Canadian Muslim cleric implicitly justifies death penalty for apostates and insulters of the prophets

Canadian Muslim cleric implicitly justifies death penalty for apostates and insulters of the prophets

Shaykh Said Rageah (الشيخ سعيد راجح) was born in Somalia and in the late 80sn moved to North America. Rageah has a Bachelor’s in Islamic studies and a Masters in Shari’ah and he has had several posts over the years, including: founder of Masjid Huda in Montreal and Masjid Aya in Maryland, advisor for Muslim Youth magazine, and member in the Aqsa Association.

He is also the founder of both Muslim Magazine and Al Aqsa Association, and served as the Chaplain at both the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Currently, he serves as Imam at the Abu Hurairah Mosque in Toronto, the Chairman for the Journey of Faith Conference and as an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute.

In the Q&A section following his lecture (the video was posted in April 2012), titled “Sharia: Does it Have a Place in The 21st Century”, Shaykh Said Rageah spoke in favor of implementing the Islamic Law (Sharia) as the only ruling system that can provide justice to mankind.

In this regard he implicitly justified the death penalty prescribed to Muslims, including converts, who turn their back to Islam for adopting other religion and to non-Muslims (and Muslims) who dare intentionally to insult the Prophet Mohammad or any of the other Prophets of God.

According to Shaykh Said Rageah, the Islamic Courts Union’s rule in Somalia that implemented the Sharia (Islamic law) was legitimate and reflected the democratic will of the people. He blamed the US of unjustly intervening in Somalia and destroying the “peace” the Islamic Courts Union achieved in order to deprive Muslims of their democratic rights.

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