbers, with the biggest increase seen on the Science World bike path.

The numbers have risen by more than 400 per cent to 239,000 riders last month, since the first bike counter, installed in March of 2013.

The City of Vancouver gives partial credit to improvements to the entire cycling network around the city, including;

* Completion of the Burrard Bridge improvements
* Installation of the Cambie Bridge southbound separated bike lane
* Completion of the False Creek South seawall separated walking and cycling paths
* Improvements at Quebec Street and 1st Avenue
* Improvements along Smithe Street
* Alexander Street local bikeway
* Upgrades and additions to the downtown bike network
* Bike share expansion to Commercial Drive

“These numbers are proof that if we provide safe and comfortable cycling options for all ages and abilities, people will choose affordable, active and sustainable ways to get around our city,” Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson wrote in a release.

The number of users for the Mobi by Shaw Go bike share has also gone up.There were 110,175 rides taken this summer.

The busiest day of the year was Jul. 28, when there were 4,295 rides taken.

City finally fixing sinkhole after fed-up residents grew tomatoes in it

A day after CityNews aired a story about frustrated residents in a Toronto neighbourhood growing tomatoes in an ever-expanding sinkhole, city staff has finally taken action.

Residents on Poplar Plains Road near Avenue Road and St. Clair Avenue West told CityNews they’ve been calling the city for weeks on end to repair the gaping sinkhole.

But after their requests went unanswered they decided to stage a very healthy protest, turning it into a tomato garden.

A day after the story aired, the City of Toronto told CityNews crews were on site Friday fixing the road.

And if you’re worried about the tomatoes, don’t fret. The city says it is transferring the plants to a community garden.


A Canadian Newspaper Praises Palestinian Mothers Who Sent Their Sons on Jihad Missions

Institute for Contemporary Affairs

Founded jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation

Vol. 19, No. 23

  • An article by Muhammad Sayf al-Dawla exalts the Palestinian mothers who sent their sons to die in the jihad struggle against Israel and calls to make these women “sacred symbols” for their sacrifice.
  • One of the sons perpetrated a terror attack at the preparatory yeshiva in Atzmona in which five students, including a Canadian citizen, was killed.
  • The Canadian newspaper presented a paean to Palestinian mothers of “martyrs” with their “faith along with the ability, strong as steel, to sacrifice and to bear and endure the pain.”

The Toronto-based newspaper Akhbar al-Arab ( published an article on August 8, 2018, by Muhammad Sayf al-Dawla titled “The Mother from the City of Nablus Who Sacrificed Her Children for the Jihad and Hollywood Movies.”

The article was accompanied by a cartoon that shows a mother caressing her dead son whose body lies across a map of Palestine. From his back extends a weapon: an Israeli flag and flagpole. In Akhbar al-Arab most of the Star of David was covered with black.

False rape complaint after break up caused ‘anguish’

A woman who laid a false rape complaint against her ex-fiance after he broke up with her put him and his family through “a year of anguish”.

The 36-year-old had visited the victim at work after the breakup, but when he refused to revisit the issue, she immediately laid the complaint.

The woman, who has interim name suppression, appeared in the Wellington District Court this afternoon, where Judge Denys Barry listened to victim impact statements.

The victim was not in court, but sent a statement which his brother read out on his behalf.

It said the offending had changed his views of women and caused serious, ongoing health issues.

According to the summary of facts, he ended their 18-month relationship. During the relationship he suffered “constant emotional blackmail”, the victim said in his statement.

He has regular nightmares about the defendant and feels overly anxious when he sees other women who look like her.

He said the defendant was angry he ended their relationship. She gave a three-hour recorded interview to police in which she gave the date and time for the alleged rape, which she said happened at the couple’s home.

But police later uncovered inaccuracies in her allegations, such as documents provided by the victim showing he was travelling on a bus at the time.

Phone records showed the defendant herself would not have been at home at the time either.

A year after giving the interview, she was invited back to the police station, where she told police she no longer wanted them to investigate as she had forgiven the victim.

When confronted with evidence her story did not add up, the defendant claimed she was traumatised and upset and might have got the timings wrong.

However a few days later she came back to the police station with a written statement confessing she had lied, saying she was angry he had ended the relationship, and accusing him of stealing a few of her personal items.

The victim’s mother said they had gone through “a year of anguish” after the complaint was laid.

“We are, as you know, a tight family, and we were distraught to see what you had done to him,” she told the defendant while reading out her victim impact statement in court.

The mother suffered sleepless nights, worried her son might attempt suicide in his desperation.

She described the victim as a “kind, loving, naive young man”.

The victim’s family “wholeheartedly” welcomed the defendant into their lives, with the mother even gifting her own ring to the couple as an engagement ring.

“None of us will ever accept people so willingly or quickly again.

“I think you decided to do the worst possible thing short of physically injuring him that you could think of . . . I believe you would have quite serenely sent [him] off to prison if the evidence hadn’t outed you as a liar.”

The mother also said the defendant had made it harder for other women who had actually been sexually assaulted to be believed.

“You should be ashamed of what you have done to the credibility of women everywhere.”

The woman will be sentenced in September.

NHS rules on single sex wards lead to discrimination against men with eating disorders

Men with eating disorders are suffering discrimination because of NHS same sex ward rules, research suggests.

A study of 26 UK hospitals treating the condition found four had stopped admitting male patients entirely, in a bid to comply with Department of Health guidelines.

The rules, drawn up in 2010, say male and female patients should not be housed on the same wards, in a bid to protect patient dignity.

But the new study suggests that men suffering from eating disorders are getting worse access to care, because hospitals are prioritising single sex wards for female patients.