Islamist Supremacist, Hamas Supporter Zahir Mahmood Featured Speaker At GTA Muslim “Youth Tarbiyah Conference”

Islamist Supremacist, Hamas Supporter Zahir Mahmood Featured Speaker At GTA Muslim “Youth Tarbiyah Conference”
A group of our finest moderate Muslims has organized the “Youth Tarbiyah Conference” Sept 20-22.

One of the featured speakers is Zahir Mahmood – an Islamist Supremacist. They’re importing him from Britain. Below are a few choice examples of Mahmood’s sincerely held beliefs courtesy Harry’s Place.

“Just yesterday Zahir Mahmood was one of the speakers at a London Muslim Centre event. He is the man who hailed Hamas and said Palestinians have lived in an “open concentration camp for 60 years” at a Viva Palestina rally in Birmingham one year ago, with George Galloway smirking behind him.” – Video below.

Mahmood on Muslim Integration into western societies – not:

For Mahmood, the idea of Muslims living a fully integrated life is truly shocking. He castigates an audience on the idea of assimilating to the British way of life. For moderate, integrated Muslims, Mahmood complains that “Knowingly or unknowingly, many of us give preference to our nationality over our Islamic identity … and that is the reality of it“. You read that correctly. Mahmood rubbishes the idea that a good Muslim is one who can be at peace with his faith and his identity; Mahmood seeks ultimate supremacy of religion over his duties as a citizen. For him, being a Muslim is not only a faith but a political ideology.

On Muslims who didn’t go batshit crazy over the Muhammad cartoons:

Let me tell you who Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown belongs to an Ismaili group, which is a splinter of the Shia group, who the Shias don’t even regard as Muslims.

Zahir Mahmood – “Hamas are not terrorists, they’re freedom fighters!”

OCAD and other Universities to Vandalize Wikipedia this fall

OCAD University is introducing a new course this fall that aims to bring a better gender balance to Wikipedia — not only in its editors but also its content.

According to statistics gathered by Wikimedia, the foundation that runs the free online encylopedia, almost 90 per cent of its editors are men.

The new university course is Dialogues on Feminism and Technology, a first-of-its-kind collaborative digital course for credit in 16 universities all over the world.

The first assignment is called “Storming Wikipedia.” Students in the feminist course will have to write or edit a Wikipedia entry of a prominent woman in science or technology. The idea is to “collaboratively write feminist thinking” into Wikipedia, according to organizers.

That’s not the only part of the syllabus that separates it from a regular university course.

The course in itself is a critique of the university model, with one professor or educator giving a lesson.

“That couldn’t be more patriarchal,” said Anne Balsamo, a course facilitator and dean of the School of Media Studies at the New School, a participating university. “That displays a hubris that is unthinkable from a feminist perspective.”

It’s what’s known as a Distributed Open Collaborative Course (DOCC), an online course that features collaborative education, where there is not one teacher but many. It’s designed by FemTechNet, a network of feminist scholars and educators that include OCAD University faculty Paula Gardner, Caroline Langill and university president Sara Diamond.

There are 12 recorded video dialogues featuring pairs of scholars and artists from around the world who “think and reimagine technology through a feminist lens.”

The course is offered for credit at 16 universities all over the world, including Rutgers University, Brown University and Yale University.

At OCAD University, Dialogues in Feminism and Technology will be taught by Dr. Maria-Belén Ordóñez.

A public panel discussion and two video dialogues featuring feminist scholars will be recorded live at OCAD U on September 27.

People Accuses Wrong Asian Woman of Dating Sergey Brin

fans of cloud atlas at people magazine can’t tell asians apart


Just imagine the scene: news breaks that one of the most influential figures in the history of technology is having an affair with an underling. But instead of choosing one of the many photos Amanda Rosenberg herself uploaded, People magazine apparently seizes the first snap of a woman in Google Glass it can find.


Punched for not praying

why didn’t he punched back?

National Party MP Alfred Ngaro allegedly punched an atheist teacher at his son’s school for not bowing his head during a prayer.

Ngaro, a list MP and former chairman of the Tamaki College Board of Trustees, was last week dragged into the Employment Relations Authority dispute between Tamaki College and former art teacher Christopher Scott Roy.

Roy claims he was constructively dismissed because he is an atheist and Tamaki College saw Christianity as “a core responsibility to which he was indifferent”.

Roy added a new allegation to his employment claim, telling ERA member Tania Tetitaha that in 2009 he was assaulted by Ngaro as he was leaving a First XV rugby after-match function at Kings College.

At the time Ngaro was a board of trustees member. He later entered Parliament in 2011 as an Auckland-based list MP.

Kings College officials had asked if anyone objected to a prayer or karakia being said before they ate.

Roy said he did not take part due to his atheism but rather looked around the room as everyone else bowed their head.

Ngaro, whose son was in the Tamaki First XV, came up to him and got “right in my face” after the prayer, Roy told the ERA hearing, eyeballing him just a few centimetres from his face.

Representatives from Kings College saw the behaviour and asked after his well-being, and if he wanted security guards present, Roy said. As he went to leave he was confronted outside by Ngaro, who lashed out at him, punching him on the back of his head.

Members of the First XV broke up the fight, Roy told the hearing.

As he was driving some of the boys home, they told him he was bleeding from the back of his head.

One of the then-Tamaki First XV members, Unaloto Pita, confirmed to the Sunday Star-Times that a scuffle had taken place involving Roy as he left the Kings College function. Pita said he did not see who assaulted the teacher.

Ngaro, appearing in person at the ERA hearing, categorically denied the assault.

Roy said not going to the police was “the worst mistake of my life” but at the time he thought he would jeopardise any future employment opportunities.

The MP, who is married with four children, was part of the negotiations after Roy took the school to the Human Rights Commission over his atheism concerns.

“In any event that he could not participate in, we were happy to accommodate him,” Ngaro told the ERA.

The Human Rights Commission complaint arose after Roy chose not to attend a powhiri ceremony held at the beginning of the 2010 school year. He asked at a staff meeting where staff who did not wish to attend the powhiri should congregate.

Another staff member told him: “You’re just a f…ing dick” and “keep your f …ing bullshit to yourself”.

Roy said he was later emailed by Principal Soana Pamaka saying attendance at the powhiri was compulsory and “no staff member had any right to be absent”.

Pamaka told him the powhiri was cultural rather than religious, though Roy maintained the ceremony had “numerous references to Christianity”.

The situation deteriorated after Roy emailed staff at the school calling Pamaka “autocratic” and complaining about his treatment. Roy told the ERA he left the school after being told he could either resign or take a settlement.

He signed a settlement and received a $6500 payout, though he told the ERA he did so under duress and without legal advice.

Tetitaha said before Roy’s grievance could be heard, she would have to decide whether the settlement prevented her from hearing it, and whether the fact the grievance was brought outside the 90-day period could be overcome. She reserved her judgment.

The Muslim Council of Calgary posted a booklet condoning chopping off thieves’ hands


The Muslim Council of Calgary posted a booklet condoning chopping off thieves’ hands

The Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is one of the the biggest and most successful Muslim organizations on North America.

The MCC “is the guiding body for both the Muslim Association of Calgary (MAC) and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC). The MAC and the MCFC oversee the purchase and maintenance of the Muslim community facilities. Each facility has an executive committee which manages the site’s on day-to-day activities.”

The mission statement of MCC is phrased as following: “to carry out activities according to established principles of Islam in the light of Quran and Sunnah,” and its main objectives are among others to promote the pursuance of Islam as a way of life, to coordinate Dawa, the call to Islam, to promote Islam in the communities in which Muslims live and to provide leadership and guidance to Muslims in Calgary.

MCC Chairman is Souheil Merhi and its Directors are Mohamed Assem, Hussam Bawa, Jamal Borhot, Abdul Jalil Elkadri, Khalil Karbani, Adebola Kasumu, Mudhir Abubaker Mohamed, Sheikh Ateeq Rahman, Mohammed Sabbah and M. Ghazanfar Zafar.

On its official website the MCC posted the booklet “Answers to Non-Muslims – Common Questions About Islam” authored by Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik, who is well known of his radical positions. In one occasion he sympathized Qaeda by saying: “If [Osama bin Laden] is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him … If he is terrorizing a terrorist, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, I am with him.”