Nicki Minaj sued by musician over ‘Starships’



Did Nicki Minaj really steal her summer 2012 hit Starships from someone else?

That’s the case if you believe Chicago musician Clive Tanaka, who says Minaj’s summer 2012 mega-hit copies substantial parts of his own 2009 song Neu Chicago.

Tanaka filed a lawsuit against Minaj, producer Nadir Khayat — better known as RedOne — and writers Carl Falk, Wayne Hector and Rami Yacoub, claiming copyright infringement, according to The Chicago Tribune. Tanaka says his song already had significant airplay in the United States, as well as hundreds of thousands of streams online, before Starships could have been conceived.


Tanaka is described in the Chicago Tribune article as a mysterious figure, albeit an award-winning musician, who has never performed live in public.

“We believe they are similar to the point that it is nearly impossible for it to be a coincidence,” Christopher Niro, Tanaka’s attorney, tells the paper about the two songs.

Starships set a Billboard record when it remained in the Top 10 for 21 straight weeks

Muslim girl is ordered by German judge to wear a ‘burkini’ at her school

if she does not want to follow German way of life. she is free to leave for an islamic country


A German court has ruled that a young Muslim girl must attend mixed swimming lessons at her school wearing a ‘burkini’ – a full-bodied costume which includes a head-covering.

The ruling is an important one for the country which has over 5million Muslims, most of them Turks, in the population.

The girl had complained that she felt ‘uncomfortable’ going swimming with ‘bare chested’ boys near her and either wanted to be allowed to skip the lessons or be given special instruction on her own.

But the Federal Administrative Court in the eastern city of Leipzig has ruled that ‘social reality of life in Germany came above her religious beliefs’.

They said the coverall swimsuit was the best solution for the girl, 13, and noted that several of her friends at the school in Frankfurt already donned burkinis to swim.

The girl, whose family come from Morroco, was represented by a lawyer in Wednesday’s hearing who said that according to the Koran, she was not only forbidden from showing herself to boys but also from seeing the topless boys.

But the court said: ‘The plaintiff has not made sufficiently clear that taking part in co-educational swimming lessons with a burkini breaches Muslim rules on clothing,’ rejecting her appeal against earlier decisions by two courts in the western state of Hesse.

Judge Werner Neumann said an education system in a pluralistic society could not accommodate every religious concern, and the burkini would accommodate the girl’s Muslim beliefs.

‘The result would be the widespread disintegration of lessons otherwise,’ he added.




Tommy Encounters Homeless Texas Chick With Honey Blonde CoonSkin Cap!








A real white girl with her real blonde hair that grow out of her scalp talking about black girls jealous of white girls dating black men. tommy comments start at 9:50

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GunStreets 58 minutes ago

This woman is the reason why black men are dating outside their race.

Nice girl

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and most importantly….shes making sense

Why would black men have to choose La’Queenisha over this lovely lady

kaoz666 3 minutes ago

Black male interracial marriage in the US has doubled in last 20 years. Not just BM/WW, but BM and other races as well. Whereas only 26% of BW in America are married, to ANYONE. This in comparison to say, Asian women, of which 56% of Asian American women are married. What’s that say? No one wants to marry a BW. Not BM, not WM, Hispanic men, Asian men, or anyone else. Self inflicted wound, sistas. We didn’t make you undesirable, you did that on your own.

Edwardcage1 5 minutes ago

The majority of black men dating these white girls, are the same men that black women rejected because he didn’t have enough swag or was not thug enough for her. Now she want to say “WW are stealing OUR men” smh. Most black men want a BW and black kids, but you bitches don’t want us, so fuck you.

amatrex 34 minutes ago

Only the ratchet or attitude having sistas would be bothered by this white girl speaking truths in this video. The nice, soft-spoken, black women who take care of themselves would’nt care one bit because this video does not apply to them. Unfortunately there’s just not enough of these good black women around in the U.S. so decent black men won’t hesitate to date women of other races when given the opportunity. Can you really blame them?