Black lieutenant who mocked white officer’s interracial relationship claiming that men only liked her because she looked like a Kardashian is sued for $15m

A white police officer has taken legal action against a black lieutenant whom she claims made a slew of racially and sexually offensive remarks regarding her interracial relationship and other related matters.

The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that Vanessa Weinbel filed a $15million notice of claim at the city controller’s office against Lt. Rasheena Huffman, who is employed at the Police Service Area 9 in Queens.

The lieutenant – who learned about the 33-year-old officer’s black boyfriend in July 2016 – allegedly told her that men of color are only interested in her because she has the look of a ‘Kardashian chick.’

Huffman also allegedly made sexist remarks about Weinbel’s backside and suggested she was trying to seduce male colleagues by wearing tight-fitting attire to showcase her ample asset.

Huffman allegedly warned the officer that if she had a daughter with her boyfriend, she ‘wouldn’t be able to comb her hair.’

The claim states that Huffman told her their children would be ‘confused’ and ‘messed up because they won’t know who they are or where they came from,’ Weinbel told the Daily News.

In September 2016, the lieutenant allegedly went so far as to tell Weinbel a scare story in the news about a white man who stabbed an interracial couple.

Huffman’s allegedly told Weinbel that she is lucky she wasn’t victim to such an attack.

‘The only thing they hate worse than black people are interracial relationships,’ Huffman allegedly said.


‘They’re tired of seeing black men with white women… so you should consider yourself lucky because you probably would’ve been shot up first.’

Weinbel told the newspaper she wants Huffman to be held accountable for the workplace harassment she has accused her of.

‘No one should be subjected to treatment like this,’ Weinbel said, while adding that she was ‘sick and humiliated by the comments and ‘shocked that someone could think of these kind of things.

‘I don’t really look at anything as color’ and ‘to hear that coming out of anyone’s mouth was disgusting.’

The NYPD reportedly had been been informed about the remarks previously when the officer filed a complaint in the equal opportunity office.

Weinbel’s lawyer, Eric Sanders, said the department however ‘turned a blind eye’ and suggested there was not enough evidence to back up her claims. reached out to the department for comment Tuesday evening.

Uploading Toronto transit to the province would benefit the city: Ford

The Ontario government says it would be a benefit to Toronto if the province took over the city’s transit system, something Premier Doug Ford promised to do during the spring election campaign.

Ford says his government will deliver on its pledge to create a regional transportation system, but will first consult with Toronto and other municipalities in the area.

The premier says the Toronto Transit Commission has done well in operating the system but he believes others can build subways more efficiently.

The Progressive Conservative election platform proposed to upload responsibility for building and maintaining new and existing subway lines to the province, while allowing the city to operate the subway system and keep the revenue it generates.