Ont. govt needs to spell out what’s new in sex-ed curriculum: TDSB chair

The chair of Canada’s largest school board says the Ontario government needs to spell out the differences between its newly released interim sex-ed curriculum and the document it is replacing.

Robin Pilkey, chair of the Toronto District School Board, says the interim curriculum doesn’t clearly address what teachers can and cannot teach when classes resume in less than two weeks.

She says board staff are currently combing through the new document and the now-repealed modernized version put in place by the former Liberal government in 2015 to figure out how they differ _ but notes the province had months to provide that information.

The Ontario government issued the interim curriculum Wednesday, warning that teachers who use the scrapped 2015 version would face consequences and inviting parents to anonymously report potential breaches to the province.

The government also said it is launching a website where parents can file such complaints, which critics have described as a “snitch line.”

Pilkey says the board already has a mechanism to address parents’ concerns, which focuses on resolving the issue constructively, and says the government’s proposed system is unlikely to bring the same results.



Peter Singer prof at Princeton University is paedophilia and a bestiality apologist

Princeton University professor says, sex with dogs is harmless: ‘I know women who say it pleases them.’

He also refuses to call sex with children wrong: ‘the issue is whether it harms the ten year old.’


Video has resurfaced, thanks to Mark Powell at The Spectator, of Professor Peter Singer, moral philosopher and ethicist from Princeton University, suggesting sex between humans and dogs is harmless provided the animal essentially consents.

In 2010 Singer appeared on the ABC’s Q&A where he explained, “A woman has oral sex performed by her dog. I know women who have said this is something that pleases them. The dog is free to do it or walk away. There is no dominance over the dog. That seems to me harmless.”


When asked in another interview if he had similar thoughts regarding sex with children, Singer refused to call the act itself wrong saying, “The issue here is whether this harms the ten year olds and will harm them in their sexuality later on… My view is not that anything is just wrong full stop.”


Drunk airline passenger who went on racist rant at Polish man and branded two women ‘Scottish lesbians’ is told to ‘sort himself out’ by judge as he’s fined nearly £800

A drunk man onboard a flight has been fined hundreds of pounds after using threatening and racist language towards other ‘terrified’ passengers.

Andrew Dean, 51, used a racial slur referring to someone from Pakistantowards one man, who was actually Polish.

He also accused two women of being lesbians while mocking their Scottish nationality during a flight.


Dean, who is a British citizen living in Germany, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to being drunk on an aircraft and using threatening and racist behaviour.

He appeared at Manchester Magistrates Court yesterday for sentencing.

The court heard how he had used the racist language towards one man, who was in fact from Poland.

He also made comments about the sexuality of two women that caused stress to another passenger called Anne Davies.

Prosecuting, Sonia Alford, said: ‘The complainant, Anne Davies, said she heard the defendant call two people lesbians and referring to them being Scottish.’

She also heard him referring to a Polish man in a derogatory manner with a racial slur against someone from Pakistan.